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  1. Actually, if it's her A1C that's down to 7, that's pretty good. That means the Metformin is working. I hit a 12.2 when I found out I was diabetic, and ecstatic to get down to 7. At 4.9 now, I'm off Metformin. Quite possibly, she has whacked out her metabolism. I lost 47 lbs walking 10 miles a day. Now, I have to walk 12-13 in order to maintain or lose. Her body has said, "I'm starving! Hang to every bit I've got!" Stalls are quite common, but she's be way better off with more exercise.
  2. Need to mail off Eagle stuff from the Eagle Board last night write kids walk--got in 13 miles yesterday! Only 8 miles so far, so I'll probably only end up with 10 for the day move photos possibly take my sil to see the Morrow Point dam spill--it's pretty spectacular! We went, and then drove part of the way around the Black Canyon. clean bathrooms get through the email from Council--I think they've finally answered all my questions--the answers I've been waiting on since November! print Charter dinner--don't know what it is yet. It's going to be lamb kibbies get mail well, can't water the yard. Mama robin has built a nest on top of the hose coil. I'll have to wait. take out trash and recycles. shred letters from EBoR file the one for a kid named Jacob. I actually READ the letter--it's not my kid! So, I scanned it and sent it on to the correct chairman. dishes laundry sweep
  3. June 7-15th. Lots of Bach!
  4. I'm finally to the stage of coffee and email this morning--I slept in and it felt good! Laundry sweep read write kids finish gathering stuff for an Eagle Board tonight 65 miles away. I don't know what I'm going to do next spring as the road will be closed all but 2 hours a day. Guess I'll go very early and stay over. Ugh. walk--got 15 miles in yesterday! library clean the upstairs bathroom Talk to professional Scouter in Denver--STILL trying to get our troop charter!
  5. Just now getting on today. I had an eye doc appt--my prescription has improved! Amazing what getting rid of diabetes will do for a person. And I walked for 7 miles. Went to WM, printed out an Eagle certificate, along with all the recommendation letters, dealt with a merit badge counselor list that Council messed up, sent gas receipt to the treasurer, fed everyone, swept, did laundry, washed dd's Scout uniform, found cards for the 3 Eagles for next weekend, reminded dd about needing a physical for Philmont, walked for another 6.5 miles, wished dd a happy birthday (it's a hard birthday because it's also the anniversary of her fiance's death, and this year it's the 10th anniversary), called Ed's mom about the anniversary, called my brother, called a Scouter, called another Scouter and finished setting up an Eagle Board tomorrow night, put away OA stuff, cleaned up sticks from the yard so it could be mowed, put out the bull semen tank but the UPS guy didn't come to pick it up, did dishes, took sil's jacket to the cleaner, sent bill to Scout parent to get paid, helped dd to design a saber rack for the Cavalry sabers at Norwich, and other random stuff. All I really have left is to write the kids, read, and take a shower.
  6. I'm back! Friday I headed off to "Ordeal" for Order of the Arrow for Scouts. Spent the night under a tree, cold, and wet. We did a service project most of the day, and more ceremonies, got my sash, and then headed to Denver. Dd's and her dh's big concert was Sunday, and my niece and her fiance drove--yay! Went to up to Boulder to do brunch with dd, then on to the Scout Shop, then back home stopping for the start-of-the-summer potluck Scout meeting. Started laundry. Today: doc appt library bank, only I seemed to have LOST a rent check. Back to the ranch, and indeed, I had thrown it away! Back to town, put the check in dropped off a package on my walk to dd working at the rodeo grounds called a Scouter about an Eagle Board of Review stopped in at the rodeo grounds and talked to the SM about Flag Day and the 4th started dinner talked to sil--he's headed up to the ranch heard from dd--she made it to NC mailed an advancement record for Scouts bought folders to set up a tracking system for Eagle candidates--I now do ALL the paperwork on them. Filed about 8 letters, dutifully logging them in looked at the FIVE page form for mb counselors. Why can't we use the national form??? more laundry emailed the kid who is running out of time for his EBoR Still need to do: chair the Scout committee meeting finish supper--I'll take some to dd as she has to work a pool shift. Dh will eat sometime--he has to call a square dance. Don't know when sil is getting in finish laundry sew patches on my new fancy red OA coat! put my Venture uniform back together to wear for the photo for the paper of the new OA members that I forgot to take Sat afternoon--oops. We have to do it at the pool as dd will be working. clean downstairs bathroom--it's disgusting sweep porch sweep kitchen clean microwave water upstairs water basil plant water greenhouse track dd down to return the bull semen tank!
