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  1. once or twice I've had a lopsided loaf. I am pretty sure I figured I didn't add enough water. That is more of a person problem than a machine problem. The dough was too stiff and it didn't spread properly. I haven't had that happen in a long time. That was the sort of thing that happened in my learning curve. As for unevenly baked I don't even know how that would happen. I always pick 'light' crust because my youngest has oral motor issues and won't eat bread that is too hard/crusty. Maybe if you picked 'dark' crust it would be really dark on the sides? There isn't a heating element on the top (of course) so a dark crust might be darker on the sides? Maybe? As for not done 'enough' on the top..never. The bread has always been just fine. I wish I knew how to post pictures. I have a loaf sitting on my kitchen counter right now. Ok, I looked and it is slightly lighter on top than on the sides. We are talking half a shade lighter. I never noticed it until now. I bet that if I picked dark crust it would be more noticable. That would be due to the fact that a 2lb loaf crests slightly over the top of the pan..like a loaf, lol. The top isn't as hot as the sides because that is where the heating element is. Now, that said, I think it is the same for all bread machines. I wanted to add that I am the sort of person who bakes the same sort of bread almost all the time. I like to dig in and really perfect the recipe until I have it on automatic. If I were the sort of baker who likes to experiement all the time with different types of bread, and there are a LOT, then I would have more lopsided loafs etc. I always try something out at least once before I make it for more than my kids. also, I got mine from king arthur in the christmas 'rush' time. I got a great price and free shipping. If you know you are going to buy then you might want to wait to see if it goes on sale for the holidays or right after. And GAH! I hope mine doesn't die at the 3 year mark. I will be so upset.
  2. I make and bake in my Zoji. I bake it in the machine if it's for us. With the Zoji it is shaped like a standard loaf but it does have two holes in the bottom from the blades. That is unavoidable with any machine. If I am making bread for a potluck or somesuch then I bake it in the oven. I don't want the holes in the bottom for people I am actually trying to impress. My family, eh, they get the holes. It's good enough for the likes of them. I use my machine for making pizza dough as well. I never order pizza. I just make a whole wheat crust in the zoji during the day and then make pizza for dinner. I even have a couple pizza doughs stashed in the freezer. The reason for making the dough in the machine and baking in the oven is that the machine really does a better job of kneading etc than even a kitchen aid stand mixer. Then you bake it in the oven and it doesn't have holes from the blades. For years I just made bread dough with the mixer. I said I didn't need a machine. Then I had the second baby and realized I didn't have time to stand at the mixer and deal with it. The bread machine keeps it at the optimal temperature and makes it so much nicer than a mixer. THe mixer is good and so is by hand. I have been making bread for over 20 years and most of that was by hand. But the machine just makes that dough so darn well. It is so smooth and strong and risen just the right amount.
  3. we personally had better luck with Timz attack. The first level is free. I paid the 30$ for the second level as a reward for completing the first level. Since then, my son has been inspired to ask for jobs to earn money to buy the 10$ levels. Who would think he would want to buy a math game? My son also had trouble with the pressure of time and need to 'win' in 'quarter mile'. It did not go well. At all.
  4. My older son could do the questions at a very young age. With my younger son, who is going to be 6 in January, I ask him to tell me two things he remembered about what I just read. I then rephrase those two things into complete sentences and write them down while he watches. I am on my second trip through the ancients with one child and starting with a second. I am not quite an 'old timer' am I? But, what I have learned from the first time around is: do as many history projects as possible the first time around. Especially with the first two cycles, ancients and middle ages. They have the best projects and it is worth your time and effort. Really. I have never said 'well, that was a waste.' I have had regrets for things we didn't do and effort I didn't expend. Spend a little time and that extra 25$ on the cool science something or other. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had just coughed up the money and got the fun/cool/memorable science thing. This year I did and we are having a wonderful time. When in doubt just reread what SWB suggests. I am not talking about curriculum. I mean with method. I cannot tell you how many times I made my life more complicated than it needed to be. When I look at what she suggested it was almost always easier and better than what I was attempting. I was tying myself into knots prepping for my first year in the logic stage. Then I just regrouped and decided that rather than buying this new curriculum and that new method I would just try what she suggested. I am so happy I did. I learned a good lesson: Sometimes it really can be that easy!
