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  1. Can anyone share why Queen's Gambit is rated MA? I'm not opposed to MA, but I like to know what I'm getting into. My DS (19) wanted to watch it but there's some things I don't want to watch with him! I like Russian Doll. So good!
  2. I haven't but my DD has had them for medical reasons. I'm sure it's different, as far as dosing, but I would not do it after reading the literature and seeing it done. I think I'd go for fillers over botox if I had tons of money.
  3. Sometimes I'm polite to her. I've thought that if my 3yo hears us issuing commands then he'll speak like that so I try to use please and thank you even with Alexa. But that's only when I'm not calling her a big ugly witch because she hates me personally and deliberately only refuses to listen to me and does whatever anyone else in the house wants! LOL! Hopefully it balances out.
  4. It will be interesting to see how they respond to Beth Moore. Her books used to be SO popular and promoted. Everyone loved her. Will she be shunned or will people still have classes with her books and say something about how they are sad to see her go?
  5. I would be very surprised if you live in a moderately sized city and don't have a SBC in your community. What's more likely is you have a stealth SBC. There's a trend of churches not advertising their affiliation with the SBC because they know there's a stigma and are afraid that it will affect who chooses to visit their churches. You may not know unless you dig into their bylaws. Southern Baptists are super into church planting and domestic mission fields- they are everywhere.
  6. I don't think many Americans give a rat's behind about whether we have an American Duchess or anything like that. We're just shooting the breeze. If we defend her, it's because we think she's been treated poorly- not because we care if she's royal.
  7. I mean, need or want? Pay for it for a few years while the threat is high and then just hire some bodyguards and live in a gated place. If they reduced their profile for a few years, I bet their risks would decline significantly and they could reduce their security budget proportionately. They say they want a normal life, but not really. Harry gets a bit of a pass because he probably has no idea what a normal life looks like. I'm happy for them that they feel they are free now. Good luck to them in future endeavors, and all that...I'm sure things were rough. But they have the ability to be fine, so my sympathy is limited. Family problems can be rough- I'm not sure this is the path to healing. I'm glad they are trying to raise awareness about mental health issues and being honest about their struggles to reduce stigma.
  8. I agree. Just because she consented to the rules doesn't mean she felt she had a choice or that she didn't feel significant pressure to do as she was told. She probably could have pitched a fit and done whatever she wanted, but at what cost? They were trying to follow the rules and protocol for a while and to fit in. Many women have more theoretical choices than what they consider to be actual possible choices at the time. I wasn't going to watch but ended up turning on the last 30min because I was sucked in by twitter comments. I found them naïve and credible. It's not a crime. I'm sure both sides could have behaved better but I find the hate on Megan to be strange. I don't know her or the royal family enough to have a strong opinion on their characters. I think it's unlikely that any of them are sociopaths or anything more than people trying to do their best. I don't have much sympathy for rich people problems, though. I'm quite sure they could afford a modest apartment in small town USA on the millions that they already have without breaking a sweat. They could probably afford that security with a modest lifestyle, lower their profile, let people forget about them, and continue to live privately the rest of their lives if they wanted to. But they want more, so I'm not too sympathetic. Lots of people want more.
  9. I would have him go to his professors' office hours and tell them about his test difficulties and see if they can help point him in the right direction. They probably at least have online office hours. If nothing else, he should be there for extra help if he's failing tests. They should be the first resource- not the last. It would be good for him to get into the habit of going to office hours before he's on his own.
  10. I think this was a savvy public relations move. They have some books that aren't selling well. They are problematic books too that the estate may be uncomfortable with. So now, Seuss estate gets praise and maybe some sales from people who are happy with their decision. They also get sales from people who are enraged about "cancel culture" and anyone who would dare to cancel Seuss- maybe they'll just buy Seuss to support his estate or maybe they'll specifically look for the copies of the discontinued books before they are available only in the secondary market (if any are left?). I've never even heard of any of them and my parents read me tons of Seuss when I was a kid and we had many books. Any book will go out of print if it doesn't sell and if it no longer fits the public's tastes. I think it's a good thing that the public's tastes are moving away from racist kids' books. There's a ton of excellent kids' books- too many to waste time reading problematic books for enjoyment. I've been thinking I need to disappear some of my DS's books that feel like time wasters- those that don't have great pictures, great stories, or great or thoughtful messages need to get off my shelf. My HS students are reading Miss Julie right now. I told them before we started that they'd find it offensive, but that it will make for good discussions. I'm not at all saying we should avoid books that present ideas that we find offensive or uncomfortable, but itty bitty kids? They're just reading for fun.
