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  1. I try to operate with the idea that things are only worth the value that I place on them. So, if I didn't want something, then to me it is without value. Just because someone else would pay a lot of it doesn't mean that it then becomes 'valuable". At least that is what I tell myself when I get rid of stuff that 'might some day be worth something' lol. So far I've had no regrets.
  2. honestly, I don't even want to think about it, lol. Right now I feel like we are getting off easy. We've got both boys in ballet and one in piano lessons. But in the past we've had both boys in ballet and both boys in piano lessons and maybe TKD and also voice lessons or choir etc. And thank goodness no pointe shoes for boys, lol. I get off so easy on that front.
  3. My kid transitioned into a high achieving high school in 9th grade. We got told similar blah blah blah. Guess what? He did FINE. The first couple months were challenging but guess what: They are challenging for EVERY 9th grader. His early adjustment struggles didn't stand out in any way. None of his teachers knew he was homeschooled, he was just one more 9th grader trying to keep it together. They all settled in eventually. I'm actually really glad we sent him. The level of science he has done at school is well above what I could achieve at home. That at least has been a big relief. Has every day been perfect? Has he been a straight A student? Nope. He's been a regular teenager and worked harder in some classes than others, had better years than others. He graduates in June and he's just fine. Any of the struggles he's had have been typical teenage ones and have had nothing to do with homeschooling.
  4. We started Expository Writing at WTMA in 5th grade. He's in 7th and now in Expository 3, using WWS. For grammar in 5th and 6th we used R&S, but have switched over to Grammar for the Well Trained Mind. That has been a very positive change for us. I have always assigned literature to accompany our history cycle (year 3 this year) but this year I decided to try something different. He is taking a one semester class at WTMA called "Socratic Discussion" and I've made an executive decision that it counts as his literature for this semester. He might take it next semester as well. It involves close reading, annotating the text, coming up with discussion questions, providing a written response to at least one of your own proposed discussion questions with examples from the text, and of course, active discussion I do feel a little squeamish about not assigning 'great books' that are historically relevant (and age appropriate) but he really is working hard in his classes and I'm not sure we have the time for any more reading. I just think it would be stressful and not productive.
  5. We also have a natural gas boiler that heats water and sends the hot water through the pipes in the house...it is also an integrated system that heats the hot water for the house for bathing etc. We've lived here for 15 years and the system was brand spanking new when we moved in. I dread the day we have to replace it..but it hasn't given us a moment of worry in the last 15 years. But I do have my eye on the hot water tank. Those things don't last forever. I am so sorry. I would probably try to get a home improvement bank loan or something like that that can be paid off monthly with a low interest rate...and while I was at it I would have our roof evaluated just to see if was going to need to be replaced in the next 5 years. Why pay 9,000 when you can pay 20,000 all at once, right? Again, I am so sorry. The idea of getting a 9000$ estimate makes my stomach hurt.
  6. Jeesum Crow? Did you grow up in the Adirondacks? Jeesum Crow is the official bird up here, doncha know? Tabernac, cha know, I only hear that when I go home I left there a long time ago, but I still live in upstate NY. If I get really tired I will let slip a jeesum crow and I always have to explain myself.
  7. Does anyone in the house have a rash that could be bites? Every other time I've heard of people having bedbugs it's been because they had a rash or mystery bug bites and the bedbug was the solution. I'm not saying that it's impossible to find the bug first and bites second, just it seems that you would have noticed physical symptoms if you are at the stage of getting a visual of the bugs
  8. oh poor guy! Yes, treat it like a spot of diaper rash, maybe a dab of diaper cream if it still hurts. It will heal quickly if given the chance. FWIW, my mom said a similar thing happened to my little brother (obviously this was 40 years ago, lol) and he was cir'c. Some sand lodged itself in a crevice around the head of his penis and he had a terrible sore spot.So, a little boy could be cir'c and still have some sand irritation. She mentioned this every summer at the beach when my boys were little, lol. She had three little girls as well, and one might think that sand was just as much an irritant, but I guess it was just her son who had the issue.
  9. My sister's teeth are very damaged by acid. She had an eating disorder as a teenager (she is fine now, btw) and did some real damage to her teeth. She has a mouth guard and a type of gel or a paste that she puts in the guard and wears all night. She has being using it for a while now. It might be the same stuff. So far, it hasn't poisoned her.
  10. Our city water doesn't have fluoride. Every time they discuss it in city counsel people show up and do 'die ins' and claim fluoride is used for mind control..true story. We use a fluoride rinse by Listerine made for children, and obviously a fluoride toothpaste. They use it every night after brushing. That combined with sealants and a lot of attention to dental hygiene has meant zero cavities for our kids. I am very happy about this because I have a mouthful of them and it is causing me trouble later in life.
  11. I would love to see a sample as well. My older kid used the large sample of the original ALL and it was great. He loved it! But, it wasn't to be so we switched to R&S. I have my younger in R&S but would jump ship in a heartbeat for the new ALL....but I'd like to see a sample to figure out if the transition will be easy. I'd love it if there were a Q&A thread about it.
