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  1. BESIDES Apologia or AIG. Is there a good science to use with combined ages that does a variety of topics each year? Looking for a co-op setting for grades 4-8 Pam
  2. Can anyone compare the Notgrass Text with BP Companion? As far as content, rigor, etc.? Pam
  3. Would the Companion be like an encyclopedia/timeline book? A spine without the 'chattiness' in between? Pam
  4. I'm hearing 'disjointed' from 2 of you now. I was hoping these 2 books might be the 'connector' not the disjointers. Hmmmm
  5. ... Notgrass (high school) text and BP Companion? Content, quality, etc.? Pam
  6. Has anyone bought these to use as stand alones or as a spine for their own plan? Maybe just to read.... without using the Family Guide? Pam
  7. Thanks I think SL is out. I can't see us doing MFW. I will be discouraged by all of the writing and other subjects in their lesson plan that we might be too weak in to do. I would be torn between wht I want to do and the whole plan of MFW. I am really feeling it is a toss up between BP and Notgrass. I think my only question now is... If you do a 4 year history rotation plan, when do you fit gov./civics/geog. in? I know Notgrass and BP have map work, but BP doesn't do government. But we are doing Constitutional Literacy this year. Just thinking out loud. Pam
  8. Yes, an no. :) Since they do, it makes my decision harder. I had a core guide someone had given me from a few years ago, but I've passed it on since then. I still hear so many people liking SL. I am trying to plan ahead for next year. Our 2 olders are doing Constitutional Literacy this year and the youngest is doing geography. I am on the fence about doing texts (Notgrass) or Lit. based History next year. The 2 lit. based I'm considering are SL or BP. Pam
  9. Looking for next year. I know this depends on what style our boys like, but would you choose one over another? Text vs Lit. based for high school is what it boils down to. I just can't decide. We are doing Constitution Literacy this year. 5th grader is doing geography. I have Notgrass, but I just don't know if I want to do their texts for 3-6 more years. Pam
  10. Sonlight History Question (6-10 grade levels): Does Sonlight use complete books, or do they use PORTIONS of many books? How do they make history 'flow'? Do they use a spine? Pam
  11. You say they cover much of the same materials, but the TOC show different topics. For example... One covers Invertebrates, the other Vertebrates. One Machines, the other Chemistry, etc. Not sure I understand. Pam
  12. Would it be okay to do 6th grade for 5th and then 6th grade for 5th? I'd like to do our science with another family. They are in ABeka 6th right now. My youngest son is in 5th. Pam
  13. Sounds like a good plan. Did you ever look at/do Megawords? Pam
  14. Which would you do with an 11 yo boy who has been through rules, etc., but still needs help and review? Also as independent as possible? Pam
  15. I read one post that Megawords was lessons for reading NOT spelling. Really? How has Megawords worked for your child for spelling? Pam
  16. ? I hope we get through the course okay. I'm not planning on the DVD now, but even the text not written well???? ? Pam
  17. Thanks for your input! I have worked our plan to do them separate years. Pam
  18. Has anyone done America the Beautiful AND Uncle Sam and You in 1 yr.? Pam
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