  5. I have owned both. I LOOOOOVE my Zo. Love it. LOVE IT! My breadman died after 18 months. That really got my angry. I don't like tossing stuff into the landfill. I didn't get another machine for over a year because of that. The Zo is made so much better. With the breadman I was always having to do stuff like push flour off the sides and make lots of adjustments. The Zo did have a learning curve..everything does. But, once I got the hang of it, it involved no thought. I just put the stuff in and I know I will have great bread for the kids in a few hours. It has never let me down and I use it 5 times a week. Make sure to take a couple weeks to get to know it. I took notes of what recipe I used and how it came out and what changes I should make. Did I mention I love my zo? :lol: Read through the stuff at King Arthur. They know the Zo inside and out and have lots of helpful information. I have been to the King Arthur store and seen their row of Zojis working away.
  6. An optimist who loves winter. I like autumn also mostly because I get birthday presents. I don't like spring because my allergies kick in.
  7. you have a couple choices. You can buy the CD and listen in the car or while you do other things. You can buy the MP3 and again, listen while you do other things OR you can load the MP3 onto a player (I use my Ipod). I listen while I run. My husband and I have listened together in the evening after the kids are asleep and we are folding laundry.
  8. My interest in fish oil came from the book "the Late Talker" by Agin. She specifically recomends fish oil for speech delays. There was a yahoo group called 'speech diet' but it is long dead. No one really posted and it was mostly spam.
  9. My son has a motor issue so we have him take piano lessons. He is almost 6 and has been taking lessons for over a year. Well..the first year the lessons were pretty darn quick. Only recently have they started being more than a few mins before big brother's lessons. He recently learned to play "twinkle' with both hands! I almost cried, he was so darn proud of himself. He just beamed.
  10. swallows and amazons. That is the first in the series. There are so darn many that we may never run out. Umm...great! It's lots of camping and boating and making tea and having a jolly time. My boys love them. The Hobbit has lots of adventure Mrs Frisby and the rats from NIMH has adventure As you can see, my boys mostly like fantasy. So I have TONS of suggestions but they are mostly fantasy with lots of adventure.
  11. I read the book years ago and liked it very much. I cannot imagine how it could be made into a movie. What is a gratuitus rear end?
  12. my son has been on fish oil since he was 16 months old. He is now 5 years 10 months. He has a speech delay. When he was 16 months old he had no words, just a sound "zhush" He has oral motor issues. well, he has motor issues in general. He had been getting speech therapy for about one month when I started with the fish oil. I didn't tell the speech therapist what I was doing. I didn't think it was a big deal. After I had been giving it to him for about 8 weeks (so now it was 12 weeks therapy) she said "are you doing something with him? I have never seen a kid make so much progress in such a short time." I told her about the fish oil and she said she was going to mention it to other parents. I read a lot about it..the LCP solution and a couple others. I give him 1 tsp of oil every day. I buy Nordic Naturals peach flavor. I do NOT buy the strawberry 'kid' flavor because it is the same thing for more $$ per ounce. I stir the 1tsp into plain yogurt. I just use a couple spoonfuls of yogurt. I add a tsp of maple syrup or some jam. I don't buy flavored yogurt because I like to control the added sugar. The oil blends very well with yogurt. He doesn't know it is there. I only give him a bit of yogurt with the oil because I need to know it has all been eaten. I don't want to toss out half of whatever it is that has the oil. I also give him omega eggs, I add flax seeds when I make bread and I sprinkle chia seeds on his food, when I think I can get away with it. Those are all sources of omega 3 oils. It is all about the omega 3s.
  13. FWIW, I have never used the online games at LL. It just never came up. The lessons were sufficient. We are close to finishing LL. It is really big! It has taken two years to get through the whole book. So, if you like LL but don't like the online games you can skip them. It is not a big deal. We just do the exercises and review the flashcards. I like it enough to get the second book when we finish the first. It isn't perfect but it has been a great fit for us.
  14. We host a big vegetarian potluck for any friends who are in town. Sometimes it is intimate and sometimes is is packed. None of us want to cook a big dinner and after thanksgiving it is just too much. We just let the kids go wacko while the adults huddle around the snacks and drink fun drinks. I love it. As soon as everyone leaves DH and I untrim the tree and toss it in the backyard. The next morning we drive 6 hours to my mom's house for a whole second christmas.
