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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 12 hours

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    Everything is exact MM Shipping. Paypal only please. Sonlight Core H History ~ used with one student, everything included~ Instructor guide w/ all timeline figures, History/ geography books, read alouds, readers. All in great condition. $250 Drive thru History~ $7.00ea The good and the Beautiful Highschool Language course 1~ New, Includes all workbooks, cards, Manual, Readers. everything is New, never used. $75.00 Beautiful Feet Books Goegraphy~ Guide and 3 books $25.00 great condition Story of the world Cd's~ Great condition Vol. 1 $14 ~ Vol. 2 $15 ~ Vol. 3 $20 ~ Vol. 4 $22 Mcguffey's Readers~ $8 ea. 3rd reader, exc cond. 4th Reader exc. cond. Poetry for young people~ $3 ea. Robert Frost, Emily Dickenson, Carl Sandburg, Robert Browning, William Carlos Williams, Edgar Allen Poe Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology~ Textbook, Answer key, mp3 Audio book, Gd cond.$30 Video instruction DVD's. Gd condition. $90 Landmark books~ Stonewall Jackson gd condition no DJ, 1st edition $15 Lee and Grant at Appomattox~ Has DJ, with signed letter by author inside cover. Gd cond. $12 Leonardo Da Vinci~ Has DJ In Gd condition. $10 Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo~ Has Dj, with signed letter by author inside cover. Gd cond. $20 Robert E. Lee and the road of Honor~ Has DJ, Gd cond. $15 Add more Landmark books soon...


  2. MUS Sonlight Sing Spell Read Write Mep Math SOTW Rightstart LOF
  3. Literature A.C.E. Word Building Teaching Textbooks Poetry Teatime Math Relief Algebra Typing Instructor Visual Link Spanish A History of US Audiobook Our Island Story Audiobook

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    Everything over $15.00 is PPD, Under $15 and I will calculate Media Mail shipping for you. I take Paypal. Thanks, Tiffany Lamplighter HB Books all in VGC -Take all for $25ppd Teddy's Button $10 The Basket of Flowers $10 Jessica's First Prayer $7 The Hedge of Thorns $7 Grammar- Easy Grammar 6 Teachers book (all the student pages and answer key) in VGC $13 Fix It! grammar The nose Tree Teachers manual Bk 1 in GC $10 FlashMaster in VGC comes with Teacher Guide $25ppd Books- Twice Freed by Patricia St. John VGC -$3 Called Home by Karen DeBeus VGC $5 Missionary Stories and the Millers GC $3 Ink on His Fingers by Louis A. Vernon VGC $5 CLE Readers- CLE Doors to Discovery Gr.3 VGC - $5 CLE Open Windows Gr 5 VGC -$5 Apologia Exploring Chemistry and Physics Notebook (New) $10 Feet Books and CD's (Early American History K-3) all in GC $23ppd for all The Pilgrims of Plimoth The winter at Valley Forge Pilgrim Stories Squanto The Courage of Sarah Noble The Matchlock Gun Your Story Hour CD's (all 4) G.A Henty HB Books By Preston Speed all in VGC With Lee in Virginia $6 The Dragon and the Raven $7


  5. Our Favorite is Christian Liberty Press. It was a great fit for my kids and they loved the little readers that came with it!

