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    Missionary wife and mother living in South America. Working on researching our options for Gr.K
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  1. I'm doing a combination Year0/1 (more of a Year 0.5) for my somewhat advanced DD next year. She will be only 5 but is already reading some on her own and writing all her letters/numbers. Obviously I want her to slow down and do them WELL and EXCELLENTLY, as Ms. Mason would suggest, so I want to find something that will work for her abilities and personality. She is a perfectionist and gets easily frustrated with herself when she can't do a letter well or sound out a word correctly. I hate sitting over her and correcting her constantly (and I don't want to have to do that!) so can anyone recommend to me some suitable programs that would work for her? I like the looks of "A Reason for Handwriting" but am unsure whether to look at the "K" book or the "A" book, considering her writing level. Also, I am familiar with HWT and know that is an excellent program as well. For reading, can someone describe to me and walk me through 100 Easy Lessons? Are there any other ideas? I have a set of McGuffey readers... but I don't really know how to start with those? Any advice would be EXTREMELY helpful!!
  2. Ladies, this is some great advice! Thank you so much! m4given, there is a chance I'd have access to the books, and that's a good thought... but there's also a chance that we're going to move on to a new city where our mission is beginning a new area of ministry. I'm trying to find "our own" stuff, PLUS I'll have DD#2 right behind her sister so I'd rather get our own set and use it for a while. elfinbaby, GREAT advice. THANKS! I started with SL as my 1st choice but I'm looking at all the options and suggestions to follow a more Classical vs. just Literature based education. I DO love their IG and Core read alouds/readers, so that was a great suggestion to use those and go from there. DH is/was a chemist, so a strong science program is important to him, although I know science isn't generally taught until 1st, right? Anyone know of a good science program that is classically minded but geared for younger children? We are planning on using Math-U-See as a good friend gave me 2 copies of the 1st book (she's a dealer) for free. I just need the manipulatives. I also have the complete set of McGuffey readers, so I'd like to incorporate those as well... SO much to consider!!! Thanks for the great help! Keep it coming! :001_smile:
  3. Hello all! I've been stalking the WTM forum for a few days now doing some research for our family. We are new missionaries in South America and have decided we are going to homeschool. There is a "homeschool" for MKs here on our mission's campus, and they use SL for K-2 grade. We're just not sure what we want for our oldest DD. She will be 5 next April and school here begins in March, so we're going to go ahead and start here next spring in K. Her skills right now include knowing all letters, upper and lower case, counting to 20, writing her name, her sister's name, and multiple other letters, in fact most of them. She has boundless energy but LOVES to read and in fact, that is about the only thing she'll sit still for. She is so eager to learn and that is why we're considering the WTM or Classical Christian method. I've looked into Veritas Press, TOG, and stumbled upon Memoria Press yesterday. I love Sonlight for the literature base, but I'm hearing what the K-ers are doing this year in our missions' school and it sounds like what I'm doing with DD right now in some PreK stuff. (We are using confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com ABC curriculum right now.) I don't want her to get bored in school next year so we're considering doing our own thing. My question mainly is what curriculum you would recommend. Our situation is this: We do NOT have access to a library, so something like TOG would be hard. We cannot readily ship things here via mail, so we need everything for a whole year at once. Our internet is spotty and unreliable, so lots of online stuff (listening to composers or reading books online) would be difficult. I think we need a boxed curriculum, but I'm not excited about EVERY component in EVERY boxed curriculum that I find, so I dont' know what to do. Do I even NEED a curriculum for K? HELP!! THANKS! Becky
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