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  1. I have been a hotmail user for years and have never had a problem with spam until recently. I just deleted 21 junk messages for the 3rd time tonight. I do not give this personal email addy out to any company because I am an extreme spam/junk hater. The only thing I can figure is hotmail has sold addresses (I came to this conclusion when a brand new account suddenly had 12 messages in junk. I had yet to even send the address to family!!).


    So all that rambling to say that I want a good free email that has serious junk fighters. I want to be able to block any sender I want and if I put it on a phishing list I want the messages to stop coming. I do not want a company who sells my information (Juno!). I want my email to stay within my family an no one else.


    I must have control of my email!! :)


    Any suggestions?

  2. My favorite ranch dressing:



    1/2 cup mayonnaise

    3 tablespoons buttermilk

    1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives

    1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

    1 teaspoon white wine vinegar

    1/4 teaspoon onion powder

    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

    1/4 teaspoon celery seeds

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

    1 large clove garlic, minced


    Whisk all ingredients together.


    I have changed things up here and there but the base recipe is always yummy. Even my kids who won't touch dressings love this one.


    ETA: I like it best with the rice vinegar.

  3. We took out all obvious sources of sugar like candy, cake etc. Then we watched to see what other things caused reactions. That has led us to get rid of milk, salad dressings, some ketchups, and other odds and ends. The behavior change has been extraodinary (although we have taken out more than just sugar). Dd is getting to the point that she checks her own labels and if she has a question she comes to ask us.


    We took dd to the Dr. in April-ish to have her tested for ADHD or Bipolar, it was a very real problem that had us very concerned. Dr. recommended ritalin for a trial period, if she responded to that we knew it was ADHD. If she didn't respond then we knew it was most likely Bipolar. We were terriffied it would be bipolar but we were also terriffied to use the ritalin because of the side effects. After much research and talking with the dr. we came up with a game plan......


    -Up to 3TBSP cod liver oil everyday

    -No preservatives (especially BHT) or artificial colorings (and annatto)

    -No sugar, except naturally occuring in fresh foods.

    -Hearty breakfast to start the day

    -No nitrates or nitrites


    Our motto is "If we can't raise it or grow it, we don't eat it." That's not to say we produce all our food, just if we are capable of growing or raising it, then it is okay. In talking with our Dr. and others we found that kids who are sensitive to sugar are often sensitive to other things like those listed above. In fact kids are often reacting to the other stuff rather than the sugar.


    Anyway that may be more than you were asking for but there you have it. :) Dietary changes are a tough one for any family. Good luck. I know they can make all the difference in kids life!


    ETA: White flour and white rice are a no-no. Whole grains are best and in their real form, not bread.

  4. I have one of those, and it's perfect for storing large papers--really anything big and flat. The drawers aren't very deep, though, so it's not great for bulky items. I use mine for art supplies, water color paper, construction paper, painting trays, etc.


    Anyway, all this to say it's an awesome storage piece for us OCD-types. :lol:


    :) I looked at your school room right after posting and saw you have it too. Your billy bookcases make me swoon.


    This thread makes me want to schedul a field trip to Ikea....after all its teaching orginizational habits which we all know lead to better study habits. :D


    ps. typing one handed sorry!!

  5. I am grinning ear to ear :biggrinjester: and Michael and I had a good laugh at this thread! 4th! Oh my....:eek:


    I've always been an open book with y'all no matter what judgments/criticisms, comments came my way. No one could judge my decisions worse than me and no one else is LIVING my life. :) I miss y'all!!! Lol.


    Michael (my hubby) knows how much I miss you guys too. He's been encouraging me to blog again or participate in the boards. I just felt like since I got out of the loop, I should stay out. I'm not up to date on the curriculum out there, in fact I have TOG Redesigned sitting in a box (anyone want it? can you come pick it up?) with tons of homeschool stuff that I didn't sell.


    Plus with becoming a non-homeschooler that has her kids in public school, I know how some on the board frown upon those who post who aren't actively homeschooling. I didn't want to create any waves...:chillpill:


    Michael keeps looking at me and grinning as I type this post. We're going on a cruise in just 3 weeks to Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Roatan for our 'honeymoon'.


    I'm working at a bank, I just got promoted to a manager position and I'm in line to be promoted again as soon as the next level position is available. The district manager wants me to become a branch manager in the next couple of years. Of course, work comes with its challenges but I really LOVE my job. My scheduling, organizing, networking skills are shining and I feel very lucky/blessed to have found a company that promotes/encourages those who work hard.


    I'm living in my OWN home! A lot of wonderful, fabulous changes have happened in my life in the last year, a lot of things I never would have believed could happen....


    The kids are happy, they love school and Camille was able to start in 3rd and move up to 4th within one year at the private school, she's now in 5th and on track. I held Danny back due to speech/maturity issues so he's now in Kindergarten and doing well. We're in a great school district, thankfully.


    Yes, my ex is/was a pastor. He's remarried, she's nice- he's still not. This board was such a lifesaver for me, even when you beat me up for not agreeing wholeheartedly with you. :) You helped keep me sane and strong.


    My life is completely different than it was before. Good/bad...I do miss the ability to GO DO anything, anytime with the kids. I miss the adventure of homeschooling but I am so grateful someone else can be their teacher now.


    Anyways, Hi again everyone. I'm now going to look at the boards and see how I can participate...:auto:


    Congrats Jessica! I am glad to hear you life is going so well. Thanks for keeping your hs blog up, it has been a great resource time and time again.


