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  1. Coffee! Laundry is almost done Spent two hours scanning and sending Scout Eagle stuff. It finally went through Still need to do the kid's cert Talked to Scouter friend about OA Dinner? Not a clue Lesson plans Still need to walk--the gang is arriving so I need to get out of here before someone wants me to do something for them
  2. There is a LOT of education. But people don't listen. Three of the fatalities were trained mountain guides, with beacons and probes. However, when BOTH travelers cross the slope at once, the beacons are only useful for finding the bodies. One of the singles--same thing--trained guide for many years. Slides are running that haven't run in a number of years.
  3. Finally getting on, though it's Saturday now. Laundry Dinner Swept Walked 17 miles Took a friend out for coffee for her birthday Talked to dd's bf. I can't believe the amount of work he has stacked up. We need to double his shop space Dropped off letters Talked to dd about the traveling restrictions beginning on the 26th. They can't leave Colombia on the 25th as Bogota is undercurfew Talked to the district executive--her dh ended up in the hospital Called Scouters about Order of the Arrow trying to get numbers for dinner on the 30th Emaile
  4. There are only a few restrictions at our library right now. They're not open on weekends (boo, hiss) and only 9 patrons in at a time. Only twice have I been turned away since March. Both times I just needed to drop things off anyway. For awhile they did the "make a bag and you pick it up off the table thing". We've had ILL again for months. Thank heavens, as we have a REALLY small library--they're building a new one. I wish they'd reopen the magazine drop spot as I've had to throw out magazines that I know people liked to read.
  5. We got our Greek vases done, and painted the second coat on our shields. Read in Homer and the Cyclops. Wrote our names in the Greek alphabet and found out the 1st grader doesn't know her last name! The mom was surprised that I thought a 1st grader should know that. We attempted to diagram our electric circuits, but the kids were nuts and not listening. No, guys, it's not a matter of just copying the previous one. Wrote kids Made supper Got chewed out by the woman who stole my Scout job. Um, sorry, but I didn't receive your voice mail. Relax! Talked to another Scout friend
  6. You go to pick up an ILL book at the library, and there are FOUR of them waiting!
  7. Coffee! Trash dumped Laundry started Just got a text--box of hs books left outside my room at the church! Teach. New intern coming today. Hope she's helpful! Give my boss a PO Walk--we need to figure out the new schedule as I do NOT want to be sitting for an hour! Read Write kids Scan Eagle book and send it
  8. Coffee! Trash gathered and out, need to do recycles Laundry started No clue on dinner Prayed for our nation Need to do purchase order for LEAD Walk! water greenhouse and upstairs sweep find coyote trap and fence stretcher for tomorrow Read article on intergenerational stress and send it to LEAD families Drop off paint paper to church work on "burgee" for Seabadge Scan entire Eagle book + letters. One of my committee is legally blind. He needs it on his computer so her can enlarge it. Print out Eagle cert for kid on the 30th
  9. I managed to get to WM--they had painting paper! Of course, now I have to do another purchase order scan... Grocery run before dh ran out of yogurt--yay Didn't get the book picked up Managed to get the laundry done, not until 9:00, but it's done! And most of it is put away Taught for 7 hours Interviewed intern--I think she'll work. She starts on Thursday! Zoom meeting--very stressful as the lady didn't send the link until 20 minutes before Worried about a friend with Covid. He's not coughing any more, and he seemed on the mend, but he stated today that he sle
  10. Coffee! Laundry is started. Not sure how I'm going t get dh's done, which will make him angry. I might be able to start it after LEAD. Trash is dumped and junk shredded I have a few more things to pack for LEAD. Looks like dh did not get out the coyote trap We got snow! Now enough (that would be 3') but we'll take it. Unfortunately, that means dh insisted that my car got put in. It terrifies me to get it out of the shop--he puts it in SO crooked that I have to turn, and then turn back, and then turn back again. I'd rather scrape off the car. LEAD today: TOPS Electrici
  11. We had a really good Scout meeting. Had a kid back whom we haven't seen in months. His little brother can join at the end of the month! If we have LEAD boys join, we'll have to work out camp!
  12. I average 3.5-4 hours a day outside, with about 14 miles a day. I did 20 yesterday, and that's too much. My hips hurt. I had been sitting and eating lunch on my break (we finally get one at school) but I decided that I need to walk during the break, and eat with the kids. Tomorrow will be hard as I teach all day, then do an intern interview, and THEN give a "This is your Eagle book" talk at Roundtable. Ugh
  13. Just got a tense phone call from the Queen Mum. She's not happy that the Jr Miss's mom was going to pick up thank you notes. Sorry, not getting in the middle of THIS one!
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