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  1. Prepare for hurricanes? Why, yes we do. Bless your heart .
  2. I am going to respectfully say that I don't think this is the right time to be discussing this. We have people suffering and hopefully they are able to survive. I fear some of our disenfranchised people will not live through this. The weather has broken records that were set over 100 years ago and obviously things will need to be looked at. It all seems like incredibly poor taste and disrespectful to the loss of life that our area is/will be experiencing.
  3. I'm calling this my first draft. In previous years, I am quick to sign up for way too many distance classes, and just as quick to drop them. Previous classes were on the whole pretty good classes, I just like the idea of outsourcing more than the reality. Math: Precalculus either Derek Owens or highschoolmath live. It is a hard balance between freedom to schedule and too much freedom to schedule( Geometry will be an 18 month course LOL-but true) edit: looks like with will go with DO due to scheduling English: Continuing with the Roy Speed series for writing. I do get a little
  4. Our rules seem a bit different than the above but I will share for diversity of opinions. My family’s only rule is to come in and give your Momma a hug. I can’t wait to see my older kids. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  5. 1. 3 days ago 2. 1 week ago 3. We are going everywhere now. Stayed home March- July. 4. Prefer eating out at restaurant. Love the atmosphere. 5. Not sure, we moved house a month ago.
  6. We haven't used Chemistry, but my dyslexic daughter enjoyed Fundafunda Academy. It is not a live class, but there are deadlines for assignments and tests. The Biology class focus seemed to be more on video with textbook as a reference. Classes start this week. I'm sure they would send you a syllabus or maybe a sample.
  7. Excelsior classes had a good one semester psychology course. it is dual credit through LeTourneau University although not necessary to take dual credit. Not a lot of busy work, live class with some interaction. Projects or presentations as well as 4? exams.
  8. I have the same problem. I have found orange oil / industrial vinegar mixture to be a wonderful herbicide. I live in the gulf coast and we have a long growing season. A gallon of 30-40 percent industrial vinegar mixed with about 4-5 oz of orange oil (not orange cleaner) and 3 ounces of dawn dishwashing liquid will kill it all. Amazon has a weed sprayer for large area, (and even seed for Bermuda as well as the other ingredients). https://www.amazon.com/Chapin-International-20000-1-Gallon-Translucent/dp/B000E28UQU/ref=sr_1_3?crid=248NW55LEPAUZ&dchild=1&keywords=weed+sprayer+pump+
  9. I am sorry, I was trying to only quote Traveling Chris and I really shouldn't have done that. I try to leave stuff alone, because I really am not a great online communicator.
  10. We are a very risk vs. reward family in regards to vaccinations. All medicines/vaccine have benefits and risks. The sheer number of additional vaccinations recommended for my younger vs. older child had me scratching my head. My kids were vaccinated for all of the things I was, and a few more that we felt they were more in the at-risk population. The flu vaccine is something one of my adult kids and husband get, but the rest of us tend to get ill when we get the vaccine. Nonetheless, I am thankful to have vaccines.
  11. I am very sad that you think this is a charitable way to address your brothers and sisters in Christ. Maybe it is coming across wrong?
  12. My youngest will be in ninth grade. I think I am still processing this. Updating as we have a possible move and not sure about in person classes in general due to the virus. Math. Derek Owens Precalculus...Geometry is going very slowly. Proofs are the worst! He is sticking with DO, but I will be sitting with him to increase focus and time spent working. Goal is to begin precalc in the spring. Science. Chemistry using Appologia at the co op , probably Spectrum Chemistry summer before and after. Online Chemistry through Excelsior classes. His sister had taken that teacher, so I
  13. Hugs OP. I personally haven't had this happen , but I have a friend who is currently working through this with her dog. She has an outdoor dog and was concerned that one of the treatments for heartworm- like the one you were told- would be too stressful for the dog. Her dog is a working cattle dog, bonded with her cattle as her pack, and used to roaming around pretty freely . Their vet gave them another option of just giving the regular heartworm pill exactly every 28 days for two years and that should clear it up. You may want to ask if that is an option. It seems like it would be
  14. My daughter reacted to some gluten that was in her hair products. I am not sure if it was shampoo, conditioner, or one of her many other products right now. My DD started investigating and found gluten in a surprising number of products.
