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  1. Prepare for hurricanes? Why, yes we do. Bless your heart .
  2. I am going to respectfully say that I don't think this is the right time to be discussing this. We have people suffering and hopefully they are able to survive. I fear some of our disenfranchised people will not live through this. The weather has broken records that were set over 100 years ago and obviously things will need to be looked at. It all seems like incredibly poor taste and disrespectful to the loss of life that our area is/will be experiencing.
  3. I'm calling this my first draft. In previous years, I am quick to sign up for way too many distance classes, and just as quick to drop them. Previous classes were on the whole pretty good classes, I just like the idea of outsourcing more than the reality. Math: Precalculus either Derek Owens or highschoolmath live. It is a hard balance between freedom to schedule and too much freedom to schedule( Geometry will be an 18 month course LOL-but true) edit: looks like with will go with DO due to scheduling English: Continuing with the Roy Speed series for writing. I do get a little concerned as this is the only writing he is is doing. Literature may continue to be on our own with Center4Lit recordings, but we may move into live classes. Working our way through literature that parents and siblings found particularly impactful. American History: Continuation using my bookshelf and Homeschool Connection videos. Probably our last pass through American History so will try to cover more geography and some Latin American History. Religion: Aristotle course recorded probably through Timothy j Gordon (preparation for studying Aquinas in 11th and or 12th). Catechism, apologetics, scripture study . Science: Physics , probably at a co-op edit: We will do Physics through DO and labs at home Foreign Language: Spanish at co-op or online with tutor. This may be a summer class with review and slower progress during year. Electives: Archery, TDK, Track, Boy Scouts ,maybe guitar, drivers training, woodworking?, possibly programing/robotics Edit: This is an area I haven't stressed enough with older kids and I really want him to explore/develop hobbies/interests. Since it is a time to explore, and we will start exploring careers online as well.
  4. Our rules seem a bit different than the above but I will share for diversity of opinions. My family’s only rule is to come in and give your Momma a hug. I can’t wait to see my older kids. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  5. 1. 3 days ago 2. 1 week ago 3. We are going everywhere now. Stayed home March- July. 4. Prefer eating out at restaurant. Love the atmosphere. 5. Not sure, we moved house a month ago.
  6. We haven't used Chemistry, but my dyslexic daughter enjoyed Fundafunda Academy. It is not a live class, but there are deadlines for assignments and tests. The Biology class focus seemed to be more on video with textbook as a reference. Classes start this week. I'm sure they would send you a syllabus or maybe a sample.
  7. Excelsior classes had a good one semester psychology course. it is dual credit through LeTourneau University although not necessary to take dual credit. Not a lot of busy work, live class with some interaction. Projects or presentations as well as 4? exams.
  8. I have the same problem. I have found orange oil / industrial vinegar mixture to be a wonderful herbicide. I live in the gulf coast and we have a long growing season. A gallon of 30-40 percent industrial vinegar mixed with about 4-5 oz of orange oil (not orange cleaner) and 3 ounces of dawn dishwashing liquid will kill it all. Amazon has a weed sprayer for large area, (and even seed for Bermuda as well as the other ingredients). https://www.amazon.com/Chapin-International-20000-1-Gallon-Translucent/dp/B000E28UQU/ref=sr_1_3?crid=248NW55LEPAUZ&dchild=1&keywords=weed+sprayer+pump+2+gallon&qid=1585256295&sprefix=weed+s%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-3 If you are subtropic like me, a bonus is that the fire ants hate it. Thanks for the tips for youtube videos above, I can kill them, but don't know what to do next. edit: I haven't done research to make sure that this mixture is completely safe.
  9. I am sorry, I was trying to only quote Traveling Chris and I really shouldn't have done that. I try to leave stuff alone, because I really am not a great online communicator.
  10. We are a very risk vs. reward family in regards to vaccinations. All medicines/vaccine have benefits and risks. The sheer number of additional vaccinations recommended for my younger vs. older child had me scratching my head. My kids were vaccinated for all of the things I was, and a few more that we felt they were more in the at-risk population. The flu vaccine is something one of my adult kids and husband get, but the rest of us tend to get ill when we get the vaccine. Nonetheless, I am thankful to have vaccines.
  11. I am very sad that you think this is a charitable way to address your brothers and sisters in Christ. Maybe it is coming across wrong?
