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  1. scanned an Eagle app and requested records from Denver--almost forgot to do that! watering is done Looked over the Eagle book--just one more letter (from dad) and his mb listing and we can hold an Eagle Board
  2. Also need to call the dog sledding lady. She called yesterday just as I was merging onto E470 from I70! trash out text comm chair about Scout awards talk to a Scout dad about Order of the Arrow for his boy water upstairs and down write BD card to sil log new book: The Enchanted Hour, The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction drop a quartet program off to our old orchestra director. send bro's address to dd--she's sending him a copy of her new recording
  3. About to go check ewes (it's midnight), but I need to: water mail letters write kids grocery run vacuum sweep clean bathrooms walk send 4-H records to dd check to make sure the photo I sent to the paper made it--sent it this evening of the Scouts at the Gun Club look at an Eagle book and generally get life back together from being gone for a week!
  4. They have SO much fun together. It was an amazing program: Beethoven 132 and Britten 36, plus a few more short things.
  5. I'm home! Kenosha Pass opened and it wasn't too bad. However, South Park SHOULD have been closed. Fortunately, the delineators are double height so you drive between them, in the ground blizzards. Monarch Pass wasn't bad but they'll be closed tonight to shoot avalanches. It was a scary drive Now for 4 loads of laundry and shooting night with the Scouts! eta: post concert photo! Dd is the pinkish purple.
  6. I’m back in CO! Only I can’t get home. Kenosha Pass is closed with a blizzard and Monarch is a mess and there was a bad wreck at Nathrop. So I’m as far as My niece’s place for the night and I’ll try again tomorrow. I may try going south but it will add about 2 hours if I can even make it. DD’s concert was amazing! eta: I could just NOT sleep last night. Tossed and turned. I figured it out this morning. I was SO tired after the concert that instead of taking a melatonin and a Benadryl (horrible allergies) I took a Xyzal and a Singulair! Yeah taking that and trying to sleep doesn’t work so well...
  7. I’ve walked 12 miles. I went for a walk this morning (after coffee) whilst dd rehearsed and then she and I went to a wildlife preserve and I did some more. We saw an egret and lots of different ducks and a bobcat. Dinner at an interesting Turkish place whilst her Dh rehearsed opera. Dd is not playing this opera as she will be in Indy. She practiced and I watched the hobbit. She’s back to quartet rehearsal and Thorin just killed the Orc king.
  8. Fun day. I had a nice chat with an older couple at the hotel. And then I went on a walk but my phone sent me in some circles and then thought I was biking. I wondered why it was taking so long! We went dress shopping after lunch. At one point I think the ladies had tried on over 25! Dd found a stunning pink one and was really hoping that the other ladies would go the nonblack route (they wear black a LOT) and they went colored. They’ll pick out a shirt for sil tomorrow. The quartet is off rehearsing and I’m zoning out
  9. I can’t quote as I’m on my phone and I’m a klutz. How do I know some claims are bogus? Because I know of some personally that are. We had a boy try accusing a SM of things but it was impossible. The SM wasn’t on the trip when the the incident supposedly happened. And then the kid admitted to another kid what he’d done. “I bagged me one SM before and I just bagged me another”. So the next time someone makes up a claim it hurts the boys that WERE abused. It’s sad. I guess I’m not explaining it very well.
  10. I make the world a better place by my involvement in Scouting. It is the world's largest peace organization, as a friend likes to say. I also make the world a better place by mentoring homeschool moms, and by raising good food for people to eat.
  11. Already Thursday, and I just checked sheep. They should be good for 4 hours. Off to bed, and then off to Denver, and then off to Midland!
  12. My point was that some ARE, and those take away the belief in the reports of truth. So, the victims are victimized all over again. My heart grieves for the victims, and it's a shame that they are less believable as some are making it up.
  13. Yep, that's us in a nutshell. Our SM's boys have both Eagled. Crew Assoc Advisor is the only adult who has a crew member still here. Her ds aged out 3 years ago. Dh is the Crew Advisor, and dd aged out of Crew at 21 last fall. Dh has to miss a lot due to hospital visits. The CC still has a boy in the troop, but they're the ones leaving for a year. Right now, we don't have a second adult for camp, and I really didn't want to go, but I kind of have to now. Let's see--parents of boys from up valley. One dad works in Denver, one works in AZ, and one just never seems to be around. Never actually MET the wife. We have a willing mom who lives up the road from us, but her ds has massive special needs, so it's not like she's going to toddle off to Philmont with him! We have one dad with 2 Eagles, and 1 at First Class, but he's useless at organization and bookkeeping sorts of things. He's always up for an adventure, but someone else has to do the logistics. The boys love him. 🙂 I was told off by a Philmont staffer last week that the reason that younger parents don't want to help is that we meet in a church! Um, what? It's not even where we're chartered--it's just that they're kind and give us the space.
  14. I'm headed to DIA tomorrow, and then on to Texas! Anyone want to meet me at a concert in Midland???? “String-a-bration”PERMIAN BASIN STRING QUARTETSunday, February 23, 2020 | 3:00PM | First United Methodist Church of Midland
  15. Most of it all has gotten done. I still need to do my weights. And I'm blowing off the notebook. I will check ewes at midnight. Dh actually HEARD me that if the ewes are not shut in, I'm going to wake him up! I am NOT checking getting slammed by rams and run over by horses in the dark!!!
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