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  1. This is what I have to remind myself of. I think that most of our issues are because of the physical changes that are starting to happen. I like everything laid out for me, and dealing with a child in the beginning of puberty is not an exact science, as I am learning.
  2. Thank you, Lori, for taking the time to encourage me. I really value your words of wisdom on this board and I am going to take these comments to heart.
  3. I constantly feel like I am pulling my DD12 into the logic stage. We only started using some classical education components two years ago. We started K4 with Abeka and continued that for a few years before we had busywork burnout, then we struggled for a couple of years when I had the 4 younger boys to wrangle. Now I feel a little like I am failing her. She is a little behind in some subjects and on par with others. She was a late reader, and her spelling and comprehension sometimes is lacking because she still guesses at words she doesn't know, even though I did take SWB's advice and I ran my 4 older kids through Saxon Phonics 2 last year to make sure the phonics was covered. I still have to go over most of her work with her and she only does a few things independently. She is only in the beginning stages of puberty and has not matured yet like most of her friends. Could this be why I am frustrated? I want her work to be challenging(I was bored silly in school), but I want her to feel successful too. I guess I am looking for advice as to what I can do to help her move into the logic stage. I feel high school looming and it is stressing me out. Oh, here is a list of what she is doing: MUS Pre-Algebra (I tried ChalkDust BCM at the beginning of the year, but it was a bust.) Key to Fractions, Decimals and Percents(to brush up on the basics before Algebra) Growing with Grammar 5(she will be moving into 6 after Christmas) WWS(I really have to go over everything before she will do any of it herself) Daily Skill Builders in Phonics and Spelling(she needs constant phonics review) Spelling Plus(we are working through this book so that she has the 1000 most commonly misspelled words) Chronicles of Narnia with PP Guides(the guides are done orally with me) Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4(we just started this and she will go through 4, 5 and some of 6 this year) Grammar of Poetry(once a week with me) Getting Started with Latin(with me) History(MARR with the rest of the kids - we are loosely using TruthQuest/Biblioplan) Apologia General Science Building Thinking Skills Fallacy Detective Apologia Who is God?(together) AWANA Trek
  4. My boys all do MUS and also do Horizons Math workbooks a year behind as a spiral review. I like MUS for the mastery approach, and since Horizons is considered by some to be slightly above grade level, doing it a year behind works great as review. I do have to occasionally teach a new concept that appears in Horizons Math, and the kids haven't covered in MUS, but it works out well, because when they hit it in MUS, they have had some exposure to the concepts, even if it is brief.
  5. My DD12 is in 7th and we are just starting Week 9. I let her try to read through the lesson on her own, and sometimes she goes ahead and works on it, but I find that it is a little lengthy and wordy, so she often wants me to go over it as well, before she attempts it. The lessons usually take between 30 min and an hour. Sometimes I want to 'jump ship', because with 5 DC I really need my DD to be more independent, but I really think that the skills that are taught in WWS are worth the extra effort that we have to put in.
  6. Laura Gibbs has translated Aesop's Fables into Latin. Here is her website - http://mythfolklore.net/?vm=r. If you look at the books published section, you can see the link to download Aesop's Fables for free. I hope this helps!
  7. My twins are late October babies, and they will be in 8th when they turn 13. I would probably decide which grade to say he is in by using your state standards.
  8. :iagree:My DD12 is working on MUS Pre-Algebra, but I am also making her go through the Key to Fractions, Decimals and Percents books as well this year. We are working on the Fractions books right now, and she is definitely getting fractions from a little different viewpoint and that is a good thing, because it is improving her understanding.
  9. I have one in Trek, three in T&T and one in Sparks this year. We are really working on making AWANA part of our school schedule this year, so that we diligently work on it.
  10. Are you using something in particular to study Latin? Depending on what you are using, there are probably audios to go with it. We are using Getting Started With Latin and the author has all of the lessons in either classical or ecclesiastical pronunciation available as free downloads on his website. We are really enjoying GSWL. It is quick and painless.
  11. Hi Melanie...I am not aligned at all with Alberta curriculum. I do my own thing. As of right now, and I know it is early, I am planning on doing my own thing through high school as well, and having my children challenge the 30 level tests in at least two sciences, math and English. We will probably do the SAT, and possibly one or two SAT II level tests, especially if my DC are university bound. Are you aligned in any subjects? I was aligned with my DD for Grade 1, but we hated it and that was the last time.
  12. I do like the idea of having one afternoon per week dedicated to each science. I will have to think more about that. Then maybe I would dedicate the other two afternoons to history and economics. I am in Canada, and we follow the European way of doing the sciences. My DD wants to be an Animal Health Technologist (helper to a Veterinarian), and she needs at least 2, 30 level, sciences here in Alberta. That means 2-12th Grade level sciences - Biology and Chemistry. I am shooting for Physics too, in case she changes her mind and wants to actually be a Veterinarian. Of course she is only 12, so these plans could all change at the drop of a hat.