  15. well, I don't use a special form or anything. I have a paperclip on the page of my SOTW activity book to let me know what chapter we are working on this week. Once a week or so I open my activity book and flip a couple weeks in advance. I look at the books that are suggested. I log onto my local library website. I run many searches. If they have something at another library I request it via interlibrary loan. I do a couple searches and see if anything else is available on the topic. I go to the library and pick books up as they become available. I also return what was used this week. If there is something that I MUST have I make sure to get it well ahead of time. I am usually getting books about 10 days before I need them. I guess I should also add that I live in town and the library is less than a mile from my house. Running over there isn't exactly a big deal. I can pop over the after dinner to pick stuff up or have DH drop stuff off when he is catching his bus to work.
  16. Making a timeline is a logic state activity. We are on our second pass through year 1 and having fun with the timeline. It is much more meaningful to him as a 5th grader than it would have been as a 1st grader. For one thing, now he has a much better sense of time, lol. Logic stage has much more reading and writing. I am glad I saved the timeline for a more creative outlet at this age. He's not as 'into' the activities as he was when he was younger so it's nice to have a little something.
  17. my son has an articulation disorder. He is 5, almost 6. We have had very good luck using Reading Reflex and Explode the Code. I used Reading Relfex to introduce 'basic code' and then switched over to EtC. We started with book 1 of EtC. I would have used RR all the way through but my son stalled. He is doing great now!
  18. You can read quite a nice chunk on Amazon. Just do the whole 'look inside' thing. I think it had the entire introduction by the author plus some intro by another author. It really helped me to know what the book was about and why it is important. I am waiting for my copy from the library.
  19. Pros: 1. I know my boys are getting a great education. 2. My two boys get to be their long hair, skirt wearing, unicorn loving, pirate selves every day. No way would they survive in public school with their creativity and love of life intact. At home they can let their freak flag fly and be themselves. 3. We just love being together. I am so happy to have these years with them. Cons: 1. one income means we don't get to do all the cool stuff our friends do. I can't take the kids to legoland in denmark just cause it's fun. I can't really think of anything else. There are things that I could blame on homeschooling but, truth be told, that would be the case even if we didn't. My house is a mess? yeah, well down the hatch. I stay up too late to get some time to myself? Oh, like I didn't stay up all night when I was single and had my own apartment. ok, I can think of one more con: 2. I had much better shoes before I became a homeschooler. I miss those shoes. I miss wearing high heels etc. I don't know where they went. I think my boys stole them for their own nefarious deeds. They have probably been co-opted into princess costumes and as part of Lego structures.
  20. It is my understanding that GWG is the secular answer to R&S. I am not sure that is literally true, but I gather that is the intention. I have never used R&S so I don't know. I do know the format is different. GWG is written to the student. I don't use it that way because I need to know my DS is actually interacting with the material and not mindlessly filling in blanks. Not that he would ever do such a thing.
  21. My 10 year old son still believes. I think at this point it is his choice. I let him. I just love him and let him. He's a smart kid and he will figure it out on his own. This is the same kid who totally 100% believes that he is getting his Hogwarts letter on his next birthday. Now with that I am expecting some major tears. I don't think I could disuade him even if I tried. He just wants to believe in something magical so badly. Who am I to take that away from him. Isn't parenting so bittersweet sometimes?
  22. I've pretty much got them all. I think I have to, by law, because I live in Ithaca. People just give them away like peanuts around here. I adore Sundays at Moosewood. It is my fave. OTOH, I haven't opened it much since I had kids so YMMV. I don't have much call for ethnic food these days. I love the one that is all soups and bread. I don't own it but New Recipies from Moosewood is a HUGE local favorite. And I do really like the lowfat one. It is great if you have to cook often for vegans or people with food intolerances. Now, are they all sort of the same? Not really. I use them all for different things.
  23. I have used Singapore since earlybird and we are now in 5A. I never even knew about the home instructor's guide until my son was in 3rd grade. I have bought them, but I didn't really use them until this year. Now, I am glad I have them. I can't imagine needing them in 1st. I am sure they are nice and have lots of fun things to do with manipulatives etc, but if you feel comfortable then you don't need them. Now for 5th grade, I am loving them!
  24. :iagree: Really, I do almost exactly what she said. Right down to the books I use. That is freaky, lol. I request books weeks out. I swear there is some other homeschooler who always gets to the library 20 mins before me. She always gets the good books the day before I wanted then. Now, I just get them weeks ahead and put a hold on others I need. That should show her! :lol: I also don't let my son pick what he is going to read. I have a ton of stuff here and I hand it to him. I use the Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World for his spine. Then for outlining and narrating I have him use an Oxford history book or Human Odyssey. I am lucky enough to live in a small town with a fabulous library but I have to plan ahead.
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