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  1. Coffee as usual trash out--trash day laundry as usual walk, and walk some more. Didn't quite get 13 miles in on Tuesday, but I did have a nice walk with a new Scout mom call ds back--he called but I couldn't talk as I was walking with the new Scout mom make decision about going over to Denver for Camporee--need to ask niece if I can stay Saturday night too text dd--she's having a rough time with the cadet who was killed talk to sil is he's back from Colombia about this weekend and have a veerrryyy long discussion with district chair. I've been asked to take over as the district advancement chair for BOTH districts as we're merging. It means I'll have a bunch of people to help me, but it's a bunch of people to keep track of and all the other stuff that will pop up...
  2. Support can take many guises--just being there cheering helps. It was really fun to surprise dd on about mile 70 of her bike on her last Ironman, as she didn't expect us. Support also includes taking all their stuff that they've layered on waiting and waiting to start. On a tri, going and getting the bike (have to have the chit to get it). Screaming as they finish! Then keeping them upright when they collapse at the end--the volunteers will get them through, hang the medal, and then they're generally on their own. That's where you grab them, keep them moving, hydrate, then try to get them to eat, get their blanket on, half carry them to the car unless they're in good enough shape to go back to cheer for slower runners, take lots of photos all day, listen to them babble, etc. Dd is doing a full this time, and her dh, a half. And I will probably walk farther than he will run! We used to do that at x-c meets--by the time the middle schoolers ran and we cut back and forth to cheer, and then JV, and then the girls, and then the boys, we usually did 6 more miles than they did! Support requires multiple cups of coffee...
  3. Which one? Dd is planning on the Monumental Run in Indy that weekend. Dd found Magic Mail (app) to be very useful. Will you be able to be support for the day? We've been at marathons and Ironmans, and support is crucial.
  4. This kid complains constantly. It's not a matter of being clueless, but being a twit. We think we see progress, and then, not. Maybe it will come, when he's 35...
  5. Coffee! I never even got on the Monday list yesterday as I ran around like a little idiot getting ready for Court of Honor. It was a good one. Two new Scouts, but we may have some challenges there. I also made it to Cubs to talk to a family about summer camp. It was SO obvious the difference between a challenging Scout and others last night. One adult leader suggested to a highschooler that he take his ice cream bowl over to the kitchen so the boy that just stepped up and was washing them could get done. Grudgingly, the boy did, but left 2 other bowls right in front of him! Adult rode him pretty hard, but it seems like it's the only way this kid pays attention. And then I noticed that some of the new Scouts were sitting by themselves, so I mentioned it to two of the boys. They almost knocked me over pushing back their chairs to go move over to the new boys. It was funny that ALL the boys ended up moving over and we had to move chairs! I don't know how to get through to the older kid--he just doesn't see other people first. More walking today--I need to not eat--I'm gaining some weight back. I wasn't careful yesterday. quilt maybe mail off Scout apps, but I forgot to get checks so I have to pay for them. I shouldn't have needed to do laundry today, but somehow, dh has the entire wire basket full again! I did work clothes yesterday! We were hoping to finish haying, but it's drizzling--arg! Unless it quits and the sun comes out bright, we won't finish. read sort out the car--things were flung willy-nilly moving flags and stands and frames, etc. check the Norwich Flickr--dd says there are new photos up. They have echo taps this evening for the cadet who was killed in the car accident. Found fabulous photos of my 1st SGT! And some of Cav, but couldn't really see her in those as she marches in the back. Fortuantely her CO is really tall, so even if I can't read the guidon, I can find her CO call a Scout friend to see if a friend's memorial is scheduled. It's not, so I'll plan on going to Denver this weekend. Might even go over the day before to run by the Camporee for a few hours Got photos sent to the paper, with 5 minutes to spare! Posted them on FB and then realized I put them on my wall, and they can't be there as they are photos of kids. Took it all down and reposted on the troop page.
  6. Hey, we inherited 6 horses, 150 sheep, 2 dogs and some cats! Fortunately, the chickens and ducks are all gone, and we're down to 9 ewes, though we did buy a new ram. We ARE NOT SAVING ANY MORE EWES! Who am I kidding? Of course we will. And now dd wants to background half the calves this year. Not sure how we ended up with the cat from OK after dd finished flight school, but there she is! And we had 2 ancient horses pass away, and we have to put another down this fall, but then dd added two more. At least she's back home now. Lost the old Border Collie, but we still have the Golden that dd got after Ed was killed. She's a ranch dog now, and could never adapt to city life. But middle dd added 2 heelers, and we've had a number of LGDs. Have to have them, because, well, we have sheep! At least we no longer have the 150 registered Shetlands! As to importing help, I really am pushing dh to think about someone out in the bunkhouse again. There simply is NO housing in this town, so even if we got someone for part of the winter, it would help. Hey, there's a propane furnace out there now--they don't have to chop wood. It was impossible to keep the place above freezing at night with wood when it is -35. The hired hands actually used to hang their toilet seat above the wood stove so it would be warmer to take it out to the outhouse!
