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  1. Not actually "in" TN here, but Southaven, MS.. literally 5 mins from Memphis (seriously, I could walk 5 min and hit the state border).. There's almost nothing going unless it's in Memphis :P
  2. A lot of great points mentioned already.. Want to add that AS individuals can be rule driven and posting clear cut rules and consequences(and sending him home is VERY appropriate) can be a big help. Also, a lot of Aspies have sensory issues and may need more frequent "breaks" from activities.. The parent should always be present if the child has known "social barriers" such as this child has. My oldest tends to lash out instead of using words when he's frustrated or overwhelmed. It's a "knee-jerk reaction". And I love the idea of a quick "lesson" for the other kids on what it's
  3. Mono was one of the first things I thought of. No swollen glands or anything, no throat pain, she's not complaining about anything other than her head.. She spiked and I gave her motrin and let her sleep for a good while, it came down to normal and she is back to her normal self.. Hoping the fever doesn't return tonight, if it does I will certainly take her in tomorrow somewhere... Thanks!
  4. Monotheistic Pagan/Unitarian Universalist here :P
  5. Oh believe me, I'm checking her every 5 mins... As long as it stays below 103 I"m not as worried about the fever itself, she usually doesn't seize w/ lowgrade fevers, just some myoclonic jerks. I worry more about the constant sleep/fatigue.... I may end up having Richard come home to stay w/ the kids so I can take her in.
  6. Anyone experience a virus that gives high fever (wouldn't let her get above 103 due to epilepsy, had to give Motrin) and headache, sleeping tons and glassy-eyed, but no other symptoms? I'm at a loss... Doc doesn't have any appts open today. Morri is very verbal and able to tell me when something hurts, but she hasn't complained about anything like ear pain or UTI-like issues...
  7. Absolutely I agree, you need to write it all down and officially complain! That's just INSANE that they would back her into a corner, and asking you to leave the room?!?!?! *passes the GABA and red wine* :grouphug:
  8. I'd get a referral (through the ped.) to an OT for the delays, but I'd also (just my opinion) look at a child therapist as well, to help her cope w/ the anxiety. I see a lot of those issues in my oldest (he'll be 6 in 2 wks) and I know he deals with anxiety, he feels it, I see my issues in him. It's something we're looking to do for him as well, hoping he'll be able to 1> talk to the therapist about what's going on and 2> get some "coping" skills to help us with his anxiety... things he can do with us supporting him. :grouphug:
  9. Gotta second these. The combination of Querceitin/C/BComplex will help lower histamines in the body.. Also, have you been tested for food allergies or sensitivities? A lot of times food issues can lower our immune/allergy responses. Chronic sinus issues are a big red flag for hidden sensitivities.
  10. BWWHHHAAHHAAAHHHH!! :lol: I am SO glad I'm not alone in that!!!! :)
  11. Most definitely, I would jump at ANY chance to feel better. And if it's prescription, I would go to a doc that is an MD versed in holistic meds, as they would be MUCH more open to prescribing it for me.. other wise, I'd find SOME way to get it and just tell the doc after I've started it. I don't hold much faith in the medical community anymore.. *hug*
  12. Any of you deal with migraines, and still manage to keep the HSing together? I have dealt w/ migraines since I was 9, and while the migraine meds don't usually knock me on my butt (they only bring my migraines down to a dull roar, nothing ever gets rid of them) I still find myself very "fuzzy". How do you guys handle kids/homeschooling on days like that? I know moms NEVER get sick days... any tips and tricks? My kiddos end up in front of the tv all day on those days...
  13. Be prepared to be in a really foul mood for a little while... and if your sugar craving is the result of yeast in the gut, be prepared for some upset tummy issues as well... It is possible, and you'll feel awesome after you get past the grumps :)
  14. Wonder if anyone has had experience in homeshcooling with a child who has ODD? We have had mention of this before with my oldest, and here lately I see it more and more. His old school Psychologist swore up and down he didn't have it, that it was just another facet of his Aspieness. But the more we are at home this summer, the more I think his Neuropsych was right. Now I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into! Anyone with experience in this?
  15. Well, think about having non-breakfast items for breakfast.. Like a burger patty and a fruit smoothie... Or tomato soup and pepperoni :) Going without grains is hard, but it can be done. We're gluten/dairy/soy/peanut/corn free here at my house. But we've done the grain free diet as well.. You will feel so much better once you find out what foods your body reacts to!:grouphug:
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