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    If you buy $20 worth of books I will pay for shipping. Otherwise I charge actual shipping. Paypal only please. Billy & Blaze Book Lot~ VG cond. $28ppd*ALL SOLD Billy and Blaze Blaze and Thunderbolt Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony Blaze and the Mountain Lion Blaze and the Forest Fire Blaze and the Lost Quarry Blaze shows the Way McGuffey Reader set by Mott Media~ Gd Cond. $45ppd This set also includes Ruth Beechick's Parent Teacher Book The 1st reader got water spilt on the back cover, It affects the back cover and a few of the blank back pages. The book is still in good condition. The rest of the books are in nice cond. Robinson Curriculum V2.2 in original case~ Gd cond. $100ppd**SOLD** G.A. Henty Books (Hard Backs) $5.00each The Dragon & the Raven With Lee in Virginia Under Drakes Flag Holling C. Holling Book Lot ~ Gd cond. $22ppd*ALL SOLD Tree in the Trail Seabird Minn of the Mississippi Paddle to the Sea Landmark Books~ Gd cond. Some come with Dust jackets (DJ) Gettysburg (no DJ)~ $3.00 Stonewall Jackson (No DJ) ~$3.00 Julius Caesar (no DJ) has a mark on front, looks like a cup was set on it and it left a ring mark.~ $2.00 Daniel Boone (no DJ)~ $3.00 The Mississippi Bubble (has DJ)~ $3.00 Lee and Grant at Appo Mattox (has DJ)~ $4.00 Ferdinand Magellan (has DJ) ~$4.00 Leonardo DaVinci (has DJ)~ $4.00 Genghis Khan (has DJ) ~$4.00 Robert E Lee and the road of Honor (has DJ) ~$4.00 Lincoln and Douglas the years of decision (has DJ)~ $4.00 Marco Polo (has DJ) ~$4.00 Bethlehem Books~ Vg Cond. $7.00 each**ALL SOLD** If all the Swords in England With Pipe, Paddle and Song Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal Beorn the Proud Augustine came to Kent The Lost Baron The Story of Ralph and the Viking Bow The Winged Watchman Hittite Warrior Archimedes and the Door of Science Lamplighter Books (All Hard Backs) VG. Cond.~ $7.00 each Titus a Comrade of the Cross The Basket of Flowers Jessica's First prayer The hedge of Thorns Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince Teddy's Button Beautiful Feet Early American History (K-3rd) Primary Semester 1 Pack~ $70.00ppd This is the Revised and Updated Manual and all the books and Cd's that you need for the 1st semester. Everything is in Good Cond. Math~u~See Delta~ Spiral bound TM and DVD $20ppd*SOLD* Gamma~ Spiral bound TM and DVD $20ppd Epsilon~ Spiral bound TM, DVD and Student Book $28ppd*SOLD* Zeta~ Spiral bound TM and DVD $20ppd Fraction Overlays $25ppd*SOLD* Saxon Math~ Saxon 6/5 Student HB text, Home study Packet & Test Forms ~ $15.00 Saxon 7/6 HB Textbook~ $5.00 Modern Curriculum Press Math Teacher's Manuals~ $5.00each Level B Teacher's Manual Level D Teacher's manual Student of the Word S.O.W.~ Complete Set ~Gd. Cond. $100ppd Teacher Manual Resource Edition Student Text K-3 worksheets Trail Blazer Books by Dave & Neta jackson ~Gd. Cond.$3.00 each Imprisoned in the Golden City (Adoniram & Ann Judson) The Bandit of Ashley downs (George Muller) The Thieves of Tyburn Square (Elizabeth Fry)SOLD Spy for the Night Riders (Martin Luther) The Queen's Smuggler (William Tyndale) The Mayflower Secret (Governor William Bradford) The Chimney Sweep's Ransom (John Wesley) The Betrayer's Fortune (Menno Simmons)SOLD Race for the Record (Joy Ridderhof)SOLD The Hidden Jewel Mask of the Wolf Boy (Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth)SOLD Rod and Staff books~ Bible Nurture and readers Series Gd. Cond. 1st Grade~ We learn about God ~ 3 readers -$12.00 2nd Grade~ Stories About God's People ~ 2 Readers - $12.00 3rd Grade~ God Leads his People~ 2 readers and Teacher's manual $18.00 Rod and Staff English 2~ Preparing to Build vgc.~ $6.00 Spell to Write and Read Core Kit ~Gd. Cond.~ $45.00 Cursive First by Elizabeth Fitzgerald~Gd. cond.