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  1. Why do they have to be predominantly one or the other? In the words of one Sirius Black.. "Besides, the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters. We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the power we choose to act on. That's who we really are." I'm also curiously interested as to how being "conservative" plays into this query :) . ETA: Conservative here, but I didn't vote in your poll because you've made the choices too narrow.
  2. So? :001_huh: You're lucky to have such a great librarian. Why? :001_huh::001_huh:
  3. YE'er here. Jesus spoke in parables. Breaking the bread and saying "This is my body..." was giving the disciples a picture of what was going to happen to him soon. When he asked them to "do this" in remembrance of me he was asking his followers to do just that..break the bread, share the wine in remembrance of the sacrifice he'd offered...of his life and blood. Jesus never asked us to believe that the bread and wine were literally transfiguring into flesh and blood in our mouths. He offered Himself as sacrifice once..he never requested we offer his flesh and blood for sacrfice every day or every week. If you can provide a verse that shows otherwise, please feel free to share :) . The concept of transfiguration really intrigues me. I was raised Catholic. I was never taught in religious-ed classes that this is what I was supposed to be believing. I made my first communion and took communion hundreds of times over the course of my life. I can't recall even once the bread and wine turning into physical flesh or blood in my mouth. Did that make me a heretic? Have you ever actually felt the bread turn to flesh or tasted the wine turn to blood? I'm not being snarky, just genuinely curious.
  4. Daily average is an hour on math. We do combine two curriculums...Math U See is our core math curriculum and Horizons is used as a supplement. Each day we do.... - fact drill - 2 pages of MUS worksheets - 1 - 2 lessons in Horizons - 1 or 2 Challenging Word Problems
  5. It looks great..really well organized :) . Please take solace in the fact that it's much more room that I have in our school area :) . Our school area is currently occupying a quarter of our already small (maybe 10 ft. by 12 ft.) den.
  6. Hi all, I need some snack inspiration!!! I find that if I have good snack options available then it's much, much easier to stick to my diet. I recently began a low carb/sugar free/gluten free diet and have been having wonderful results :) . My energy is up, I've shed a bunch of retained water and have lost a few pounds as well. I was just wondering what others on a similar diet keep around for snacks? So far I've been having... - NutThin Crackers with either a wedge of Laughing Cow swiss cheese spread or hummus - fruit (usually an apple) with a handful of raw almonds - an Atkins chocolate/coconut "Endulge" bar when I'm really craving something sweet and chocolatey - low fat cottage cheese I just bought some Chia seeds today (they're soaking at this very minute, lol) and am looking forward to trying those. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Jenn
  7. I was officially diagnosed with Hashimotos shortly after the birth of my son 9 years ago. Despite my TSH levels always being close to the overactive level (well under 1.0), thus indicating I was taking plenty of Synthroid, I still had lingering hypothyroid symptoms (fuzzy brain, weight gain, tired, etc...). I had read that sometimes with Hashimotos the body doesn't adequately convert the Synthroid (T4) to the T3 the body needs to maintain metabolism and energy levels. Sure enough, when I had my T3 levels tested they were very low, despite my TSH and T4 levels being fine. I started taking Armour...which soon became very difficult to get in the U.S. I switched to NatureThroid, but that was soon next to impossible to obtain as well. In a desperate attempt to stay on natural thyroid products I began ordering a similar product from Canada. At some point I became tired of stressing each and every month as to where/how/when/whether I was going to get my thyroid medication. About a year ago I switched back to Synthroid, but began taking synthetic T3 along with it as a supplement. WOW is all I can say. FINALLY, my energy came back. FINALLY the slow, but steady weight gain stopped (now I'm working on slowly, but surely losing it, lol). Jenn
  8. We've been using WWE and have been enjoying it :) . I didn't know there was a middle school writing available as well...I checked on Peace Hill Press but couldn't find anything? I'll be looking forward to checking out the new WWS as well! Jenn
  9. I'm going to maintain that it's the age :) . I was a little chubby when I was 13. I was pretty much done growing and had been for awhile. My sister and girl cousins the same age were all a little chubby as well. By 14 or 15 we had all naturally slimmed down (without growing). None of us dieted or changed up our exercise...it just happened.
