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    Completely brand new set. $65 I accept PP if you add the fees, and I ship MM.



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    In good condition. I take PP with extra fees added or personal check. I mail out quickly with tracking. Asking 116 for the set.



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    FS: Teaching Textbook Algebra 2 2.0 with automated grading. Really good condition. We never used it. Includes Book and all CD’s. $125ppd.



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    FS: All About Reading Pre-reading Deluxe Program, asking 85ppd. Included is the Teacher’s Manual, Student Packet (MINUS THE ACTIVITY BOOK), BOTH Alphabet posters, upper and lower case, The Zigzag Zebra Book, Lizard Lou Book, Divider Cards, never opened Letter Sounds A-Z CD-Rom, Activity Box, Reading Tote Bag, Ziggy Zebra puppet. EXTRAS; two BRAND NEW audio books, The Zig Zag Zebra a rhyming alphabet audio book AND Lizard Lou a collection of rhymes old and new audio book, they are no longer sold. All in great to new condition. I accept money orders, personal checks, and paypal if you pay the fees. This cannot be shipped media mail and I will be adding delivery confirmation.



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    Up for your consideration is this See the Light Art Bible Series. Includes 3 DVDs and 1 Cd to the Crossmaker, it also includes the black light for the art projects. It is such a beautifully art course along with a biblical story. Asking 45ppd. I accept personal checks. Claudia


  6. I have a few friends that have gone down this path with much success. They have recommended this to me over and over. Yes, I have been skeptical at best. On the other hand I also hold the door open to this type of help because so far we have such limited access to resources for our son. I can see both sides to this. I just don't know enough and it seems so expensive to get bit and pieces of therapies.
  7. Cast Iron is getting loved here too. The food just tastes better. We also use coconut oil to season the ones that need it. We do have some enameled cast iron and those are great as well.
  8. :iagree: I think academics are great and all, but as the first poster said we homeschool for a variety of reasons that a ps just cannot provide. Though I am very very glad that there are ps that provide the academics that all children need.
  9. I wish I could say our local schools were advanced, they are not. I was a CCD teacher as well and many of the children did struggle with reading and understanding age appropriate vocabulary. Most of the parents treated CCD like a drop off so they could run errands. The children that were right on target their parents were very involved.
  10. :tongue_smilie: yeah not proud of my schooling slothfulnes this year. It has been chaotic and emotional to say the least, and when I get a chance to sit and do school I would rather do something enjoyable. I have put away most parent intensive curriculum and substituted it with more independent lead core. The same will most likely happen again next year. I am preparing now for our new baby, and for our girls to be much more independent. While I do school with my ds who will be in K. I really hate grading papers right now, I have almost no motivation. My motto this year was 'simplify al
  11. "A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon was under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." Rev. 12:1 It reminds me of the Blessed Mother :001_smile:
  12. I really do like Kolbe as well, their staff is great. I am thinking of enrolling my two other daughters as well. They by far are the most flexible. I second the comment of MODG. In theory I love that there is so uch richness especially in history, but it gets to be too much. We did do it one year and it was expensive for history alone. My children do enjoy CHC materials very much. I love the Little Folks series and their supplemental books too.
  13. I just pulled it out and retried it, now I remember why I had put it away. I am not strong in math, I didn't like that there was not enough explanantion. The print is too crowded and it overwhelms my daughter. She'd rather do Saxon :confused: to be honest. Having a thorough explanation gives her something to go back to and in turn I have seen her confidence about go way up.
  14. Thank you so much!!!! You have saved me so much research. :party: I was searching everywhere for a guide to resources and to no avail would come up empty. I had some idea but just could not get it together :lol: I am totally sharing that link.
  15. I love an eclectic variety of Catholic materials. Some I like for different ages and reasons. The truth is like too much :tongue_smilie:
  16. I called them and I was able to add them onto my order, it had not shipped yet. :tongue_smilie: Thanks for all the help.
  17. Same here and I should have asked before I placed my order. Does make sense. I didn't see this till after. From another parent.
  18. I am so sorry for your loss. :grouphug: Today my sister had a miscarriage as well she was supposed to be 10 weeks and the baby stopped developing at 7 weeks. I was the same way when I miscarried, my body just would not recognize the loss. I was so far along that I really wanted my body to do what it had to do and I actually waited 2 weeks. At the end of the two weeks (which has been the hardest things I have ever done) I had a D&C done. We were able to get our baby cremated there after. I had 5 healthy pregnancies prior, and I will never know why I lost that one. None the less, I have
  19. Yes sometimes I have to take sick days. It is too hard not to especially when I am sick and can't function. We make it up though eventually.
  20. I do have multiplication ones too. It was the addition/subtraction that I also heard were tabbed. Just want to know how essential it is. I placed a order for 201-205 to see how it would work out for us. My daughter is pretty good at mental math. So I am trying to be to cost effective :D
  21. I was wondering for those that use CLE math do you really need the flashcards they sell or can I make them myself? :bigear:
  22. We had a loss at 12 weeks in 09. That was so hard but I really trusted in God and I felt so much peace. We still mourn but do not feel any guilt.
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