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  1. And I just spent an hour trying to figure out needed Scout items for our new Scout. Dh is supposed to go to the Scout shop in Denver on Thursday, if he gets out of the hospital in time. need to pay for Philmont, but I've lost the stupid registration number--waiting on a call back talk to dd--one of our neighbors was REALLY rude when he saw the county truck. Um, she doesn't plow down here--SHE didn't fill your driveway! She's running on fumes right now with her shifts being jerked around. I think she may be able to go over on Saturday to pick up her cows. check sheep, again. I was just asked to become Unit Commissioner. Um, stepping down from Committee Chair was supposed to be LESS work! It's more training...
  2. We had our CoH tonight. I've stepped down as CC, and dh, as SM! He remains ASM, District Commish, and Crew Advisor, and I remain District Adv, and Crew CC. We had lots of awards and mbs, were able to announce our newest Eagle (last Saturday), and 2 of the Crew Awards. And the mayor even came!
  3. All the laundry I didn't do on Monday because I went dog sledding! meet with a Scout to drag him through another merit badge walk dinner write kids the usual
  4. He heads to Denver on Wednesday, for another round of stuff, blood tests, etc. He's hanging in there, which is all we can ask. Dd is working nights, plowing, so I'll stay home with the calves and sheep. Thanks for asking.
  5. We live in paradise! I'm not sure dd would agree this winter--it's been long. She's plowed 278" of the white stuff this year! This is what she drives!
  6. Our decor is Basic Barn and Retro Rancher. We'll charge extra for the "authentic" manure currently tracked all over my back porch! And as I typed that, I realized that we also have Modern Mouse going on in the walls. Fortunately, we will never sell this house; we'll saddle dd with it!
  7. Shots of the avalanche that almost took out a friend's house. At the last minute, it veered. This slide hasn't run in 100 years.
  8. Sledding was gorgeous! The storm cleared halfway up the canyon, but the roads were still icy. I have a bit of a sunburn, which is good. I haven't seen the sun in days. The fog came in and out for a bit. Saw some hawks wheeling about, and lots of avalanches but the road had been cleared. Here's the townhall at Tincup: Imagine that with 10' of snow on it. We went from Taylor Park Trading post, to Tincup. It was a 15 mile run with the dogs. On to Court of Honor tonight. Not going to be many folks there--lots of sickness in this town right now.
  9. I'm drinking coffee, wondering WHY I am up? I'm headed dog sledding in a few minutes, only it doesn't look like this storm has moved out. I'm not sure I can even get UP the canyon. We'll see! This is where we're headed, only they've had 400" of snow this year, so far. I still have to check sheep (again) and then finish packing for the Court of Honor tonight--last one that I will ever do! Or at least the last one that I have to organize. And I need to finish packing up Easter "basket" stuff--have two more kids to do: one missionary friend in training and one cadet at USCGA. I ran out of envelopes. Wish me luck and that we don't freeze today--it looks nasty today!
  10. I'm dog sledding tomorrow! Glad I'm mostly packed for tomorrow.
  11. I just read an interesting article on the history of blue in Weimaraners.
  12. Well, that got interesting! We had a preemie calf out of a first calf heifer yesterday. Dd decided they should go in, as it's snowing, again. However, it's a bog hole out there. It took an hour, but dd and I actually got the heifer to lead (sort of) with the calf following, and they're now in the shed with grain, hay, and water. Dd had to carry the calf the last little bit and the heifer considered killing her, but we managed. Dh will grumble as "I said they didn't need to go in." Yeah, well, you're lazy, and if dd is going to run the ranch, she has to make her own decisions. And anyway, YOU didn't do anything about it! Fortunately, there's enough snow still (about 2') that it made a lane to push the cow down. We're not supposed to start until April 4th! eta: poor dd--the back window on the big loader shattered, and she popped a tire on the feedtruck. I took her out to lunch. And now she's bidding on Charolais heifers!
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