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  1. Nope. Our church pays for everything. We have a very small church..50 people at an average service. Our VBS brings in 15 - 30 kids. We view this as a ministry..our main goal is to get these kids the gospel. Just the stuff for the "store" alone costs $200 - $300. Then there's the curriculum, supplies, arts/crafts supplies, snacks, T shirts, decorations/scenery, etc....
  2. Sorry you had such a lousy experience with this other mom :confused: . We must be blessed..we live in an area where many of the homeschoolers seem to be ahead of the curve..a 6 or 7 year old reading "The Hobbit" at a homeschool activity around here would just be old hats. We live in a pretty regular ol' middle class town..not particularly high up on the socioeconomic ladder or anything. Maybe it's just this mom? Maybe if you open up about your dc a little more with other homeschooling moms you'll find you're not as alone as you think :) .
  3. On a serious note..we do have most of the Legos in a big under the bed storage bin. The mini figures and anything associated with the mini figures (weapons, hair, jewels, accessories, etc..) all go in a smaller bin. The sets he isn't ready to take apart are on a shelf. My sister tried to sort and separate my nephew's Legos by color once..:lol:
  4. Here's my take on the whole issue. The OP posted a quote on her FB page that reflects her views, opinions, beliefs, etc.. She "proselytized" first to all those who can see her page, right? She put something out there because she wanted people to read it, to reflect on it...to know that she agreed with the sentiment. Isn't that the whole gist of FB? You post something and then people post feedback. If you post something mundane then you can expect mundane feedback. If you post something a bit more insightful then you should expect responses with a bit more insight in them as well. For example, if I were to post "I like bananas" on my FB I'd fully expect feedback ranging from a few "Likes" to some "Me toos!" and maybe even a "Blech..bananas are mother nature's refuse". It's FB, I know the drill..I post something and folks post back what they think of my post. If I'm going to something that reflects my beliefs, faith, political leanings or whatever I'm fully aware that all my "Friends" aren't going to agree with me and then I go put my big girl panties on and accept whatver comments they make...whether I agree with them or not. If you feel you should be able to put something out there and not have to hear the opinions of those who disagree then certainly don't put it on your FB page.
  5. No appliances :( But I do have a nice collection of vintage pyrex with all sorts of fun designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. They add a nice vintage touch :) .
  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:lol:. Organize Legos...that's a good one...thanks for the chuckle :) .
  7. Fritz is by far the best with Chessmaster also being quality software. The best place to play online is ICC (International Chess Club). Chess.com is also a nice place to play :) .
  8. Light Sabers. Death Star. Nerf Herders. Han Solo. One of the best villians of all time. Jabba. Wilhelm Screams galore. I could go on and on. Sure it's uber campy, the acting is medicore and the story predictable, but somehow, especially for boys, it's magical :)
  9. Tigers graduate to Wolves at the Blue and Gold ceremony, generally held in the spring, so technically, he probably is a Wolf.
  10. Have you had your dc tested for blood lead levels? I'd start there first. If the surfaces that have lead are painted over or are in good condition and can be painted over that can often be a much better alternative than lead removal/remediation. The process of lead removal can often stir things up and cause more of a problem than painting the affected areas and cleaning well :) In addition, making sure that your kiddos make it a habit of washing their hands before eating and keeping a diet high in calcium, iron and vitamin c can help cut down on absorption as well. Almost all older homes are going to contain a LOT of lead, but if it's encapsulated, then it's not a huge deal. When I was a kid, way back in the 70's/early 80's the average blood lead level in children was much higher than it is now..mainly due to the use of leaded gasoline, keeping that in mind can put things into perspective as well :)
  11. Sorry I missed this this time..I'll be sure to catch it this time around!
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