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  1. 4/5 of mine are; one is still in college. She's not self-supporting yet, but worked long hours this summer, and handles all her expenses at school. We're doing the tuition that the school isn't covering. Actually, tuition is covered--it's room and board that she lost with her leg surgery. I ran into a young man over the weekend that STILL isn't, though he's the age of my 2LT. He's once again, not working, and mommy is paying for his apartment and truck. Arg! He has SO much potential, but is SO lazy! eta: "launched" yep. Self-supporting.
  2. laundry is started. Decided to add in dog beds. Ugh. coffee is almost finished need to cook something for the "new recipe" cookoff for Scouts. Trying to get up the gumption to do something Dutch oven, but then, how do I get it to town? Decided to repeat the stroganoff I made last night. I was going to do lamb kibees, but we're out of ground lamb. someone is here for hay, but dh just got home visit with the new horse put away the LAST of the sleeping bags--almost there for another month!!! DONE! For the first time in months! book back to the library walk talk to the 4 Scouts taking the Dog Care mb--turns out most of the boys will be gone. write kids get mail--done dump trash--done
  3. Does GSUSA have Unit Commissioners? Scouts BSA does, and their job is to intervene in just such circumstances, either w/in troop leadership, or between leaders and chartering organizations (I realize that GSUSA doesn't have COs). I'm our troop/crew/pack Unit Commish. Reach out to your district exec (or whatever you call them) and see if you have a Commish.
  4. Usually the worst riders are the loudest! I listened to a woman rave on and on about her son, the fabulous rider, one day. Um, she ended up shooting him a few years later and burying his body in the manure pile. People are strange.
  5. Turns out the ram's name is Ray. Sil suggested Billy Ray. Might have to go with that, even though he doesn't have a mullet. Dundee is definitely a buckskin, not a dun. I went out to meet him, and he's a personable young man--came over to say hi, and watch me pick up baling twine. He's curious, but not spooky. He does have a bit of dapples.
  6. Take it to the show steward so old nasty is warned, Show committee should handle it.
  7. The goal this week is to get ALL the sleeping bags put away! I almost get them done, and then ANOTHER trip happens, and tents, bags, ground cloths, and pads have to be spread out. We aren't camping for another month, so maybe it will happen. One can dream... Today's goal is to get all the Scout shirts put back together, with pins and patches, and hung up. They're all washed and in the dryer. I'm waiting for the live feed from Norwich to come back up, so off to switch laundry. The Rooks are saying goodbye to their parents, and then we'll see them march out.
  8. All this discussion makes me doubly grateful for the growing-up times my kids had. They had incredible freedom, really only constrained by worries of bears. They had the opportunity to ride their horses across the ranch, camp up at the spring, ski on the far side of the ranch, play with the dogs, splash in the ditches, and work hard, making a go of the ranch. One has chosen to return, full-time, but all chose to forgo a pile of money, to put the ranch under a conservation easement. They had freedom, but they used that freedom wisely (mostly). I watched a group of young people at Order of the Arrow this weekend, committing themselves to the ideal of cheerful service. And I teared up. And I'm watching the Rook Arrival Day address right now at Norwich University. President Schneider just said to say to the freak-out phone call, "Honey I love you. You can do this. I have faith in you. We do not quit. I love you." and then hang up. I think he nailed it.
  9. He is technically a buckskin as he has no dorsal stripe (at least I don't think so--I haven't met him yet). A good explanation: An explanation of some of the dun/buckskin colors: His registered name is Cast Roan Wood. And the new ram: He should make pretty babies this fall.
  10. Dd headed off at o'dark thirty to pick up...drum roll please...the new horse! His name is Dundee. Dd took the girl who was her Jr. Miss her rodeo Queen year. The girl is very shy and awkward, and needs friends. She idolizes dd. They'll have a good road trip. The other mom had the coffee waiting this morning. Dh is trying to fix the carburetor on one of the tractors. He got the new ram home yesterday, so I'll head up the lane soon to check him out. I've been warned to NOT go in with him--typical cranky Suffolk! Walk--need much walking as I didn't get much at Order of the Arrow Induction the last two days. The kids all worked hard, but there wasn't much for the adults to do, and it was 95+ degrees! I can't complain TOO much--it was MY idea to have it this weekend because of no band camps. The ceremony team did a really great job, and one of our Eagles was able to be there, as part of the team. They had to dash off to DIA last night as he had to fly out to the CG Academy. Sort of like the last week with my dd and flying out to Norwich. August is so crazy. It was a weird weekend--MI friend's dh's passed away (not unexpected), and one of the candidates got a call just as the ceremony finished that he dad was in a coma from a car crash, and I got a notification that my dd had called 911. My heart stopped, as dh is NOT doing well after Philmont. However, it turned out to be a phone glitch. FTX Week is done and it's Rook Arrival Day! Dd is 1st Sgt of Cav this year, so has been whipping them into shape for a week, but now the entire class shows up. I'll be watching the live feed of the Oath in a few hours. And laundry, much laundry...
