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  1. I found an older archived forum answer http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/254450-is-math-mammoth-at-below-or-above-grade-level/. Mostagree that it was at level or above? Just wondering if anyone has a different opinion five years later?
  2. We currently use Math Mammoth and supplement with Teaching Textbooks. I will check out Math Reasoning from Critical Thinking it looks fun.
  3. For those out there who are diagramming and need a little help with those complex compound sentences, try The Reed-Kellogg Diagrammer. Online line diagrammer 1aiway.com/nlp4net/services/enparser/
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh I like that. Using his own energy to help him focus.:iagree:
  5. See I have a perfectionist as well. Last week he got a what would be C in spelling and math because of rushing. My point to him was "Did you know the material?" He answered yes. "How am I going to know that? " He said "I have to put it on the paper." I talked about focusing on what we are learning and just learning patience in general. So it seems like he has to keep hitting this wall until he gets it. We have been over the "what friends do in their house does not mean it happens in our house" lecture.
  6. For Bible, Literature, Grammar, History, Geography and part of Science we are sitting together. We do not have lots of worksheets. SOTW he loves. We do at least two projects per chapter. Spelling and Vocab are independent with me reviewing words with him while he jumps rope or hula hoops later. Sometimes we get into long discussion about the words. Math is talking about the concept and helping when he needs it. "Mom I can do this ..." I don't want to squash the independence. I have thought about removing the workboxes but then we get into "How much longer to go? What's next?" which drives me around the bend. Strange discussing their work? I have seen in most co-ops, park days and play dates that the boys will tell you how much work they have done. They discuss at co-op who's done what, what time do they finish and what they are working on. The use it to figure when they can get in playdates. The hubby says boys compete..skipping rocks, riding bikes but we have to find a way to take it out school.
  7. So my nine year old son gets up every morning slowing eating breakfast and then after he gets dressed for school he takes off. We used the workbox system and he runs (no joke full sprint) to grab his work. He tries to rush through everything, he is racing be complete "all his work before anybody else." He is an only child I, so he is trying to beat his friends at doing there work. I have told him this is not a sprint but a long distance work of learning. He ends up with tons of errors and I make him sit there to correct before moving on. Writing has become a nightmare..."Whhhhhhhhhhhy do I have to write a paragraph? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy do I need a complete sentence." This from the child who use to spend hours writing in his journal. No he is making simple mistakes because he is rushing. How do I slow him down or focus him?
  8. I picked up Gifted Children at Home: at conference for $1 last weekend.
  9. :iagree:I think that three week window is very narrow for homeschool conference. Maybe if they had this one first it would draw more people. I got most of what I was looking for but was not thrilled by the used curriculum sale. From Texas when there is a "used" sale they use a space four times larger than the area they set aside Saturday morning. I found some deals but wasn't Wowed. Dh and son had a blast! It actually helped us decided what math program to use because ds could sit and use the material. Kelly at Right Start Math spent an hour with us just getting the right fit for us. Oh the art supplies were yummy but I am on paint probation. (I got deals at an art store going out of business a few months ago.) I was please to met Sue Patrick of workbox fame. She has happy when my ds thanked her for making such a cool system. The ladies from NASA were AWESOME! I had to make my dh sit and eat as well. Great goody bags too. Nice presentation. My ds and several kids turned the empty space by the food court into balsa wood plane test area. He wants to go back! Jason from The Virtual School was very nice. He explained building virtual teaching environments and allowed my son plenty of time to explore. Odyssey Learning was a big hit as well.
  10. For all those addicted to school supplies check your Sunday paper. I got this from a list I am on: Target Rose Art Colored Pencils .50 Rose Art Markers .50 Note books 1.00 Compositions books 1.00 Walgreens Crayons/Colored Pencils .49 legal pads .29 pencils .9 Staples* (usually have the best deals!) Folders .1 (yes, that's one penny!) Pencils .1 Printer Paper .1 (now that one's for me ... yes, you are seeing right ... limit 2 reams for 2 cents....I'm so there in the morning!!!!) pencil cases $1 scissors $1 glue sticks $1
  11. Here we have a craft store called AC Moore that always has 40% or 50% coupons and carry this type of material. In Texas it was Hobby Lobby same deal with coupons. Michael's every so often.
  12. Okay did you get to go to all the seminars? :grouphug: Did you drool at the cool curriculum? :drool: Did you plan? Was it too much information?:willy_nilly: Did you hang out with friends child free?:party: Did you get good deals from vendors? :hurray: Who was your favorite speaker?:001_tt1: Did you get amazing steals at the used curriculum fair? :thumbup1: Did you spend way too much?:leaving: Come on dish people.......
  13. Okay I am completely at a loss. I need some experienced parent advice. I have a ds who is 7 who is all energy, loves to read and loves hands on projects. We need a curriculum that gifted kinestic learners with a schedule for mom. Come throw out those suggestions. :thumbup: We did FIAR for two years with out reading it five days in a row, but he loved the concept back then.
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