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  1. I am not sure . There is prayer at the begining of the class ( she is Catholic) and a devotional about the topic. There isn't a lot of specific religious content but if the student isn't Christian they might not feel comfortable . If you contact them , I wonder if they might have a recorded class to get an idea of suitability.
  2. My family would highly recommend Excelsior classes, Ann LaBlanc's class. It was one of the best government classes I have seen. There were no glitches/technical difficulties in the class my daughter took. The only political discussion was urging those who were 18 and over to vote. The class empahsized the Federalist and Antifederalist papers ,Constitution,and how our government works in current day because of the foundations. Mrs. LaBlanc is a practicing attorney and stresses critical thinking. If she is giving her own opinion ( not on current day politics, but she has opinions on the Federalist papers) , she will preface it with saying that it is her opinion. She welcomes other opinions, but wants people to back up their arguments, and be respectful to each other and the instructor. It is a live class with both the powerpoints and recording of the class available after the class. The class meets once weekly so is a little long, with a 3-5 minute break halfway through. I think there were 3 tests, and a long paper. She really wants the students to succeed. There is a dual credit option through LeTourneau for an additional fee . The dual credit students folllowed the same syllabus. My daughter had no interest in government or current events and really enjoyed this class, and now reads media articles critically. Excelsior is a Christian provider.
  3. Sorry for the confusion. In your previous posts , you referred to Blinn kids taking space in dorms and saving dorm space for community college students. Yes, Blinn team is a co-enrollment program. Those Blinn team students are required to take classes at both TAMU and Blinn and are officially enrolled at each school . After successful completion of a certain number of TAMU and Blinn credits, they have full TAMU admsission. They are Aggies due to the fact they have been accepted to TAMU under this freshman admission program.
  4. A few years ago , TAMU did change to freshman priority housing. I have to disagree with TAMU ever letting Blinn students live in TAMU residence hall or apartments. There is no way that could happen. The process for applying for housing is through the Website (Howdy Portal)can only be accessed by admitted students with university assigned id numbers (UID). Random people not attending TAMU cannot even apply to live in the dorms, much less fill out the residential contract or live there. Blinn team students ( special freshman admission program) are enrolled at both insitutions ( and have UID assigned) and therefore can live in the dorms, but Blinn students cannot. This has been the case for many years. Maybe whoever you were talking to , didn't understand the distinction between Blinn team and Blinn students. Hope that clears it up!
  5. Congrats Lanny, UNC is a great school! In case this helps anyone, just wanted to add that Texas A& M does have freshman priority housing. Both of my older kids attend there, so I am pretty familiar with the programs. Freshmen typically put housing deposits down as soon as admitted, and as a rolling admission school, the people accepted first do get priority in housing choices. For instance,If my son isn't an RA this year, he will get to choose a room in June or July from what is left after all of the freshman choose in May/June . Not sure what Blinn-in is, (Blinn team-is that what you meant?) but Blinn team students do not have specific dorm space reserved for them, but as freshman do get a spot on campus. Blinn team students are considered Texas A&M students because they attend both schools under this special freshman admission program and can live on campus. Students regularly enrolled at Blinn college do not live in Texas A &M dorms. For financial/ college considerations, I guess I would be super practical and work backward. What career can he/you envision being a good fit? Do any of the colleges on his list have any type of success coaching for life skills/ academics, or ASD living learning groups and would he be willing to use the services? If he isn't sure what he would like to do, could you look into setting up some volunteering/shadowing experiences while living at home this year? He could study and take some free CLEP tests, to maintain his freshman status, but pick up some credits. It is getting more common at the bigger Texas schools to be unable to switch majors after 60'credits, however , CLEp and AP credits do not have to be applied right away, leaving the option of switching open longer. I am not sure if this is the same at the smaller schools . Hopefully, he could narrow down some career interests , so he would have specific goal to work toward when he does attend. Best wishes.
  6. Sorry, I misread the reason the other allied health careers wouldn't work.
  7. We did this exact testing my my DD2 after her ninth grade ( she was 16- so a bit older than usual). I think the aptitude portion of the test is useful now as well as the assesment of how the student solves problems. I didn't find the interest surveys to be that helpful as imo they depend on mood and what kind of day they are having, ect. Was it helpful? Yes - the aptitude ruled out a career field she was considering( JO didn't rule it out, my DD2 did) In general, we already knew she was gifted in certain ( and extremely weak in other) areas, and that did reinforce the belief. If your son has any learning difficulites, those will not be taken into consideration, and the recommendations may be way off. I do think it helps kids to take ownership of their future. If you do decide to do it this year, you can come back within the year to discuss more and it is included in the price. If it were my son, I might wait a year and try to get him volunteering in different things he might be interested in currently. Life experience will definitely him him decide what he doesn't want to do.
