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  1. I am 5' and I can legally have my airbag disabled. I haven't because while I do 90% of the driving, and 100% on long trips, I'm not the only one who drives the car. I also use a cushion to boost me up a bit higher (shut up!) and I have found that allows me to be a bit further back from the steering wheel. My current car also has an adjustable seat belt so I can position it properly..that was HUGE. All other seat belts have cut directly across my neck, a big no-no. And there are many cars I have passed on because they just don't work for me. I have only ever owned hatchbacks because my visibility is much better with those than with a sedan, but I am sure there are people my height who will say they only like a sedan, lol. There are some cars that have super nice seat controls. My mom had one seemed to have every adjustment possible. I could get good positioning with that car.
  2. This makes the most sense to me. There are basic things colleges want to see on transcripts. Beyond that, at this age, it's more of seeing how a young teen is leaning towards humanities or STEM. And be prepared for change. For those kids with super specific career goals, I'd love to know how many actually end up doing that. I've known a few. My FIL knew when he was quite young he would be a veterinarian. There are all kinds of reasons why he made that choice, growing up on a dairy farm and seeing how the vet was a respected person, he was the second son and wouldn't inherit the farm, he was very focused and clearly suited for academic work etc etc. He did achieve that goal. A grand daughter of his, OTOH, was talking the same way from early childhood, but is now in high school and is doesn't appear to be academically focused enough to achieve that goal. Might she? I guess we'll see how she does in the next couple years. As the parent of a teenager, I can attest that a LOT changes between 15 and 17. In 8th grade, when asked about career paths my DS1 would only say 'not math' :lol: He's fine in math and is taking AP math and science classes in public high school, but he doesn't love it. Fair enough. As of now he is at the end of his junior year and actually does have a rather specific career goal after college, but it's not something that is really studied in high school. Right now he just needs to do well enough to get into a decent college that has what he wants. So, less about his focus of studies and more about the getting in. And who knows what happens when he does get in. So many people end up changing their minds during college or after. I have a nephew who graduated from one of the top engineering colleges in the country. He attended as a ROTC student and graduated with honors. Now that he's about to leave the military he's leaving engineering to get an MBA. I would have thought this kid was a born engineer, it's all he ever wanted but now that he's in his mid 20s he's decided to do something else.
  3. DH is a librarian, not the sort who deals with moldy books, but he gets asked this a lot. He asked in the preservation dept and they told him they put the books in direct sunlight on very dry days. The book needs exposure to fresh air. If it can be done safely try putting the book flat open and allowing the pages to fan. This could take months, not just a couple of days. You can also try putting the book in a sealed plastic bag with clay kitty litter or maybe baking soda. But that is usually done after getting some fresh air into the books. If all else fails and the smell is strong you can put the book in a sealed plastic bag with some coffee grounds. This will just mask the smell, but it's better than mold. But, mostly they just sighed and said good luck. The preservationists said they mostly just try to keep the books they have in good conditions to prevent the smell from happening. It's almost impossible to eradicate once it is established.
  4. Well, a bread machine kneads dough very well and it keeps it at optimal temp for yeast. It also bakes the bread if you like. I use mine for making a wide variety of bread dough that I then bake in the oven, making pizza dough, and making and baking some breads right in the machine. But that is about the extent of what it does. I know some say they make jam or a cake, but that is just taking advantage of the heating element, it's not really what it's meant to do and I can't imagine it does it well. My stand mixer (I have a kitchen aid) can knead bread or pizza dough, mix things like cookie batter or cake batter or beat frosting for cake, or pate choux, and also whip meringues and make whipped cream or marshmallows. In other words, I can make bread with a stand mixer but I can't make cookies and royal icing with a bread machine. I have more options with my stand mixer than I do with a bread machine.
  5. I have owned several and the Zoji is the best buy. It is more expensive but has lasted me... over 8 years now? Honestly it could be closer to 10. None of the other ones I used lasted longer than a year. I had a very good Breadman, which at the time was the top challenger to the Zoji and it died just past the one year mark. Well, the timer or something went and my bread was under cooked 50% of the time. I took that as a warning that it was on the way out. The Zoji is still going strong and I would replace it tomorrow if it died. It does beep mid cycle and when it's done. I am wondering if it is possible to put a piece of tape over some part of it to muffle the beep? And yes, a stand mixer does a great job at making dough and doesn't beep. I adore my stand mixer. I could live without my bread machine but not my stand mixer because it does so many other things. My zoji is a nice luxury to have, especially with kids in the house. But, as a baker, I would never give up my stand mixer. If I wanted to be beep free, I would just go with a stand mixer. Plus, it does more than knead dough and keep it at a good temp.
  6. I have a friend who needs very supportive swim top. She has had good luck with Lands End. I know they sell separates, which she likes. She makes her choice based on the support of the bra.
  7. Lands End in the school uniform section. I personally really like the 'stretch skort' and have two. They only come in navy and khaki, which is very annoying. But they wear like iron. I"ve had them for years and they still look brand new. I've worn them camping, hiking, etc and no pilling or stretching out of shape. They even seem to resist stains..but I wouldn't dump red wine on them lol. The only problem is that they only come in two colours. I would buy so many more if they came in different colours! Lands End makes some really cute shorts and, oh, how I wish they made skorts from the same fabrics with the same variety!