  7. laundry is started walk--got in 11 miles yesterday! sew read--need to finish a book that I should have finished yesterday. Ooops! write kids get mail trash sweep recycles out--took three trips! at least dinner is made, as it's leftovers that need to be eaten up before we leave tomorrow also on the agenda: start panicking about tomorrow. It's the OA Ordeal and I'm worried about staying up. I do have to leave before the official end on Saturday as I have to get to Denver. And no, I can't go without eating for 12 hours--my blood sugar will drop and I'll pass out. wash sheets in ds's room as my sil is coming. figure out how to fold up the treadmill so he can walk into the room! put away OA regalia put away sorting boxes of 29+ years of hs records. I hope dd can help me tonight. Hauled off the empty boxes. vacuum upstairs. 4-H donation made rent check put away--can't cash is for 2 more days. At least they paid on time this month--hope the others do! pack car, including good clothes that have to go in the other car as I can't have tents put on top send out reminder for Parts A & B of the health form for the camping trip.
  8. I only remember one vacation as a kid. We went to the World's Fair in NYC. Oh, we went to the grandparents' house a few times, and whilst there, we would go to the Mystic Seaport. It wasn't a tourist thing at the time, but did have the cool ship, the Charles W. Morgan. We traveled a lot anyway, from one coast to the other, as the Navy moved us. But they weren't vacations. I do remember stopping at a park and eating watermelon once. One Christmas Eve, we were moving from ABQ to Denver and we stopped and got pizza. My mother and I would split a small Coke every 2 weeks when we'd go to the AF base to grocery shop. We really lived it up! A few years ago ds was invited to his fiancee's family's vacation. "Mom, have we ever taken a vacation?" "Nope. We ranch." We'd take half the day off to be in the rodeo parade, but that was hardly a vacation--it was hard work, washing horses, cleaning tack, hauling to town. And the last few years, we DID buy BBQ tickets, but the kids would split a plate and I wouldn't eat because it was too expensive. Dh calls square dance lessons on Thursday nights' all summer, and they feed us, so I guess that is a vacation. Only dh is there to work. We spent the night twice a year or so at the cabin, but that was because we were cleaning it and opening it for the cousins who own it. I put up a meme on FB today for dd: it shows a fat horse with the caption, "and I'm like there's my ski trip, eating a bit more of my Caribbean cruise".
  11. My dh's response is to build another building! He came in to the house one day, after he put up another 100' building and said, "We need a new steel building I filled that one." Fill the grain bin, tack room, and 2 horse trailers with tack? Bring home another building! Makes perfect sense to him! On the dusty hat and old t-shit collection, I pitch them. The favorite chamois shirt is going out tomorrow in the dumpster. He only wears the top t-shirts and work shirts, so when they get too ratty, I pitch them and he never notices. He hasn't noticed that I pitched 3 work coats and 8 hats the other day... The overalls that he hasn't worn in 10 years are going next. I shredded 45 years of old checks last winter.
  12. A suggestion for the CO trip: Crested Butte. Wildlife, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Morrow Point Boat Tour, horseback riding. Plan it in July and come to the Cattlemen's Days Rodeo.
  13. Dh decided to let the cows out at 6:00, so I now have a massive headache, again We need to take down both big and little flags at the cemetery, IF they are dry. It snowed. Again. This really is getting ridiculous! Finish the spreadsheet for who qualified for the NRA Banquet in June. The Scouts get points for their community service over Memorial Day. We started this a number of years ago trying to come up with a fair way to hand out the free tickets to dinner. The Scouts do the Honor Guard. Deal with a new Crew registration. It's not new, but the lady in GJ lost it. Deal with a Troop registration that was lost in GJ. Deal with a lost Troop charter from GJ. See a pattern here? Sweep. Don't know what went on this morning, but the back porch is covered in mud. Again. Laundry--started Dinner got gas need to pick up canned dog food for the pg pup, and a new computer mouse. This one isn't working half the time and it's driving me NUTS! meet up with a Scouter friend as he comes through town. Walk. I've done 10, 11, and 13 miles the last few days, and my hips hurt. I'll have to stay in town today as the trails will be muddy. I've gotten in 8.5 already! And got snowed on the entire time... Costume meeting at the high school for next fall production of Little Mermaid. Talk to dd--she made it to Denver from IN last night Read. Really need to finish a book
  14. The day is almost done! I'll need to talk to dd a few more times--she's about to hit the KS/CO border. Dishes are done. Laundry is done. Gang still needs to move cows, but dh is being unpleasant about. Sorry, but they aren't going to graze at 0500--they're going to riot, and if you don't move them tonight, I'll will wake you up to do that! He's deaf, so sleeps through it. I'm up all night as they shift and moo. I can't do another night of no sleep. The sheep are home, but dh is making so sense about where the not-yet-adult Akbash is going to be. He has some pie-in-the-sky concept of alleys and fencing that is nonsensical. So, it won't get done until the dog steps over a 4 foot fence and kills a lamb. Just like the last time I said that an adolescent dog can't be out with lambs. I was informed that *I* am driving all the boys to OA this weekend, though I was told I was not. Well, dh has to get them home, as I'm going on to Denver. I told dd that since she STILL hasn't cleaned out her room here, dd and her dh will have to stay done at other dd's house. Which means the sheets have to be washed. Not my problem. The Scout had lots done on his merit badge, so I signed off. And I found fabric for the edges of the next set of doll dresses. I have a high school costume meeting tomorrow which I'd forgotten about. And I offered to do some of the sewing for dd's violin bag business. She simply can't keep up! And I've walked 11.5 miles today!!!!