  7. I just want to pipe in here and say that I don't think 1 hour a day of chores is too much. Of course, I'm coming from a ranching perspective, but loading the coal boiler, feeding the calves twice a day, and maybe the cows (kids took turns on that), feeding sheep, etc. took more than an hour. Yeah, the kids switched to more outside stuff as they got older, but it takes everyone here doing way more than that to keep things running. I'm suggesting that we rent out the bunkhouse again, in exchange for 20 hours a month of chores--that just covers feeding every morning. We're in a housing crunch, and dh needs some help--his cancer treatments really have him knocked back. During plowing season, dd is already working 12+ a day for the county. I've taken over the shoveling, and we no longer use coal, but I can't run the loader to plow. And I'm not planning on learning. 😉 We no longer milk, nor do we have chickens, and we've pushed back lambing to the same time as calving, so I only have 6 weeks of 11 and 2 am checks. Dh does the 5 am, but when the kids were home, they had some checks. I did all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, trash, recycles, dishes, etc. and the kids took on more of the outside stuff. I expected ds to shovel the roof--he actually liked it! We had a list for everyone every day. Heads rolled if they didn't happen. Sure, there were times when things slid (not animal stuff, obviously) but everyone knew if we had a swim meet or branding or something, that yeah, Sunday afternoon was going to be a work time.
  8. I've walked 8.5 miles and made dinner looks like hay all over the driveway--it's great to have a great hay crop, but we're out of room! Tractors driving to and fro... help dd with hanging weight on a steer started a book about opera (yeah, I'm a nerd) chatted with dd about her Baroque gig in KY. She plays Alchymy Viols next weekend. long talk with Scouter--we lost a Scout mom over the weekend. Ds is a kid who Eagled a few years ago--mom had a lot of health problems. She passed away Sunday night and she wasn't found for a bit. Looks like a stroke. The kid is just lost. The VA should take care of things but he doesn't even know where to start left message for niece--hoping to stay with her next weekend to hear sil's concert in Denver talked to Scout mom about how Boards of Review work--wishing her Eagle dh would step up LONG talk with SM wife from down valley--trying to get the guy a big award. She has a ds who is having massive headaches. I suggested that they look at a chiari malformation--they've looked at everything else
  9. Coffee! laundry started explained the entire BSA system of rank advancement to a newish Scout mom. She has the neatest kid, but he's clueless, and so are they chat back and forth with oldest dd. She has one more concert to do in KY. Sounds like she has an open seam on her Baroque violin, so an expensive repair--ugh walk more laundry packing list for Scouts tomorrow see if I can catch youngest dd's demo day on the webcam dinner--darn, out of leftovers check results of yesterday's x-c meet--I like to see how everyone did start working through a disaster of an Eagle book--mom just doesn't get it, and frankly, the kid doesn't care.
  10. How funny-- the Wyo announcer just said that Wyo needs to score. Yeah, that's the ticket!
  11. Coffee! 3 football games to peek in on--so far, Norwich is winning. The announcers are hysterical--the guy keeps saying things like, "They should try to score." "He should try to catch the pass." Ya' think???? I'll miss part of Navy as I have to counsel a merit badge for our Lone Scout. She needs to finish her Communications before Court of Honor in 2 days. I'm hoping we can sign her Citizenship in the Community, too. She's flying through stuff as she's already 15, has her Discovery Award in Venturing, and is in OA. She should also get First Aid as a mb--humorous as she's already has her Wilderness First Responder! Walk laundry sweep clean bathrooms dinner is leftovers, if anyone shows up. Dd wanted frozen pizza yesterday, and dh had to call a last-minute square dance yesterday, and they fed him.
  12. It's the Legion that has so many. They'd spend their entire budget to recycle them. Our troop did 100, but there's still a pile. The Legion/troop down valley have somewhere near 600 right now. We have a Life Scout down valley that may get them caught up as his Eagle project. I'm waiting for paperwork to sign. IF we could get both towns caught up, it would give us some breathing room.
