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  1. He doesn't seem to. In fact, he's so generally normal that I only stumbled on the problem in the middle of our battery. *sigh* So much for this year's test.... Thanks, EKS and showelott. I was kind of thinking along the same lines, but I didn't know there was an actual name for it or that their ears would catch what their eyes didn't. This helps immensely! Thank you.
  2. I was sick all 9 months with every child. It was fun. During that time, the only thing that helped me was having dh rub my feet -- he'd hit the pressure points for nausea and it would diminish. The only problem was that once I got up and walked, the nausea came back. Ick. Since my last child was born, I have come across Young Living's essential oil blend DiGize that helps a lot with general digestive issues, including nausea. I haven't looked into safety during pregnancy, though.
  3. Dd is on the swim team, plus she has my frizzy hair. Not a good combination. She's tried a lot of different "no poo" things, but her favorite is coconut oil. She puts a LITTLE (she used too much at first.... BIG mess....) on her wet hair when she showers, lets it rest awhile, and then rinses it just like you would conditioner. She said you have to use hot water to rinse it out because cold just doesn't do as well. She also wears a swim cap to protect her hair from the pool water. HTH!
  4. Ds10 is an auditory learner (and worker), so he struggles with the quiet, still, read-silently format of standardized tests. His scores do not reflect his knowledge -- he almost always does better with oral questions than with written questions. Is there any way to help an audio-related student do better on standardized tests, esp the ones given in high school like the ACT or SAT that parents can't give at home? Thanks!
  5. When we bought our first house, the sellers paid us for the taxes they would owe through the date of sale, then we had to pay the regular tax bill. We were a little confused until we got that tax bill, then it all made sense. If you escrow your taxes with your mortgage payment, your bank may have different rules -- you'll just have to ask (and ask and ask again until you completely understand their policies).
  6. I checked the food she got at the pet store. It is specifically betta fish food and it does have brine shrimp and krill in it -- does he need even more than that? They didn't say anything about raw meat at the store. :confused:
  7. I had to laugh at this. My dd12 is an assistant karate instructor, very talented, and coordinated on the mats, spars very well. She's an above-average softball pitcher, plays tennis very well, and can shoot a basket with the boys just fine... and still runs like a toddler. :001_huh: She's just not very fluid with that particular motion -- but she is very fluid with all the rest of them, so I don't worry about her.
  8. :iagree: Grandparents and other family members can be a good source, too. My mother pays my kids a few dollars every payday to come over and help her out for an hour -- things a 70-year-old can't do so easily but small children can, like pick up the nuts that fall from the tree, weed the flower bed, and crawl behind the bed to pick up whatever fell back there.
  9. Eeeeew! I guess cannibalism would be a big clue they're hungry, eh? Thanks for the info!
  10. Our kids now have four goldfish and a beta (in different bowls). I'm finding conflicting advice on how often to feed them. The amount seems consistent -- no more than they will eat in a few minutes -- but I'm reading we should feed them anywhere from once every couple days to multiple times each day. Any experience? Thanks!
  11. This is exactly why I can't volunteer either. I would be miserable leaving any dog there when I went home.
  12. :grouphug: There's a big difference between being ready for college academically and socially/personally. I completely understand -- I was definitely not ready socially! But I made some good, trustworthy friends who helped me through and God took care of the rest. I don't know if my mom cried or not -- it would have made it harder somehow, I think, had I known she did.
  13. Good for you! Just as a thought, I think "no, we're not available" is enough explanation. You don't have to tell her why.
  14. I woke up this morning with one tonsil swollen and painful to the point that it hurts to swallow. But that's all. It's not red, angry, white, or patchy. The other tonsil and the throat are perfectly fine. I do have a little bit of stuffiness, but that's not unusual for me first thing in the morning. Thoughts? Thanks!
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