  8. I'll play. We did front load DD2's more accademic work and now she will be filling in the gaps and exploring interests. We go year round and do better with about 3-4 classes at once, so she won't take all of these at one time. Edited to add: Dd decided she does not want a career where she is required to sit in front of a computer all day working on art. Previously she was thinking about animation or visual effects. Now she is planning on going to OTA school possibly on a four year campus. ( of course things can change as only a month ago, we were planning a visit to Savanah School of Art and Design for April). English: Screenwriting - Excelsior Classes and lit with Mom/ Romeo and Juliet from Roy Speed first semester , maybe DE second college English course 2nd semester? Not sure yet Math: complete College Algebra through ASU Assured Admission -start in summer and use for dual credit hopefully done by Dec. This is the last Math class for her. Science: Complete Conceptual Physics using community college text and Conceptual Academy videos ect. Done by Dec . Homemade labs... slowly. We started this year and may not finish for a year. Adding Human Anatomy and Physiology through Excelsior Classes. Art: restart working with local artist, try for 3-4 mornings a week. Maybe one time a week. Photoshop 101 and 201 through Excelsior Classes Adobe Xd and Illustrator classes through Excelsior Classes World history: slowly working through with Mom using Homeschool Connections Allison Stanley videos and a bunch of resources from book shelves. Possibly adding a review of American History and clepping American Histroy 1&2. Psychology : over summer:using Meyers book ( very little) , and the wonderful program another boardie ( sorry I can't find the name) shared made of abnormal psycholgy movies with discussion , some stress management techniques. Dual credit first semester, Psychology of Lifespan second semester Spanish:using younger kiddo sources like the Fun Class and learning some basic nouns, followed by conversational class. Decided on sign language. She will continue to actively be part of church activities 2-3 nights a week, and has now added scouts. I don't think she will stay in long enough to Eagle but she is really enjoying it.
  9. Wow, what would he have done if you brought some cookies over, punched you in the face? Yikes. People seem to think that they don't have to exert any self control. Adults can feel angry, frustrated..whatever.. doesn't mean you throw a fit,curse, or take it out on anyone else because things aren't going your way. Crazy.
  10. I enjoyed most of the books above. One book I still keep around is Senior High:A Home-Designed Form-U-La . It is a blast from the past. It reminds me of how homeschooling use to be. I enjoy her emphasis on life skills and total freedom of choosing whtever she thinks it is important for her student to learn, not focusing on college. She has lots of examples and worksheet/chekoff lists for different subjects and how she taught them in unconventional ways. I have a different focus , but do want my kids to learn life skills. Every once in a while I pull it out and reevaluate .
  11. I hate to disagree with the Hive, but I do (just a little). I don't think OP 's son's math classes and grades will go unnoticed, but does he have any co-curricular math activities? Some scholarship and state school honor programs have a box check off for this. The homeschool honor societies were developed as a homeschool counterpart to the National Honor Society, as homechoolers were not allowed admission . I was kind of surprised that a B average was all that was required for the National Honor Society. It looks ike the homeschool math honor society might be about the same level, not sure how the SAT score correlates to high school grades. Obviously,neither one is not going to impress elite school admission offices, but if your son doesn't have any other math honors/competitions ect, ( fairly common that Econ/Finance peeps are good at math but don't want to spend extra time with this stuff -at least at my house) it is pretty cheap,and is another avenue to demonstrate a pattern of academic achievement.
  12. Perhaps she could persue self employment/ owning her own business. Could she become a dog trainer and work or put college money toward owning a dog boarding and training place? In my area, it costs $60 a night to board a dog, and it is hard to get in as they are always full. On the same page as librarian, but school librarian might suit for the extra time off to work on her own writing without having to work weekends and evenings and in my location-summers. Has she ever looked into screenwriting? A day job would probably be necessary, but it can be done. Some of the art schools and computer gaming schools have dramatic wriitng , and storyboarding, and I think Savannaha School of Art and Design has Dramatic Writing (not sure of the job placement for that major). I think this is the time to dream big, and also to think about what might pay the rent while doing the dream thing.
  13. Another vote for trying the Catholic school for the first semester. Another option might be to look for sports oportunites elsewhere. I might look for some recreation sports leagues like the Y , and there always seem to be soccer , swimming, and Lacross around. He could try some different sports now as that could be an option with homeschooling next year. You don't typically need to be a Y member, to sign up for kids sports. Homeschool sport leagues an option? You mentioned the program was for 4 content areas. Is that 4 time periods out of 7? Are they 4 hours in a row? Are the projects online? Do parents have access to content? I would want to see the content. Does your older son discuss what the other kids are seeing? If the classes were not a huge block ot time i.e. 8-12 sit at computer, it might be ok for me. Some people really like programs like ALEKS math, that advance in this way. Does your son get headaches from computer screens at home? Where are the kids planning on going to high school? Is there a Catholic High school? If not, will you face the same dilemma ina few years? I might think of the high school options and go backward. I would probably homeschoool a bit in the summer and make sure kids are proficient in reading, wriitng, math, they way the high school will present the material. If there is no Catholic high school, I am not sure of the push to stay in a school anyway. These are the questions I thiink I would ask myself . HTH
  14. Well, I can say that my daughter took her first class from myhomeschool math class today. It wasn't pre-a, but they did move step by step with time to do the problems yourself. Many reviews out there for JanninTexas. You might check to see if there are any openings..just starting this week. I think she also tutors if needed, It is pay by the month , so if it isn't the right place, you aren't put so much.
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