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  1. If most of the itching is in a triangle with the base of the triangle at the tail and the point of the triangle further up the back it is probably fleas. that is the tell tale "flea triangle". If it is seasonal, that is, it comes and goes then it isn't food allergy, it's either fleas or environmental allergies. To help environmental allergies you can wipe the dog down with a wet washcloth when he/she comes in from outside to wipe the pollen off. Bathing twice a week will also help remove the pollen. vinegar will only help it if is yeast, and you have to dilute it or it BURNS!!!!
  2. The one on teaching writing was life changing. The most brilliant thing I have ever heard. My second favorite is the joy of classical homeschooling.
  3. You could always do the WWE orally and let them read SOTW or vice versa. There are questions and narrations for both, so alternating probably would work well.
  4. Thanks everyone! They haven't posted the speaker line up so I wasn't sure. I appreciate it! Katie
  5. I just wanted to address your fear. I converted to Catholicism years ago. I was baptized in the Episcopal Church, confirmed in a Presbyterian church, married a Buddhist in a Methodist church while pregnant, baptized our son in a Congregational church, went back to the Episcopal Church and was confirmed there as an adult, THEN found my way to an RCIA class. I told the priest and the people there all of this, and no one was shocked at all. Just welcoming. And there were a surprising number of people with similar stories. So I wouldn't worry about your background at all. As for your other issues, you do not have to circumcise to be Catholic, and Catholics believe in looking at the Bible critically, looking for where changes were made, what the historical context was, etc. So you can believe that it contains God's message to us, but also believe that it has been shaped by the very human nature of the people that wrote it down, the politics that surrounded it, etc. It's ok to believe in Evolution, the Church teaches that Science is in harmony with scripture. No problem there. Any other questions?
  6. Lots of fish oil in his diet will help some. But if you don't want to do steroids often, and I don't blame you at all, I'd try using bendryl on a daily basis, twice a day for now and then as needed. The dose is a milligram per pound. If that doesn't work you can get a prescription antihistamine. Where does he scratch at? Depending on where he is itchy I might be able to help you narrow down the problem.
  7. Pocket diapers like you mentioned are fun, and easy. But for cost and effectiveness flats or prefolds win hands down. I have never had a wet diaper leak when it is a flat or a prefold under a good cover. Ever. I used to prefer prefolds, but now LOVE LOVE LOVE flats. They take a few more minutes to fold (I fold them before putting them away, so they are ready to go when I am changing her) but are cheap as dirt and wash up better than anything else. They also dry much much faster, saving time and money that way. My current favorites are actual the "flour sack cloths" sold as kitchen towels at walmart and target, LOL. They work great and are $1 each. But they would be a bit big on a newborn, unless you folded them a bit more. Katie
  8. I'm in Orlando, so it would be local and cheap to attend. But if it is going to just make me want to tear my hair out because I am not the "right" kind of Christian I don't want to go. If it will be educational and fun, and maybe something to take the grandparents to, then I would go. Katie
  9. You can read sample chapters for yourself on the website. Her interpretations are not very accurate. And no, it is NOT unBiblical. It just doesn't agree with certain Christian's views on the Bible and how it should be interpreted. Fundamentalists do not own the word Bible. Probably the majority of Chritians believe that the Bible is made of of different genre's, each meant to be read in a particular way. We don't believe that Genesis is allegory because we don't like what it says. We believe it is Allegory because we believe that is how it was written, and how we are supposed to read it. sigh.
  10. Thanks. When I talked to him he said that the girl had his phone and texted herself as a joke...I'm not sure I believe that, but I'm not going to push it at this point. We had a talk about how text messages are NEVER truly private, and not using language or sending messages that he wouldn't want his sister to receive. The phone is locked down for the time being.
  11. he actually is more making silly multiplication/division mistakes. It's like he is afraid of them and gets flustered.
  12. Ds11 usually finds math very easy. In fact often I think a page will be very hard, and he breezes through it. We are using Math Mammoth. But he is brainless as soon as there is a decimal point on the page. He got EVERY question wrong yesterday. Granted, their were only 4 questions, but still. What is crazy is he is just making silly mistakes. It's like he sees the decimal point and his brain melts. My thoughts are either to just finish the chapter (we just have the review left) and come back to it later and hope it was a developmental issue or get Life of Fred Decimals and percents and keep working on it. Thoughts?
  13. No, he doesn't generalize well at all. I guess that is an Aspie thing. I was naive not to make strict rules as to what is and is not acceptable. Katie
  14. I love the "if you wouldn't say it to your mom" idea! That is perfect. And like your son I have never ever heard him swear. He said **** once when he was 3, and that was the end of it, lol. And yes, I will tell him that from now on I will be reading them.
