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  1. What about Keens sandals?
  2. I finished 35 or so masks--didn't count. I have more to turn and more to pin elastic in walked 8 miles watered seeding dinner and dishes the kids rode laundry is put away still need to write kids and read
  3. The day started with coffee One load of laundry is done, but not put away yet Printed out troop guidebooks for 4 new notebooks. Drat--lost the receipt for the actual notebooks. Well, I know where it is, but I do NOT want to dig through stinky trash for it! Put in blue card holders and plastic sleeves Got an Eagle candidate verified, printed and filed Argued with dh. He made the pronouncement that dd's new cattle brand is just one more bar stroke. Um, no. You don't actually KNOW what the brand is, and are ignoring that fact that it is heart, lazy M, lazy M, which is considerably more complicated than heart cross. Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about! Pulled out dryer load. I realized yesterday that something is wrong with the "quick wash" setting on the machine. That tea towel washed for 45+ minutes! Shredded mail. Elastic arrived--the elastic I ordered over 2 months ago--looks like it went to Antarctica and back! covered books took the trash out even thought they won't pick up until tomorrow. It was skinky! sent dd's brand stuff and her bf's insurance stuff with dh who is headed out to irrigate with the bf. Hope he doesn't lose it. Still need to call a neighbor to see how her ds is doing. He's special needs, and is headed into the hospital for more tests need to walk need to sew need to write kids read need to water seeding
  4. About to head to bed. I've been SO tired this week with all the early mornings. I'm hoping I can get out of the habit of staying up so late. During calving, I have the 0200 shift, so then I lay about until all hours of the morning. Perhaps I can turn over a new leaf. I was hoping my friend could walk tomorrow, but it looks like they're headed back to Denver. They have a special needs child, with ortho problems, who has caught a bug. They need to check on his heart function. Poor kid. Lots of Scout paperwork again tomorrow.
  5. Day started with coffee! 800 flags down and put away. Made commitment to Flag Day--the Legion has asked to have a Scout speak! I know just the boy to do it! mailed letters grocery run laundry sent Eagle app verification printed Scoutbook and other paperwork for Eagle book checked on Scout notebooks--we have none left, so 4 to make up. watering is happening still need to hem a wild rag worked on merit badge schedules for camp. ONe boy will have to redo his as both the main choices are double sessions walked 9 miles talked to co-ordinator of our enrichment group talked to Scouter friend talked to Legion about Eagle projects need to start a camp notebook write kids
  6. CO has always had a vibrant hsing community. The 1988 law was actually written because of folks in our valley. Look here:
  7. I misread that at first and thought, "Why would hobbles make you happy? Are your horses taking off at night? Have you considered a corral?"
  8. Anlther 200 flags are down and put away Blue card signed for Scout merit badge books handed off made supper started another load of laundry, finished the first and it's put away I'm not going to do any more sewing Walked down to dd's with her bf--he brought up some stuff, and took coffee cake. I need to rehem his wild rag--made it too big, but I can't hand sew on navy in the evening. dishes are done watered seeding and some of the yard I've walked 12 miles so far! I walked to the cemetery and back, and then all over town picking up flags talked to friend to see how her kid is doing. Poor kid--he has a genetic syndrome that causes all sorts of problems, is now casted on both legs due to ortho stuff, and now has an ecoli infection! He was hoping to do Scout flag stuff with us, as he really likes his time in the troop, but of course, could not helped to plan a possible Eagle project for one of my Scouts printed out missing pages from an Eagle book--he just has one more letter and his essay. I hope to get his app verified tomorrow talked to the Legion guy about an Eagle project there. Talked to him about him saving us the cotton flags to be retired at Rendezvous Red the gov's pronouncement. Doesn't look good for camp.
  9. The day started at 0500 with coffee because... we put up another 200 flags on Main Street at 0600. I realized later that this puts us to over 1000 flags in the last few days! We'll take the street flags down at 1600, and cemetery flags down tomorrow. Dd helped and had a grand time visiting with Crew friends. I made coffeecake that the Scouts enjoyed. I cringed when a city cop stopped to talk with us (as we stood around in the street) as we were over 10 people. He was just stopping to say how great all the flags looked! I drove back into town to meet with a Scout for him to hand in his Eagle workbook. He's missing some things. Now I have to get his application verified, but the lady is on bereavement leave. Met with another Scout and he finished Citizenship in the Nation. I'll sign his blue card this evening Texted with a Scouter friend--his emails are bouncing still need to walk--thinking of going at 1400, do the north loop, and then head to the Legion to pick up flags. The newspaper wants to swing by brushed dogs--looks like an Akbash exploded out there! the girls are hauling 2 horses today, and I see middle dd took her 3yo up to the hills. He needs it. Dinner is leftovers. write kids sew masks. I pleated another 30 last night. Did a WM run and got thread (they had black!), some buttons, and contact paper. I have a nice score from the little free libraries for the new school, but they need to be covered. I also got dividers for Scout notebooks. I found "Sully" in the bargain bin, so I can watch whilst pinning mask elastic. Dug out merit badge books for a Crew member Seriously thinking of a nap laundry is almost done got 4 too-small neckerchiefs from the SM (the last of a screen printing goof years ago) and made them bigger for the new Webelos crossing over. I had found a nice hunk of maroon fabric and thought, "Oh this will make some masks!" Yes, it did. Only I needed it for neckers. I had to piece... The serger kept breaking threads--I don't know HOW many times I rethreaded it!
  10. This thread is like looking at a different world for me! People LIKE living in the city???? 😉 I'm annoyed if two cars go by on the road in front of my house when I walk a mile. Too much traffic!
  11. I err on the side of the more the merrier! I sent 500 to dd's ship, and am thinking the same for another dd's barracks for Corps of Cadets! Just ordered the fabric for another go-round for the ship.
  12. Got another 20 masks sewn--100 in the box! Watching dd's St John's Passion from last year. I forgot she had been Principal Second.
  13. walked 8.5 miles brought laundry in off the line made the coffee cake for the Scouts tomorrow. I made two, for the two households here startd supper--decided on stroganoff talked to Scouter down valley and was whining about not being able to go to camp or Philmont this summer. I MAY go volunteer at Philmont, but shhhh, don't tell anyone!
  14. Grave flags are up. Someone made new maps of the cemetery, and they're nice because they're more to scale. BUT, they took out all my notes such as "table" "back side of Joe Smith" and they list the section, but not which part. What a mess! Main Street flags up and down tomorrow. I'm making coffee cake as we won't be able to have our nice breakfast at the Legion Hut. Laundry--dd needs all her bedding done today, and there's a load of work clothes recruited a new Scout! need to sew need to walk dinner--not a clue. We have a pineapple that needs to be eaten trying to decide whether to buy a new down comforter. I've mended and mended the old one, and now the duvet cover is shredding. But I don't want to spend the money! dealt with an Eagle candidate--he's driving his notebook up tomorrow emailed SM--I need 3 neckerchiefs to sew. We have a box of ones that were made incorrectly, so I've been extending them until the boys get their new ones at Crossover, that we haven't been able to have. Realized that I used the maroon fabric for extensions in masks. Oops! Guess they'll be a different color this year! eta: Just found a Christmas present that I bought ds 2 years ago--whoops! It's a t-shirt with the Lafayette Escadrille on it!
  15. Coffee! Laundry is started Off to put flags of veteran's graves more later
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