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  1. The orchestra concert was lovely--they played Brook Green by Holst--just was listening to it a few days ago. And there were snacks! 😉
  2. I, also, am the wrong person to ask, as I look around at the 5000+ books in this house...
  3. You may find that low dose doesn't do much, but it's a good place to start. I found that since I slept deeper, I dreamed more.
  4. I got all the couples flour sack towels last year, with our state or the state they live in, on them.
  5. I want dd's current deployment to be over safely. I want all my kids to be able to be here all at the same time, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. I want dh's brain cancer to not re-occur, but I fear that's not the case, considering what his short-term memory is like. And I want someone to clean my house! 😉 eta: I want a recording of dd with Indy Baroque on Naxos--hoping it's released by then.
  6. 7.5 miles walked so far trash and recycles out started dinner realized there's an orchestra concert tonight!
  7. It was all too short! However, having milk in my coffee this morning was truly a Godsend! I've started the laundry Dealt with two boxes of Christmas presents: a calendar (and vitamins) and a LC pan for ds and his fiancee. I have a package that was damaged in transit--does Amazon automatically resend or do I have to reorder. It got as far as Denver looks like. ah, found it on the website--I have to reorder. Grrr... Thought of a present for Navy girl and passed on the idea to siblings talked to dd need to mail letters walk write kids, as always finished the world's most BORING book--it will be a relief to take it to the library. If you ever have trouble sleeping, break out The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Iserbyte figure out dinner calm middle dd down as she's all hot and bothered by an article in the paper. rejoice that a woman got 24 years for killing her brother--well, burying his body in their manure pile. Glad this drama is DONE! Her mother just passed away.
  8. Funny exchange with several nurses today, as they noticed my HUGE bruises all over my arms and legs. No, my dh is not a wife beater--I moved 100+ enormous metal tables plus chairs, for Scouts several times over the weekend!
  9. I've been home since mid afternoon, but just now getting on. I went straight to bed! Good news--I have diverticulosis, with means little pouches but 50% of people my age have them. No polyps or anything, so no repeat for 10 years! Thank you all for the prayers. I'm pushing fluids as I have a raging headache from being dehydrated. I did get all the laundry put away, and one load done (dh's disgusting work coat). And I informed dd that she was cooking for her dad and herself. I know she's tired, as she mowed with the big county mower all day, but she DID find time to ride! I have no idea what they had. I dealt with some Scout stuff, but I've decided to let the new comm chair deal with recharter--it's not my job any more. I, for the 4th time, reached out to the Scout in TX to see if he wants to remain on the roster. Still no word. I'm going to let the new guy handle it. Navy girl headed out on the USS America today (she posted, so I'm not in violation of Op Sec), and oldest and her dh headed to TX to play in Midland with the Permian String Quartet. They have a concert cycle, then he heads back to Bloomington and then to Denver (where I'll get to hear him when I pick up youngest) and dd heads to SC. I'm considering a movie tonight. The big white dog is barking at the coyotes, and I'm not going anywhere!
  10. I won't have time to post in the morning--so prayer would be appreciated. I have my colonoscopy, and I'm really nervous. Everyone keeps saying it's the best nap ever! I sure hope so! I feel awful from the prep. Ugh.
  11. Well, I'm to the stage of prep where maybe dying of colon cancer isn't such a bad thing??? Just kidding! I didn't eat light for a few days, as I forgot--we were running the Christmas bazaar for Scouts, so lots and lots of chili. And then I ate at the American Legion for Veterans Day yesterday--whoops, more chili. And Sunday I ate blackberries. I really messed this up! I eat an insanely high fiber diet at all times, nothing like pasta or potatoes. I went with Bai and infused water. I felt SO lightheaded today from not eating that I only walked 5 miles. I deserve a long nap tomorrow--just hope I can get down valley okay--it's an hour and a half drive.
  12. I commented to dd a few months ago that I didn't know WHAT I was going to do once I no longer had a teenager to help me with my computer. "Mom, I've been 20 for 9 months..." Oops! That's okay. I asked a friend whom we rarely see (they're missionaries) how old he was, and then commented that I didn't realize he was older than me. Whoops! We're both 64...
  13. I've told my kids, I don't want to ever hear that they've said, "We have to go to mom's" creating drama. I'll take them when I can get them, and if they give me some notice, I'll have a meal on the table. We had Christmas on the 23rd last year (we pushed hard for everyone to make it as we thought it would be dh's last), and this year, maybe the 28th??? One year it was in May, after dd's deployment! When all the kids are home, plus dhs, plus a fiancee, plus this year, a boyfriend, we are a loud, noisy lot. We usually have some random extra neighbors, including an elderly lady who lives way up the hills, off the grid. She's fascinating--she has a PhD in biochemistry. For years, we had a disabled math PhD. My mil HATED him, as he wouldn't fawn over her, but the kids have fond memories of Dr. Steve. I'm debating on inviting some neighbors this year--one of our new Scouts. I want to talk to dh and dd about it though, as it's also her birthday celebration.
  14. One of my worst was when oldest dd and next younger sister were out with me checking cows. I got this great idea to station them in the wagon in the alley between haysheds and said, "Now, when this cow comes, you holler and turn her to the right!" Um, I just had a 5yo and a 2yo (something like that) trying to turn a running 1100 lb cow in labor! In my defense, I'd been up for weeks with calving. eta: they did turn the cow...
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