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  1. The output is so the mom can have it in hand to show the STBX and possibly a judge or mediator, right? Absolutely anything of some substance can be made to look good if the parent/homeschooler wants to take the initiative to pretty it up, take photos, and make lists with educational slang like "learning outcomes" that look all nice and organized. I wouldn't decide thinking primarily of that. I'd work on reverse engineering the nice looking output. One thing I learned from doing portfolio assessment for years with middle schoolers when I was teaching - plastic sleeves can make anything look beautiful and organized. I think you need to figure out the way in for this kid. It could be so many things. Without knowing her, it's impossible to say.
  2. In case you missed it - Yahoo Groups is deleting all user data and all archives. All groups will become private and invite only. You'll still be able to use them for email, but that's it. If you've got data on a group, go forth and download fast. Not shocking because they haven't supported the platform in eons. But a lot of local homeschool groups still seem to operate out of them, so I thought it would be of interest to folks here.
  3. I keep seeing the ads for Butcher Box and a couple of others. Anyone tried them? Worth it? Not worth it? Honestly, buying meat at the store is my least favorite thing. The quality is cruddy at the Giant and the Safeway. It's fine at the Trader Joe's, but I don't tend to shop there as much. Also fine at the Costco, but then I have to portion it all up to freeze some, which I don't enjoy, though really it's a minor annoyance.
  4. When meat isn't involved, I really wouldn't worry too much. Assuming it doesn't really thaw, the worst thing you're looking at is quality loss, not food safety.
  5. Binge a show tonight? Reread a junky novel you love? I find mindless puzzle games useful. I like Two Dots. But any logic puzzles or sudoku. And some people like things like Candy Crush. I read a study about how your brain literally can't focus on being upset when you're playing those sorts of games. I'm sorry. I hope you get reassuring news tomorrow and that you dd is also able to cope.
  6. If you think it's going to go, you do want to cook everything you can. But otherwise, you want to leave it closed and not open it unless it's to add ice or something like that. The less you open it, the longer it'll last.
  7. This is one of the reasons I went with a chest freezer over an upright. When we had a power outage this summer, I actually took a bunch of stuff out of the regular fridge/freezer and stuck it in there and then left it closed with a bag of ice. Nothing even got ice crystals in the day we had no power. The stuff in the upstairs regular freezer was totally borderline, despite the addition of a giant bag of ice.
  8. I'm honestly not fussed by it, but that Sam's logo is just hideous.
  9. I've seen these. The last driver I had who had one was like, I don't know why everyone doesn't do it.
  10. To be clear, I'd be willing to give my kids not A's. And I don't think mastery for a high school student usually means mastering the subject. I mean, when my kids finished their study of African and Asian history last year, I would not say they "mastered" Asian and African history. They were 14. They have plenty to learn. I majored in history with a concentration in East Asian history and *I* have plenty to learn. I would say they engaged with the material to my satisfaction and did all major assignments over until I considered them to be an "A" grade. The thing is, the way we run our homeschool, it would be hard for them not to do that unless they were just going to be outright defiant about schoolwork and refuse to try. Obviously it's different with school and outside classes. I've been a classroom teacher too and I'm teaching an outside history/lit class now. They might not have gotten an A for a similar class outside the home. But they also wouldn't have gotten the advantages that having it at home inherently affords. It just would have been different, like EKS said. I find that the A is still meaningful. Sometimes for the sake of my kids, they need to hear where they're specifically succeeding and struggling and occasionally grades are a concise way to do that. For history, we do these short answer questions. It's been fascinating to watch them do them over the last year and a half. When they started out, answers were really basic. They had trouble answering all parts of the question and giving full answers with specifics. BalletBoy in particular was the king of the vague answer. Most of those answers wouldn't have been a "A" in some hypothetical classroom where I'm looking for exemplar level answers. More like a "C." But then we would redo some, discuss some, and I'd look for progress on the next set and the next and so forth. Today, BalletBoy showed me his answers and they were mostly excellent, but one was too long, had parts that were vague, and was meandering in its organization. These are all problems that are sort of the opposite of last year when he didn't have enough information to be meandering about in the first place. So that's progress. Still not an exemplar, but really good. In order to get him to "hear" where the answer is, I sometimes will measure it against my idea of where he should be and give it a grade. That bar is changing, and I feel totally fine about that. And the grade I give these answers on a ten point scale doesn't feel to me like I need to average it. If it's too low, he knows he has to redo it.
  11. Most transcripts don't have a percentage. The letter grade is sufficient. I guess the issue is more that no one will push you. If your kids don't have a transcript with grades, they'll just have a number of options closed to them, and for no reason other than the fact that they don't have it.
  12. Because of the way college admissions works, they are sorting students based partly on GPA, even for homeschoolers. And it matters a lot for scholarships. If you know your kids are not college bound or bound for community college, then there's no reason to give grades at this level any more than any other. But I don't understand not giving college bound students grades. It will just disadvantage them.
  13. Like, RootAnn, we're just holistic about it. You work until you've got it or until I feel the experience of learning about it is quality enough that I happy with the outcome. Thus, it's an A. I give individual feedback and sometimes numerical grades on individual tests and papers. But then it's just to say, look, here, this is what is specifically wrong. Work until it's done and to a higher quality. However, if you feel you need to go through and justify this, nearly every foreign language class I've ever taken has had some level of participation grade, even in college. Participation with foreign language, even more than with any other subject, is how you learn. Yes, your student is there and is the only one so they're participating and it's an automatic A assuming you just do the work. But otherwise you're weighting them unfairly on tests IMHO. So this is the remedy. For history, it can also be an oral discussion grade. Or a project grade. If process - as in, consuming information and discussing it or taking notes on it or whatever - are your primary means of teaching, I think it's beyond reasonable to assign a grade to that process. And if your student is fully participating in it, then that grade would be an A.
  14. We found the answers on Grade Saver to be pretty reliable. It's mildly annoying because you have to individually select them. ETA: I see you found it. Yeah, it's annoying to navigate. I didn't see an affordable way to get the answers in book form but hopefully someone else knows.
  15. Dh texted me in the 8th and asked how did I think Bryce Harper was feeling. I found this great gif of him with blinking with his jaw dropped. Lol. I need to dig out the pic I have of my kids with Zimmerman eons ago at a fan day and make it my FB profile pic or something.
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