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  1. A thought on the being in college thing, many schools have Venturing Crews under clubs called Alpha Phi Omega--a service club. CU Boulder's puts on two wonderful mb universities every year. Kids can Eagle from Crews once they make First Class within a troop. As to looking for a troop active over the summer, I would not get involved in a troop NOT doing summer stuff. That's when the BEST stuff happens!
  2. We have several friends that were Johnnies, both from the SF campus. Many students do an exchange year at the other campus. They loved it, but it is for a specific type of student. The Annapolis Johnnies beat USNA every year at croquet! There is a lot of drinking, but also a lot of swing dancing!
  3. Our retired orthopedic surgeon regularly plays at the BB!
  4. 19-20 months is just about as fast as they can do it. We had a boy Eagle at 12, but he was able to join at 10 as he'd finished 5th grade. Ds Eagled at 13, but he joined a bit later as he came in with his den, so lost a half-year waiting for AoL. It is possible to make 1st Class before a year, but they have to hustle. There is an extension available now: But let's remember, it's about the journey, not the "finish line". Ds stayed in, eventually serving as OA Chief, earning all 135 mbs, being honored with Vigil, and earning all 5 parts of the National Outdoor Awards.
  5. If there are no girl troops nearby, your girls can go Lone Scouts. Our closest girl troop is 3 hours away. The closest girl den is an hour and a half. Here are the rank requirements: We have several girls who do Venturing AND GSUSA.
  6. I remember a conductor's comment one year of All-State. He mentioned that though the kids might be disappointed in their seats, there were 300+ kids who would have given anything to sit dead last in the section.
  7. The barn washer seems to be working--I washed a dog bed, so if it messed up, no harm done. Scouts went well, but we added ANOTHER thing on Memorial weekend! And on Tuesday, I just added a high school musical costume mistress meeting... Shoot me now...
  8. I think we're going to try the washer out of the barn. I don't know whether to trust dh's recollection that he actually changed out the motherboard. He can't remember a conversation from 2 hours ago, so what are the chances that he'll remember a washer repair from two years ago??? I hate to buy a new one... And he still needs to deal with the pop off. I spent hours on Scout paperwork for camp. Old Council fobbed me off on new Council, but since old Council didn't actually issue a charter, not good chance that I'm going to get a correct roster and insurance paper from them. Off to Scouts as soon as I get on my uniform. Have to wear the dorky arrow still, and will all the way through 6 Scout things for Memorial Day as I won't be through the OA Ordeal yet.
  9. The clothes ARE drying! I split the load up as they were still SO wet. I wish I had an old wringer in the barn that wasn't disgusting. At least it wasn't a big load. Dh claims that he replaced the mother board in the last washer for dd's rental. If so, we'll swap out washers. If not, well, time for a new one, as it's too old to fix. Dh's on the phone with the repair people now. We have to replace the pop off valve in the water heater. I think it would be worth just replacing the water heater as it's more than 20 years old. Dh put a plug in it for now. He'll miss Scouts tonight to deal with the stupid washer.
  10. My germ phobia won't let me head to the laundromat. I'll get them dried. It can't snow forever, right????? I could use dd's next door, but she uses dryer sheets and I'm allergic to them. If nothing else, I guess I'm IRON them dry! 😄
  11. If there are no girl troops nearby, your girls can go Lone Scouts. Our closest girl troop is 3 hours away. The closest girl den is an hour and a half. Here are the rank requirements: We have several girls who do Venturing AND GSUSA.
  12. I think I got tackled. The water heater started making a loud noise. Tried to move the load of laundry, but the washer kept pumping water in AFTER the cycle was done, turned off, and unplugged. Tried rinse and spin, trying to get it to spin out. Called dh when the washer stalled out at 17 minutes after 30 minutes. Dh comes home. "Fixes" it by messing with the pop off valve, which starts leaking. Water heater and ALL hot water turned off. Water still leaking out of pop off valve. Water now all over the porch. Tried to explain what the noise was. Dh blows up. Now have a load of soaking clothes that has to be rinsed and wrung out by hand. Our water comes out of the well at 45 degrees. My hands hurt. Can't hang it because 1) we have a puppy who will tear it off the line and 2) it's snowing (and thundering). We are at 255% of normal snowpack, and we're supposed to get 20" tonight. The winter that never ends. Big avalanche ran yesterday up valley because of LAST week's massive snowstorm. If I hang the clothes in the bathroom, I will spend 2 hours ironing everything as they are my cotton dresses. Put new Council patches on 5 shirts, along with Crew numbers on 2 shirts. And 2 Founder patches. Cut out more doll bloomers and iron the hems. I'm annoyed and don't want to sew any more right now. Watched the Herdon Monument climb at USNA. Plebes no more, and they broke the record! Go Navy, Beat Army! I did manage to get towels washed before the washer blew up. Sweep. Did once, but now I will have to mop as the back porch is underwater. read Walk--a treadmill day. Swim day for Scouts. I need to pull two boys to work on merit badges.
  13. Congrats! Our Callout with girls from Venturing was last week, but only 2 could make it, along with one boy from the troop. Dd and I will do our Ordeals at the end of the month, but 2 of the girls have band camp. We'll catch them up at Fall Fellowship as they live in the valley. Out of the 5 Crew members, we have them scattered over 4 different states!. Dd has her Silver Award (the old highest award) but didn't go for Summit--just too busy being 1st Sgt of Cav at her military college. She DID finish Trust last night, so has all but Summit now. We lost our Council a few weeks ago, and the official merger online happened yesterday. As soon as the dust settles from that, I'll put her Trust paperwork through.
  14. work on 8 doll bonnets--all done sweep--many times laundry--all done! write graduation cards and checks--2 more to go! Still one more to do. graduation party at 3--skipping graduation--nice party for a hs friend sew on new patches on one khaki and 2 Venturing uniforms for dd. We lost our Council and have changed numbers--didn't get to it. HAve to tomorrow as dd needs at least one and she works all day walk--not much read--finished a book!
  15. I clicked on this, as our local school has changed names THREE TIMES in the last 5 years! We use the new name as that is what databases have. It really is ridiculous!
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