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  1. My ds11 was just diagnosed. I've contacted a local organization called CARD, the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. It's a state funded agency that helps walk you through the process,helps you find behavioral help, therapists, social skills camps, etc. hugs.
  2. Big Cat Rescue. It's an amazing, nationally recognized sanctuary for Tigers and other large cats. They are cutting edge as to the care the animals receive, and only do small tours to limit the stress on the cats.
  3. Check the different sized containers of milk. Here the half gallon cartons are ultrapasturized but the gallon jugs are just regular pasturized.
  4. Certainly every parent can't and every parent won't. But to say that just because someone says it is "great" and "wonderful" they are part of the "mommy wars" is a bit over the top. I can say something is great and wonderful without meaning that if you don't do it you suck. I say homeschooling is great and wonderful too. It doesn't mean that others are bad parents if they don't. I'm tired of people acting like me saying I think something is great is me putting them down. Obviously they think what they are doing is the best thing, or they wouldn't be doing it. We all do what we think is best, and I am so tired of having to tip toe around that to be politically correct. Sorry to jump on you, that was more a vent in general than at you directly. Katie
  5. I totally agree that humans have a biological need to suckle beyond a year, and agree that if "extended" breastfeeding is normal, than so is "extended" bottle feeding. That said, I think it should only be in the mama's arms, just like nursing, as the wish to get up and move around is part of what leads to weaning eventually and letting them take it with them destroys that. So you sound like you are doing it just right! (of course, I nursed until my son was 3.5, so I may be biased.) Jut use the sippy at other times. As for formula or cows milk, well, formula IS cow's milk, just with extra stuff. And honestly, some of that extra stuff is kind of gross, so I'd go to plain cow's milk. I think it would be more natural than the stuff that has corn syrup, trans fats, etc in it. Katie
  6. The only ones my breastfed babies will take is the Nuk ones, with the orthopedic nipple. I tried EVERYTHING else. Oddly enough my mom says it was the only one I would take too, when I was a baby. The wide ones they make now are very much like the breast. I've had zero latch issues and nursed the first one until 3 years and the second one is still going strong at a year. Katie
  7. I split up vaccines so there is only one at each visit. I think expecting them to get one ouchie, then another right away, is too much. Katie
  8. Cleaning for a Reason: If you know any woman currently undergoing chemotherapy, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - once per month for 4 months while she is in treatment. All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women. It's our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care. Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along. http://www.cleaningforareason.org/ You may not know someone going through chemo, but someone on your email list might. Please forward! THANK-YOU!! __._,_.___
  9. It's a day later and it still smells like a pack of smokers live here. Last night I left a pan on the burning during a power outage, and when we got home the power had come back on, burning the potatoes and melting the pot. The house was filled with smoke. i have fans running, I just bought a second one so I have it set with one blowing out the garage/kitchen door and one on the counter that is half way between the back door and the garage door. I'm trying to get a stiff breeze going through the house. I took out all the loose cushions on the couches and put them outside, after febreze'ing them. I sprayed febreeze on anything cloth, but I'm thinking of spraying it on everything. I washed the walls I could reach, but we have vaulted ceilings, so I can't reach everything. Any other ideas?
  10. Actually, he would remember to turn it off. He's really really really careful with stuff like that.....generally he's over cautious. His degree is in security, so he is always paranoid. So yeah, that's the worst part. I know he wouldn't do something like this. Katie
  11. Thanks, that is hopeful. I have the large kitchen window open, the front screen door, and some smaller windows. I have a big fan blowing out the kitchen window. I have a bowl of vinegar on the counter, as someone said that helps. I washed down all the cabinets in the kitchen, an febreezed the couches. I'm going to take the cushions outside later...right now it looks like rain. No carpet, so that is good. I will mop in a bit. thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone! Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the smoke smell out of the house????
  13. When my husband says that kind of thing I remind him that just because something is hard and frustration doesn't mean it isn't the right thing to do. In fact, it usually does mean it is the right thing to do :)
  14. Our power went out while I was cooking dinner. I waited about half an hour or so in the dark, but when it didn't come back on I left and met dh at a local restaurant to eat. The baby is afraid of the dark and was crying, ds11 was all hyper from the excitement and driving me nuts, we had nothing to eat, I was trying to change a diaper in the dark, etc and managed to make it out the door without totally losing my mind. It wasn't until we finished dinner that I remembered I hadn't turned the stove off!!!!!! I had a pot of potatoes boiling, but when the power went off of course it stopped boiling. we rushed home to find a house full of smoke and the pot had actually partially melted!!!! I have a saucer sized hunk of metal that had melted off the pot and pooled in the bottom of the burner! We opened the windows and door, and put a fan in the back door blowing air out, but the house still smells. I febrezed one of the couches to see if it helps by tomorrow. Ugh. My dh probably wants to kill me but isn't saying anything. I'm soooo thankful the house and pets were ok, but terrified of what could have happened, and worried I won't be able to get the smell out of the house. We can't afford a specialist to come in and do it. Thanking God everything was ok, and reminding everyone to turn off any burners/oven if the power goes off!
