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  1. I'm not trying to start anything, however Wahls fails to mention that she also had a chemo treatment done (as well as a change in diet). Just wanting to be sure all have all the info. My recommendations: find an *MS specialist* neuro to see in your area. In general, regular neuros just don't seem to be well-informed on MS. Treatments update rapidly and having someone who is on the up-and-up on research and medication developments, hospital and steroid treatments, etc. is so helpful. Ask his doctor about getting him on (a whole lot of) Vitamin D. Gently, please be patient with
  2. Yes, unless the restaurant was really unsafe but I imagine I wouldn't be eating there anyway. I think I started letting them sit on their own and/or wander in a store around 7 or 8 yrs for oldest..youngest must have been 5 or 6?
  3. We used Nancy Larson once many moons ago but it was overly simplistic for what we needed. Dd1 is science-minded so it may just be us but IMO the first level had a school-y, dumbed-down feel to it. Dd completed ~60% of level 1 in a month. We didn't even finish it b/c it was largely a waste of time for her. I was using it at an earlier age (maybe 4yrs old?) than they'd recommended for the level and it was still way too easy. Caveats: I didn't think about it at the time, but Dd had been taking a class at our local nature center for a couple years before hitting this life sciences-heavy curri
  4. 7th grade is overwhelming me a bit. :/ LA: R&S7 Grammar, Mosdos Press, Wordly Wise old version, WWS2 Math: Jacob's Algebra Science: ?? Not sure yet. Maybe RSO Bio 2. She wanted Botany too so maybe MP Trees or Ellen J. McHenry's Botany w/ Quark Chronicles. Maybe the Jr. Naturalist books at our local nature center. Maybe some Environ. Science... History: HO3; then American History for the rest of the year Also, some Japanese, typing practice, writing across curriculum, some art/music whenever she wants it, a ton of volunteering and Girl Scouts.
  5. We're using the Mensa for Excellence in Reading 7th-8th grade list for some more classic ideas with Mighty Girl recommendations to round it out with some more modern picks.
  6. My daughter's celiac blood-work took 3 weeks to get results back. I was told 3-4 weeks was pretty typical for it. I'm sorry. :( I know how difficult it is to continue to eat the wheat while waiting but it was so worth it when we knew what was going on. We didn't do the endoscopy b/c the blood-work was pretty definitive in dd's case. Yes, the endoscopy can have false negatives. They're taking pieces from your small intestine but they may grab a piece to test that doesn't have damage. Some of the blood-work can detect substances that would be present if there was small intestine damage.
  7. My oldest is working on gaining ~20 lbs after a medical issue. Add Boost Plus shakes...Pediasure is only 120 calories whereas Boost Plus is 360 calories per bottle. Walgreens has a deal now (near me) of Buy 1, Get 1 50% off with their customer loyalty card for the big boxed 12 packs so check there first. My Dd has had 2/day for about a month and a half and has gained almost 12 lbs. (yes, she still has ~20 to go...) Also, pecans, walnuts, and cashews are all very high calorie for a small amount of food. I've found combining higher fats and carbs in a meal has helped significantly. I give h
  8. Little DD will be 4th next fall. Not sure on a lot but we'll see: Math: MM 4 Writing: We're working on some Evan-Moor workbooks right now, but we really to find something else for the long-term. She's finished WWE but isn't ready for WWS. *Sigh* Science: Something for Biology, still deciding on this one. CK12? Might team her up with older sister History: HO3 with older sister Spanish: Maybe SYRWTL Spanish? Or Homeschool Spanish Academy? Lit: Mensa excellence in reading 4-6th reading list Geography: Not sure on this one. The kid loves workbooks Spelling: Megawo
  9. Dd1 is 6th this year. We've had a crazy-busy year (again. *sigh*) but overall what's worked: Mosdos Press Lit, K12 HO, Ellen J. McHenry, WWS 1, R&S Grammar 7 Haven't been all that thrilled with our other things. I think I need to go back to things that worked that I took a break from for whatever reason, like old version of Wordly Wise and I'm thinking a better Japanese curriculum is in order. Or maybe it was a consistency issue this year. I was also happy enough with Dolciani but Dd found it a bit dry. Holt Science is also starting to bore. This might also be me ready for somethin
  10. My area is clique-y but not towards a classical bent. My area is unfortunately the crew who churns their own butter and clutches their hemp necklaces at the thought of their kids eating something out of a package. Good times. ;) I've seen things advertised on Meetup, FB and our area's big mass email newsletter thing. The library bulletin board might be a good option. :)
  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to give such a thoughtful review! It's something I've considered on-and-off but didn't pull the trigger for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. This is definitely something I'm going to look into more seriously as I could really use the encouragement and community right now. Thanks again. :thumbup1:
  12. With hand- foot- mouth, we found the mouth occurred first...but it was like the worst canker sores you've ever seen and very painful to eat. They were white and nickel sized. The blisters showed a few days later on the hands and feet.
  13. It's a standard twin size mattress, I believe. If you look on the IKEA website, it gives the dimensions in cms (mine keeps pulling up in Japanese..sigh). I believe there are 3(??) different types of mattresses for their bed frames but they just differ in thickness. We've gotten the cheapest ones and my kids are fine with it but they are used to Japanese futon mattresses on the floor so ymmv. Also, I was looking in my IKEA catalogue and they have a SVARTA series with a bunk bed frame that allows for another pull out bed frame under the lower bed so you get three beds in a bunk footprint. S
  14. IKEA and Konmari are the only things that have helped my friends with large families. They (and we although our family is small) really love the IKEA loft/bunk beds and the Hemnes trundled daybed with huge deep drawers. We use the drawers for toy/sheets storage. My two kids each get half of a medium size dresser..one kid doesn't need their own huge dresser IMO. We can fit all their undergarments (socks, tights, knee highs, leotards, undies, camis), PJs, tops and pants/skirts/shorts/dresses in half a dresser with room to spare. I don't put away their seasonal stuff either so this is a year rou
  15. Haven't read all replies but... This. My oldest and I have had a lot of adults all up in our business about her significant growth issues in the past year. She's since been diagnosed and we're working on resolving/treating but seeing a noticeable difference in her physically is going to take a solid 6-9 months at least. I'm sure we have a ton of people in our circle who think we're doing 'nothing' b/c the effects of our intervention aren't immediately apparent yet. The family is probably very stressed and concerned while ironing out this issue with their child. You don't know what you
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