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  1. Yeah, unless you think outloud what he would say you wouldn't.
  2. If a dog has suffering I can't help, it's time. Your dog has pain, and distress, and dementia which is also a form of distress. Also, dog's don't like messing in the house, so that's probably upsetting to him as well as you. I'm so sorry. My old brain damaged border collie is walking that line right now as well. He can walk fine, and runs full out when outside, but he can't get up if he is on tile or laminate - which are all our floors. We currently have stick on carpet tiles on his main walkways, and sticky grippy things I put on his feet when I can (he has to be asleep) and most days that's enough. But on his bad days, he falls easily. For him, it is less painful though as it is a neurological problem more than arthritis. He just doesn't quite know where his back feet are, and when you add in muscle weakness he struggles. We have an offer in on a house with two floors and I have no idea how that will work. DH says he will carry him, and I think Luke would allow that, but Luke again is not in pain in the same way. Hugs. I'm sorry. But I know my dogs would protect me from suffering if they could, so it is my job, no matter how hard, to do the same for them.
  3. My husband is...theatrical. And he likes puppets. And he runs an information security conference locally, that has an alligator puppet mascot. This years conference had multiple challenges for participants and each challenge was introduced by Chompy (aka Chompster) explaining some situation and asking for help. Multiple times I walked into my bedroom to find my grown man husband kneeling on the ground holding a puppet up to a camera. Such is my life. Well, he showed my 4 yr old some of the videos. Next thing I know, the child is filming her OWN Chompy videos. At first I thought she was just talking to herself, but no, she'd propped her kids fire tablet up and was filming videos like daddy. Y'all, not sure if I can with two of them with the dramatics, lol. Meanwhile, Daddy is SUPER thrilled - this may be the highlight of his year. Or life. I have a feeling he's going to make her her own green screen by the time she's 5. Link is to her video - I must love y'al because I am posting this knowing there are several seconds of my pajama clad butt in the frame. Sigh. Below the link is one of the inspiration videos she based hers off of, lol. Oh, and they are long, no need to watch all of it - although DD4's has a unicorn villain and a song! https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/?fbclid=IwAR1pz7x782WGEXi2eNwlZRAivxWP6O5eX5FqtkurBduWHaZhyWok_t1ux0M#B0n5nhQSTHddeQc
  4. Yes! When DS was in public highschool for a few months he was sick CONSTANTLY. All upper respiratory. Come to find out, this is a known thing at that school - teachers and kids with constant upper respiratory issues. Likely because the school backs up to a cement plant, and the hall ways are all outdoors - so constantly breathing in cement dust.
  5. Schwarzenegger's next line would be "I'll be Bach", which sounds like his famous line from the Terminator movie, "I'l be back", due to his accent.
  6. Y'all, long division is NOT hard to teach. It is boring, and long (hence the name) but it isn't confusing or hard. Just annoying. That said, her box model explanation makes way more sense than the explanation given by the curriculum the problem was from.
  7. Maybe my kids are just odd - I get more pushback on asking them to clean their room usually. Or shower. Sigh.
  8. Interesting. Is there a reason you aren't more chill about the education stuff? If she's not going to get rigorous at school anyway, could you be more chill about that stuff? Just thinking aloud.
  9. if they were a bit off, fine. But when you purposely have one side WAY longer than the other, and then put the smaller number there, that's confusing! And then, putting the "answer" at the bottom makes it look like those numbers are the length of those sides, just like the numbers at the top. But they aren't.
  10. Are you sure the glass is missing? I'd check if any is pushed up under the washer, etc etc.
  11. Oh, and last time I saw this child's homework, two years ago so 3rd grade, it was all writing paragraphs about how to add numbers together. So for EACH problem 2 digit addition they had to write out every step, in complete sentences. Needless to say, that left time and space for not many problems. In fact I counted - six problems. I'm sorry, but you do NOT get fluent with addition doing six problems a day, even if you write out all the steps in complete sentences. Not to mention how now kids who have dysgraphia or dyslexia are going to struggle in math as well as language arts! So ridiculous.
  12. I don't know..something used by Orange County Public Schools. 5th grade.
  13. Not to scare you, but when I put my kid like that in school he just found other ways to but heads with me. Plus then I was yelling at him about homework. Or his room. Etc. Turned out we still had the exact same relationship...just for fewer hours a day I guess. Be prepared for the fact that her teachers in school actually won't notice, or won't bother to make her try again. If her not trying hard is better than most kids who are trying, they will accept that as good enough.
  14. My poor relative is now wishing they had not sent me their child's math problem...my rant was a bit beyond what they expected, lol. At least venting about the failings of modern education has distracted me from my house hunting drama, lol.
  15. This makes more sense (not that that is saying much!) but they labeled it an area model, so? I think the best and most charitable explanation is the person who wrote this was drunk. It's either that, or russian bots are now creating our kids' math curriculum in order to gain superiority.
  16. oh, and yes, the answer is B. But no one on the face of the planet will ever see that and thin, "oh, that's an easier way to do division!"
  17. Yeah, I figured the answer out as well - but I had no idea what the answer had to do with the original problem, lol. So..sort of defeats the purpose if it was supposed to help me solve the original problem. I just did it like an analogy. Unhelpful is putting it mildly, lol. I think I actually UNlearned division looking at this. Right - I know how to do that thanks to Khan academy. But...in those instances, the area shown matches the numbers! This has boxes that have NO relation to the numbers, which is totally confusing. I can do an area model - this is not that. This is the bastard child of a bar model, an area model, a Sudoku puzzle, and an SAT analogy.
  18. Got a message from the realtor, they won't be making a decision until tomorrow. We are in a pool of a few other offers. Waiting sucks.
  19. Yes, we'd just pay in cash whatever part was over the appraisal, as the lender won't mortgage beyond appraisal.
  20. This is in a 5th grader's homework. This is not a joke, this is the actual problem. (As soon as I saw that the side marked 42 was smaller than the side marked with the 10 and 7 I got angry and lost faith in public education and it sort of spiraled from there....)
  21. Please. That just makes you a forensics expert. Myself, I am qualified in medicine, law, and law enforcement from watching House and Law and Order. My forensic experience is from novels.
  22. This. If he doesn't tolerate it, definitely use something else, there are several options out there. Maybe interceptor if you can find that.
  23. Thats exactly what I'm telling myself. I dont' want regrets, I want to present the best offer we can, and then it isn't up to me. And it was our realtor who suggested the no contingency on appraisal thing - if that works she more than earned her fee!
  24. About an hour ago we got a message from the realtor that the buyer wanted a signed addendum explicitly stating the contract was not contingent on appraisal. We had already not included that contingency, but they wanted it spelled out again, so whatever. That they wanted something at all is hopefully a good sign. But really, we just have to wait. If not this house, some house.
  25. Is the back area with the pool and patios fenced? If so, the rescue may just count that. Say that your back is fenced, but you mostly plan to leash walk the dog, and the dog would never ever be off leash outside of a fenced area.
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