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  1. I saw this on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Facebook post a while back and loved it. I always want to use #7.
  2. No, because I probably said something just as stupid when I was a teenager.
  3. The DS and DS Lite can also use the old cartridges. Unless you have a teenager or preteen who will use the camera features, I'd stick with a DS Lite.
  4. An obnoxious amount of money. My husband and I both have one and it's $150/month.
  5. Stupid question pregnancy posts from people with multiple children. If you've been pregnant 3 times, that is long enough to qualify you for an associates degree, which is also long enough to qualify you as an expert witness in court. The Pregnant seems to be going around in my group of friends along with a side of The Dumb.
  6. I have a friend who exclusively breastfeeds her twins. She says the most important thing is to get them on the same schedule, otherwise, you start feeling like a dairy cow. She nurses them both at the same time and tries to make them nap at the same time. If one wakes up to nurse, she wakes the other up. It has worked really well.
  7. I saw a bunch of people wearing them at the Sheep and Wool festival here this past May. I love the idea of them, but I have high arches and when I tried some on at the outdoor store here, I didn't feel they had enough support.
  8. I agree that you may want to consider using different curriculum for the two of them.
  9. A friend of mine on FB also posted this article. The thing is, the guy had paid the fee in years past. People don't just wake up one day and say, "Screw it, I'm going to Outback instead, we haven't had a fire yet!" This screams CHOICE, not GAMBLE. As in, pay this $75 fee or feed my kids this week. I don't care what some people say, $75 is a big deal to some families. I think what happened is a horrible, horrible thing and skirts on extortion. I cannot imagine just standing there and listening to a family lose everything and doing NOTHING. I don't care if those firefighters were acting on orders. That is awful. Also, if I call an ambulance, it comes no matter who or what I pay. If I don't have insurance to cover it, they send me a bill. Send the family a bill.
  10. Technically, the seller isn't supposed to ask for the buyer to pay the fees. It's in Paypal's TOS. But, if you need to figure it out, here's a calculator: http://www.rolbe.com/paypal.htm
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