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  1. Not precocius but I thought it was cute what my 5yo said to avoid having his throat examined by the GP. GP: Open you mouth. DS( through clenched teeth): NO. GP: I want to see if you have any germs in your throat. DS: You can't see germs. They are too small. You need a micro...microscope. GP: OK. I'll take a sample and put it under the microscope then. DS (eyeing the tongue depressor): THAT is not a swab! DS=1 - GP= Nil. :tongue_smilie:
  2. I've had many "duh" moments with ds -but he still can't get his shoes on withouht my help :001_huh::lol:
  3. From my 4.5 yo: We finally got ds a "junior" chair so he can sit with us at the "grown-up" table instead of eating at the "kiddie" table. He sat on his new junior chair and announced: "WOW. I love the chair on the outside and I love the chair on the inside." "You love the inside of the chair?" I asked. "Yes. I love the atoms inside the chair." "The atoms inside your chair?" I asked again. Ds rolled his eyes and replied "Well, mummy, everything is made of atoms..."
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