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  1. :iagree:Okay, I did check the outlining section in the new WTM, and it does say to outline from your 'extra' resources. I have the original WTM and I am sure that it said outline from the Kingfisher, so this is why I was a little confused and concerned. I did not want to have my DD outline from just one source/style. I agree, the Remedia books are easy, and my DD thinks so too. They have been a great start to outlining, and I think my DD will have a confidence to tackle other material. After Christmas, we are going to start using different sources from our TOG Y1, and I will have her start back at one level outlines for a while and then move to two level outlines in a couple of months, so that she will be ready for 3 level outlines by the beginning of 7th Grade. In the new WTM, SWB also adds in writing facts from the primary text. So this is what I am thinking I will do with my white Kingfisher.
  2. Can someone please compare these two programs for me? I am looking for a comparison of what is contained in each, how they are taught, DVD lectures, and how rigorous they are. Thank you
  3. I am interested in finding out more information on this program. On the ChalkDust website, it says it is for 6th Grade. Is this true? I am looking for something to use for 7th, after MUS Zeta. My DD is not very mathy, and I am hoping that it might be a good review, and precursor to pre-algebra. How rigorous is it? Will she flounder? I also understand that at one time on the boards, Pongo and others had ISBN's to purchase the sets at a lower price. I tried to do a search, but only found the ISBN's for Pre-Algebra and Algebra. Does anyone have these?
  4. Thank you, Sarah Kate. I am still considering TT7 for next year. My DD is not extremely mathy, but I would still like her to get on track to do Saxon Algebra 1 and 2 and Advanced Math by the end of 12th. I am just trying to figure out the best way to get her there.
  5. I don't know if she could do the mental math style. She definitely doesn't like the round-about-way that Mr. Demme teaches. She just wants to be taught how to do something and then go and do it. I have purchased Dana Mosely's DVDs for elementary subjects and she does prefer to watch him. The only problem is that not all of the lessons will correlate. She is having a tough time realizing that now that she is in 6th Grade, she will be doing more work than all of her brothers. They are finished and off playing, and she is still plugging away for another hour or two. I have told her that she will have even more work in 7th. I was looking at some of the Saxon samples, and she could do the 6/5 work now, but I am not sure that MUS is going to prepare her to do 7/6 next fall. It seems that 7/6 jumps up in difficulty.
  6. I am not sure what to do. My DD11 is struggling with MUS Zeta. It is not so much the decimals(we are on Lesson 12 of 30), but she doesn't seem to remember how to do any of the fraction work from Epsilon that is in the review work. I have to be honest here, I am not sure if it is that she can't do the work or that she is being difficult, as we seem to be at 'that' age, and attitude has become a factor. I think that she is a auditory learner, but I have never found a test that would help me discover exactly how she learns. She is bright and doesn't have any LDs that I know of. I was really wanting her to go on to Saxon 7/6 next year for 7th grade, but now I am doubting whether or not she can handle it. Do I need to go to something like Teaching Textbooks? Should I switch now, or plug on through the year? Or, do I switch to Saxon 5/4 or Math Mammoth 5 right now, and try to have 5 and 6 completed by the end of 7th Grade. Will that put her behind? Could she go into a Pre-Algebra in 8th Grade after Saxon 6/5 or MM6? I wasn't planning on doing Pre-Algebra before 8th. Thank you for letting me think out loud. I am not strong in math, and I get a little apprehensive when I think about the high school years.
  7. I just picked up my Amazon order from the post office last night, so hopefully I will be able to get take a look at my new WTM this weekend. I am looking forward to reading and digesting the new outline section. I like the idea of having a handy copy of the questions for my DD to refer to. I am hoping that by the end of this year, she will have really internalized this process. I also like the idea of the child picking the topic to outline from each week. I allow my DC to pick the topic from the week that they do their summaries from - what most interested them from all of our reading, since we do so much. I don't make them summarize everything. We all know that our DC will learn more if they are interested in the information.
  8. :iagree:I do the same thing! I think this is a great sub-forum.
  9. We are using Remedia's Beginning Outlining and Outlining books this fall and my DD is really enjoying them. She finds it easy. I am transitioning to using my own resources after Christmas and I will start her back at one level outlines and move to two level outlines before the end of this year, so that she is ready for 3 level outlines by next fall.