  10. :confused: We use MUS and completed Gamma (multiplication) last year. The lattice method wasn't taught as far as I remember. They did carry numbers a tad bit differently from the traditional algorithm..but nothing like the lattice method.
  11. As far as versions go, I always go for the unabridged. With The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings the forwards/prologues aren't necessary while the appendices are optional :) . This year 3rd grade ds enjoyed... The Hobbit The Fellowship of the Ring The Two Towers The Return of the King The Wind in the Willows He's a sci-fi/fantasy/series kid and also enjoyed... Harry Potter 1 - 7 The Edge Chronicles series The Redwall series The Half Magic series The Red Pyramid The Invention of Hugo Cabret He also has enjoyed all of the readers/read alouds from SL core 3 as well :) .
  12. The s*x section at our store is tucked away pretty well. I did however, work at B&N for a couple of years in the children's section. You would have been shocked at some of the books and p*rn magazines that were left there by people. Most of the time they would just leave them lying on the little tables, but sometimes people would even mix them into the spinner racks with the Dora the Explorer type books....just waiting for a child to come across them.
  13. Yes, they're fluffy, but the kids seem to like them :) . I tried to read one as a read aloud to ds when he was 3 or so, but soon became very frustrated with the Jack said, Annie said, Jack said, Annie said, said Jack, said Annie dialogue. I put it away and decided they'd be better for ds when he was ready to read them himself. They were his first real series that he read on his own and devoured them all the summer he was 5.
  14. Would you mind expounding as to why? We've used MUS from Alpha through Delta so far and have always supplemented with Horizons. It's worked out very well and the combined mastery/spiral approach has been very successful in our home :) .
  15. NO BLOOD FOR OIL!!!!!!! What? Really? You mean we can't revive that tired old slogan every.single.time. the UN or the US intervenes when mass bloodshed and human atrocities are ocurring in the middle east? It was effective in 1991...and I still have the sign somewhere in my garage..are you sure I can't still pull it off?
  16. What about something one of a kind or personalized...more of a keepsake. Look around on Etsy :) . http://www.etsy.com/?ref=so_home
  17. What damage? Was there a study I missed where damage from crying it out has been documented? I don't think I've ever met (or heard) of anyone who was permanently damaged from crying it out, and I'm pretty sure it's a technique that has been used by sleep deprived parents for many a century. I'm in the cry it out camp :001_smile: .
  18. Perhaps :001_smile: . Ds was an early and articluate speaker. When he was younger folks would comment on how well he spoke or how smart he was...but don't people say that about everyone's kids ;) . At the age of 5, when he would point out objects in Latin while we were out and about nobody ever stopped to stare in awe or be amazed that he was studying Latin. He's been reading fluently since the age of 3 and is always carrying around whatever book he's reading. Maybe because he is somewhat tall for his age...but nobody (not that I've noticed anyway) has ever blinked an eye when he was 3/4/5 and reading a large, thick book from the seat in the stroller or shopping cart. Just yesterday he was trailing around behind me in the grocery store with his nose stuck in a rather large and intimidating looking chess tactics book. Granted, he's 8 now, but it still isn't something you see often. Nobody commented or really even seemed to take notice. We meet on a weekly basis at a coffee shop to play chess with other players in the area. Ds is decades younger than the men playing and they have always treated him just like any other chess player. They respect him, give him their best game and will gladly hover over chess puzzles, analyze game positions or discuss at length the variations on the Sicilian opening with him without so much as blinking an eye. Nobody has ever stopped to ask how old he is...or what grade level he's working at in math. As some have mentioned, it could be a geographical thing. You may also be correct in assuming that it's because your children appear more outwardly intelligent, which therefore prompts attention and questions.