  15. Here is my issue, was he even being "disobedient"? I mean, I never specifically said "don't make vulgar comments via text" you know? So I'm not even sure how to frame why I am upset. I guess I need help with that. I do think I can ask him what he thinks would happen if the girl's father read that...relate it to how he would feel if someone some day texted that to his sister. i don't want him to grow up! As for the earlier behavior...he'd been egging us on all day. However, I think he is getting sick. He actually fell asleep on the couch, which he only does when he is sick, and earlier he complained of a sore throat. The baby was sick yesterday, and I have a sinus headache. Not an excuse, but a factor. He did go see a counselor just last week, and starts a social skills group that includes working on anger management on Monday.
  16. He hates going. It's a fight. And he says that he is the only kid he knows that has to go to church. We could find another in the same denomination I think.
  17. Oh, sorry, no I didn't mean that parents that don't take the kids to church are less strict. I meant that it was just one more thing that I make him do that other kids don't have to do. Katie
  18. I should have explained that none of them are his age. They are all younger.
  19. Our current church is small, but great. The priest (Episcopalian) is loving and caring and knows us by name. I like the casual dress that people wear, as I'm not stressing on Sunday morning to make sure everyone looks perfect. I like that I don't feel like I am the poorest person financially. But, there are very few children. My son really doesn't know any kids that go to church. I'm wondering if staying where I am happy is less important than getting my son around other church going children, so he sees that he is not the only 11 year old forced to attend. We would have to drive a bit farther, and probably attend a church that was a bit more "well to do". What do you think?
  20. ugh. He will get the phone back, BUT my husband has used the parental controls so that the only people he can call/receive calls from are he and myself. The secrecy and such bother me more. I want to move to a neighborhood where the other kids are raised differently. I am the strictest parent in the neighborhood by far it seems. I am the only one that expects my son to do chores, be in at a decent hour, have a bedtime, etc. Oh, and none of the other kids got to church.
  21. Good points, both about being unemotional and that someone else could have accessed his phone. I know that not all of his friends have phones, so one of them could have used my son's.
  22. My aspie son and I have some major blow ups. Today he refused to believe his stepfather that there were no ramen noodles left at Walgreens, so he bought a different brand of noodle. He refused to listen to him, told him that he KNEW there were some there (impossible to know), and walked off when his stepfather was talking to him. I stepped in and made him stay there, and he tried to push by me. I ended up restraining him for a minute at which point he knocked over two chairs by kicking them. I explained the noodle situation, explained that his stepfather tried his best, explained that he has to listen to adults, that he can't storm off, and if I tell him to stay he had better gosh darn stay! He was then sent to his room where he packed a bag as if he was leaving. At that point I took his phone, as he has previously tried to call or text his father to get him on his side. I checked the texts, and there were none in the in box, but plenty in the sent box. Most were to a "Natasha". I don't know Natasha, I've never heard of her. The rest were to two boys that I do know, that are over here a lot. Most said things like "where are you?" Or, "meet me at the park." Innocent enough. One indicated that the boys were telling Natasha that ds11 said he "liked her" and he was denying it. Ok, typical stuff. But what disturbed me were two other messages. One said, "Tell him he dies tomorrow, so enjoy today." I'm assuming this was a joke?? The worst was "F U Suck it! Wait, you can't, your jaw broke on it." This is my little boy writing this!!!!! What do I do? As for his behavior he was supposed to have a friend come over afterschool and I was going to take them to the Science Center. When the boy got here I called his mom and explained that Michael was in trouble and she came and got her son. So not having his friend over is punishment for that. But what do I do about the texts? I haven't mentioned it yet, as I don't want to confuse it with the defiance and other behavior. And I want to be able to really talk to him about it, and why that language isn't ok, etc. I want to know what is going on, and who this girl is, and why I haven't ever seen her. (usually the kids play on our street or the next, or at the park that is between the two -- all within shouting distance..and I've never seen her.) help!
  23. Math Mammoth. Teaches mental math, math concepts, and lots of word problems. Inexpensive and easy to use.
  24. Your assuming that the people asking are being logical and will listen to reason :tongue_smilie: In my family, there is no reasoning. For instance, with my homebirth. My parents were not ok with it. They didn't care how many articles, statistics, etc I had, they just were never going to be ok with it. So it became a matter of boundaries: Yes, I know you are concerned, could you pass the bean dip?
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