    Wishing you happiness in all that you are doing!

  6. I've got my books catalogued on Library Thing w/ call #s & everything. Label-taped their spines, tagged them. I can plan unit studies at 3AM w/ internet access w/out having to get out of bed. It's awesome.


    So here's the question: I want to not have my manipulatives strung all over the house, to be forgotten, lost, unused, etc. I'd like to put them in some form of a magazine holder & catalog them along w/ the books. Label tape, if possible, simply because the label-maker is so glorious.


    I'm not sure everything will fit in magazine holders...that's one potential problem. But otherwise...if the math shelf had math books, cuisenaire rods, 10s blocks, math games, etc all together...well...wouldn't that be cool? And science experiments & geography puzzles & grammar games (not that we have any of those...)...


    Why, yes, I DO tend toward the OCD side of life. Why do you ask? :confused::lol:


    I planned to do the exact same thing! In fact I have a heart around a date next month just for ikea (its 4 hours away)! I can't wait. For all the larger things that wont fit into a magazine holder, I planned to get one of these from Ikea. Its big enough for posters, models etc.


    Oh how I love organizational lovlies......OCD is great!! ;)

  7. I have an image that I purchased for a business. I like it everything about it except the horrible pepto pink!! I want the pink filled in with another color. My photoshop totally crashed so I don't have the option to do it.



    Anyone interested in a little Saturday night project? Shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes because it really is just filling a few leaves/flowers with a new color. Thats it.


    So anyone, anyone??

  8. This year for 2 kids I have spent approx. $250. I still have yet to purchase materials for science and history but for the most part I am done. I would say the total year (assuming I have to buy everything new) will cost about $550. We are going to be moving and adding piano lessons, baseball, and dance so I would imagine that will add up to another $100 a month.


    Grand total guess: $1700 for 2 kids sports, music and school.

  9. ....Read a YA book that I have been wanting to get my hands on.

    ....Baked two loaves of bread that while tasted great, were very ugly.

    ....Piled the laundry on the couch so that I can feel guilty about that instead of not planning

    ....Logged into WTM :)



    ETS: Oh and not purchased all of our curriculm so I do not have the option to start the planning obssession. ;)

  10. you could do it on http://www.picnik.com/ though I've never figured out how to import a font into picnik, & I think it's actually not an option.


    HWVR, if you do everything but the font in picnik & save, you can then just add in the font in old little dinky MS Paint.


    I've tried this option but I need to be able to change the opacity on the font. Neither program above offers that. Plus I need to do some cool manipulation of the font that can only be done in fancier programs (that I know of) :).

  11. I have photoshop CS4 and for some reason it isn't saving my work and keeps freezing. I need someone to create a fancy header for a blog. I dont imagine it would take long but I do need it fairly soon. It is a wordpress blog and I have the images, font and idea. I just need someone to implement it for me. :)


    Anyone have a recommendation for someone who does a good job for cheap (or even free!)?

  12. :iagree:This has absolutely happened to me since #3 was born a year ago. I was making a shopping list and couldn't think of the name for (what I later remembered was) laundry detergent. So I wrote "clothes washing machine soap." And sometimes I just can't think of a word in the middle of a sentence, so I spend a lot of time staring into space while my dh and dd's suppress their laughter. Or sometimes they don't. :lol:


    The other night I was talking to dh and I kept trying to tell him about that "thing", ya know that one that ummm.....umm.....goes around, uh, it spins, ummm the, the, the,....


    He finally said "The fan?" BINGO thats it! :) The fan. It was very funny but I felt so dumb I couldn't think of the word "fan".

  13. You spelled "lose" as "loose" in your title :lol::lol::lol: I am totally not pointing this out to be rude at all, I spell EVERYTHING wrong and I type even worse. Almost all of my posts are edited because of typos. I just giggled like crazy when I read it :D



    :D See what I mean! I read that title more than once before posting and I never even caught it!! :) I have given up on being even slightly intelligent sounding. There is no hope for me right now.


    :D Glad I'm not the only one whose spelling powers went out the window!

  14. During my pregnancy, my husband asked when something would happen.


    I responded, "In the.... you know... the thing that comes after summer."


    "You mean 'fall'?"






    I write anything that I need to remember down now.

    And then I lose the list :confused:


    This is so me!!! I often cant remember simple words and dh tries so hard not to laugh at me. It really is funny though and I dont blame him.


    As for writing things down, I have notes ALL OVER the place but half the time I cant remember what they were reminding me to do!

  15. The more kids I have had the more slow I have become. Really I mean this. Most of the time I have a hard time even spelling common words (I'd post an example but it would probably be wrong!) and I feel like I can't formulate a decent conversation to save my life! :) In fact I have almost stopped posting on message boards because I have such a hard time making sense!!


    Am I the only one who gave away her intelligence for the sake of her offspring? ;)


    Also, have you asked some of the callers where they found the number they're calling?



    Dh asked the callers where they saw the number and it is on his morning show on the gospel channel. Apperently Benny has a special offer each morning that is available in different locations (last week was SC this week is MD). The number (as one lady read to my dh this morning) was my dh cell phone number.

  17. I called the customer service number. I was told that they could do nothing except make a note that I didnt want phone calls. I clearly explained that I am not recieving phone calls from Benny Hinn but FOR him. The girl was having a hard time wrapping her head around this. She transfered me to another level of customer service where I reached a voice mail stating they were in a prayer circle and to leave a number.


    Next stop Verizon wireless and my email. This is just irritating!

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