  8. I saw people making fun of it on twitter, and I thought it was a joke at first. The first thing I saw mentioning it was "It tastes like diabetes and instagram likes" I did look at the picture and I can say that it isn't anything I would ever think to try. But I'm more of a 'I have to be desperate for caffeine before I will step into a Starbucks so just give me an Americano" type of Starbucks customer. Thanks for taking a hit for the team Crimson Wife, lol. You are very brave! I wasn't totally convinced it wasn't an internet hoax but I guess it's not.
  9. I don't have a set plan but I do have a general template. But I only allow pasta once a week (they would eat it every day), we usually have eggs of some sort on Fridays, once a week I make pizza, once a week I try something new, once a week we have grilled sandwiches, I try to serve something with tofu at least once a week, beans or lentils once a week etc. It is mostly ruled by the ballet schedule. On some days both kids are gone until 7pm so I can make anything as long as dinner is ready as soon as they come home, most days one kid is back at 6 and the other kid is back at 8 so multiple dinner times will happen. Sometimes we have weeks of rehearsals after class so dinner has to be packed up and eaten on the run.
  10. A post about Mystery Science got me SO EXCITED for about 5 seconds, then I came to my senses, lol. But for a glorious 5 seconds I could use MST3K as a curriculum.
  11. Yeah, french press and flavored creamers will work well for you. And buy the coffee at starbucks if you like it so much. Why not? My mom buys Dunkin Donuts coffee because she realized that is what she really likes. The Starbucks coffee is a bit expensive (I think?) but think how much you are saving by not buying a latte etc! It really is a better buy. DH and I make cold brewed coffee in our french press. It's really easy. We just pour the water over the coffee, stir, etc after dinner and then press it in the morning. Easy peasy. We make it hot in the machine in the colder weather though. I don't know why because we like the cold brewed so much better and we could just warm it up, lol. Hey, I don't make the coffee, I just drink it, so I don't ask questions.
  12. Didn't the whole big white dress thing come from Queen Victoria? I thought before her, women just wore a nice dress or their best dress or church dress etc. She wore a white dress made specifically for the wedding and it became the fashion. After that all the society brides wanted their own special white dress to get married in. I think the associations with white and virginity etc came after the fact. I think it's a terrible tradition, hardly anyone looks good in all white. The only good thing about the white dress is that people can find you easily in a crowded wedding, lol.
  13. good for her for sticking to her original plan! And OMG people, it's just a high school dance. Save the over the top planning and all the money for things that actually matter.
  14. It might be a regional thing. I had to convince my son, who has a prom this year, that this is a real thing. He thought it was the stupidest thing he had ever heard of. Certainly no one in his circle is participating in such a thing. Of course, he and a friend are going together because they think it will be a hoot to dress up and go. They are trying to spend as little money as possible, lol.
  15. Oh please. This is just a rehashing of 1000 articles just like it. America wasn't like it was when I was a kid, you young whippersnappers are so spoiled with your electric iceboxes and moving pictures. And that newfangled mandatory school day is just going to make kids lazy. Why, back in my time we sent four year olds outside naked and told them not to come home unless they had a job. Yawn
  16. We aren't christian but the kids like the candy. They think of Easter like it's a springtime Halloween, lol. Anyway, I just have very small baskets to limit what they get and I just buy the basics at the grocery store. They get the peeps, jelly beans and chocolate rabbits, peanut butter eggs. I keep hoping that they will decide they are too old to dye eggs and get candy, but every year they tell me they want it.
  17. You need to find a dentist who specializes in treating people with dental anxiety or phobia. I happen to see such a dentist, not because I need that particular skill, but because he is also a fantastic dentist. I cannot believe he lied to your son. Just no. My dentist would have got so angry about that. He never lies, and he never does a single thing without full consent. He is willing to work very hard to gain trust. I happen know that he also sees people with developmental disabilities. I gather that a lot of dentists won't do that? Anyway, I know that one young man came in rather sedated and was taken right in. I would find someone who will offer nitrous gas in addition to the numbing shot etc. I can personally vouch that it absolutely reduces anxiety. It also isn't covered by insurance. If I had a cavity or needed work I would MUCH prefer to have nitrous, but I don't feel like paying for it so I cope. But if I had an anxious kid, I would pay for it. My sister has dental anxiety and when she was a kid she FLIPPED OUT on our family dentist. I can also say in her favor that they were not being very nice to her. I understand, she was being difficult (she was probably 9) and he lost his patience etc. Anyway, I am pretty sure she bit him. (my current dentist says that kids bite all the time and they mean nothing by it. It is a reflex and it means you have been in their mouth too long.) From that time all, our family dentist gave all us kid nitrus gas, lol. He said he knew one of us bit him and he couldn't remember which one...I doubt that he didn't remember. But anyway, I have had a lot of experience with nitrous at the dentist as a kid and a teen and it made the dentist a much more tolerable situation. Give him a pair of headphones and some music he likes and it will probably go just fine. I actually looked forward to the the dentist, lol. I could peace out to Michael Jackson's thriller with my walkman.
