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  1. You can see if the vet (or another one nearby) takes Care Credit. Or, depending on the age of the cat adopt it out. If it is a young cat there are usually private rescue groups that will take it in, or sometimes even the veterinarian will allow you to "sign over" the cat and they will treat it and adopt it out. I have seen this situation several times for just the reasons you are listing. Now, if it is a 12 year old cat then I think euthanasia is a reasonable option and one that I would think was the humane thing to do rather than let her suffer without medication, which i see too often. Good for you for facing this and making a hard decision.
  2. loving it so far! And at least in the older grades it teaches the student how to evaluate their own handwriting, which is great. It helps them take ownership of it. Katie
  3. We watched Building an Empire tonight, the one on Ancient Egypt, and it was excellent! I had only planned on watching the first 30 minutes tonight, and saving the rest for another day, but my son was so engrossed that I let him stay up and watch the whole thing. I learned a lot and it was very interesting. Thought I'd share in case anyone else was looking for Egypt resources.
  4. I'm in the same boat. We are using Growing with Grammar, as it was inexpensive, and covers diagramming. It also covers EVERYTHING each grade level.
  5. my car battery is dead. My husband is in India. I need the car working to go pick him up from the airport. I was able to get to the store in a different vehicle to get a new battery, which I now have. A friend of my husbands was supposed to come change the battery for me, but it is raining now, so that won't work. what are the chances I could figure it out and do it myself tomorrow? I mean, I'm not hugely strong, but I work as a vet tech a few days a week, and can lift heavy animals if I need to. I've read the directions online, but without being able to go look at the battery (because it is pouring rain and I'm not standing under the raised hood in a lightening storm), I can't tell if I will be able to figure it out. Any women ever do this themselves?
  6. My first thought is low blood sugar. It can make me totally unreasonable and I will have hissy fits over food. Can she have a sip of juice or two before you serve her the meal? Just as an experiment?
  7. :iagree: We are going through something similar and this is the only thing that helped. TONS of mom time, even if he acted like he didn't want it he NEEDED it!
  8. :iagree: i learned this the hard way. I had loved vegemite when I tasted it years ago, and while pregnant decided I was craving it. Unfortunately I'm cheap,and the Marmite was less expensive so I bought it, thinking it was the same thing. UGH!!!! GROSS!!!
  9. do you have a dog? Ours gets the leftovers.
  10. sauteed spinach. I love spinach and sweet potatoes together in a meal.
  11. I set up an astore with Amazon, and want to have a link to it on my blog. How do I do that using blogger.com?:confused: I have no idea what i'm doing, and my tech genius husband is in India.
  12. It could be marking, but it could also just be she likes to pee on soft things, as a preference that has held over since puppyhood. And soft things in the other room are safe to pee on because no one sees an yells at her. Letting her in there on a leash might help, and I don't see how it could hurt ;)
  13. I just checked..they don't have battery replacement service in my area. Which is stupid, as the headquarters in only a few towns a way.
  14. So, this morning, as I posted, didn't get off to a great start. DS11 was overtired from his sleepover the other night and didn't want to get out of bed. I woke him at 8:30, then made breakfast, finally getting him out of bed when breakfast was ready. He then refused to work for 1 hour because he doesn't want to learn to type. I sent him to his room and reminded him that he wasn't allowed to play until everything was done, so he had best think about getting it done before the ps let out and his friends came over. He eventually did, and I was proud for not losing my temper. We got everything done but some reading, which he will do tonight. We had a nice lunch. My house stayed clean. The baby, who NEVER naps, took 2 naps. I actually got to sleep during the afternoon one for TWO WHOLE HOURS!!! It was a great day. And then the car wouldn't start.....it had needed a jump before lunch but I thought that was because the door wasn't closed all the way and the light had drained the batter. But now it won't take a jump :001_huh: Did I mention my husband is in India on business until Thursday night??? And I have access to his truck, but I don't like the carseat in the front, but it doesn't fit in the back. I turned off the airbag, but still. And his truck has no AC, and it's Florida in the summer. Argh....everything was going so well...I had even planned on picking up some local beef to make a meat sauce with for dinner....instead we are eating frozen dinners.
  15. Finally things have evened out. The 1 1/2 hissy fit over having to learn typing ended with him actually doing the lesson (4 whole minutes! Hardly worth the fit!). Everything else went ok, and now he is happy working with some clay to build an egyptian style pot. He still has quite a bit of reading to do for history but he likes to read, so not an issue with him or I. And he is already saying how he is going to brag to his friends about how he got to sleep in and got Chik Fil A for lunch :)
  16. I've got the kettle on for tea, and Ive already been into the chocolate. DS 10 has had a poor attitude about everything...ack!
  17. and I think that is the problem with exercise you hate, it doesn't stick. Honestly, I lost 50lbs after my first son just be doing a fun yoga video and Richard Simmons videos. His are soooo silly and fun, but still help. Adding strength training sped things up a lot, ALA body for life, but I actually enjoy that.
  18. Find exercise you like. It shouldn't be torture. Maybe a video that is more fun and less boot camp like?
  19. thanks everyone. I'm not too worried about friends...his best friend lives in the neighborhood and will certainly be knocking on my door this afternoon :) As for the rest, right now I feel more confident. Things always seem better in the morning! I'm nursing the baby then going to take a shower. I figure I will let him sleep in a bit, since that wouldn't be possible if he was going to PS.
  20. Thanks. We will be going out to lunch to celebrate, and we are taking tomorrow off. After Labor Day he will go to the local PS on Tuesdays, so I have 4 day weeks scheduled. I figure having a day off the second day should help :) We might go do something fun then...its just SOOOOO hot right now that anything outside is really not feasible. Maybe the Science Center though...I think that would be fun, and air conditioned :)
  21. I've wanted to homeschool my son all along, but wasn't able to. Now I am finally in a position to do so, and all of a sudden I'm terrified. What if he hates it? What if it is too much? What if we kill each other? What if 5th grade is too late to change methods? Part of this is just normal jitters, and part of it is because Michael threw a total fit when he saw the schedule for tomorrow. I know that is probably not uncommon, and I kept my cool mostly, but by the end I was threatening to double his work if he kept arguing :( He is particularly focusing on the fact that he will have to study Bible, Spanish, and Typing, which he wouldn't have to do in PS. He kept saying that I lied to him when I said homeschooling would be fun. Ugh. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier than he thinks.
  22. I saw a documentary on that once, i think it was in latin america somewhere....they search corn fields trying to find it and consider it a delicacy. gross.
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