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  1. Hi, I've bought my All Clad from Macys and Williams Sonoma. Williams Sonoma had a great sale last year on a couple of their pans and I got one for 1/2 off. You can also get good deals if you buy them in sets. I love my All Clad :D. Marisa
  2. At what age would you allow your dc to get a cell phone? Would you pay for it or would they need to? My kids are little so this is mostly out of curiosity, back in my day pagers were all the rage :lol:!!! Marisa Poll to follow
  3. Hi everyone, I know there are a few of us here interested in Montessori so I thought I would share. Montessori Services and For Small Hands is offering free shipping on orders over $50.00 until March 31. I have ordered through them before and was very pleased. Their website is www.montessoriservices.com or www.forsmallhands.com. There goes my budget for the month :lol:! Marisa I also posted this over at the "Exploring Montessori" social group :001_smile:.
  4. So it was the lesbian scene that bothered you? Would it have bothered you as much if it was a man and a woman? If that type of relationship bothers you I would do a little more research into the films you watch, or stay away from rated R movies. Marisa
  5. What a great thread!!! Thanks to everyone who has contributed! I am really liking http://www.homeschoolskedtrack.com. I watched the video tutorials and found them very helpful. I also like that you can link an Excel file to the scheduler. Marisa
  6. I just wanted to mention to everyone interested in Montessori there is a social group on here called Exploring Montessori. Just go to social groups, then uncategorized, then Exploring Montessori. It is not active right now but maybe if there are enough of us interested we can get it moving :001_smile:. Here is the link (hopefully this works) http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/group.php?groupid=56 Marisa
  7. Thanks for the link, I have never looked at this site before. Off I go exploring... :001_smile: Marisa
  8. Hi ~ I saw that you are the Group Leader for the Exploring Montessori group. I would love to meet other people interested in Montessori, do you know how we can get it more active? Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you! Marisa

  9. Hi, I'm getting ready to purchase some sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet letters as well. My only question is whether to get them in cursive or print :001_huh:. I found both at www.montessorioutlet.com, the sandpaper letters are pretty expensive but the moveable alphabet is reasonable http://www.montessorioutlet.com/cgi-bin/item/510400090/5104/Montessori-Outlet-Small-Movable-Alphabet-%28Print%2C-Mix-Blue-%26-Red%29 Let me know if you find any others you like, I still haven't ordered mine so I would be interested to see other options. Marisa
  10. Hi Melissa, That is so nice you are putting so much thought and effort into your present! The one item I could NOT have lived without was my Ergo baby carrier. They are expensive but are a great investment. Maybe you and another relative could split the cost of one? They last forever and can be used for infants facing your chest, older babies on back or sides and you can even carry toddlers in it! Truly, if I could only have had one present I would want this! Here is the website for Ergo that gives more info but you can buy them through many different retailers. Sometimes they even go on sale :-) http://www.ergobabycarriers.com/babycarriers/category/carrier/ Marisa
  11. Hi Wabi Sabi, I plan on homeschooling my kids and my oldest is currently in a parent co-op preschool two days a week and will move up to three days next year. Had he not been able to get into the parent co-op preschool though I would not have enrolled him in preschool. His current preschool is fantastic! He adores his teacher and looks forward to each class. It is definitely more of a "playschool" then a "preschool". They do lots of free time, outside play, stories, imaginitive play, field trips and tons of crafts. My son has two younger twin sibling so it is also a chance for him to have a little time to himself :001_smile:. So my thoughts are if you and your children like your current preschool then stick with it! If their philosophy is close to yours the transition from them to homeschooling will be fine. Trust your instincts! Marisa
  12. Hi everyone, We are starting the search for a new truck and am wondering if there are any that can fit 3 carseats in the back? All three of my kids are skinny so they will be in carseats until they are in high school :lol:! We are keeping the two youngest rear-facing as long as possible. When they are too big we will forward face them in the large Britax 5 point harness carseats. My oldest is forward facing in his Britax. We already have a minivan but need a truck that can fit all of us. It must have 4 doors, 4 wheel drive, and we would like it to get ok gas mileage. Any suggestions? We don't want to haul all 3 carseats with us to test drive trucks:001_smile:. Thanks! Marisa
  13. Hi Tori, I am taking 12.5 mg a day and have't noticed an increase in acne. What dosage are you at? Maybe since you feel 15 years younger so does your skin :lol:! As pp said maybe it is from detoxing. Have you tried an acne cleanser? Good luck! Once you hit a certain age you expect acne to be a thing of the past. Marisa Thanks for the link I am excited to check it out. You weren't kidding about it being active, 461 posts this week! I set my account to web only communication, I really don't need 400 emails clogging up my already clogged email :001_smile:. Marisa
