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  1. What about horse riding? If the kid does stall cleaning to pay for it, double whammy! Hauling hay, water, and manure is hard work.
  2. Dd and I went out to breakfast. So, now I'll feel yucky all day. She moved the donated dressage saddle out of my car, and it's now hanging on her balcony railing, next to yet another old ranch saddle. Admire her ducklings. Yes, I think the one is a hen, but a poorly marked Welsh Harlequin. Trying to warm up the house enough to venture into the sewing room. I need to mend some things for dd, but the room is about 35 degrees. I really hope it makes it to 62 as predicted today. I can't keep the house warm! laundry sweep recycles out write kids mail letters walk freeze
  3. I've gotten 8.5 miles in so far! Make that 17 miles and 31,500 steps!
  4. And yesterday I climbed 32, but only went down 21, so I guess I'm hovering above my house. Or maybe just climbing out of my previous hole.
  5. Coffee! Laundry started Watched the march-on at Norwich--football with USMMA today Sweep walk write kids get mail try to get the Garmin watch to work--can't get it to sync start Eagle file for new kid file background auth checks for Scouts call dd
  6. If you walk a lot, it's possible that your shoes are worn out. I only get a few months of wear out of my shoes, though I go 4-5 months since I alternate pairs. 600 miles, and the bottoms are smooth, and I've worn a hole in the tops. I've given up on "cute" shoes, but galumph around in my Asics, unless it's an evening thing. I walk 2.5 hours a day. I just looked up my last pair of Asics, and I only got 2.5 months out of them!
  7. I came out of the PO one day, and there were four green ones lined up! If you don't drive a Subaru here, you drive a pickup. Or both.
  8. Watching the Pass in Review for Norwich. Dh got a Cavalry photo, but dd is always in back because she has to call cadence. Good photo of the Cadet Captain though!
  9. Congrats! I still don't like mine due to it being AWD not 4WD, but most people don't live in snowy Siberia like I do!
  10. Coffee! One bathroom is clean I am SO glad I did not sign up for Fall Fellowship for Scouts south of Denver. This storm hit, with snow, and then we were -5 last night. I need to be here, trying to keep the house above freezing. I have small heaters in the bathrooms, and one plug-in one, but I don't feel comfortable leaving the plug-in one plugged in unless I'm right here. It's supposed to hit 50 today, but it's still only 19. I'm under the covers, with wool socks on, and a fleece jacket and I'm COLD! So, I'm going to read a lot. Can't sew as I've shut that room off--it's about 35 in there right now. Supposed to be about 5 above tonight--that will help. I preheated the oven and then turned it off, opening the door, hoping it will keep the kitchen a bit warmer. I'll move the plug-in heater to the back porch soon, so we don't freeze up the washer pipes. If it ever warms up, I'll walk. It was SO cold and windy yesterday that I didn't last long. eta: dh made it to VT. I kept getting up last night to check flight aware. He actually left Denver on time!
  11. I have Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne--have had it for 42 years. Two of my dds have Pfaltzgraff--one Naturewood and one Tea Rose. One has a rainbow of Fiestaware, and one has vintage Currier and Ives. Ds has a mismatch set of whatever was in his fiancee's grandmother's basement. SHE has pretty blue dishes, though I don't remember what they are. Well, right now she has nothing, as she's homeless due to a fire.
  13. Two pies are done. As soon as they're cool, I'll drop one off to the 4-H office for the memorial tomorrow. The other is for rodeo Bingo to sell tomorrow, along with the batch of brownies I made. They aren't individually wrapped yet. The dishes are done, well, until I wrap all the brownies! The laundry is done, but one load still to put away. Sweeping is done, but as soon as the dogs dry off, I'll have more to do. They are a muddy mess. Mail is dealt with, and most of the Amazon order. Called the doc's office, but haven't heard back. Most of the snow is melted, so I can walk soon.
  14. I get the test every few months because of my glaucoma/cataracts. Yes, it's stressful and I sympathize! Before my first surgeries, I had 2 HOURS of that test and many, many others. The worst was when my eyes overhealed after the first two surgeries. At least with the surgeries, they gave me a Xanax and then put me under. The next two, they put in drops, and then stabbed my eyeballs with a scalpel over and over, saying, "Hold still!" Yeah right!
  15. Coffee whilst watching it snow! Get the mail--piles of Amazon packages and the newspaper write kids mail letters walk--waiting, hoping the snow will stop--I'm not mentally ready to switch to boots just yet laundry call doc's office trash bundle up--supposed to be zero tonight and I didn't have dh turn on the furnace before he left. Brrr! email more Eagle stuff to Denver
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