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  1. As a single, working (part-time, thankfully) Mama I cannot afford to outsource much, but would love to, honestly. Wondered if I could even find a local Mama to swap this service with.
  2. How do you all make sure your kids are actually doing what they're assigned? Without too elaborate a system set up, too much time take up, or damage to your relationship? I've often thought it would be great if my kids were accountable to someone other than me...that then they'd be more likely to get their work done, and it would help them take more ownership. I wasn't sure what this would best look like...maybe meeting with someone in person once a week to go over progress/work done? It would not be tutoring...more like the advising you pay for with College Plus (now Lumerit/Unbound). They do phone calls, but I would think in person might be best over email or phone. Do you all know of any providers of this service? Or thoughts on how it might best work and what a good cost for it would be?? Even I as a mom could use an advisor/coach to keep me on track doing the things I feel are important with my younger ones....
  3. What is a good max number of kids to have in a small-sized elementary class? Looking into local live options for elementary science and history for my kiddos. Thanks! Cyndy

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    If you have this vocabulary card set for sale lmk the condition and ppd price. Thanks!



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    Let me know your price including shipping, and the condition...thank you!! Cyndy



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    Hoping to find these gently used...thanks! Please PM me with condition/price ppd. Cyndy



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    Would love to find this gently used...thanks! PM me with condition/ppd price. Cyndy



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    Prices do not include postage...will charge actual media mail cost. All books below are soft cover and in good to very good condition with no marking except as noted. I prefer Personal PayPal payments, but will also accept USPS Money Orders, or checks (with a 10-day waiting period before shipping the books). 100% feedback on eBay as schnebly93. Thanks for looking! I have lots more I will be listing...I really need to downsize my books after 14 years of homeschooling!!!! Reasonable offers considered. I will be adding a whole lot more so please check back! :) Blessings, Cyndy Books from Sonlight Core 300 (2005 edition, but most are still used in the current edition) (most are in like-new condition): Living on the Devil’s Doorstep $7 All Quiet on the Western Front $3.50 Darkness at Noon $2 Parallel Journeys $3.50 When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit $3.50 Brave New World $7.50 Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity $3.50 The Metamorphosis $3 The Great Brain $3 For Whom the Bell Tolls $8.50 Run Baby Run $6.50 Red Scarf Girl $3.50 China’s Long March $8.50 Other items: Short Lessons in Art History Text/Exercises and Activities/Key by Barker, approx. 27pp marked and Key pages torn out...$24 The Egyptian Book of the Dead by Burdge, excellent condition...$4 The Girls Get Even by Naylor...$1 Dracula, Classic Starts (retold from the original by Zamorsky) excellent hardback...$2 The Red Badge of Courage by Crane...$1 King John and Henry VIII, edited by Bevington and Kasian...$2 Ivanhoe by Scott...$2 Morning Star of the Reformation by Thomson...$1 The Magna Charta by Daugherty, Beautiful Feet Books...$4 Major British Poets by Williams...$2 The Time Machine by H.G. Wells...$1 Frankenstein by Shelley...$2 The Stories Juliah Tells by Cameron...$1 Homer Price by McCloskey...$1 Marco Polo: The Travels, Penguin Classics (like new!)...$2 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Classic Starts, Retold, Hardback...$2 Ghosthunters and the Totally Moldy Baroness! by Funke...$1 The Bandit of Ashely Downs by Jackson...$1 The Hawk that Dare not Hunt by Day by O'Dell...$1 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Stevenson...$1 Wonders of the Ancient World, National Geographic Atlas of Archaeology, large coffee-table hardback with dust jacket...$5 How Science Works, 4-book set of large hardbacks by Barnes and Noble on Water, Time, Robots, and Buildings..$8 Ancient China...To the Great Wall and Beyond by Judy Wilcox, A twelve week unit study on the Dynasties of China...$5 Tut's Mummy Lost...And Found...$1 1945 America Triumphs by Devaney, ex-library hardback...$1 World at War Fighter Planes by Stein, ex-library hardback...$1 The Name Book: A Unique Reference Listing of Everything Imaginable That has a Name (except babies!), edited by Cader...$1 The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Llewellyn, brand new in shrink wrap, (retails for $20)...$8


  9. Anyone????? They look good on his website, but I'd love to get some feedback from someone!
  10. Anyone have experience in one of his classes?? Thanks!
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