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  1. If it makes you feel better, my 14yr old is under 80lbs and had minimal side effects. She had a sore arm for about 24hrs and that's all.
  2. My cat needed emergency surgery for eating a nerf dart. He vomited a lot. We knew he had eaten it because we saw pieces in the vomit. I think if the cat needed surgery, you'd know because he'd be acting unwell. If he's acting happy, he's probably ok.
  3. You can try Marginal Revolution University too. It's got videos and quizzes and he could read the corresponding chapter in their textbook. Get an older version of the textbook to save tons of money- the new one isn't necessary. https://mru.org/learn I'd do intro to micro and macro for a full semester.
  4. My cats have been unexpectedly tolerant of my foster cats and we introduced them slowly and carefully. There was peace. My cats ignored the newbies and newbies were appropriately avoidant and deferential. We went out of town for 5 days and one of my cats has suddenly become aggressive with the visitors. They are no longer safe together. She stalks them. She threatens them, and she will try to chase and fight. It’s uncharacteristic. We’ve been back for about 3 weeks and she’s no better. Both mine and the fosters stayed at home with a petsitter in separate rooms while we were gone so she shouldn’t have forgotten their scent or anything. What is going on? We have feliway everywhere and calming collars. They used to work but don’t help anymore. We only allow one foster cat up at a time and it doesn’t matter who it is- she’s not having it. She used to touch noses with any of them and let them sit by her. I expected some regression but this is worse than she’s ever been. She’s about 8 yrs old and healthy. She has no aggression towards people or our other cat. Sometimes she randomly attacks the dog, but that’s not new.
  5. Updated- DD is negative. Her mask and Pfizer were protective. We're still waiting on DD's test results. I think she'll be negative because she remains asymptomatic. I'm concerned, however, about testing accuracy because we had to decline the rapid test multiple times- everyone we talked to wanted to give her the rapid test. On the clinic's own website it says the rapid test is not for asymptomatic individuals and I reminded them of that. They told me they were required to offer it and to say it was only a matter of "personal choice." It's discouraging and not confidence boosting! If I wanted a rapid test, I'd have picked one of the OTC ones up and stayed out of the germy clinic!
  6. I got Ariadne from Inception. I've never seen that movie so I don't know if I like it or not. Some of you have fun people!
  7. My cat recently knocked a pan of cooling oil onto the floor, spilled it everywhere, then rolled in it. So he needed a bath. (Don’t worry- he wasn’t hurt.) DH was amused and made a video which I won’t be sharing!! Don’t do it. Unless you really really have to, don’t do it. I don’t think you’d get the results you’re going for. What worked best for us, after some failure, was to take a towel Kitty had knocked into the tub and wrap him up in it. Definitely a 2-3 person job. The weight helps. Then we put towel wrapped kitty into the tub. Shampoo had already been applied. We decided that he probably did a pretty good job scrubbing and rinsing himself under the towel for the 45 seconds we had him in the water. I imagine it’s like trying to stay on a bronco! My other cat sees a groomer about once a year for a lion cut to take care of the areas he’s too lazy to groom. It’s money well spent!! I don’t know how she does it but she’s fast and they both come out of it without injuries.
  8. DD says they are mostly showing mild symptoms. They're all young teens.
  9. Several kids in my DDs extracurricular have tested positive for covid in the past day or two. The scary thing is that they are all under 16 and all fully vaccinated. There hasn't been much time for that immunity to wane. DD isn't a close contact and she and the they went to the class masked, but I'm nervous. Another friend who is a close contact of DD and the positive children tested negative but IS symptomatic. They told her it's probably the flu. In August. It's too coincidental for me. DD was supposed to see a family member in hospice care for probably the last time this weekend and now she can't go. 😢
  10. My 3yr old's favorite thing for a year and a half has been a pair of kid binoculars and they have no small parts.
  11. My grandfather lost both of his parents and his twin brother within a few months during the Spanish Flu. He was only 1-2 yrs old and ended up being raised by his older brother's family.
  12. You might want to consider some of John C Calhoun's speeches. He died before the war but was an important southern politician and makes it clear that slavery was the issue long before it came to war: http://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/ows/seminarsflvs/Calhoun.pdf
  13. I meant the bias was mine towards the questions and my answers may reflect my own bias against the guide. I was taught that slavery was a minor, not primary, cause of the War of Northern Aggression (lol- being a little sarcastic). I don’t think it’s a historically uncommon perspective for textbooks used in some states to take. I’m surprised its still as overt as those questions seem to be to me. I may be misjudging it on such a small sample because of my own bias against that perspective. Do you mind telling me the location and copyright date of the guide? Just curious. I’ve never heard of the guide before. It’s true that Lincoln did not begin the war because he wanted to free the slaves, but IMO, it’s also true that the states seceded because they wanted to preserve the institution of slavery. I’d think the text would focus a little more on what the southern politicians stated as their reasons for secession rather than on what Lincoln said. He’s not the one trying to secede. I feel Lincoln was very conflicted on the issue, however, so it’s not surprising if you hear conflicting messages from his speeches- especially pre or early war.
