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  1. :lol::lol::lol: I go for tiles. I love hardwood floors but in case of a leak your floor may suffer. Tiles are cold but easy to clean and don't mind a flooding or two.
  2. Thank you for telling me. I'd been wondering about this for a while. Where do ps and/or private schools get their materials from then? Does anyone here know?
  3. Hello. First: sorry to hear about your loss. :grouphug: Second: good to see more classical UK HSers here. We are a UK family living in the UAE. There is a large hs community here but they are mostly Americans, Canadians, and Australians (and a mix of misc nationalities We are still new to home ed. This is our first year and we are still working hard on the 3 R's. I would say we are Christian 'light'. In any case we are going for a secular classical education (with a sprinkling of Waldorf). I find most materials come from the US and have a strong Christian slant. I would love to see more
  4. I was about to post a question about Don Potter's phonics programme and you answered all my questions. Brilliant! Thank you ever so much. :auto:
  5. Not precocius but I thought it was cute what my 5yo said to avoid having his throat examined by the GP. GP: Open you mouth. DS( through clenched teeth): NO. GP: I want to see if you have any germs in your throat. DS: You can't see germs. They are too small. You need a micro...microscope. GP: OK. I'll take a sample and put it under the microscope then. DS (eyeing the tongue depressor): THAT is not a swab! DS=1 - GP= Nil. :tongue_smilie:
  6. Guilty here too (raises hand). I am considering donating some the surplus stuff to a charity shop...
  7. I've had many "duh" moments with ds -but he still can't get his shoes on withouht my help :001_huh::lol:
  8. From my 4.5 yo: We finally got ds a "junior" chair so he can sit with us at the "grown-up" table instead of eating at the "kiddie" table. He sat on his new junior chair and announced: "WOW. I love the chair on the outside and I love the chair on the inside." "You love the inside of the chair?" I asked. "Yes. I love the atoms inside the chair." "The atoms inside your chair?" I asked again. Ds rolled his eyes and replied "Well, mummy, everything is made of atoms..."
  9. Thank you for this link. My 4yo ds is so intense it makes my head hurt. I can't understand how a little bright boy can know so much astronomy (-and right now he is devouring a book on electricity and magnetism that I found in a second hand bookstore), but can't do his own shoes. I just ordered the Living with Intensity book because I have to start with something. DH wants him to go to school but I don't know if the school is going to be able to handle him.
  10. I am getting so much useful information. I am not familiar with Galore Park but I will a look at the samples. I will go with the British spelling from the start because ds is such a perfectionist that whatever you teach him is set in STONE with BLOOD.
  11. It depends on who's sick and how sick. 2 weeks ago my ds got a jab and had a bad reaction, so obviously no school those 2 days. This week I have a chest infection/bad cold so I have done informal science about the human body (lot of talking and pointing at the books), but I didn't hover all over ds because I don't want him getting sick too. So I would say we take days off but I am schooling the year around so I am not too bothered about loosing a few days here and there... :chillpill: mode.
  12. We were doing MEP but I just downloaded Math Mammoth! So many people here are talking about Galore Park that I will have to look into it. Why did you choose Galore Park? I was doing (or trying to do) Moman McNeed reading but I may look into Jolly Phonics because ds just is not getting it (well, he is only 4.5 yo). Jollly Phnics just looks more lively. I will be traveling to the UK later on this year which is why I am asking as I can pick up the books/materials while I'm there. ;)
  13. I have had so many problems with planning. We had a few bouts of illness and realised that all the planning had gone down the drain. It took ages to fix everything in the computer. A log, huh? What would I do without this forum? :lol:
  14. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Very clever about using the SL catalog and then get the books on your own! I picked up lots of Usborne books at a church sale before I even heard of Sonlight and my boy loves the books (so do I). I am guessing you don't need or follow SL plan lessons?
  15. Yes, brilliant. I like Sonlight but the shipping charges were a bit steep for me -I think it was the amount of books they use. You gave me something to think about...
  16. I was wondering what curriculum/materials UK home schoolers are using? I see an amazing choice of American homeschool curricula and materials (they look soooo nice) but when I look deeper I realise I have to do a lot of tweaking. Some of the spelling and wording are obviously different, and so is history, national holidays, traditions, government and local geography. What do UK homeschoolers (or home educators) use? :bigear:
  17. I am also on a Mac with Firefox and I am having a terrible time with the website. It has taken through "checkout" like 3 times, then it tells me I am going to be redirected to Paypal and then I get bounced back to my basket page. It is too confusing. I am worried I am going to end up with duplicate orders and whatnot. :glare:
  18. Thanks for the link! I like New American Cursive. It is really expensive through amazon.co.uk You don't make me feel half-old! This is how I write :tongue_smilie:
  19. Thank you for the suggestions. I also looked at Bob Jones handwriting that has got pre-cursive and then moves on to cursive. I saw handwriting without tears but I have tried to make a funny looking "G" and "Q" like that for years without success. Basically I am looking for a no-frills cursive that can satisfy a perfectionist boy. I know I am asking a lot but ds is trying to write on his own and don't want to put him "on hold". :blushing:
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