  15. Having known some surgeons I say give it to him. He may blow it off, but my gut reaction is that it will matter to him. And honestly, he NEEDS to know what your lifestyle is if he is to serve you properly. Give it to him and know that it is normal to need a connection with someone that has so much power over you. hugs.
  16. You need to check around. We found potting soil mixed up and ready to go at a local nursery, sold by the cubic yard. Basically, it's one truck bed full for $35 dollars. We drive our pickup over, they dump it in the bed, we drive home and shovel it out. If we had to buy the components by the bag at home depot it would be much more I think. Also, our local landfil has a section of free compost, you just have to shovel it into containers yourself. Check home depot for raised bed kits. I heard that the 4x4 kits are on sale now. Here in FL they were only 19 dollars for the hole kit according to someone on a local gardening forum.
  17. Yup, gotta rotate the baby :) So it's 15 minutes in the highchair eating snacks, then 15 mintues playing on the floor with a gift bag and some washcloths (put them in, take them out), then time to watch Super Why (yup, we do tv for babies...it's better than beating them), then time to nurse and snuggle, then she crawls around the kitchen playing with measuring cups and such, then the high chair again, repeat repeat repeat. They grow out of it soon enough. Remember, at this age the baby IS the lesson. Your older children are learning that the most important thing is family, that meeting the needs of those in the family matters, that we need to put the weakest and smallest ahead of ourselves, etc. That will be more important than math.
  18. I was going to get a pet snake, as I think they are really great pets, until I found out they can live 40 years. Um, I don't have that kind of attention span, LOL. Seriously, I can't make a 40 year commitment, and I don't believe in getting an animal unless I can commit to keep it it's whole life.
  19. I decided to cross post this here, for more input. I hope that is ok. My DS11 was just diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD inattentive type, mild depression, mild sensory integration disorder, and significant working memory impairment. We are trying to wrap our heads around this. As someone else told me this is a very hard age to get these kinds of diagnoses. My son is very high functioning, and does have friends. He very much wants to be "cool" and normal. He has said several times that he is just NORMAL!!!! We talked about how Aspergers is just a label to describe certain types of thinking, that it isn't bad or good. I told him it is like his gifted label, but he honestly would probably rather be "normal" than gifted at this point. My issue is that we need to start working on some things. He needs to start going to therapy to learn some of the social skills he doesn't have. Like making eye contact, realizing the impact it has on others when he won't smile or talk, learning to express his frustration in a non threatening manner, etc. He also needs to start working on improving his working memory, as it does frustrate him to not be able to remember things. I'm getting him Brainware Safari software for that. He doesn't want to do these things, because he is "normal". Sigh. And although he needs to do them I'm hesitant to push too hard because I'm afraid that upsetting him more will make the depression worse. (main symptom being anger and frequent withdrawal). On the other hand the neuro psychologist thinks the depression is because of the difficulties he has with the Aspergers, and his constant frustrations about that. So we do need to deal with it. Sigh. I just hate this. The only bright spot in all of this is that I'm realizing his poor social skills are not my fault. I have gotten sooooo frustrated that I haven't been able to teach him basic things like looking at someone when they talk to you, responding to them politely, etc. Now I realize that it isn't him being rude, he just has a very hard time with these things and needs help with them. Of course, i also feel guilty for the times I got mad at him for being "rude." All I can do is go forward. And be glad that I did help him as much as I did.
  20. I'm wondering how well it works, if it is worth it, easy to use, etc?
  21. My 11 year old still does it;. I spent months again this year trying to fix it. I have given up. He is learning to type, his handwriting is legible although not great, and I just don't care anymore. I'm over it.
  22. Hmmm. Well, the psychologist seemed to think that the depression stems from the frustration of the Aspergers. Particularly the feeling of being different, and the constant frustration of people not understanding him, and he not being able to understand others. So I'm not sure how to address the depression other than addressing the Asperger's. I am taking an extra interest in his diet, and making sure he gets outside to run around, but he already did that most days. Medication wasn't advised at this point for it. Any thoughts?
  23. He is at the age where he wants absolutely nothing more than to be "normal". This diagnoses challenges that for him. He is really upset by the idea. He is very high functioning, and does have friends and a pretty good social life. But he does struggle with social skills, and I know he needs to work on those before he gets older and kids start basing relationships on communication more than "doing things." He was also diagnosed as mildly to moderately depressed. I am worried that focusing too much on the Aspergers will make him more depressed, but if we don't than he will have more problems/depression long term. Any tips to help him with this?
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