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  1. Thanks Capt, I checked it out and you can actually download the first chapter of several of those KOGS. They seem a good way to supplement the "non-science" part of chemistry (ie, word study, arts, philosophy, etc). I think between the 3, we should (hopefully) be in good shape! Shelly
  2. Hi everyone, today I downloaded the first chapters of Real Science for Kids, both Level I (for my 3rg grader) and Level II for the 6th and 7th grader. I must say I am most impressed by these samples. I heard they should be supplemented and I am thinking of buying the whole bundle of KOGS to go with them. They are pricey but I have 5 kids to homeschool so I'll be reusing them anyway. I also bought both Ellen McHenry books. They are less expensive and I like all the games and activities in there. I taught today from sample chapters of both of these sources and I think we did more
  3. Thanks everybody for your responses. It is very frustrating to spend $150+ on a chem kit that is not at all helpful. The worse thing, however, is the wasted time and effort- it's not like we homeschooling moms have that much free time anyway, right? I am checking out the sources you have all mentioned. We may have to start over with a new program. We would keep the T&K kit as a (very pricey) activity to do on a rainy day. I did request a high school chem text from the public school district we're in, but have not heard back yet. I also purchased a used chem text on Amazon. It will
  4. :confused: We started chem this year with a 7th grader, 2 6th graders and a 3rd grader. We bought the Thames CHEM 2000 kit and everything else SWB recommemded for Chem, and I have to say that for the first time I am disappointed with this recommendation. Half the time the experiments don't work, and even if they do, there is so little explanation of the real concept behind the lab that it seems like all we are doing are magic tricks! It's very difficult to tie any learning of real chemistry with this kit because of the lack of information. I am not chemist but I do have a BS in biology
  5. Can I just get a quick answer from you more experienced "hive bees?" :D We just started our first year of HS last Monday and we are following the WTM. I'm a little confused though on how to gauge the writing. For 6th and 7th graders, are the weekly history "facts," "oulines," and "summaries" and science "lab write-ups" in addition to the weekly history and science essays SWB recommends, or are they considered to be the weekly written work for those subjects? And how about a 3rd grader? He's supposed to "narrate" a reading page 2X/week, and also do a notebook page with art supplies
  6. Saying prayers right now for a great pregnancy!! God bless you!
  7. Poetry- that's a great idea! I didn't even think of that; we could do important speeches, documents, etc also. Thanks! ND293- Which war was it? Isn't is a shame I have to ask for clarification on that? We were so disappointed in summer 2006 with that whole Hezbollah/Israel thing. Several times we planned to travel there but had to change our plans because of "internal strife." Where did you live in the ME? For Arabic, we have used a few "tutors" (I use the term loosely) and some books we got from Lebanon on a recent trip. We plan to formally study it this year with a real tutor a
  8. It is (mostly) safe to hike from the North to the South. My husband is Lebanese and said we would have to skip a few sections in the North due to safety concerns, but even he looked at the map and felt it was safe to do the rest of the trail. Here's the link to the site- it looks pretty cool! http://www.lebanontrail.org/ I think it would be so great to have the kids hike thorugh where he grew up, and though we could not go through to Israel, we could see it from the south. Maybe we should concentrate on Biblical history..........
  9. Thanks everybody for your help- it gave me alot to think about. I like the idea of set chores they have to do every day/week, and then extra ones they could earn money for if they want. Thanks again! :001_smile:
  10. OK, I'm not sure if we are going to so this yet, but I would like to take the kids for a month-long hike through Lebanon next April. IF we did it, we would try to work ahead so there wouldn't be too much to finish when we got home in May. There would be a lot of "mental down-time" while we are walking, so we will practice our Arabic. What other things could we work on, that wouldn't be hard to prepare for (ie, no big books, supplies, etc)? By next April they would be ages 9, 12, and 13. I was thinking multiplication tables up to 15 for everyone, capitals of states and countries, may
  11. We go back and forth between how much (if any) allowance the kids should be given (ages 12, 11 and almost 9). I've done the allowance thing, where each child has established chores and if they do them all they get their "age-appropriate" allowance. I've done the "Just do your chores because we all live in the house and we all have a job to do" thing, which is very un-inspiring for kids (surprise, surprise). I've also done the pay-for-chore thing, where they only get paid for what they do- very labor-intensive, and then when I ask them to do something simple like let the dog out, t
  12. The US-Mexico Border is a huge issue for so many reasons: Drug cartels DO cross over and wreak havoc in America, with their OWN guns; They DO kidnap people along the southern border and hold them for ransom, check other sources besides the MSM and you'll see the stories; Middle Eastern terrorists have also been reported illegally crossing the border from Mexico- they're not here to sightsee; The recent AZ law is based directly on the US law regarding illegal immigration, so it's what the Federal Gov't SHOULD be doing but ISN'T; The Federal Gov't (and especially Mexico!) r
  13. I love The Dangerous Book for Boys. Both my sons have it (12 and 9) and I always catch them reading it on and off for the past 3 years! We also give it as birthday presents and I have never gotten a bad review from a kid or parent. (They also made a version for girls, which my dd11 has and loves.) I also gave my son a pocket knife, and he loved that too. Knife safety lessons were of course included!;) Good luck!!
  14. Thanks guys- that makes me feel better (that whole safety in numbers thing) :001_smile: This is just such a huge adjustment after the kids being in "school" for years, and I just have to keep reminding myself I made the right decision!! Shelly
  15. My dd11, who has been begging me to HS her next year, is now tearful at the thought of "leaving her friends" at her old school. I'm sure it's happening now because tomorrow is the last day of school, and also she thought I would just HS her for a year and she would go back to her other school the next year. Actually I will be HSing her for at least 6,7, and 8th grade. Have any of you guys had to deal with taking one out of middle school, or did you start HSing earlier, so they didn't really get used to being in a class? Of course it doesn't help that she is a drama queen, and probably
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