  12. My youngest will be in ninth grade. I think I am still processing this. Updating as we have a possible move and not sure about in person classes in general due to the virus. Math. Derek Owens Precalculus...Geometry is going very slowly. Proofs are the worst! He is sticking with DO, but I will be sitting with him to increase focus and time spent working. Goal is to begin precalc in the spring. Science. Chemistry using Appologia at the co op , probably Spectrum Chemistry summer before and after. Online Chemistry through Excelsior classes. His sister had taken that teacher, so I am pretty sure this will be an excellent course. History. Not sure, probably American History using Homeschool Connections, and adding ..something... Summer" American History 1/4-1/2 credit using Homeschool Connection and Catholic Textbook Project. Fall/Spring: Church history which usually will fit under Western Civ. Religion. Studying Early church, catechism . I'm excited about the Church History class offered by TimothyJGordon.com. English. Continue to work on reading list, with discussion. Easy Grammar and Rod and Staff we really need to make a last pass or two though grammar. Writing through an IEW like program. Summer: grammar review using Roy Speed books. Fall/Spring: Logical Communication online class. We are both Reading Center4Lit selections with recorded discussion , or other selections as interests dictate. Computer Coding. He absolutely loves this. Python? Any suggestions would be great. He has lost interest in this and is focusing on science. He can hit this again later. I think it is valuable , but no longer an interest. Foreign Language. Maybe Latin? Homeschool Spanish Academy? Can I say that this is my least favorite subject? Hopefully he can take in person classes in 10th grade.
  13. Hugs OP. I personally haven't had this happen , but I have a friend who is currently working through this with her dog. She has an outdoor dog and was concerned that one of the treatments for heartworm- like the one you were told- would be too stressful for the dog. Her dog is a working cattle dog, bonded with her cattle as her pack, and used to roaming around pretty freely . Their vet gave them another option of just giving the regular heartworm pill exactly every 28 days for two years and that should clear it up. You may want to ask if that is an option. It seems like it would be less invasive if the vet ok's it.
  14. My daughter reacted to some gluten that was in her hair products. I am not sure if it was shampoo, conditioner, or one of her many other products right now. My DD started investigating and found gluten in a surprising number of products.
  15. I have a daughter with some similar challenges. We tried to look at what she was good at/ interested in/ as well as meeting the high school curriculum we wanted. It may depend on your state as ours is pretty hands off. Our electives were designed around something she was interested in but in the back of my head I was thinking ..could this be something she might like to do for a career? For example for our daughter, she was pretty good with spatial skills and is a creative thinker. She took animation and art and thought she might be headed to a career in animation, visual effects, visual design or something. If she liked video games, I might look into spatial science (GIS) with drone flying, or something to do with the construction of video games (coding, ect). Instead she is focusing on wanting to spend her day with people , not computers, and is using her visual spatial skills in anatomy. So for academics, Math is kind of a sticky point for us as well. Maybe when your son is ready he can try Algebra through ALEKS? Our severely dyslexic daughter daughter is 17 ( Bartons completed through level 8 , whew) , and she is working her way slowly through College Algebra in ALEKS. it is a course through Arizona State University earned admission https://ea.asu.edu/courses . Essentially you pay $25 for a year of ALEKS and when the student completes it with the grade you want , you accept the credit and pay $400 for a 3 credit college Algebra class. We are not at the end of this course yet, but she can reenroll if it takes more than a year, so this could be a two year course . This might be a good option if math ends up being the biggest obstacle to a four year school as some regional schools only require college algebra. There are other courses as well, but math is something we hope to have done before graduation. These courses have no downside really. I am also in the camp of giving 1 high school credit if a class earns 3 credit college credit so that rounds off the high school transcript nicely. We also liked video /project based classes. Science for her was Earth Science, Biology (Fundafunda), Human Anatomy and Physiology and will do CC Human Anatomy and Physiology. Biology was just better for her as she could visualize and found it interesting. Sign language worked great for a foreign language and she quite enjoys it as the grammar is different/ makes more sense to her. Videos work well for history ect, but she gets a little passive. If he ends up interested in something that requires a four year degree, then I think transferring can work really well if he wants to avoid ACT/SAT. Some of our regional schools only require 12 credits after high school to transfer. Even our flagships require 24-30 and are pretty clear on what classes they want to see. Colleges I have looked at don't seem to care as much about the high school transcript when they are transfer students. HTH
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