  15. Today started very early--we put up the flags on Main Street for the American Legion, and they fed us breakfast! Switch laundry--managed to get my green Scout trousers dirty so washed them last night The girls left with a trailer load of sheep for a 3 hour drive to the shearer. Near accident--I was lecturing the Scouts about being careful on the street, and one boy opened the car door right in front of dd driving the trailer! She couldn't swerve much as she was fully loaded! I am SO mad at C! Next up--the Memorial Day ceremony at the cemetery. It's going to be an emotional time as the lady who is speaking started the 200 flags project because dd's best friend was killed in Iraq. We now have 8 family members with flags up--they have their names and theaters embroidered on them. Put tape on ds's flag--new tradition of Eagles from the troop's flags being marked. Stop at the Legion Hut for lunch Pick up some fabric from WM if they have anything to match. Meet with a Scout for sign off a merit badge requirement talked to the SM about having the Crew girls be the MCs for the next Court of Honor. The next boy up simply isn't ready to do it. Take down the town flags at 4:00. Dinner is basically already made! read walk--got in 10 miles--got in 10 miles yesterday, and 11 the day before write kids talk to dd as she drives from IN to CO
  16. I do want to point out though, that the students needs to keep ALL work, including homework, tests, syllabus, etc. My kids have had to produce work for state school to private school, state school to same state school, state school to out of state school, master's work from state school to out of state doctoral school, and doctoral work from state school to out of state doctoral school! It saved a YEAR for dd's doctoral program to not have to retake a music bibliography class. She'd taken it from the woman who wrote the standard textbook, and didn't want to retake it (of course). She'd lost her syllabus in the Boulder flood, but fortunately, had all her essays, etc. on her computer. Her violist had a copy of the syllabus. Whew, as the course was only offered every other year. And for music majors, keep ALL programs! Dd had to produce them for her doctoral auditions clear back to undergrad days. Fortunately, I always kept at least 2 copies. They were not returned. Mines gave us 12 hours to produce all homework, tests, etc. for math and science. At least they returned them!
  17. One of the reasons I was so annoyed at the woman who went off on me is that I DO understand the need for trained service animals. We raised Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies for years. I KNOW how much work goes into a trained animal--it's a 24/7 commitment for years. I've seen the "trained" animal that she produced. Um, not the same thing. Plus, I clearly stated that we DO allow pets, but after our many experiences, we really should have our heads examined... I thought, maybe I'm off base here, and wanted others' opinions. Thank you all.
  18. In CO, the lease goes on and on for pages because of the pot smokers. It's not enough to say "no smoking"!
  19. It's at First Pres. Facebook page for BLEMF, under video, live.
  20. Nope, life is not fair. But as landlords, we try to be. The family with the litter of puppies now have a vicious dog. Their chickens have killed the yard. The people who left the cat punched holes through every one of the doors. They also left ALL their wedding presents in the crawl space, all neatly labeled as to the giver and if thank you notes had been written. We stored them and then sold them. They left THREE 3-horse trailer loads of trash that we had to haul off and pay the dump fee on. The people who left the dying dog walked out on the house, leaving all their possessions, turning the heat off. It was -35 that night! We had to store their possessions for 30 days, paying for an ad in the newspaper, and then haul them all to the dump. We had to replace every pipe in the house, along with the entire house's floors. We had to replace the faucets, and the fridge and the washer. I don't let dh pick tenants any more... 😉
  21. Interesting that that one study said that minorities had LESS access to DE. Not true here. The ps will not pay for DE for the white kids, but the immigrants in our school get a free ride. Access to public monies for DE go first to the free lunch crowd, and then if any money is left over (it isn't), then the non free lunch crowd. DE was a good choice for my kids. My oldest was able to finish her undergrad in 4 years--rare for a music major at a rigorous school. Next one got IN to USNA because of her DE. Next one was able to handle ROTC and a job because of the extra wiggle room, as did her brother. His job got him a plum assignment at his first military station. Next one has a summer job again due to her DE, which got her very nice scholarships at her school. Perhaps our DE experience is colored by the fact that ours is a 4 year uni, not a CC. I was thinking about DE today--my oldest has been in college for 17 years!
  22. We didn't use CLE, but we did use some LifePacs. I saved everything! And now, after 29 years, I'm going through pitching things right and left. The first things to go were spelling workbooks, handwriting workbooks, and LP!
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