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  1. :grouphug: I had some spotting early on as well....same thing, brown spotting with no cramping. Everything turned out fine and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant :). The first time it happened was right around 10 or 11 weeks. The doctor basically told me to rest and give a call if the bleeding turns bright red or I started cramping. From what I read, some spotting is quite common, which took me by surprise because I had no spotting with my first ds. I read it can be old blood from implantation or a yeast or bacterial infection. From what I could tell, brown is good...it means it's old blood. I'd personally hold off on the ultrasound for now, get some rest and just see what happens.
  2. So, $750 for how ever many hours of the photographers time/talent shooting the actual wedding, 300 physical proofs, miscellaneous sized prints and an album?! I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the photographer didn't actually make much of a profit (if any at all) for their time after taking away costs and expenses. I'm not saying it's your fault, lol, it's not, that's a great price....I'm just always amazed at what other photographers feel their time is (or isn't) worth. Keep in mind, most sessions don't end up at $1200.00. That's just the price I have set for when clients ask whether they can just have everything on CD. Mostly it's to keep them from asking again ;). Like I said, I put a lot of time and work into what I do and the prints are the final product. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a lovely image that I've poured so much into ruined by a terrible print. When I set my prices, I had to take a look at my costs, as well as how much time I was putting into session and then set prices based on what I needed to be making to make it worth my time and cost. I have to take into consideration the 10 hours+ of actual session time (shooting the session, individual image editing, uploading images, creating albums and layouts, emails, phone calls) and then factor in my cost for prints/products, taxes, advertising, equipment costs and upkeep...all the things that go into running a business. I also use only the highest quality products from a professional lab that is color calibrated to my computer so I know that prints are going to look exactly like they do on my computer. Custom photography is completely different than a chain studio type place where they pump out 75+ customers a day with no personal attention. They can afford to charge less....they're dealing in bulk. I can do one, maybe two sessions a week, and if I'm going to take that time away from my family, it needs to be monetarily worth it...I hope that makes sense :). I've found that with photography it really does ring true that you get what you pay for. Photographers offering dirt cheap prices or CD's of all your images for $50 will soon enough burn out or raise their prices when they realize they're putting more time and money into their businesses than they're actually making.
  3. First off, yes, absolutely, as a professional he should be quoting you prices when you ask. It's odd that he didn't and I would send another email clarifying that you need to know the prices before you decide what size and how many prints you'll be ordering :). Now to this.... Many photographers won't sell images on CD (I don't like to) for a few reasons. A) They pour their time, talent and hard work into creating beautiful images for your family. The last thing they want is for you to take that hard work and have a craptastic print made down at the local Walgreens that now has their name and reputation attached to it. I, as well as most other pros, like to control the artistic integrity of my work from beginning to end product :) . B) Let's say I sell you a CD with 20 images from your session. You now take those images and get a crudload of prints made. How much money am I losing out on by you not purchasing those prints directly from me? I do offer digital images that are included within packages, or after a client has ordered a certain amount of print products. I need to consider the money I'm losing out on by handing you over prints and have my individual digital images priced as such. I do have a set price of $1200.00 set for a complete digital session (all images on CD) for those who ask (most do, only once has someone taken me up on it). This price is comparable to what it would cost if you had 20 images and ordered an 8x10 and a 5x7 of each image. Sorry, off my soapbox now, lol. This new trend of "photographers" who get a camera on Monday and are in business as a photographer by Friday is one of my biggest pet peeves. The result has been that everyone expects photographers to do a session for dirt cheap and then hand over a CD full of images. ~Jenn
  4. I haven't read all the responses so I apologize if I'm re-iterating something already said :). With that, I'd tell her that I support her in her decision under a few conditions. - First and foremost, she needs to make sure she's eating a healthy, balanced diet. She needs to get some books, do some research on veganism and come up with recipes and a meal plan that not only fit into the family budget, but ensure she's getting the nutrition she needs. This would include adequate amounts of fruits and veggies, whole grains and adequate protein substitutes. I would also limit the amount of soy products (soy milk, soy meat replacement items, etc..) she's consuming...not only are they expensive, they're not terribly healthy either. - Once she's come up with her recipes and meal plan, she'd be going with me to the grocery store to purchase the required groceries for her meals. If the cost of her groceries is above and beyond our family budget, she'd be expected to cover those extra expenses (via a babysitting job, doing odd neighborhood jobs, etc..) - She'd also be cooking her own meals if they are different from the rest of the family. I might be willing to compromise a bit and offer up a vegan meal for the whole family once a week or so as well :).
  5. Yes, the guy next to the horse is Count Rugen, aka - the six fingered man. The actor is Christopher Guest :).
  6. Check with your insurance company (home and auto) to see if you can raise your deductibles and lower your monthly payments. We did this and saved quite a bit each month. You'll have to keep in mind how much you can still afford on a deductible if something happens and you need to use the insurance of course :).
  7. I'd get him tested and see what the results are. If the school is insistent that the be moved back, I'd pull him and give homeschooling a try. I kept having to remind myself while reading your post how much the cutoff dates vary in different places. In our area, the cutoff is December 1st so a September birthday IS Kindergarten age here. In my Tiger Den this year (1st graders) I have boys who don't turn 6 until the end of November..they seem so little to be 1st graders! We also have kids entering Kindergarten at almost 6 or have been held back a year by their parents so it's not uncommon to have late 4's and 6 year olds in the same class together which to me seems to be such a large discrepancy.