  11. Paige

    Mathlink Cubes

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll google the centers. I hadn't considered how good they may be for hand strength and motor skills. DS really likes snapping them together and pulling them apart. They take more effort than preschool legos and I'm not setting him loose with the regular legos yet!
  12. The Dora movie was actually pretty cute. My kids (preteens and teens at the time) all liked it- it has action, it has cute animals, Dora's not a princess, but they may like the novelty of seeing her all grown up. It's tame too, as far as I remember.
  13. I have a set of 1000 mathlink cubes (learning resources) that I have no idea what to do with. I picked them up years ago because they were free but my kids were a little old for them and they sat in a closet. Now I have DS(3) and pulled them out for him and I'm sure there must be more to this. I looked online- ideas to sort by color, shape, etc...boring. I'm used to C-rods and they make more sense to me. Right now I'm making 100 flats of each color to see how many pieces may have fallen out of the bag and it seems maybe we could use them stacked in rows on top of each other to show subtraction or missing pieces. Other than that I don't know. They are kind of fun as blocks or weird legos, but I feel I should do more since I have 1000 of them! Does anyone have any more fun or useful ways they've used them or want to chime in on how much fun you found them?
  14. I would just invest in carpet cleaner and let DD be the one to clean up the mess. I have a problem cat of my own, and think that there's unlikely to be carpet damage if the cat is peeing on a pile or even stack of clothes- unless they're like swimsuits or something. DD will have some natural consequences and it won't be your problem. You could also try a pheromone collar for the cat or a pheromone diffuser for DD's room. I didn't read everything, but I saw enough to see that there's likely a lot of stress going on right now, so I'd pick my battles. 4 pees on a pile of clothes on the floor in a year isn't that bad. If he does it regularly, then I'd look into why the cat doesn't want to use the box.
  15. What would you do if DC took 2 levels of language with 1 provider (say, well regarded public school) and did very well- top of class...but then transferred to a new provider at home and that provider places them a level down because of scope and sequence mismatch, poor instruction at the first school, or who knows why. So they did 1 school's levels 1-2, and then a new provider places them in their level 2 instead of level 3. Would this count as 3 years of foreign language if they completed it or would the student need to suck it up, do the level 2 for "free" and then earn level 3 at the new provider. I obviously don't want a student placed in an inappropriate level, and I also don't want to shop around for the easiest provider to place into level 3, but the student would be sad to essentially lose a year's worth of credit through no fault of their own. I suspect the PS class was just really bad, and if the student had stayed they would have excelled in the bad level 3 class as well. If we went with the provider who would put them into level 2, how would you address this on a transcript?
  16. My tier is open but I haven't signed up. I contacted my doctor to see if I could, but then I saw what a mess it is in our county. All the shots were gone and nursing home residents were still not fully vaccinated, the scheduling was a mess, and we were going out of town for a few weeks which would mean I may miss the call anyway, so I'm waiting. I qualify with medical conditions, but I can stay home and am otherwise healthy and low risk. I'm going to wait until the elderly have and 1a people have actually gotten shots before trying to get in line. My parents in another state got theirs quickly and easily. They're older with health issues, but it seems their system was much more organized. Or maybe they had more shots and less demand?
  17. DH has been working outside the home the entire time. He can't work from home. He's our biggest exposure. Kids don't go anywhere except occasionally to the store and we mask. They might go once a month or so. We try to do grocery and store pickups as much as possible, but sometimes things come up. We keep medical appointments that have to be in person and have to occur- some things can't be done online, but I'm not scheduling optional appointments like annual checkups. We go to parks and hiking (when it was warmer) and on walks in the neighborhood but not with anyone not in our immediate family. We only go to playgrounds if they are mostly empty and I try to be early in the day. I've had some interactions with the cat rescue people that I was fostering for, but not too often. They're probably my biggest risk factor. I always wear a mask but I know some people involved in the group are less cautious than we are, and I won't ask people to mask in their own home if they aren't. I just try to do what I need to do quickly. We left town while our kitchen is being remodeled and we are doing the same in our rental- take outs, pick ups, staying home except for outside things when the weather is ok. We are staying away as long as we can because the workers will be in our home all day and it'll be busy and loud and disruptive, not even considering covid risk, but they aren't finishing as quickly as I had hoped. They'll probably still need another week after we get back and I guess we'll just try to hide in our rooms and avoid them. We can see on the security camera that they aren't masked all day (it's a family team), but they probably will without us having to ask when we return. They've had a week and a half and we still don't have the cabinets and countertops in! What are they doing? The demo was complete in under 48hrs and there's been no surprises or delays...but I'm off topic. 😄 Haven't been to church in almost a year! They were virtual only for a while but are in person now and not requiring masks.