  19. I've had some writing related freakouts this year regarding what ds (3rd grade) should be doing. Much of the anxiety has come from hearing from my sister about what my 3rd grade nephew is doing in ps.....writing 3 - 5 paragraph essays and whatnot. After listening to SWB's lecture on writing for the elementary years, my mind was very much put at ease. My mind was even more put at ease when my nephew joined us for part of our schooling today and wanted to join in on some things, including dictation. The sentences were as follows... The king of Egypt was called the pharaoh. The pharoahs of Egypt built pyramids to protect their treasures and graves. I emphasised that there were two separate sentences and read it slowly and carefully until my nephew was able to recite it back perfectly. Ds's writing looked like this.... The king of Egypt was called the pharaoh. The pharaohs of Egypt built pyramids to protect their treasures and graves. My nephew's looked like this.... The faros of ejyipt bulit peeramids, the faros of ejyipt bulit peeramids to pretect thare tresrs and graves I told them they both did a lovely job, sent them off to play legos and sighed a breath of relief that despite my non requirement of multi paragraph essays, we are indeed doing an okay job :001_smile: .
  20. Really? Friends and relatives seems more reasonable but your mailman...the bus driver...strangers ask specific questions about the individual subject grade levels your kids are working at? :001_huh: Are they asking in a polite conversational way like "Oh, and what grade are you in?" or are they asking in a "Hi..I don't know you and you don't know me but I'm just really curious as to the age/specific grade level per subject correspondence of your child." If it's the former, is it possible that they're simply making conversation and for whatever reason the first questions folks seem to ask parents is "What school does your child go to and what grade are they in?" If it's the latter then I'm sorry, but that's creepy. Yes, people ask me all the time how old ds is and what grade he's in. 99.99999% of the time they're just trying to make friendly conversation and they really don't give a rat's duff about specific grade levels. I'm not trying to be argumentative, I promise, this is just fascinating to me.
  21. I don't think it's particularly sad, it's just kind of how it is. To be honest, I really don't give two hoots what levels other folks kids are working at either. I think in truth, people care about what level their own kids are working at and beyond that it serves for nothing except to play the comparison/one upping game...and I don't play that game :001_smile:. When non-homeschooling folks ask what grade ds is in and they find out we homeschool the conversation goes one of two ways. They're either completely disinterested and change the subject or they're interested, but more in the hows of homeschooling. How do you report to your district? How do you make sure he gets socialization? How do you choose curriculum? I love, love, love to talk homeschooling, especially to those who are genuinely curious and interested. I'll often point out that one of the benefits of homeschooling is that we can tailor a curriculum to ds's interests, strengths and learning style...but even then I don't feel the need to toss out what grade level he's at in certain subjects. It just doesn't seem necessary. When I talk to other homeschooling moms about curriculum, what's worked, what hasn't, etc.. I still don't feel the need to bring it up. If someone specifically says "Hey, I noticed your kiddo is ahead in reading, or math, or whatever...what have you found works and doesn't?" then I'd answer specifically, but otherwise there just doesn't seem to be a point. I've had no problems chatting homeschooling and curriculums or getting to know other homeschoolers without feeling the need to make sure people are in the know about what level ds is working at.
  22. I leafed through them at B&N a couple of weeks ago and wasn't terribly impressed. I'd prefer ds read whole books and then discuss, as opposed to excerpts, but that's me. If your dc is having issues with comprehension, then I could see a benefit to them, but otherwise not so much.
  23. I prefer to go deeper rather than further ahead as well. For us, I've found the best balance with using two full curriculums to keep a balance between mastery/spiral and conceptual while keeping him working 2 - 3 grade levels ahead and then supplementing with fun extras. I've heard some families say that they require a certain percentage correct...say 50% or 75%...and as soon as that is achieved they move on. That's crazy IMO. As I mentioned, we use two full math curriculums and supplement with things like CWP, Math Perplexors, Math Olympiad questions and games like Krypto. We also do math year round. Ds moves through our Math U See curriculum pretty quickly and could easily knock out each level in a couple of months and whip through them much quicker than he has if I'd allow him to.
  24. Personally, I thought that Book 4 was much darker and more intense than Book 5. The unexpected death of a character along with the sacrifice/ritual to bring He Who Shall Not be Named back was about as dark as it gets.
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