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  1. Thank you so much for explaining The Rainbow Science. I JUST realized what I have been trying to ask, but I have not relayed it correctly. Miscommunication runs in our family. :( Anyway, what I am confused about is that some do RS in grades 6-8, while others do it in 7-9. I am trying to decide if I should do some elementary science (not sure what topics) and then Rainbow, or should I do Rainbow and the maybe Apologia General and Physical? IF I did Rainbow, would doing General and Physical (Apologia's 7th & 8th grade book) be a repeat of Apologia, or would Apologia cover the topics enough in a deeper and/or different way that it would BUILD on RS? Maybe if I ask it this way... Are Apologia General and Physical equal to Rainbow in content and depth, or are Young Explorers Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology and Exploring Creation with Chemistry & Physics equal to Rainbow in content and depth? That's why I want to know ahead of time what I am planning for 6th-9th, so I building, instead or repeating the same level. KWIM? Pam
  2. Rainbow says 7th-9th. I was just wondering if I'd want to put Exploring Creation With Physics and Chemistry in the plans if we were considering Rainbow later. I know they cover a lot of the same, from looking at ToC, but I don't know the depth of Apologia's. Would one build on the other, or would it be a repeat to do them both? Pam
  3. Can you compare: Exploring Creation With Physics and Chemistry (Apologia) AND The Rainbow Science (Beginnings) (content wise, besides one being more hands-on) Pam
  4. I probably need to go to bed... BUT Does Rainbow replace Apologia? I wouldn't do General and Physics after Rainbow, would I? Or does Apologia teach a level up from Rainbow? Pam
  5. I have another thought... I could do year 1 for 6th. Then IF I decide to go the Apologia route, we could do General and Physics in 7th & 8th. OR would those 2 programs be too redundant?????
  6. Looking at the student book and reviews from here, and rethinking 6th-8th for youngest ds. Maybe do more interest lead science for 6th and 7th and do Rainbow all in 8th? I think I saw that by 8th grade it could be all done in 1 year? Pam
  7. Type A personality. ;) Just wondering. I never thought of 'why' I had to know. My husband tells me I ask too many questions, too. :) Pam
  8. Would you get tired of using Notgrass for 6-7 years? Have you used it that long? Or did you have to switch to something fresh after a few years? Pam
  9. I'm looking at How to Teach Spelling. Maybe you'd like to take a look, too? Pam
  10. What 'outputs' do you use? Written summaries? Cool Histories? etc.? Pam
  11. I see you can hover over the posts and see the first and latest posts, but is there a way to click right to the last post read like before? Am I just missing it somewhere? Pam
  12. What ages have you used it with? Pam
  13. I was able to pick up year 1 used and at a good price, but it seems like it cost quite a bit for just 1 year. We'll play it by ear, then. We'll do year 1 and then evaluate the next. Thanks! Pam
  14. So, you think the flow of history is not lost by not using the Companion? Pam
  15. Then I could plan 6th & 7th, and I'll do something else for 8th. I have a ton of TOPS on my shelf. Maybe I'll finally get to them! Thanks! Pam
  16. Can a 6th grader do Rainbow Science? Would he enjoy it if he is naturally a hands-on boy who somewhat likes science? Or would it be difficult and kill any science love that was there, maybe being too advanced for him? Pam
  17. I missed my favorite go-to more than I thought I would. I'll be reading here all day! :) Pam
  18. BP is a GREAT program! I struggled with keeping or selling it. I have always had trouble following a lit. history program. My mind gets too cluttered, then nothing gets done, especially when I over extend myself and purchase too many 'extras' to the program. I spent the time and money to print everything up and make nice notebooks for the 'extras' just to get behind for the next chapter, so there it ends. After 29 years of homeschooling, I have realized I am a 'do all or none' type of person. I've always wanted to be a unit study, SCM, and/or lit. driven homeschool, but it is just not me...at least for more than 3 or 4 weeks a school year. I feel like I've really failed my kids by trying for so many years, and bombing. I'd like to do maybe BJU DVDs, but I think I can 'do' Notgrass. I was hoping, by this point, I could finish off our year doing Geography, and next year We would do this plan: 2017-18: 4, 8 & 9 graders- Geography 2018-19: 8 & 9- Exploring World History; 5- From Adam to Us 2019-20: 9 &10- Exploring America; 6- America the Beautiful 2020-21: 10 & 11- Exploring Government and Economics; 7- Uncle Sam and You The rest TBD Make sense? Pam
  19. Thinking of going all the way with Notgrass. Would it be do-able to keep 4th, 7th, & 8th graders together, at least in the same era, the whole rest of the way? I am so BURNED OUT with planning....I can't figure anymore. We've really jumped around this year, starting with Middle Ages (Biblioplan), then.....well, I can't even remember :confused1: :lol: :001_rolleyes: :willy_nilly: Any ideas/advise? Pam
  20. Anyone use it? What grade did you use it for? Pam
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