  12. I have it in my head that Neutrogena only comes in 30spf? I honestly can't remember now. But I use that and I use CeraVe. I generally use a 50spf at least from March until September. I will go down to a 30 in the winter months because I live in a northern climate and there isn't much sun anyway, lol. I also use Biore "watery essence" which is a japanese sunscreen. They make amazing sunscreens in Japan. The biore is quite thin and has a lot of alcohol in it. I thought I would hate it but I love it. The alcohol evaporates very quickly and it dries down and feels like nothing. I also use the creamy sunscreens, like Neutrogena, but in the hotter months the Biore works much better on my skin. It isn't greasy or sticky at all. The Biore watery essence is classified as ++++ which is about 50 spf. It feels like it costs more, but the sunscreen is quite thin and runny, so it spreads very well and I feel like I need less of it, so it all balances out.
  13. Yes, I used Metrogel. That was what my derm told me could be replaced by Monistat. It was much cheaper to buy OTC monistat than the script for metrogel. It worked just as well as the Metrogel,for me. The mite thing, I have read that it isn't that the mites cause the rosacea, but that the temperature of skin inflamed by rosacea is higher temperature and a better environment for the mites. So the mites aren't a cause but a symptom. I've never worried much about the mites and just concentrated on removing the inflammation. I figure if I get my skin un-inflammed my skin will be less red and cooler and the mites will take care of themselves. Now it could be that this information is outdated, but, like I said, rosacea hasn't been a big issue for me for a long time. And big hugs to those with occular rosacea! That is very difficult.
  14. Huh, I've got one who is about to be 17 in 48 hours and a 12 year old. They are both pretty cool dudes. I mean, yes, lots of growing up issued with my older son, that I expect to see with my younger boy soon..but nothing that seems unusual or particularly challenging. I mean, yes, he lost his homework and his room is a mess but my room is just as bad, lol. As someone who grew up in a family of all women, I haven't found raising 2 young men (and being the only female in the house) to be particularly different from what I saw me and my sisters go through. I mean, I've never struggled with how to talk about things with them, and I've never felt like we couldn't come to a place of understanding. The underwear is different, but I haven't found the interpersonal interactions to be radically different in any way. I find the teenage years to be so exciting. My son is transitioning from the life that his father and I made for him into a life he makes for himself. I may not always agree with his fashion choices, lol, but he's a good person and I am very much enjoying the adult he is becoming. My younger boy is still a boy, but that could change at any moment. I have been savoring these last few months of boyhood. Every time he agrees to a quick snuggle on the couch I wonder if it will be the last time. But I am also looking forward to the relationship I will have with the man he will be.
  15. I have rosacea and now, at this point, it's pretty much gone and I treat it with OTC stuff. I did have prescriptions and they worked just fine. My doctor once mentioned that the one thing..a topical, was originally used to treat vaginal yeast infections so if I ever ran out of medication I could try treating with an OTC med like monistat and see if it works for me. I did and it does. Another thing that works for me came from a friend, coal tar shampoo used to wash the face. Now this is harsh on the skin, so it's not something I do regularly. But, at this point I am 'as needed' with meds anyway. I honestly think it's been a year, could be longer, since I needed to do anything. But if I have a flare up, my skin is getting an angry red across my nose and cheeks, maybe with bumps and some flaking, I just wash once a day with the coal tar shampoo and cool water and use some OTC monistat cream on the area. In about 3 days everything is fine and I forget about it. These days, my biggest problem is that flare ups happen so infrequently I have to get to a store to buy more monistat.
  16. I'm so sorry. At the very least, I'm glad you have a good ortho. It's going to cost a fortune, but, man, can you imagine his poor mouth without it? Poor kid.
  17. If you have any questions about what is legal re: renting and tenants rights, call the NY attorney general's office. That is a big division of the office and I am sure they have someone who will get back to you. good luck.
  18. I didn't make a list. I opened the PFDs that are the 'student record sheets" and opened a shopping cart at home science tools. Then I filled up my cart. If it was something that required very specific equipment, that is when I put in my thinking cap and got creative. Sometimes that meant watching a youtube video of someone else doing a similar experiment, lol. But often, with things like the stream table, it was really a matter of just figuring out a workaround. It wasn't that difficult. Instead of making a convection chamber we just watched my kid's lava lamp and talked about how it fit into the lesson. .
  19. It gets discussed later, but bathing and self care is a big challenge. .
  20. We have already watched it when it aired on BBC. It was great and my kids were definitely hooked. And there is one family that are homeschoolers. We knew the moment we saw a picture of them at home and there was a microscope on the table. We saw that shot and all shouted "Homeschoolers!!" lol. But, that has almost nothing to do with the show. We thought it was really well done and we really enjoyed it. It was a topic of family conversation long after it was done. There was another show that was a bit similar that was about bakers through the Victorian era. They took some professional bakers and then each show took place in a different decade. We loved that one! If you want to watch it online, you can see if your local PBS station is showing it and it might have online episodes.
