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  1. We always had some with the original nuclear family and with spouses; some with kids and grandparents separately, some just kids. I'm not offended to be left out of some pictures- it's a reprieve! 😁 I'd probably be offended if other spouses were included but not me but that never happens. I came last so the other spouses had worked it out before I got there- maybe it would be weirder if there were just 1-2 siblings and only one person left out.
  2. She may also have a tilted uterus which can make tampon insertion difficult.
  3. I think NAD precursor supplements are more about epigenetics than DNA/ any specific genes. DS is young and I have no concern that he doesn’t make enough NAD on his own. He probably has plenty for routine maintenance. He has damage to his auditory processes, however- more damage than normal amounts of NAD would be able to deal with. The theory is that bored, extra, free sirtuins would find the damage and work on it, thus helping his tinnitus and maybe even his overall hearing. I don’t think taking niacin, at adult ages especially, would give you enough of a boost for tinnitus if the NAD+/sirtuin theory holds up. You probably already have fewer circulating sirtuins if you’re over 35 or 40.
  4. Telehealth is fine but it's not for someone who needs one to one supervision and it's not going to help if your kid has a seizure in his sleep from whatever he took. I'm appalled.
  5. It's really expensive! The doctor says DS's tinnitus is related to hearing loss and thinks maybe NMN/NAD+ can repair the tiny hairs that may be causing it. It's a long shot, but whenever I quit giving him NAD the tinnitus gets worse. I'm hoping a higher dose of NMN may work well enough that he can stop taking it eventually. He doesn't need it for aging.
  6. That’s shocking. Around here a suicide attempt gets you inpatient time- voluntary or involuntary- you’re going in. They will give you a 24/7 babysitter until you can get into the inpatient facility too. Was it because he didn’t go to the ER?
  7. We have a Home Reserve couch and I really like it, but it's in the basement and mostly for kids and teens. Ours has storage under every seat which is awesome! It's easy enough to wash the covers too. I'm a small person and I find it comfortable but DH is larger and he doesn't like it as much. He wouldn't want it as the main one he uses. He's not super big- I guess normal sized? Or maybe he's just picky, but I like it. It's firmer which is good for me and it isn't as deep which I like because I feel I fit better. The kids and I always have to cross our legs to sit comfortably on the big cushy couch.
  8. No on the dosing, we just take as directed except when I use NMN I give 500mg instead of 250. I really like Thorne Research brand NAD with the resveracel added and we're trying Alive By Nature NMN now. I switched from NAD to NMN because David Sinclair takes it and I wanted to see if there'd be a difference. It's too soon to tell.
  9. I don't know about woks. I really love my induction stove even if it's finnicky. I hated gas- it exacerbated my asthma and I feel so much better with it out of the house, and electric is bleh. My water boils so quickly and things cook well.
  10. Have you looked into Nad+ or NMN supplements? My son's doctor recommended those for tinnitus and it seems to really help.
  11. Not necessarily. I've had to send a few "induction ready" pans back that won't work. The magnets stick, but the bottoms of the pan must also be perfectly flat.
  12. I used to always use a shipping and packing store instead of going to the post office because it’s so much faster. Then I learned how much they’d been overcharging me! I think it’s part of those stores’ business model but they try to minimize that aspect. I guess it makes sense. They aren’t the usps or FedEx so they don’t make any profit off that service unless they pad it. You can’t pay rent selling boxes and tape.
  13. It'll probably be on most tests these days but you could just take it as a loss. I'm sure your DDs will do well enough without it. I'd go nuts if I tried to teach to some test unrelated to what I'm trying to teach!
  14. It looks like Everyday Math. This is one of the main reasons I continued to homeschool after moving to a new district when my kids were young. They'd been homeschooled but we heard the new district was good. My daughters had asinine problems like this in 3rd grade and they were also required to use calculators for basic calculations. There were test questions such as "what do I press next on the calculator?" I flipped through the rest of the 3rd grade book and my son's 5th grade book. It was terrible all the way through. You could say they were teaching "conceptually" so they wouldn't be robots, but the facts were that my homeschooled kids could do math and my then 5th grader was a solid 2 years ahead of his peers when he wasn't ahead at all in my book or according to Math Mammoth. DS was multiplying and dividing any whole number at that point, and probably some fractions. The class was drawing circles to do 4x7. He got points off for not drawing the circles. I had no idea how these kids were going to transition from that to algebra or prealgebra in 6th grade! My daughters already struggled with math, so I thought they'd have no hope with this type of curricula, and DS was bored out of his mind, so I pulled all of them except the kindergartener. I let her go to K because it seemed harmless, but the school introduced calculators in 1st grade, so there was no way I was going to let her stay past kindergarten! The teachers were apologetic and encouraged me to complain. My son's said she tried to do her own thing as much as possible, but they could only do so much to make it better. I don't blame them. I blame whoever purchases this stuff and forces it on the kids and teachers.
  15. I don't think so. I don't think damage like that (which is minimal!!) can be inherited. But I'm not a biologist.
  16. I think your telomeres would be shortened. I don't know about anything else.
  17. I put it on scratchers, any soft toy they like, the couch, or my son’s pants! They all love it but it’s like alcohol; some get loving, some get frisky and silly, and some cats get mean.
  18. The stats aren’t very informative without the numbers from which they come. If your hospital system is rather small, for instance and the total number of hospitalized patients and available beds are low, than the numbers aren’t much better than anecdotes. If we’re looking at thousands of patients, then the numbers are more significant. Anecdotally, I know more people who’ve had breakthrough infections than I am comfortable with. None of them have been hospitalized however.
  19. I thought everyone called it ding-dong ditch. Nobody plays that anymore and it’s probably better that way. Nobody TPs houses anymore either. I actually saw a house with tp on it for the first time in years and years. It was a pathetic attempt. Lol!
  20. My kids thought I made up the eeny meeny miny mo rhyme ending; the one that goes “my mommy told me to pick the very best one, and you are not it, you dirty dirty dishrag you!” Kids on the bus also no longer chant rude things out the windows to walkers like “….(God made rivers….) U. G. L. Y. You ain’t got no alibi…” So that’s not a bad thing to lose.
  21. I think it’s hard for me to judge myself. Someone who has met me IRL would be better able to say. I believe I’m pretty much the same. I’m usually pretty quiet. I try to be sensitive and polite. I probably keep my mouth shut and nod and smile a little more often in person. But I’m more open in person in many ways because I don’t have time to overthink and worry about the permanence of the internet.
  22. It depends on if I consider myself the lead teacher or not. If I'm the teacher, I will at a minimum scan it. I tried a few times not doing it and I felt inadequate. If they have some other "teacher" source, then probably not.
  23. This week? How about every day at least.
  24. Me, personally, I would be relieved to not be invited because big extended family trips with my babies are not my thing. But if you don't think she'd feel like that, I wouldn't do it as described. I may invite the 4th sibling and say it's a no kids event and if they want to make childcare arrangements, then they're welcome to come.
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