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  1. I went to a women’s college and even I experienced co-ed bathrooms. Most dorms had two bathrooms per floor, one designated co-ed. But some just had one, so it was co-ed by default except on one floor. Men were supposed to be announced, but realistically if a guy was showering or something already when you walked in, you didn’t always know. And there were invariably at least a couple of guys around, at least on the weekends. It was never a big deal. Of course, there were always some women who always used the all women bathroom so there was an “out.”
  2. It's very strange to me that she would not just get vaccinated if she's actually worried. Or if she's not. It doesn't really matter. Everyone who doesn't have a medical reason or is a child should just do it. I mean, yeah, get a face shield and consider an air purifier for the space, but get her vaccinated. Not getting vaccinated is like... when you're worried about getting wet in a torrential rainstorm refusing to put on a great raincoat and instead debating whether putting plastic bags on your shoes and buying a slightly different tiny umbrella will help.
  3. I'd say an average of a few online estimates is likely to be about as accurate as you can get. ETA: I was curious so I just looked at ours on both. Zillow's is 60k higher. Realtor's is closer to the property value for taxes. It's hard to say because homes around mine are going for the Zillow cost and even more for sure, but my house is less updated than many. Again, with just a single data point, Zillow's seems to be taking the strength of the selling market into account more accurately, while Realtor's is more conservative.
  4. There is, but you can't use it to submit documentation, only get results.
  5. Just that I've had a wide array of kids looking for high school social studies classes online in the last couple of years and somehow none of them seem to be looking for what GAPro seemed to be offering. I find that most students want to go full on with social studies, in which case they want niche classes and AP classes and other students want to go light on social studies and they just want something that gets it done without too much output. Now that they have approved AP courses, I think I may find more fits for them in the future though. @MamaSprout Other than online prep courses and things like UC Scout (which I definitely wouldn't recommend for a kid happy to self-study unless they can find a live class), I've never seen a spring only for Macro or Geography. PAH has it the other way around - fall for macro and spring for micro, I'm almost positive. And G3 has micro in the spring as well and it's not a course specifically to prep for the exam, but it could totally be done with some prep materials to make a more full course as the materials are high level and engaging and cover most of the same ground.
  6. I know of 2E homeschooled kids who got accommodations and others who got denied.
  7. I think our experience was partially just unlucky. Ds has some very, very specific issues. They clearly weren't willing to look at the deeper score breakdowns. For typical kids and more typical profiles, I think most people will have more luck. If you're not pursuing AP testing or the PSAT specifically, the ACT just announced they're switching to automatically grant 504 accommodations, so that's an alternate route. But yes to getting testing in order to get accommodations in college. They like it to be fairly recent.
  8. I think it's in the eye of the beholder. Lots of people are happy with it, like SeaConquest said, so they definitely feel it's meaningful. And I suspect the work in the newer AP classes will prep kids well. I didn't mean it as a negative per se, more like, for folks to be aware of the fit issues. I keep hoping to recommend them to a client and I have yet to have a client they're the right top suggestion for, which is telling to me.
  9. Adding that... the process is absurdly old fashioned as well. You have to gather things and send them in the mail and then it tells you that there's a verdict, but not what the verdict is online? It's a very odd set up.
  10. Honestly, without the IEP/504, it's unpredictable in my opinion. My kid was rejected despite a full testing.
  11. Well, I respect Laura's views, but I'm going to disagree and I'll toss my weight as a former classroom social studies teacher behind it, though I've never taught this one, so it's possible I'm missing something, but still. If you look at the score distributions, I think you'd get that sense, honestly. And it's either getting harder or more kids are inappropriately taking it (I suspect a little from both - the former partially to compensate for the latter). But is it actually harder than APUSH or World or any of the other social studies exams? No way. It's maybe even a little easier.
  12. It's not really. What's making you say it's a "hard" test? The spread of scores is really dire looking, honestly, but that's partially because a lot of schools have younger students take it, not because it's actually that hard. I haven't heard that the *work* in the GAPro classes is hard, just that there's a lot of it. If you're prepping for an AP though, then that's appropriate. It takes practice.
  13. They have very good reviews overall, but also have a reputation for high output and a lot of bits to do, which is often not what folks I know want from a social studies class, so I think it definitely depends on your goals.
  14. As a sort of quippy, this is revealing your hypocrisy sort of thing, I agree. There's a real overlap between the people who feel like it's okay for schools to regulate dress for morality but somehow any other reasons become tyranny against their kids. On the other hand, I see this as being radically different.
  15. Once I cleaned out Mushroom's room after he insisted that he had absolutely no scissors in his room and found seven pairs. SEVEN. I'm not joking. ETA: I was thinking about this and how weird it was that there were so many and I remembered that part of it was that he wasn't just pocketing MY scissors, he was also pocketing scissors from the theater where he was working at the time. They shut down after a scandal so he couldn't even return them all. I have a pair of those in my pencil cup right now.
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