  14. Hi, We have a live-in nanny and it is wonderful! I also have health issues and a spouse who is often gone with the military. We looked at getting a babysitter but it ended up being cheaper to get a live-in nanny than to pay hourly, since we are providing room and board. We used www.greataupair.com twice and have had very good results. You have to do all the groundwork but it is MUCH cheaper than going through an agency. The other posters also have some great suggestions so hopefully something will work for you and your family. I would be very clear with whomever you hire about job responsibilities, and what is expected of them (this will depend on how much you plan on paying them). Just make sure you are very clear about what you want, and when you want it done by because they can't read your mind :001_smile:. Good luck, you'll love it once you find the right person! Marisa
  15. Thanks for the update! I am glad her labwork came back normal, but as you said her symptoms are still there unfortunately. I hope the pediactric Rheumatologist will have some answers for her, and it will be something minor. It can be a very long journey to find answers, keep at it until you are satisfied with the answers! I have been on this journey for many years so feel free to pm me if you have any questions! Marisa
  16. Hi everyone, I just ordered RightStart A for the fall and am wondering if there is a workbook that I could supplement with it? My problem is that I have some health issues and know that RightStart is teacher intensive. My plan is on my good days to do RightStart, but I would also like a workbook to reinforce what he's learned and can do himself for my bad days when I won't be able to help him much. I am comfortable with math and am looking for something secular. From my reading here I like the idea of Singapore, MM, Miquon or MEP. Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks! Marisa
  17. Hi Critterfixer, I loved this quote: All children are special no matter what package they come in, it's too bad not everyone can see this! Luckily my son isn't obviously different, just not as social as his sister. It is hard to watch her get all of the attention though and my son just longingly looks from the sidelines. My family is very good about sharing the attention equally between my three kids, so this doesn't come up too often. Take care and I look forward to sharing this journey with our special children! Marisa
  18. I can't believe how many twins have speech issues, even though those that were not premature! Does your girl twin have any difficulties or just your son? My girl twin is also having some speech delays in expressive speech, she also had a lot of ear infections from 12-18 months so I think it may have had some effect on her speech. I don't think my son has Autism, nor does his Speech Therapist or our Pediatrician. I just want to make sure nothing else is going on, but I am worried the Developmentalist will look at some of his issues as being on the spectrum. I was worried about potential labeling but as you said since I'm planning on homeschooling so the label would just be to acquire services. Thanks for sharing your journey with me! Marisa
  19. Thanks for the recommendation! I have actually been very curious about this book and joined the latetalkers forum. As I was commenting on in another post, I do wonder if he is gifted. He just seems to look at the world from such a different perspective. Since he was a baby he has been so alert and seemed more like an adult than a baby. He reminds all of my family of my father who is also quirky and is a pharmasist and a lawyer! I guess only time will tell with my little guy! One thing I love about homeschooling is that kids can be a little different and still thrive, do things at their own pace and be surrounded by people that believe in them! Marisa
  20. Thanks for sharing your experience with your kids! I am a worried they will label him with PPD-NOS or another spectrum disorder but we live in a community with few resources so the Developmentalist is one of our only choices. Plus we are military so they are the first step in getting referrals for any other therapies or specialists. I do wonder sometimes if he is "gifted" in some ways. He reminds my whole family so much of my Dad who is a pharmasist AND a lawyer, and he is a little quirky too! I hope he grows out of the behaviors and problems as he gets older like yours did. I just want to make sure if there is a problem, I am on top of it :001_smile:. Marisa
  21. Thanks for your reply! He has only had one ear infections since his appointment with the Audiologist last summer, so it seems like all of that should be cleared up. Though I don't know if all the infections slowed down his progress and he is just catching up now? He seems to understand what a word means because he can point to it in a book, it is just using it while communicating his needs that he struggles with. Marisa
  22. I am worried about this also, that they will assume he is on the spectrum and attribute any behaviors he has to that diagnosis. I am familiar enough with the medical community to take whatever they say with a grain of salt :lol:. Thanks for letting me know to watch for possible LDs, I will do that! Marisa
  23. Have you guys heard anything from the evaluation yet? I'll PM you :001_smile:. Marisa
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