  18. It depends. Older boy did just fine with flossing nightly. Younger boy has quite a bit of ongoing gum irritation from his braces so he must floss and waterpic in order to get the inflammation under control. And even with both, it's not great, just ok. He also uses cloysis mouth rinse. Both boys only like Glide threader floss. The Oral B threader floss has a tendency to shred and get caught in their braces. Those stupid little plastic things the ortho gives you to help with flossing were useless. The threader floss made a huge difference. But before you buy a waterpic give it a few months to see how she does with the flossing. If flossing is a new daily habit, take it up with her. I always floss at the same time as my kid, in solidarity, lol. I just go reallllllly sllllllooooowwwwwly so we finish at the same time. It seems to help, misery loves company and all.
  19. The general rule is the later the wedding the more formal it is. However, look to the location to give a clue. If the reception is at a restaurant or country club type place, then yes, a cocktail dress and a dark suit for your husband. If it's black tie all around the invitation should say so. The last one we went to required a tux for DH and a long dress for me. TJ Max to the rescue, lol.
  20. Mad Men I have a specific memory of Peggy seeing a gynecologist to get a script for the new birth control pill. The doctor is smoking while he examines her. And you get the added bonus of hearing him give her a lecture about how she should behave while she is on the pill ie: don't be a slut. My mom said that was a 100% plausible scene and she can vouch for a doctor smoking while performing an internal exam. She was a nursing student in the 1960s and witnessed such things often.
  21. The original version of ALL was 4 lessons per week.
  22. Is he working with an OT or a SLP to help with that? There are eating therapies that can be very useful. My younger son has oral motor difficulties and had to be taught to chew, but he was about 2-3 years old. To this day he is more prone to bite his tongue than most people. But choking was the biggest concern. It took some time but he did get better and now it's no longer an issue. And it was just a motor issue, not a more global one. But if your son is getting any services you might be able to get some help for this.
  23. If only there were someone..maybe even a group of people, who had trained and studied to be able to be that sort of resource for their community. A type of job for people who specialized in helping people discover what their options are and thinking outside the box.It would be even better if they were really good at keeping things private,that way you could feel even more comfortable telling them stuff. Maybe keeping things confidential could even be a part of their professional code. I guess if we got fancy we could make them get a professional license with some sort of oversight in case they broke the rules of their profession. We could even require them to get ongoing training so that they stay current in their job... Nah, that's just crazy. I guess it makes more sense to go to a life coach/yoga teacher (None of that sarcasm was directed at happymama. What she says makes sense. I think a lot of people who see a life coach either can't afford a therapist, don't want to do the hard work of therapy,or don't know that therapy could be really helpful)
  24. incomprehensible is different from whining. Is it because she is speaking to quickly or not putting spaces between words? Or did her voice become too low in pitch? Is she rushing to get to the end of a sentence before she runs out of breath? I am asking these things as the mom of a kid who needed years and years of speech therapy and OT, just to put it in context. Has she ever had her hearing checked? I just have had a lot of experience with describing this annoying thing that I was trying to deal with, only to find out it was a yellow (or sometimes a red) flag and warranted further investigation. For a long time we had both a speech therapist and an OT to help my son with oral motor issues. Kids who can't hear well also have trouble being understood. And some kids have a difficult time coordinating their breathing with their speaking, some kids have trouble coordinating their lips and their tongue..it can be tricky to figure out, but it can result in speaking too loudly or too quickly. So, if she isn't putting enough space between the rest of the words in her sentence, or rushing to get the end of the sentence out, it might be a breathing/coodination thing...which can also cause whining. If she is holding breath in reserve to get to the end of the sentence she will naturally start at a higher pitch (think of letting the air out of a balloon slowly by pinching the neck as the air comes out). But it can also just be a 5 year old thing. So, again, giving specific instructions beyond 'I couldn't understand the end of your sentence' could be for you to just take your own deep breath (modeling, not bc you are being impatient) and say to her in a very relaxed tone "can you please repeat that with more time between the words. Everything you say is so important to me and I want to understand every word". If her hearing hasn't been checked since birth then it might be a good idea to get a basic check, just in case. And if you have any unease about her speech, consider looking into a speech evaluation. Because she is 5 she is too old for early intervention, so it would most likely have to be done by your school district. This is NOT a 'diagnosis' or anything like that. I am 95% certain that what you are describing comes and goes and is something she will grow out of. It's just that it's giving me that tiny pause, the whining, possibly hurried speech.. I don't want to not mention that it's something to keep an eye on. Knowing what I know now, after so many years of therapy with my kid, I see a LOT of homeschool kids who are now tweens and older kids who so clearly could have benefited from some brief speech therapy. But because they aren't in a public school, where they do automatic screening and it's easy to get a few months of therapy without an IEP, at least in my state, they miss out. I'm not trying to talk you into anything. It's most likely nothing.
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