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  1. Our mice seem to prefer almond butter over peanut butter. I have an ancient crunchy jar that I use for the traps.
  2. I put up some photos! Yes, kittens always do better in pairs.
  3. Coffee! One more day before Navy beats Army! Laundry is done dinner--have to make something--bummer walk mail letters write kids agree that yes, we should adopt two kittens What am I doing???? I'm headed to Denver on Monday so might be able to get them? Maybe? bathrooms sweep shovel--more snow last night. Ski area got 7" last night. We only got about 4". grocery run muck out dd's room
  4. Well, the Manx kitten pick-up seems to have fallen apart, but I found TWO Japanese Bobtails! I go to Denver on Monday, maybe coming home with a kitten...or two...
  5. A friend (mom whose kid was dd's rodeo princess when she was queen) works at the paper. The mom wrote a snarky article about fruitcake, so I took one by the newspaper office! Take that! Fruitcake is GOOD! I do like living in a small town.
  6. There are a lot of horses I regret. Most of them I'm still feeding...
  7. Sending sympathy. No, you can't logic past it. Distract.
  8. Once again, dh proved he can connect with anyone (as long as he's not in his brain cancer irrational mode). He got a call from the towing company in Denver who is getting the old Buick. Turns out the dispatcher went to school at our small college for a year, and skied at the ski area on the far side of the ranch!
  9. Coffee! Laundry is halfway done sew on some buttons get dh to clean out dds' old car so the tow company can take it. We'll never have to buy a water bottle again! We're doing a donation to Scouts. This car is a classic--'92 Buick Century, with flames on the side. It's not worth putting $2000 in it. Dd bought it from a hired hand for $10 many years ago. It was his grandpa's. My kids could never do anything wrong as every cop or sheriff knew whose car it was! clean out camping stuff out of middle dd's room--it has to be purged as we need the space for company at Christmas, plus dd has been gone for years. It's past time. Dh has been using it for a dumping ground--arg! We're having one fellow for an entire month--he needs his space. walk write kids put check in the bank take out recycles dishes pile of stuff to the giveaway pile--it was all in the old car, but dd never got it there. put in washer fluid, from dd's old car shred papers from the old car trash pick up books at the library tease a friend about Army/Navy game
  10. Dealt with financial guy stuff. Eagle stuff scanned and ready to mail laundry finished, except for sewing on some buttons texted with dd argued with a woman online, that no, not all cataract surgery is successful and painless. Great that yours was. Mine wasn't. Let's be honest. Answered 10 Eagle questions via email Off to dig through the freezer for dinner.
  11. Close? Not at -35, though they don't go out for recess. 3' of snow? Not generally, as long as the plows are out. If we closed for "snow days" the kids would be in school in July!
  12. Non-shedding? Pyr/Lab? Hah! Pyrs are bred to be guardians, so if not socialized, they can be a nightmare. They are also bred to bark. ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! That cross has opposite temperaments (other than good napping!) so you don't know what you're going to get. Crosses don't mix traits usually, but traits will be there, but you don't know which ones you'll get. I love the Pyrs we've had over the years, but they shed, bark, and dig out and jump fences. Pass!
  13. Coffee! Laundry is started I'm dragging as I was up WAY too late with the caffeine I needed to drive home last night dinner walk--this is going to be hard to do as I am sore from the last two days read mail Eagle stuff after I scan it put away Christmas presents put away grocery bags--they're scattered all over trash is out--yay! shred stuff from last night's Eagle Board
  14. I'm home. Exhausted, but wired on caffeine. Good Scout meeting--answered a lot of questions. And the Eagle Board went MUCH better than expected. I DO think we had an impact, after all!
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