  11. "Someone" turned off the internet and it took me over an hour to figure out what he did. Grrr. I know my work with Scouts is not valued here, but people depend on me to get their kid's Eagle stuff done. Yep, I had a recommendation letter waiting for me--the one from the parent, so she was freaking out. I will be glad when that Board is done and finished. Coffee. Much needed coffee after driving down AGAIN yesterday. So I can drive down again today. laundry pack for the camping trip at I'm now expected to drop off the part that I drove 135 miles to get yesterday--the part we didn't actually NEED for the baler. The part that was a random guess. I may spend the night at a friend's house where it will be cooler. Not sure how I'm going to do in 97 degree heat We have the Order of the Arrow Ordeal tonight. I'm voting we walk across the road to the swimming pool tomorrow. 😉 I've been trying to ignore it for 2 days, but I'm coming down with something. I've been wiped out for several days, but then, I've driven for 1500 miles! The tickle in the throat has begun, and I'm getting a headache. I haven't been sick since last spring, so I can't complain, but it's going to be a long weekend. Waiting for the baler part to be found (funny how it's already missing) so I can take it down.
  12. All of mine went to smaller schools for the undergrad, and that was the right decision for all of them. One did the flagship uni, but it was WY, so still pretty small! She had her tribe in AROTC, and being the mascot handler. My youngest picked a really small school, as Mines was the other top choice, and didn't want ROTC at Boulder. Again, the small, rural school was right for her--she also wanted the military lifestyle. She's the 1st Sgt of the Cavalry this year! I don't know if it was the hs angle for them--after all, they all graduated with a year of college credits, or if it was coming out of a town of 6,000, but the small school was the right choice. USNA is only 4400 Midshipmen.
  13. I just popped over there--haven't been to this forum in a long time. Yes, NU is recognized as one of the top cyber schools in the US. Dd ended up teaching the advanced GenCyber camp this summer--she was asked to last year, but had an AFROTC commitment instead. However, no AFROTC this summer, as she cannot Commission--she shattered her leg a year and a half ago, and is looking at another surgery. She chose to NOT get it done 2 weeks ago, so she could babysit her dad at Philmont Scout ranch. Good thing she did, as he could not stay on the trek and was shuttled off to the infirmary. She's now in the middle of FTX week, as 1st Sgt of the Cavalry, with 21 new Rooks to teach to ride. She is hoping to get the surgery to remove the plate in her leg and then go OCS after graduation. She's adding a minor in math. She earned some kind of industry cert in cyber this summer, and they got the high school kids through it too, though I can't remember the name! NU covered much of the ROTC scholarship that she lost. NU is well-regarded for CE.
  14. I am feeling very taken advantage of--I've put 1500 miles on my car in the last week, doing things for other people. Tuesday I drove down valley again for a Scout thing. I drive BACK down 2 hours tomorrow, to take Scouts down to an OA thing (and stay down until Sunday). Today, dh NEEDED a baler part, so I drove down again, another 135 miles for said part. Only it wasn't the right part anyway. Turns out, he could have gotten it in Denver as he was there, but he didn't want to drive the extra 50 miles! But it was okay for ME to drive the 135! I was explaining that I did, in fact, charge the part, as he was chewing me out for not charging the part. If you will let me FINISH my sentence, you would have heard that yes, I know we have a charge account, and yes, I charged it. Nope, I'm not stopping tomorrow and taking it back as I will have Scouts in the car. Yes, you can keep the part--it will break eventually, but since you haven't cleaned the shop in 24 years, you'll never be able to find it. An acknowledgement of my wasting my entire day would have been in order. And now I'm stopping to return the part. The part he never needed in the first place because he hadn't actually determined what was needed--just took a random guess. He's apologized to the parts place over and over. To me? Nope.
  15. Looks like I have to drive down valley to pick up a baler part. Waiting to hear... On a happier note--we got OVER a page of coverage in the paper for the Scouts! Yep--had to go down. 4 hours later, I'm home. It was HOT!
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