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  1. Hi- This question has probably been asked and answered...but I could not find a good answer in my searches. According to the web site info on each of my DD's list of schools, she should qualify for merit scholarships. Looking at our estimated EFC, we will not qualify for any financial aid. Do I still need to fill out the FAFSA? Do I need to call the schools? Financial aid office or admissions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you. Do I just generically address it: To whom it may concern....or more like a report...
  3. Ok...I have the school report in draft form and I am currently working on the guidance counselor letter. I love talking about my DD but I am having a tough time writing this in a concise form. My main question is...If the letter is going to be uploaded to the Common App, do I just upload one letter for all colleges, or can I upload letters specific to the individual college? I hope that makes sense...I think my head is going to explode! Thanks in advance for your help. I am mainly a lurker on this board but I have learned so much!!!
  4. HI- If someone is coordinating this, I would like to buy 10-12 semesters. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the ideas. We already own the Clarissa books and Understood Betsy...so I guess it is time to pull them off the bookshelf and just lay them on a table and she will pick them up and start reading...if I suggest them, well they sit on a table for a while. I will look into the other books as they all sound really good. Thanks-
  6. I am looking for some books to have my daughter read that feature strong women. One of her friends has been very mean and although I believe in second chances, I also believe in standing up for yourself and not being walked on like a rug. I've talked with my daughter, but she sometimes responds better to reading a book on a topic, mulling it over for a while and then telling me what she would have done differently. I'm striking out in the peer pressure/rotten friends catagory so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks- Jenise
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