  15. I have a daughter with some similar challenges. We tried to look at what she was good at/ interested in/ as well as meeting the high school curriculum we wanted. It may depend on your state as ours is pretty hands off. Our electives were designed around something she was interested in but in the back of my head I was thinking ..could this be something she might like to do for a career? For example for our daughter, she was pretty good with spatial skills and is a creative thinker. She took animation and art and thought she might be headed to a career in animation, visual effects, vis
  16. Sorry for the confusion. In your previous posts , you referred to Blinn kids taking space in dorms and saving dorm space for community college students. Yes, Blinn team is a co-enrollment program. Those Blinn team students are required to take classes at both TAMU and Blinn and are officially enrolled at each school . After successful completion of a certain number of TAMU and Blinn credits, they have full TAMU admsission. They are Aggies due to the fact they have been accepted to TAMU under this freshman admission program.
  17. A few years ago , TAMU did change to freshman priority housing. I have to disagree with TAMU ever letting Blinn students live in TAMU residence hall or apartments. There is no way that could happen. The process for applying for housing is through the Website (Howdy Portal)can only be accessed by admitted students with university assigned id numbers (UID). Random people not attending TAMU cannot even apply to live in the dorms, much less fill out the residential contract or live there. Blinn team students ( special freshman admission program) are enrolled at both insitutions ( and have UID
  18. Congrats Lanny, UNC is a great school! In case this helps anyone, just wanted to add that Texas A& M does have freshman priority housing. Both of my older kids attend there, so I am pretty familiar with the programs. Freshmen typically put housing deposits down as soon as admitted, and as a rolling admission school, the people accepted first do get priority in housing choices. For instance,If my son isn't an RA this year, he will get to choose a room in June or July from what is left after all of the freshman choose in May/June . Not sure what Blinn-in is, (Blinn team-is that wh
  19. Sorry, I misread the reason the other allied health careers wouldn't work.
  20. We did this exact testing my my DD2 after her ninth grade ( she was 16- so a bit older than usual). I think the aptitude portion of the test is useful now as well as the assesment of how the student solves problems. I didn't find the interest surveys to be that helpful as imo they depend on mood and what kind of day they are having, ect. Was it helpful? Yes - the aptitude ruled out a career field she was considering( JO didn't rule it out, my DD2 did) In general, we already knew she was gifted in certain ( and extremely weak in other) areas, and that did reinforce the belief. If your
  21. I'll play. We did front load DD2's more accademic work and now she will be filling in the gaps and exploring interests. We go year round and do better with about 3-4 classes at once, so she won't take all of these at one time. Edited to add: Dd decided she does not want a career where she is required to sit in front of a computer all day working on art. Previously she was thinking about animation or visual effects. Now she is planning on going to OTA school possibly on a four year campus. ( of course things can change as only a month ago, we were planning a visit to Savanah School of Art a
  22. Wow, what would he have done if you brought some cookies over, punched you in the face? Yikes. People seem to think that they don't have to exert any self control. Adults can feel angry, frustrated..whatever.. doesn't mean you throw a fit,curse, or take it out on anyone else because things aren't going your way. Crazy.
  23. I enjoyed most of the books above. One book I still keep around is Senior High:A Home-Designed Form-U-La . https://www.amazon.com/Senior-High-Home-Designed-Form-U/dp/1887639098/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1541163073&sr=8-1&keywords=senior+high+a+home-designed+form%2Bu%2Bla It is a blast from the past. It reminds me of how homeschooling use to be. I enjoy her emphasis on life skills and total freedom of choosing whtever she thinks it is important for her student to learn, not focusing on college. She has lots of examples and worksheet/chekoff lists for different subj
  24. I hate to disagree with the Hive, but I do (just a little). I don't think OP 's son's math classes and grades will go unnoticed, but does he have any co-curricular math activities? Some scholarship and state school honor programs have a box check off for this. The homeschool honor societies were developed as a homeschool counterpart to the National Honor Society, as homechoolers were not allowed admission . I was kind of surprised that a B average was all that was required for the National Honor Society. https://www.nhs.us/students/membership/how-to-become-a-member/ It lo
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