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  1. Waxing nostalgic tonight. Ran across these: https://www.bfbooks.com/Geography-Through-Literature-Pack-PB Such a fun year that was--did it with several kids. We did Tree in the Trail first so dh could take the kids on the Santa Fe Trail in the fall.
  2. Bones are boiled. We will be able to see the matrix, though not as clearly as in a photograph. Found the fish poster! And found more WILD Colorado biomes posters, so I'll put up a new one tomorrow, with the fish poster after the little guys look at it. Found another Egyptian book--man, I have a lot of those!
  3. Funny how this came up today--I'm boiling up elk bones for the kids at LEAD to see tomorrow.
  4. Dh got the bone sawed. I was hoping he wouldn't do it in pieces, but he did. I'm boiling them now, in the hope that we can see the matrix. Dinner's done, dishes done and put away. Well, except for the bones! Dropped off stuff to the church for tomorrow. I hate having piles to bring in in the morning Forgot to check on the purchase order for tape and glue Sent email to Eagle candidate. He still hasn't sent me his Scoutbook printout, and he needs to redo his essay. He told us about his Scout career, but nothing on where he's headed and how he's getting there. Walked 8
  5. Printed out fish photos and coloring pages put away boxes ate something made China map, but I think we won't get to it tomorrow Made skeleton copies
  6. Laundry is done Curtains are made Dealt with a zillion emails--zillions more to go Put away envelopes that came Still need to put away boxes that came for dd Got some good ideas on the Hallowe'en thing Still can't find Pattern Animals book Still can't find fish poster
  7. Coffee! Laundry is started Trash is out--pick up day Trying to figure out how to word to my teacher that our specifically Christian hs group (I'm the paid director) will not be doing Hallowe'en themed activities Need to scan a PO order dump other laundry Find supplies for tomorrow make copies scan and send Eagle paperwork Dinner???? Get mail make curtains for dd's trailer. It's currently too cold to go out to measure. Get dh to saw a huge elk bone in half Try to find a poster of the USS Tripoli, the new one, not one of the previ
  8. We did our India maps, heard another tale of Gilgamesh, colored a statue of Mohenjo-Daro, made out paper skin models, looked at cheek smears under the microscope, made our own, started Little Britches, and a bunch of other stuff. And I've found out, after all my eye surgeries, I can no longer use a microscope! I can't get it to focus! Picked up a huge elk bone for dh to saw in half to show the kids the structure Dropped off horse hair to the lady who makes the jewelry Talked to a lady who used to live here and hs. They moved to DC and are talking about moving back. I had to be h
  9. Coffee! Mouse traps dumped Laundry started Dinner is the rest of what I made last night. I don't want to cook after teaching all day Mostly packed for the day, but still need to put the microscope and slides in the car. It was 15 last night, and I didn't want condensation in them We're doing ancient India today, along with starting the skin in The Body Book. We're going to look at cheek swabs I don't WANT to start wearing long johns to school in the morning! It's still only 21 out there. Lunch is packed Need to work on revamping some awards for Scouts. T
  10. Photos are dealt with. In the process of posting them, but they're to the paper! All receipts are gathered, and dh will take all the bookkeeping to the treasurer at the ps tomorrow. Remembered to send some to our disabilities coordinator Scouting guy Kids are written Sent photos to a mom not on FB. I think I can actually sit down and finish a book!
  11. Switched laundry 2 more times Looked at sleeping bags locally--they have nothing. I can NOT continue to camp with my 50yo bag. I'm freezing! Went to two banks Dropped off stuff for LEAD Picked up a book and video at the library Walked 5.7 miles, so more to do Still haven't found the stain for the scope slides Dropped off the bucket for the stilts at LEAD. Much tidier! Called the lady who is making bracelets for the girls
  12. Got a cattle protein tub out for storage at LEAD Got the mail Put dh's sleeping bag away--it was still out Started watering. One hose is still frozen.
  13. Replied to the cemetery lady--they're making a donation to the troop for our cleanup work after the big storm! This is a blessing, as we've lost all our fundraising, of course.
  14. Copies are made Decided that I'll bring the microscope and we'll look at cheek swabs, so I have to find the stains. The kids are going to have fun with this! Swept porch, kitchen, bathroom More laundry! Ordered a library book Found out where the troop's bank acct is--guess I never knew!
  15. Coffee! Laundry started--5 loads today--ugh! Bank deposit Signature card at other bank for LEAD Photos off the camera card, onto computer, post of FB, on to newspaper Speaking of newspaper--dd said someone responded to her no on wolves piece but I didn't see it Trash Dinner? no clue Gather receipts for Scouts and turn it all into the treasurer Grocery run More laundry Lesson plans Make copies Mail letters Call car place Pick up library book Make up beds after laundry Text dd
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