  13. One of my children was traumatized by the big white dogs one day. She moved a bale to feed the cows, and uncovered a nest of baby bunnies. One jumped and the dog snarfed it down. This was repeated over and over. End of bunnies. Life on a ranch...
  14. Do you know they send them to be recycled? eta: I found one spot to recycle them, but at $5+ a flag, with over 400 of them, that's not going to happen!
  15. Yeah, the Legion, etc. are saying we should no longer burn poly flags. Cut out the field, so it's no longer a flag, and bury them.
  16. Well, my day started with a bang. Literally! Dd texted--she got her bear! I'd forgotten she had a tag. He's not huge, but decent sized. And then she went to CPW and couldn't get helped. Um, yeah, she's a woman, but she's also a hunter, and she was standing there, covered in blood and reeking. Yeah, you need to deal with her bear (they pull a tooth to age the bear). Finishing coffee walk write kids cut borders for a quilt (Christmas present for the hunter) clean bathrooms--dh was gone yesterday and it sure was nice not to have to sweep three times. He's decided he doesn't have to knock the hay off of him, nor take his boots off any more. meet with a new Scout mom for paperwork, and to give her a troop t-shirt. Someone left one at camp, and I'm recycling it. No one is claiming it.
  17. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you've been overlooked--that's rough.
  18. CITs usually work for free. This is the payscale for the camp we're attending in 2020: 16 and older positions - $200/week 18 and older positions - $320/week 21 and older positions - $425/week It's not much! We were blessed that several boys chose to leave the troop this year, with money in "their" accounts (which, of course, is not theirs) and the troop decided to put it toward the adults attending. We got one adult free, and the other just covered it. That was nice! I just looked up base pay for Philmont. They start at $1150 a month, plus R&B.
  19. Walked 8.5 miles grocery run--remembered to get whipped cream in a can for Scouts talked to a cousin in the parking lot. I needed to see her today! It was nice to have someone notice that yeah, I'm rather wiped out right now. making a huge supper--dd has worked 10 hours for the county, and is looking at 4 hours in the hay field, and she's sick. She needs a nice supper. registered Scouts for camp dealt with other Scout paperwork talked to several leaders about the AFA game instead of the camping trip. We'll see. If the CB boys aren't going anyway, I'd rather go to the AFA game. sent dd #4 info on the helo dd#2 flies. She's doing an AF briefing had a long talk with ds--that was nice. He doesn't seem to really have a job right now, but his CO offered to let him get all sorts of industry certs, so he's going with that for the next few months.
  20. The reason that BSA camps are reasonable is, of course, that they don't hire counselors. They have the horse guy and the craft guy, etc. but the troop counselors are volunteers that give a week of their lives for free. That fancy camp that I worked for for several summers had all paid staff.
  21. Skiing is one of the CHEAP things we do! The bus from town is free, and each kid in the MS and HS gets a platinum pass to CBMR for $120! Every kid in our town already owns equipment. And with the ski pass come free Nordic rentals. We have an entire national forest to Nordic ski in. We really do live in Scouting paradise.
  22. Just looked at a camp in CO that my mom used to work at: $6200 for 3 weeks. I wish every kid could go to camp.
  23. We have a 16yo in this boat. He would love to work at camp, but he needs the paycheck. Dd is struggling with this: apply to Phillmont, or work the GenCyber camp again (getting paid very well and getting an industry cert) and work at the county, or have a good time???? I could see the weekly thing being a mess. I think even monthly would be hard. Our dues are due up front, and then campouts/trips go on top. Most Scouts enter the fall with good accounts due to our big fundraiser in the summer. It's about February that things get tight. Our first year campers get 1/2 their camp fees paid for by the Elks. I loved my years as a CIT and counselor, but I sure didn't make much!
  24. I just looked up rates for a camp I used to work at. Two week sessions last year went for $5500! Scout camp is still a bargain!
  25. How do you charge that $1? Collect it on the night? Only collect from the Scouts who attend? Sounds like a bookkeeping nightmare! Yeah, camps are getting expensive, with the huge jumps in insurance costs. And most camps are having trouble getting workers--it's hard for college kids to not come out with much of a paycheck at the end of the summer. Camp properties are expensive to run! Our problem is when we're heavy on high schoolers. They don't want to work an all-day fundraiser, when they can clear as much in 2 hours at their paying job. Can't blame them. But, when they just write a check, the troop doesn't get a cut. We had to start taking more out of pop sales to cover badges.
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