  10. :iagree:The Kingfisher Ancient World book is easier than the red or white Kingfisher books. If you find a true Middle Ages equivalent, please let me know. I will have to look at the DK and K12 books, but I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I will have to search a variety of books and make notes of which passages I want my DD to outline every week. It is a good thing I have thousands of books on my shelves - I love library sales. I was just hoping to have something that was more 'open and go', but I guess there just isn't a 'one size fits all' program for history and lit., and the sooner I get that through my head, I can stop spending my time looking for it.:tongue_smilie:
  11. I have realized that I am going to have to do this, I was just hoping for something that was more 'open and go'.
  12. :iagree:I have come to this very conclusion. I guess I was just wanting 'open and go'. :iagree:This is the part of SWB's logic stage writing, that I had a problem with. If a child outlines from Kingfisher/or another text for 4 years, they are basically just learning to outline from one source. Thank you for voicing what I was intuitively thinking. I was listening to all of SWB's writing MP3s this past weekend, and I caught the questions for the first time. I also have ordered the new edition of the WTM and I understand it has more about outlining in it than my original version. SWB's take on writing and analysis for history and literature is really resounding with me. I don't want to kill my DC love of learning history and reading literature, by too many questions and analysis. I agree with SWB, where she says that you can kill this love if you are not careful.
  13. I am using the Guerber Ancient Times book with TOG, when it fits, but I am not sure I want to continue with it.
  14. Now that you mention it, I remember that people here were recommending the World in Ancient Times series. I think I have one on my bookshelves, from a library sale, although I know it isn't the middle ages. I will have to take at it to see if it is written in an engaging manner that we can outline from. I will also look into K12 Human Odyssey.
  15. :iagree:I am also using the Kingfisher Ancient World book with TOG this year. I haven't looked to see if they have a Middle Ages equivalent. I will have to look into the Oxford history books.
  16. I agree that I there is not enough information in the Kingfisher for outlining purposes. I will have to look into the Golden Press books. I have an old Golden Press Children's Bible that my husband used when he was young and it surpasses all of the other children's bibles I have looked at. I go to it time and time again.
  17. I am considering switching to the SWB/WTM method of history and literature for next year. We will be starting the Middle Ages. I have the new red Kingfisher and I just bought the older white Kingfisher off of Ebay. I have to say that I am not overly impressed with them. They are okay, but I think my DD needs a more narrative form. She is also a young 11YO, and quite sensitive, so she is not ready for Streams of Civilization(which I own, and after looking at it, I find it has a little more mature content than she is ready for). In SWB's lectures, she states that SOTW 1 and 2 are not easy to outline from, and that SOTW 3 and 4 would lend themselves more to outlining. I need something a little more advanced than SOTW 2 to use with her, although I will probably use it with the boys. I want something that she can outline from. I have the ABEKA 7th Grade History of the World textbook, but I think it moves too fast and is really factual with no narrative. I also have Christian Schools International - Story of the Old World, which I am leaning towards using, because it is slightly more narrative, but it is still a textbook. Are there any other alternatives I need to look at?
  18. Thank you, teachaheart. I was planning on adding in WTM suggestions for writing and some logic level literature. I looked at Omnibus, but it is too advanced for my oldest child and I would not be able to tweak it for the youngers. I am doing TOG Year 1 right now, and we love it, but I need to move to something that is a little less intense, because I do not feel like I am getting the full use out of it. It is an expensive book list right now.
  19. Is it possible to use this with a 7th Grader? I am wanting a program that I can tweak for all of my children next year. I will have 1st Grade, two 4th Graders, 5th Grade and 7th Grade.
  20. I like the layout of it, but I am wondering how hard it would be to add in church history(middle ages) and other Christian POV materials. ETA: I checked the website and see that it is secular, so I guess my question is, can I easily add Christian content?
  21. Thank you, SWB! I am looking forward to frequenting all three areas - K-8, Logic and High School.
  22. Thank you! I can't wait to check these out! My DD11 is actually asking for Christmas poetry to memorize, and she said she wants long ones!
  23. I am looking for some poetry for my children to memorize as we approach Christmas. I would love recommendations from The Hive!
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