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  1. I really like the way History Odyssey is set up, but I do not want to use TSOM. We are not secular, and I would prefer a text that isn't secular. Has anyone used HO with something else? If so, how did it line up?
  2. Thanks, Lori! He has read a few of the books on the Canadian list you posted, but most of them I haven't heard of. I will check them out.
  3. Thanks for your response, Lori! I am wondering if what you mentioned here, is what is an issue. The only problem is that DS is an immature 14 YO, so most longer, more complex works might be at his reading level, but emotionally, I am not sure he could handle them. Does that make sense. I do want to push him so that by next year he will hopefully be ready for higher level reading. He has already read quite a few of the books that you have listed that might go with SOTW 3, but not all, so I will look at them. We are Canadian, so I am trying to add in Canadian historical fiction as well as
  4. Yes, I have the activity book, but most of the books are below his reading level. I will look at the lists you mentioned. Thank you!
  5. I am having my Logic Stage child go through SOTW 3 & 4 this year. He is a voracious reader, and is asking for 3-4 history related literature books to read EVERY week. Does someone have a list of Logic level books that corresponds with the chapters in SOTW 3 & 4. I have seen different curriculums with lists, but most of them list 1 book every week or so. I need to put together a pretty extensive list to keep up with this boy.
  6. It has been ages since I have been in this community. I have been homeschooling all of my children, and now I am on my last child who is a voracious reader and likes to work independently. He is going into ninth grade, and we are at Early Modern Times in our history rotation. I would really like to cover all the way through to current times this year. Any recommendations?
  7. I have looked at the theme programs and I am considering the Medieval Times program for next year.
  8. IEW teaches key word outlines, which basically means what it says. You pick out the key words of a paragraph and then re-write from your outlines. SWB's method is laid out in the latest WTM and is a little more based on choosing the main idea of a paragraph and then details. She has questions to help you with the process. I have not seen WWS, but I believe it goes through this process.
  9. I know this now. At the time, I thought we had to drag ourselves through the units. As I said in my prior post, I wish I had had the confidence to move to the next unit.
  10. This is exactly why we crashed and burned with IEW. My DD started to hate writing after the first two units. In hindsight, I wish that I would have had the confidence to go on to the next units, and skipped the extra practice. I am considering using parts of TWSS again, but I would have to disguise it so that my DD wouldn't realize we are doing the same program. I like SWB's method of outlining better(which is what we do now), so I would take out the key word outlines.
  11. I really like this! Do you use a particular book or curriculum for this process?
  12. I see that no one has posted on your thread. I haven't used any of the Narnia guides yet, but I am seriously considering the Veritas Press guide that encompasses all of the Narnia books. The only problem is that I do not think that it is downloadable. Here is the link from VP - http://www.veritaspress.com/prodinfo.asp?number=000727. If you click on the sample, it gives you a great idea of what the guide is about. I like the fact that all of the books are included in one guide for just over $20, and there are other activities listed for variety. Hopefully someone else will post who
  13. Thank you, Sue. I read your review and I think this may be what I am looking for. I am going to have to take a closer look at it.
  14. For those of you who use WriteShop, is it easy to use it across the curriculum? Are there any ideas in the manual for using it across the curriculum? I would also appreciate any opinions you might have on it as a program in general.
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