  13. I am probably in the minority, but I do not require memorization until the end of 4th grade. I let my DC use a chart, if they need it, then near the end of 4th, I start to make them do their math without it. If they struggle at that point, then I spend more time with them to help them work on the memorization. I do not hold them back in their math programs. I have found that they naturally use the chart less and less during 4th and just drop it themselves. Although one of my twins is pretty dependent on it right now, so I will probably have to work with him a little more after Christmas so that he is independent by the end of the school year.
  14. I am already trying to figure out how to get my DD through the Apologia Biology, Chem and Physics texts, as well as their Advanced texts in each subject simultaneously through high school. I 'think' I am going to try the following schedule: 9th - 1/2 of the Biology, Chem and Physics texts 10th - the other 1/2 of the above texts 11th - 1/2 of the Advanced Biology, Chem and Physics texts 12th - the last 1/2 of the Advanced texts I am not sure if I will try to break the year into thirds and really concentrate on each, or schedule 9 blocks of science a week, doing 3 blocks on each subject. It sounds like an overwhelming schedule to me already, and DD is not an advanced student.
  15. Thank you for your quick response, Susan. I did email your assistant yesterday to ask if she knew where the list was, so she may contact you. We are loving WWS! It is hard work for my DD, but her writing is improving every week, so it is worth it!
  16. Thank you so much for your quick response, Susan. I am glad that I am not dense. I almost didn't post, because I thought it was a silly question. We are loving WWS, and although it is hard work, I am seeing the results in my DD's writing.
  17. We are working on Week 8, and we do not seem to be able to find the list of Space and Distance Words/Phrases. Is there one? We have the Time and Sequence Word list, and the text does mention it, but we are not able to figure out where the Space and Distance Words/Phrases list is. Can anyone help?
  18. What about Growing With Grammar? I don't know about the higher levels, but we are using Levels 3, 4, and 5 this year after using R&S last year. I would say that it is comparable to R&S, and it is written to the student.
  19. I agree with the other books listed, especially the Anne of Green Gables books. My sons love them almost as much as my DD does, especially because Anne gets into trouble so much. I just pre-read Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey yesterday, for my DD. It was a great Arthurian book from a different angle, but the protagonist is a boy, so it doesn't quite fit your requirements. I thought it was a great book for the 10-13 age range.
  20. :bigear: I could have written most of this post about my DD12, who is in 7th grade as well.
  21. :grouphug:, Colleen! I have read many of your posts over the past year(s), and I have no doubt in my mind that this is just a slow start after your break. Like so many on this board advocate, I would say that you probably need to gradually put your full schedule into effect, adding a few things every week, although I know that will probably mess up your schedule. We do a light schedule over the summer and last week started up with most of our full schedule with the exception of a couple of things that I added this week. I find that the kids work better when things are gradually added. I also find that with my crew, I cannot take more than a 3 week break at a time, or things seem to slip. I am sure that things will start running more smoothly soon!
  22. We are on Week 8, and from what I can tell, I think he is doing well. My DD is 12, and not a strong reader or writer, and I think he did as well as she did. You know best, and if your gut feeling is that he is 'in over his head', then I might suggest a couple of options: 1) Do WWS at half speed and take your time to go through the lessons. There have been a couple of weeks that we have had to take an extra day to work on a composition. Maybe write a rough draft of an outline or narration one day, then go back the next day to improve upon it, although as Capt stated, you do work on sentence structure in the upcoming lessons. 2) Do WWS at half speed and maybe add WWE4 in on the alternate days, if you feel he needs a little more practice with those skills. 3) Or move down to WWE4 for six months, then start up again with WWS. I think that this is what SWB recommends if your child is struggling with the narrations in particular. HTH,
  23. I, too, do not do a formal science until my DC hit 6th grade. Last year my DD tried CLE's 6th grade science program that I thought would be a nice overview to fill in the gaps that might have happened do to our interest-led philosophy for elementary science. The only problem was that she, too, began to hate science and we only got through a little more than half of the Light Units, because it was a struggle to get her to complete them, and when she did, most of her answers were not correct. Fast forward to this summer - she started Apologia General and we slowly did the first Module over six weeks, and now we are almost finished Module 2(at a faster rate). I have her listen to the GS audiobook while she reads the textbook. (I found out later that with CLE she just was skipping the words she couldn't read, so she couldn't understand a thing, and she told me she loves the Apologia audiobook, because someone reads the words she doesn't know.) I also bought the Knowledge Box Central notebooking pages that go with GS, it has the lab reports that are partially filled out, and the little folders to make for the study questions. Would you believe that now she says that Science is one of her favorite subjects? This, after a meltdown last year every time we pulled out the CLE Science books. HTH,
  24. My DD is using WWS and we are using Roget's International Thesaurus 6th Edition. It seems to be set up as SWB describes in WWS, although I think we might have different edition because it doesn't totally line up. I like how thorough it is, although it is intimidating at over 1200 pages long. We are just finishing Week 7, and my DD is just starting to get the hang of using the thesaurus. We have always just used the little, cheap school versions here, so it was a bit of a learning curve for her.
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