~ $10.00 I See Sam Readers~ from 3Rs Plus BR 1 ~ All books~ Fair cond. $7.00 BR 2~ All Books ~ Gd Cond. $12.00 Misc. Reading Books ~some Sonlight~ Pedro's Journal by Pam Conrad ~$2.00 If your name was changed at Ellis Island by Ellen Levine $2.00 Ink on his fingers by Louise A. Vernon~ $4.00 Wild Animals I have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton (yesterday classics)~ $5.00 Indian Captive by Lois Lenski~ $3.00 The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood ~$3.00SOLD Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen~$3.00SOLD Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes~ $3.00 Around the World in Eighty days by Jules Vernon~ $3.00 Star of Light by Patricia St. John~ $3.00SOLD Paula the Waldensian by Eva Lecomte~ $2.00 Daughter of the Mountains by Louise~ $2.00SOLD Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse~ $2.00SOLD Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman~ $3.00 The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth Speare ~$2.00 The Stout-hearted seven by Neta Frazier $3.00SOLD The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth Speare $3.00 Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll $3.00 The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander $2.00SOLD The Four story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright $2.00SOLD Then there were five by Elizabeth Enright $3.00SOLD Spiderweb for two by Elizabeth Enright $3.00SOLD The Double Life of Pocahontas by Jean Fritz $3.00SOLD Shh! we're writing the constitution by Jean fritz $3.00 Can't you make them behave King George? by Jean fritz $3.00SOLD Peter the Great by Diane stanley $6.00 Bard of Avon by Diane Stanley $3.00SOLD Life in the Great Ice Age by Michael Oard $5.00SOLD The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible by Paul Taylor $6.00 Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure by John D. Morris~ $6.00 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Twain ~$3.00 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Twain (HB with b/w illustrations)$5.00 Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff (HB with beautiful color Illustrations)$8.00 Beautiful Girlhood Revised by Karen Andreola ~$4.00SOLD Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates $2.00SOLD Squanto friend of the Pilgrims by Clyde Bulla $3.00 Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry $3.00 Sounder by William Armstrong $2.00 Easy Readers (some Sonlight) all in Good Cond. $2.00ea.All in Gray are SOLD Mouse Soup~ Lobel Days with frog and Toad~ Lobel Clara and the Bookwagon~ Levinson Surprises~ Hopkins Amelia Bedelia~ Peggy Parish The Big Balloon Race~ Coerr The Fire Cat~ Averill Frog and Toad are Friends~ Lobel Frog and Toad together~ Lobel Frog and Toad all Year~ Lobel Mouse tales~ Lobel Owl at Home~ Lobel Hill of Fire~ Lewis Ben franklin & the magic squares~ Murphy (step into reading 4) The Bravest Dog ever, the True story of Balto~ Standiford (step into reading 3) Johnny Appleseed~ Harrison (step into reading 3) Dinosaurs Days~ Milton (step into reading 3) A kiss for little Bear~ Minarik Little Bear's Visit~ Minarik Danny the Dinosaur~ Hoff Betsy~ Tacy and Tib~ Lovelace Henry and Mudge take the big test Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble Henry and Mudge and the Sneaky Crackers Magic Treehouse bk. 1~ Osborne Mercy Watson to the Rescue~ DiCamillo Pathway Readers $6.00 for All ALL SOLD First Steps, Days Go By, More Days Go By Homeschool Books The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer~ $4.00 For the children's sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay~$4.00 For the family's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay~$4.00*SOLD* Oxford First Ancient History~ Burrell~ $8.00 If interested in anything email me at tiffanyloud@aol.com Thanks for looking! Tiffany


  7. My kids loved these readers! http://www.christianbook.com/phonics-readers-grade-k-florence-lindstrom/9781930092303/pd/50451?item_code=WW&netp_id=161777&event=ESRCN&view=details
  8. I use Adventures in Phonics w/ readers from CLP. My son loved this!
  9. That's weird...I tried purchasing these about 9:30 last night and was told the offer was no longer available. Wonder if there was a glitch on the website?
  10. :iagree:We have done this too with great results. Love Adventures in Phonics!
  11. Adventures in Phonics (with 4 readers) by Christian Liberty Press
  12. :iagree: I was giggling out loud by the end of the video :lol: I loved him on In Living Color!
  13. Thanks for the link...watched it, it was very interesting. Sent links to all my friends, this is something everyone should see.
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