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  1. Margaret in CO

    Concerts in Ft. Worth I can't seem to get to the Caminos del Inka ones, but they're still listed for tonight and tomorrow.
  2. Margaret in CO

    Concerts in Ft. Worth

    Sil is conducting tonight and tomorrow: Caminos del Inka and then on the 19th, with the Ft. Worth Youth orchestra: Tchaik 6th and Elgar
  3. Margaret in CO

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Life just got complicated. United is waiving their change fee, trying to get people to NOT travel on the 19th due to the storm. The problem is that we have quite the storm here, so I don't know if we can get to Denver tomorrow. Can't go now as she has to be at the high school until 1:00 tomorrow, and anyway, the pass is currently closed! We got her flight changed, changed the hotel, and got her a shuttle. The school will let them in barracks early, and open the dining hall, so as to get the cadets in safely before the storm really hits. Sweep porch sweep kitchen dinner trash out for the trash man shovel dishes shop trash get dd to do the grocery shop as... dh needs to take the car to be washed--we had to detour last night and it's covered with mud walk--10 miles! laundry--2 loads bathroom write kids read print out leaders' and parents' guides to Scout camp finally get email to work--dd rescued me. I hate our internet provider but there is no other choice here behind the ski hill
  4. Margaret in CO

    Suspicious mole, what to expect today?

    They'll probably take it off today and then it will be biopsied. If it comes back with certain indicators, they will go back in and take more. And then, well, you may be on a long road. But don't let that make you wait. It's most likely something that can be a one and done. I hope so.
  5. Margaret in CO

    Make sure your kids keep copies of their syllabi!

    Actually, keep it AFTER they get the degree! Dd had to produce one from a master's to get out of a year of the doctorate as she'd already taken the class from the woman who had written THE textbook. She had lost the syllabus in a flood, but her violist still had a copy. And keep all the work. My kids have had to produce them from our local college to in-state college (along with ALL their work), to out-of-state college, from undergrad to master's, from one master's to the next, from master's to doctorate, and from one doctorate program to another! The other thing that one dd had to produce was ALL concert programs from the bachelor's, 2 master's, and her first go at the doctorate (she left the program). And the school did NOT return them! Fortunately, mom the hoarder had several copies of each... 😉
  6. Margaret in CO

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    We have bears, lions, bobcats, and coyotes here. In fact, we had a nuisance lion in town right now, that I think was up north night before last as the dogs were going nuts. That's why we have the dogs, to protect the sheep. I HAVE seen bobcats stalk people, but you're in far more danger from lions. And we have bears every year--they've broken into the neighbor's house and into our barns. I like the dead of winter as there are no bears. We had one chase dd just a few years ago. The bears and lions are one reason I don't hike up the far side of our place. Dd spooked up a bear just last fall. She was armed, but he moved off--too bad as she had a bear tag! I've camped by myself many times, but I've also woken up to have a bear dragging me off in my brand-new tent! And I stupidly unzipped it and bonked him over the nose with a mess kit as I was mad. Looking back, it was a rather stupid thing to do... I plan on getting my CC this spring.
  7. Margaret in CO

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Sweep kitchen sweep porch nag dh about the cat box read write kids call doc call camp guy laundry--two loads today one box of hs stuff sorted (it seems manageable if I do one box at a time. I'm getting there!) nag dd about her room dishes, and yet more dishes trash call hs mom who called yesterday but I was headed into a Scout meeting iron dh's neckerchief-it needed to be washed--really grubby melt out car in the shop--haven't been able to turn left for a few days due to all the ice. find a 10 year pin for dh--once again, he's lost one. I don't know WHAT he does with them! talk to dd--did the workmen make it to the house so I am headed to S CA? talk to another dd--are we going to Nat'l Western Stock Show before we take another dd to DIA? Inquiring minds want to know! drive 4 hours for an Eagle Court of Honor down valley We're home, but it looked like we were going to be a bit late as we ran across a big accident and had to detour. Well, it turned out it was the Eagle candidate and his family! Someone stopped to make a left hand turn off the highway, and they stopped. But the girl coming up didn't, and rammed THEM into the car in front. Three totalled cars/trucks, but all are okay! So, we actually were there before the family as they were late--not surprisingly. Great ECoH, and I'm glad we went, as it was poorly attended. We headed back towards Montrose and someone turned right into the turn lane, started over, saw us, and then pulled back into their lane. And then almost rammed us 20 feet down the road! Crazy drivers today, but at least there weren't many elk on the highway. I guess I stop at Qdoba's a lot after Scout Roundtable meetings. The worker looked at me and at dh, and asked, "Where is the other guy?". "He has a meeting in Grand Junction and couldn't make it."
  8. Margaret in CO

