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    Nearly a full year of Ancient history study! Includes brand new Story of the World activity book and 16 enrichment titles. All books are Like New or good condition unless otherwise mentioned. Titles include: The Little Brown Jay, King Midas and the Golden Touch, Cleopatra, The Dragon Prince, The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, Pepi and the Secret Names, The Revenge of Ishtar, The Last Quest of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh the King, Usborne Internet Linked Greeks, I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert, Pompeii Buried Alive (well loved but useable), The Persian Cinderella, The Trojan Horse, and Celtic Myths and Legends. Media mail postage included.



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    Printed version of TOG Y2 units 1 & 2 and Loom Cd's in great condition. Few if any markings. Never been used by our family. Price includes media mail shipping. If you would like another shipping option please let me know. I would LOVE to have this gone so please make me an offer. $85ppd



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    In good condtion. Minor marks inside and some pages have been dog eared, cover slightly bent. Quick-start disk and teacher resource disk included. Disks have never been used. Printed 2011 $30ppd media mail included



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    Complete set of Prima Latina I. Comes with teachers book, student book, pronunciation disk, dvd's and flash cards. Dvd's are in good shape with minor scratches. Student workbook has been used for about the first 5 lessons or so. I will erase all marks before shipping. Shipping is included in price (media mail). $60ppd. Please make offers. I am willing to negotiate. :)



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    Right Start math Workbooks B, C, & E: I bought these used but never used them. All books have pencil markings in them, the worst being Level E which has the first 48 lessons done. Levels B, C and E (E is missing cover). $5 each obo MISC Books: Mario's Angels $5 Colonial Living: $15 Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of the Middle Ages: $5 George Muller: $5 Handbook of Nature Study (brand new!): $20 All books are in great condition, most haven't ever been used. Paypal only. PM if you are interested.



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    Teaching Textbooks 3 complete set. Disk 4 has some scratches but doesn't effect it's ability to work. In great condition. May be a few pencil marks in the worksheets. Great set! Asking $75ppd. Paypal only.



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    Tapestry of Grace Year 2 units 1 & 2. Clean, no markings in great conditions (Does not include binders). Includes 2 loom cd's, Writing Aids book and CD, Map Aids, lapbook, and Coloring Book of the Middle Ages. Fantastic program covering the middle ages. $125 includes shipping. Paypal only.


  8. What in the world does JAWM mean?

    1. MrsBasil


      Just Agree With Me, it's mainly for vent/support threads.

    2. caitlinsmom


      That makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

    3. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      At our house it's "just agree with Mom"!

  9. Nothing better than a mom who can make you feel like crap before she even walks in the house. Knowing she is crazy is only so comforting.

    1. PentecostalMom


      I feel ya! I have one of those, too.

    2. Jayne J

      Jayne J

      Amen. Add MIL's to the list for me, would you?

  10. So much snow overnight! Glad I am not shoveling today. :)


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    In exchange for Yr2 Unit 1&2. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!



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    In great condition. Redesigned version. Will ship media mail. Please PM if you are interested. $90 Thanks!


  13. I hate when dinner is a total flop.

  14. I have one for sale on my blog (in my siggy). Check it out! If you want pics PM me, I havent put them up yet.
  15. I haven't ever seen a deal like this on amazon. Is it standard or part of Prime?
  16. In January I purchased the entire year book list for LG from bookshelf central. I never received the order and was pretty much told "Thats too bad." I have been dealing with disputes and what not for a while now. The money has finally been refunded. So my question is.....is there another reputable book store that has all of the LG books available in one place and actually has dependable shipping? I do not have the option of using the library and I cant wait for a million different vendors on Amazon to ship (we are moving in a few weeks).
  17. I looked at both of these last night. Cute PDF looks like it wont work unless I purchase it. Is it worth the money? Does Primo have the ability to combine files into one document? The combining seems to be an extra feature that doesn't come with a lot of the free programs.
  18. I need to be able to combine different files into one pdf file. Does anyone know of a free (or very inexpensive one) pdf program that can do this?
  19. LOL okay now that is just funny. The first time I don't search before posting. Thanks!
  20. I am possibly joining a HS group that requires a signed Faith Statement before membership can be approved. Long story short I have been asked to clarify my beliefs, I assume to make sure they are in keeping with the groups overall vision. I am torn on whether to clarify or not. On one hand the group has been very friendly and outgoing and I would LOVE to finally have some IRL hsing friends. On the other hand though, I would love to be accepted for who we are regardless of denomination and without clarification....anyway.... So tell me what does the hive think about faith statements?
  21. My parents made us eat everything on our plates, now its somewhat liberating to leave food on my plate when I am full! No food issues here though. Dh on the other hand was forced to eat all his food (slop???) every night or there were punishments of the physical variety. He eats everything on his plate every night regardless if he is full or not.
  22. We use Childs Life Cod Liver oil (we buy it at Fred Meyer). Its flavored and while the kids dont like the thickness of it they still think it tastes good. No fishy burps/odor at all.
  23. I am sensitive to it also. I don't drink it but the times that I have Oh Boy! Not only do I shake horribly, but my hands go numb and I get a headache. Not pleasant at all. The last time I had any was about 9 years ago. Ewww I still remember how that made me feel!
  24. On my personal blog I have a site tracker. Yesterday it registered a visit from someone who had googled a search term. I clicked the link to see what the term was..... it was "<insert name here> well trained mind" I thought that was odd and then saw my blog listed. Turns out that the terms have been used independently of each other but it still pulled up. So today I mosey on over here to see who this member is (I loved her posts in the past) and the user name doesn't exist anymore. So now I am curious about this member and if she changed her name and who is looking for her
  25. Me too! We live 6 miles out of town so its double boredom here. Everything has to be coordinated for even a simple get together. Guess I am lucky though, the oldest two play really well in the backyard.
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