  18. Can anyone tell me what sort of fees HSA charges to transfer a class from one student to another? They say it will show you the fees when you begin a transfer (and you can back out) but I am having absolutely NO luck getting a customer service agent to tell me what the fees or formula for calculating the fees are in advance of purchasing. We are very long term clients but are out of classes and I can't check myself without purchasing more classes. I want to purchase a lot of classes and split them between one child who only needs a few lessons and another who needs more. I don't want to pay $20 a class for the kid who only needs a few makeup lessons so I thought I'd have that one take the classes he needs, and then transfer the rest to a sibling next fall. BUT they won't tell me what this would cost or let me see if the preferred teacher will be available before purchasing, both of which are souring me on the whole business. Has anyone done this who can tell me an approximate cost and if it's worth it? I transferred a few classes years ago but they didn't charge for it back then. I'd rather have this student take some extra lessons on italki or something if it's going to cost us a lot more and he still has to see a new teacher.
  19. You're much more optimistic than me if you expect her to change her behavior based on feedback. She's an adult- surely she knows such behavior is inappropriate and unprofessional. I would drop the class and complain to outschool but not bother sending her anything. I agree with your DH. Even if she promised to change her ways I wouldn't risk setting my kid up for disappointment again.
  20. We try to be prepared for a week or 2 unless we have advance warning that something worse is coming. But preparation is a privilege- I have space and money to buy more than today's needs. But we also need to see that climates are changing and "once in a lifetime" events are happening far more often than once in a lifetime. I think the duty is on governments and, by default the citizens who vote for and actually are the government, to change, recognize, and prepare for what's going on instead of endlessly being surprised. I saw some mayor's statement who said that nobody had any duty to help...that was disgusting. Isn't it the mayor's job to lead? And if you aren't leading in a disaster or crisis, what is your actual point of existence as a mayor?
  21. I'm out of town for a while and don't have the TE to look at, but I don't think it's like that. The students read their text and it has selections of primary sources built in, but those are brief. The TE is more for teaching the lesson in front of you in an hour or two and not for like a whole course syllabus and plan. They stress that the course is about "ideas" more than memorization, so class time is spent discussing big ideas and helping them not just to understand the way things are but to think about how they may want things to be as they participate in democracy. Admittedly, I usually skim the TE for specific things I'm looking for, so it may be there but I haven't noticed. I use it as a spine so we have other things to do. The TE has discussion questions, class activities- some for in class and a few that may take longer and could be homework. I pick and choose what I want and don't usually do the whole thing. It's designed for a classroom but works well with a group of 3. There is very likely a list of extension readings that could go with the lesson, but I doubt you'd see page numbers or anything like that. The primary source list could just be a list of what has been included in the text for the chapter. There's also directions for simulating a congressional hearing and I think a couple more big projects. My TE is old, however, and doesn't match the student edition I have. A new one could be much different because the old chapters don't line up at all sometimes which is why I don't use it as much as I thought I would.
  22. I like that schedule better, except for maybe math and a foreign language which I wouldn't want to have such a long break. At our HS they do take 8 classes all year, but when they were enrolled, I thought most classes were very light and not as in depth as what I had with 6 classes. It seems even the public schools recognize you can't have it all. I think my issue is I want it all! My 8th grader has 6 classes and she took a summer school course for an extra credit (that she doesn't need). Maybe we'll continue that schedule in HS. I don't want to bring up Algebra or Geometry from middle school and we don't have dual enrollment because the college is so expensive and there's no discount. DS could probably put 2 years Lukeion Greek on his transcript from middle school, but he already has 3 years of HS Spanish so we don't need it.
  23. How many courses do you have your HS students do each semester? Our local schools have kids take 8 classes with an A/B schedule. When I was in school, we had 6 classes. Most of my DC are taking 7 this year and it seems too much. I'm thinking about planning 6 for next year, but we don't want our schedules to look super light if 8 is the norm now. If we do 6 classes, we only get the core (English, History, Science, Math), foreign language, and 1 elective which seems a little boring, but it seems like if we do 7-8 classes that none of them get the time they deserve or the kids end up overworked.
  24. I'm so sorry Scarlett. I hope she's found safely and her family can get her the help she needs.
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