  8. Entitled dog owners (just because you love and want to spend time with your dog..doesn't mean I do). People who mosey at a snail's pace across the street after I've stopped when I didn't need to to allow them to cross (this mostly seems to happen with teenagers). People who think I care even a teeeeeennnssssyyyy bit that they're child is "gifted" (which..everyone's kid nowadays seems to be..somehow defying the top 2% of the population stat) Anyone who has their face constantly stuck in their phone, mobile device or whatever (it's just annoying to me) The spelling police The grammar police
  9. ....aannnnddd I just watched a live interview with the two of them where she looks high on something..and it ain't life.
  10. Loved the book, loved the HBO series (with the exception of the nudity/s*x that wasn't in the book and served no purpose to the story). If you're thinking of watching the series, wait until you finish the book :).
  11. SHE IS 17!?!?!?!?! Poor thing...if she looks like she's 35 at age 17...what will she look like when she actually is 35. Yikes.
  12. I have a 4th grader here as well :). Honestly, I do feel that a half an hour of math and a half an hour of english is a very light schedule for a 4th grader. We average 4 - 5 hours per day, depending on the day and activities planned. We don't do everything, everyday so we're able to rotate some things. I've trimmed some things up, but I really can't imagine what else I could cut/shorten and still provide the level of education I'd like ds to receive. Here is how our day breaks down..... Math (1 hour, 5x per week) Bible (1/2 hour, 5x per week) Reading *a combo. of classics and historical fiction* (1 hour, 5x per week) Grammar (1/2 hour, 4x per week) Penmanship (1/2 hour, 2x per week) Spelling (15 min., 3x per week) Writing (1/2 hour, 4x per week) History Reading (CHOW)/Narration (1/2 hour, 3x per week) Geography (1/2 hour, 2x per week) Science (1/2 hour, 2x per week) Art (1/2 - 1 hour, 1x per week) Logic (20 min., 2x per week) ~Jenn
  13. Isn't primal eating primarily raw (often rancid) meats and dairy products?
  14. We're actually not getting started until the first week of October :tongue_smilie: . We have a family vacation planned the last week of September and I just can't see starting up only to leave for vacation two weeks later. I'm thankful for the extra time I'll have to prepare for the trip as well as being a little more available to help my sister out when her new baby comes mid-September!
  15. The friend wouldn't bother me nearly as much as the dog. Take into consideration that my number one pet peeve (no pun intended) is entitled dog owners who assume that other people like or want to be around their dog as much as they do. It's simply rude to bring a dog to a party. Period. Jenn
  16. I skipped the Landmark History book because we both HATED it, lol. We ended up just using the Story of the U.S. books 1 and 2 which covered everything anyway. I have most, if not all of the books here. Please let me know if there are any titles in particular you are missing and I'll be glad to sell you mine at a very reasonable price :). Jenn
  17. Could also be your thyroid...low thyroid would account for all of your symptoms including your menstrual cycle changes. It *could* also be Cushings (adrenals)..but honestly that's a very rare condition. Hope you get it figured out and start feeling better soon!
  18. Agreed :). Honestly....the ONLY place I hear talk of this great homeschooler schism is here, at the WTM forums. In real life, within the homeschooling community in my area, there is no schism. Yes, there are all different types of homeschoolers here...ranging from radical, secular unschoolers to ultra conservative traditional schoolers. Guess what though...despite the differences in religion, politics and homeschool philosophy we all manage to get along and support eachother. If you don't like TOS, don't buy it. If you like TOS, but don't like the new politically charged column, don't read the column. Folks just need to :chillpill: .
  19. I agree with the sentiment that at 7 their school work shouldn't be taking more than a couple of hours, leaving plenty of time for (IMO) much needed, unstructured, outdoor play :) . Get em' up and finished early!
  20. In which direction if you don't mind me asking :). Were her SCAT test scores for math much lower or higher than you'd experienced on other tests? Thanks! Jenn
  21. The flat tire/dead cellphone combo. does stink. I'd think that comments about your kiddo being ahead would be a positive in your day though :confused: .
  22. That's a tough one. By handing over the proofs to them, you're not only losing traffic to your website, but you're also losing control of how secure the photos are and potentially losing money to folks who are now able to copy and scan. I'm not sure if your site is the same, but on mine it's difficult to lift the images. If it were me I'd agree only after watermarking the photos (heavily) with not only my business name but also my website address and saving them at the smallest possible resolution you can get away with. If they give you a hard time explain your concerns with copyright infringement and that you're only taking measures to protect your work from theft. Something like this...
  23. Last year at VBS they were discussing different fears the children had. There was the typical fears of the dark, spiders, thunder, dogs, etc... When they asked ds what one of his fears was he said "The Queen's Gambit!".
  24. My personal opinion on the Nook color would be to spend the extra $$ and get an iPad :) .
  25. No. Sinful by nature is human. Just because we're inclined by nature to sin, doesn't mean we have to.
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