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  1. Since you mentioned hiking, look into Harney Peak now renamed to Black Elk Peak. It has a fire look out structure & is the highest point in SD & east of the Rockies. The view is awesome! At least 7 years ago it was. 🙂 You can drive Wildlife Loop Rd to see wildlife & Needles Highway for the views. Visit Prairie Dog Town to see Prairie Dogs. For more hiking maybe look at this link to get you started: I need to ask DH about more hikes we did as I am not remembering. We camped at Custer State Park which has hiking trails too. If your boys don't do tours well I would not do Wind Cave until they are older. The cost probably wouldn't be worth it for your family. Our kids were 10 & 13. It is a great tour & they enjoyed it. This tour is not one to do at your own pace. eta: you will probably will do a fair amount of driving to do different things in the Black Hills. Not as bad as Yellowstone but stuff is a little spread out.
  2. Another vote for Grove City. DH's cousin graduated from Grove City about 18 yrs ago & has done very well with his mechanical engineering degree. A few years back at the Midwest Homeschool conference, Jay Wile said Grove City & Cedarville are well regarded for engineering.
  3. For the reasons already stated, I am not sure an annuity is the best way to go. Would you be open to doing investing yourself or do you want a financial advisor to do it for you? For moderate to lower risk there are mutual funds that do well with low fees such as Vanguard & Schwab. Schwab does have financial advisors if you don't want to DIY & 24 hr customer service. I can't remember about Vanguard... You are off to a great start by asking questions & having a ROTH IRA funded! You know you want moderate to lower risk over time which is also good. If you aren't comfortable investing in a mutual funds and/or a more DIY approach, I am sure others here can recommend other investment opportunities or companies with reputable financial advisors.
  4. Re: 2nd interview & job: she should take the job if there aren't other job options on the table. Three months experience are better than none. I speak from experience. After DH graduated with his master's we moved to a small town for his job where there weren't as many jobs. I had to work a tax season to get my foot in the door for full time work with a local CPA firm. I had accounting work experience & a degree but not tax experience prior to that. The fact she has had a 2nd interview for a seasonal job tells me things are competetive. Prayers and hugs for everything!
  5. I wish I wasn't 3 hrs from Bloomington! That would be an awesome concert to attend!
  6. I appreciate the suggestion! I hear it helps some people. I am not that desperate yet. ?
  7. I am another that had 21 days cycles and/or spotting that lasted forever it seemed. Now things have disappeared but for how long??? I never know after being so regular. I am sorry you are dealing with this and that I don't have a solution to offer! It's normal to not be normal. Our bodies do crazy things during peri.
  8. You would think as long as we women have been around that science would have something figured out to help us during this life transition. ?
  9. This is me - waking up & not being able to back to sleep. So sorry to hear that something that was working is causing other trouble! I hope you can find something soon! edited to fix typo. I just hit the enter button way too quickly! ?
  10. I am coming to the conclusion that probably the best thing for menopause is to be more relaxed about it, move more, add weight bearing excercise/strength, and eat better. At least those are the known safest things to try first!
  11. Have anyone seen this abstract that looked at studies of soy? Thoughts? Something else I looked at said to get soy from food rather than in a supplement but I neglected to save that info. eta: correcting to say link is an abstract of looking at different studies as opposed to an actual study on soy & to add another thought. ?
  12. While some research indicates that these things help, non have been long term studies that I can find? So were you have to take some of these things with out side affects or issues long term?
  13. So I have hit that wonderful age of getting hot flashes, not sleeping, prehypertension (from stress?) & mild anxiety/nervousness. What has worked for you & have you used it long term? It seems most of the studies I see for alternatives like black cohosh have not been long term studies. What about soy from food? I have started with a multi-vitamin, extra vitamin E, Co-Q10, DASH Diet, & a little more exercise. Baby steps. ? This week has brought cooler temperatures where I live & less hot flashes & anxiety. It does seem my body can't regulate heat well but it's so random. So much conflicting info out there...
  14. The choices are overwhelming which is why I asked. ? I did mostly like the DVD I found at the library but eventually will get bored & will need to try some of her other stuff or Ellen Barrett. I will have to see how one shoulder handles things and my neck. I appreciate all the suggestions!
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