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    So, Bill do you think academic red-shirting is cheating? I'm just wondering. We never did, but as mentioned above, we did play one kid up as there was nothing available for her if we didn't. We planned on her repeating 8th (and she did). It really confused the ps though, as when she started 9th, she also started college. They didn't know WHERE she was! 😉
  9. Margaret in CO

    recommend kids snow boots

    Sorels! It's all we wear, but then, it does get to -30 here.
  10. Margaret in CO

    Summer jobs for teens?

    My kids life guarded, worked on the county road crew, did free lance coding work, taught piano, played weddings, and hayed. One taught riding lessons, cleaned stalls and did catch rides at the barn. My kids all irrigated and fenced. During Christmas break, they've all been ski patrolmen and oft ops.
  11. The one near and one far is not uncommon at all, or so we were told when dd had this. It caused problems in gymnastics as she was switching eyes right at the vault. She ended up vaulting with her eyes closed for over a year! The eye doc said that it usually corrects itself at puberty, and it did. If it doesn't, if can cause problems with learning to drive as their depth perception is fouled up. My eyes are very different in prescription, but that's because I've lost over 1/3 of my vision in one of them from a presumed ocular histoplasmosis scar. I was not able to get the really fancy lenses at my cataract surgery as my eyes are such a mess. I do have way better vision now (except for at night) but they are still widely different--both near-sighted though.
  12. Margaret in CO

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Laundry is started--4 loads today Boy Scouts--the new Webs are coming--we're doing knife skills got through another box of hs stuff! clean both bathrooms walk--didn't get much in yesterday with 5 hours of driving--6 miles in, so need to get going! Almost got 10 arrange to to see El Divo Colorado with a friend in February--new hs mom write down Altius Quartet in April--they're coming here! If you've never gone to a concert, go! take a program from Sphere Ensemble to the kids' orchestra director in high school--he always likes to see what they're up to dinner sweep porch sweep kitchen get out Scout patches--still didn't get that done get the James E West Award paperwork done for a friend write kids read mail letters trash finish a merit badge with a Scout tiptoe around dh--he's in one of his moods where everyone is persecuting him. deal with camp stuff remind Scouts about finishing Snow Sports
  13. Margaret in CO

    A slightly different "would you eat this?"

    I looked over the table at a reception post-concert today to see if there was anything I could eat (there wasn't). But my first thought was--all those people touching the food. So, no shared cookie for me.
  14. Margaret in CO

    Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

    I think I got tackled. I did morning stuff, and then got in the car and started driving over an 11,300' foot pass! Bit messy on top but I made it to sil's concert. I forget just how amazing a conductor he is, and he played violin on two pieces as they needed him. Only one other player is quite at that level, and they needed both. Varied program--little Prince, some Beatles, some Mozart, and Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony. The pass was pretty rough at the top on the way home, with new snow. I'm rebelling and am NOT making supper. Dh can eat leftovers!
  15. Margaret in CO

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    I think you follow the rules of the league. I had a kid that played "up" for x-c (so no slamming into other kids) but it went by grade, not age. I run into this all the time at our ski hill--we go by age the day of the race. No, your kid can't can't ski "down" because they're not very good. They CAN ski up, but if they do, they ski up all day. I had a dad with an age-class (semi-pro) boy who asked to ski up. I agreed, but the next dad wanted his kid to ski down. No. Not my fault that your kid doesn't ski a zillion hours a week--he needs to be with his age group. They're now struggling in Scouts as they think there should be special rules. I had a dd who showed Arabians all over--yeah, she's going to take all the English classes, just like the girl who took Paint Worlds the week before is going to take all the Western classes. It's by age, period. And I've had kids on the other end--my kid is going to ride against kids who are pros in speed events. Well, my kid doesn't spend every weekend hauling to every rodeo in the state. She's going to lose. No shame there. If it mattered to her, she'd put in the work. Yeah, it's hard when your kid is 18" shorter than the other boys at the swim meet, but high school swimming is ALL 4 years, but not eligibility for a 5th. Bummer. There it is. If the big kid is playing unsafely, that should be addressed.
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