  14. Bias alert- I think those questions are loaded and seem to be from a states' rights not slavery perspective of the cause of the war which I feel is a sham. My stock answers: 3- The consent of the governed Lincoln referred to was the United States and not the states. Once the states came together as one country, they couldn't divide without the consent of the entire governed. In other words, removing one part of the body hurts the whole and a part can't withdraw without the body's consent. (answer taken from my summary of the civics course we did last year). Also, many people within the seceding states did not wish to leave the union- it was not unanimous. Actually in the Constitution, it is "We the people" not "We the states." Some argue that was because they knew state legislatures wouldn't sign on. So since the people- the unified people of all states- joined the union and not the states, then the state legislatures of individual states could not supersede that. 8-My opinion is that the question lacks greater context. Although my memory may be missing something I feel Lincoln's point was that the war did not begin as one to fight for freedom of slaves but now it had changed and to the original purpose of holding the union together, a new purpose of bringing freedom to all had been added. 9- The union did not fight for or against self governance. They fought to preserve the union and the union's interests. They fought for the rights of the nonseceding citizens in all states. (BTW- the Confederate States, for all their talk of states' rights, were really not interested in letting their own separate states self govern either!)
  15. Have you heard whether the work is meaningful or if it feels like unnecessary busywork?
  16. I like Shiller. I think it should get more love. I don’t know how it compares to the more popular Right Start but I purchased Shiller when DS (19) was going into K and he still offers us free support and downloads if I want it. He seems like a good guy. I think it’s easy to accelerate Shiller if you want. We just skipped some lessons when it seemed unnecessary. It’s fun for a wiggly, easily bored kid but wasn’t great for my anxious kids who just wanted to do the same thing every day! With Shiller, it’s spiral and they have a lot of activities. Some of my kids wanted to know what to expect every day and didn’t like variety. Shiller kind of felt like a game to my wiggly kid but my anxious kids didn’t want to play that game- lol! They didn’t like games. I think it goes slow enough but if you felt it was too slow you could just repeat a lesson. It’s very parent intensive either way, however. There’s no hand it to the kids and walk away here! There is a workbook but we did everything orally. I can’t remember if we were told to do it orally (it’s scripted) or if I chose to minimize the workbook use. Your child would have a hard time entering PS after Shiller, however. It has a different scope and sequence and most likely your child will be far ahead of his classmates but lack the shared vocabulary and calculator skills that are expected.
  17. I saw where Dominque Moceanu spoke in support of Simone Biles and shared a video of her fall on a beam. It's horrifying. I'm sure I watched it live as a teenager myself and didn't think much, but as a parent, it's horrifying. She was 14, sent up already injured, hit her head hard, and is clearly disoriented as she finishes and walks away. She doesn't cry. She's not comforted. Nobody came to see if she had a concussion...and then she went back out? I'm glad times have changed.
  18. My aunt died when my uncle was about 60 and he said that as soon as he went anywhere in town after her funeral he was accosted by multiple interested women. He said they were waiting for him everywhere- at the grocery store, post office, restaurants- he never ate alone even if he wanted to. He was not a wealthy man but was stable and secure, decent looking, and in relatively good health. He was remarried within a year and they seemed happy. Single older men don't have to look for new relationships- the demographics are skewed so that the women who do want relationships find them! Now that I think about it, my other uncle remarried quickly too! And while DH's grandfather didn't remarry, he lived in a close relationship with a female friend not long after his wife passed. I can't think of any completely single older men in my very large family. Most of the single/widowed women never even dated again.
  19. We need another car asap because DS got a job and I don't want to be the ferryman but so far we've had no luck. At first, I was going to let him use my vehicle and get a new one since mine is ok but old, with a ton of miles, and more than a few scratches and dents. DS put most of those scratches and dents in when learning to drive, so it's only fair he keeps it! LOL. But I can't find a new one. I'm not willing to pay these inflated prices and I'm also not willing to wait for a special order that may get delayed. So now we're looking for a very old car for him. I think even if the prices are higher than normal the actual dollars lost would be less with a used car. I found one prospect that the dealer just received and hasn't inspected or priced. I'm crossing my fingers that he calls me back and it's as good as it looks and within the price range that I'm expecting. I don't want to be driving DS until the end of Sept! I guess I'd keep my car until it dies if we did that and hope that it dies after the market has chilled.
  20. I don't think I would. I have trust issues, teen girls, and a young child. I can see myself becoming romantically involved, but I don't think I'd want to remarry or have someone live in my home with us. Maybe I would after my youngest is grown. As for DH- I expect he would remarry and it doesn't bother me. I'm sure he would choose carefully.
  21. It wasn't with a dog, but my cat had serious kidney failure. She looked half dead already and I was sure they'd say she needed to be euthanized. The vet did IV fluids a few times and then (after some extortion and a new vet) I was able to give her subq fluids daily and she lived happily for a year past that. When she finally passed it was more peacefully and she went quickly. The subq fluids never bothered her. She sat on my lap and didn't complain. It's easy peasy. I also gave her some supplements- I think phos bind or something, pepcid, and probiotics. We didn't give her the kidney food because she wouldn't eat it, but they also gave her an appetite stimulant. I had to syringe feed her until the meds kicked in. Her recovery with the meds/IV fluids was amazing. She went back to being a normal cat. I hope it goes as well for your dog. Your lucky they're only charging you $25 to come in. The first vet tried to charge me $75 a day and refused to let me do it at home!
  22. You could try Amazake- it's a fermented rice drink. My DD had a bag of some once and it kind of meets your guidelines but I don't know if it would be to your taste. I tried it and it was a little different and not really my thing. But it was warm and creamy...Maybe if you have an Asian Grocery store nearby you could find it cheaper.
  23. We switched seamlessly from Greek 4 Children to Lukeion. It was probably too good of a preparation because DS cruised through the first semester of Lukeion/Athenaze and then wasn’t prepared for the workload of the 2nd semester! It was a shock when he had to study!
  24. Greek For Children is pretty good for self study. You can get the textbook, answer key, and then video lectures that are like class recordings. I found the videos indispensable.
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