  21. as the mom of a preemie, I would have so many questions. Are outcomes better? Viability is one thing, outcomes are another. I saw an awful lot of babies in the NICU that were going to need lifelong intensive care and I wondered how their families were going to provide that. It's great that the NICU was able to save those babies, but what kind of support is available to them as they grow up? Premature babies are often born to young women, women who have poor health, women who have little access to prenatal care. When I was sitting in the NICU with my son, I was the same age as many of the other grandmothers who visited...and I was 33 at the time. There was a sizable number of babies who rarely had a visitor the entire time I was there. It was a big open room, so you saw everything. One young mom did come once and she was talking about how she could only come because she had the day off from school and her boyfriend collected enough cans to buy her bus fair to the hospital. She was going to take home a child with intensive special needs. I still wonder what kind of care that poor baby is getting. I had to spend my son's first year on 'house arrest' as I called it, lol. It was very important that his exposure to germs etc be kept to an absolute minimum. I was told not to take him to the grocery store or to a mall, it was just too dangerous. What would have happened if I had to return to work and put my premature baby in day care? I wonder about that all the time. His outcome was excellent and he made it through his first year without being hospitalized, which I later found out is a rare thing. I give a lot of credit to our GP who was in constant contact with me, but I think some of it is due to the fact that I just kept the two of us isolated and away from strange germs. I don't have any answers, just a lot of questions. If we are able to save babies earlier, are we, as a society willing to keep providing them with intensive care and a meaningful life? Or does our commitment end when they leave the hospital. In these days of Medicaid cuts and high risk pools.... I wonder and worry.
  22. my son uses it with a script. I haven't seen it for sale in the stores here. Just one thing to be VERY aware of. Differen, aka adaptelene, make you VERY photosensitive. It is not only exposing new skin, but it also increases your chance of sun damage by quite a lot. Do not use it unless you are very serious about sun block every day all the time. My son got a sunburn in February walking to school, and we live in upstate NY and there is no sun in February. He now wears a sunblock every single day and takes it in his backpack, because two weeks ago he got another sunburn being outside for gym. He has gym at the end of the day and the sunblock had apparently worn off by then. So, please, I'm glad if it's working for you, it's been amazing for my son, but please take sun protection very seriously if you use it. We now have a nice selection. He prefers the Japanese sunblock, but it is a 'commuter sunscreen' and is really only good for incidental sun exposure. If he's outside any longer or if he's going to be hot and sweaty he uses a sports block. And don't forget that sitting in a car requires sun screen. UVA rays (the ones that cause sun damage but not tanning/burning) pass through glass.
  23. Not really seeing anything there that convinces me that there is a known mechanism that is going to cause a difference in flow. And it seems to be referring to research from 1992 and was published in 2014? Mostly it says don't douche, don't use tampons because of TSS and fragrances with parabens are bad for the vagina. And it says that there is the possibility of absorption of some chemicals, but that it has never been studied and doesn't say that there is an indication that absorption would cause a change in flow. I've read that chemicals like dioxin build up in our bodies so something like changing your tampon might stop one avenue of exposure, but it wouldn't remove what is already there. So that seems like it wouldn't cause a change in menstrual flow. Much more likely that we see changes in our menstrual flow because it changes naturally. It just reminds me of my college roommate telling me that she was taught not to drink a lot of water when she had her period because that would make her period lighter. Again, considering that the lining of the uterus builds up over a period of weeks before it is shed, I'm not sure how mildly dehydrating yourself is going to have much of an effect on that. But she was the same girl who absolutely believed that dying your hair made it grow in darker so....
  24. how could switching to a cloth pad change your period? I've used both cloth and disposable pads and the Keeper and I've never noticed a correlation in change of flow. Your menstrual blood builds up during the preceding month and is shed. How does what you are using at the moment you shed the lining change that? Does using cloth diapers, instead of disposable, make your baby pee or poop less often? Conversely, do disposable diapers cause more peeing and pooping? Does switching from paper kleenex to a cloth handkerchief cause your nose to run less when you have a cold? Does using a cloth napkin cause fewer crumbs and spills when eating? I am open to the possibility, but I'm going to need to know by what mechanism it happens, beyond 'chemicals'. Or, is it possible that our periods change from month to month and sometimes we have a light one and sometimes we have a heavy one? Or is it possible that your period looks different on a cloth pad than a disposable one. When switching to the keeper from pads or disposable tampons a lot of women say that they never realized that their periods weren't as heavy as they thought. When you are literally catching the blood and dumping it in the toilet you see that what looks like a huge amount on a pad isn't that big a deal. OTOH, when you have a heavy period with a cup you really know it, lol. But you do become very familiar with the ebb and flow of things, so to speak.
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