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  1. I would have laughed so hard and then asked what exactly a "heathener" was? Marisa
  2. Hi Meredith, We have a ridiculously complicated organizing system for our Legos :lol:. We have those small plastic drawer organizers in various sizes. All the Legos are organized by type so if you need a brick you look in this drawer, if you need a wheel it's in a different drawer. We've been using this system since my son turned 4 and it works great for us. He loves being able to find the piece he wants easily and he doesn't have to dump anything out to find that special piece. After my twins have gone to bed we put back all the Lego pieces that are out from the day, it's kind of a nice time for him and I to spend some quite time together. He can keep a few things made but he likes the building part so he usually destroys them :). I can't believe how many Legos we have and he is just turning 5. I don't even want to imagine what it is going to look like when he's 10! Marisa
  3. I had surgery and then fertility meds to conceive my first. Then fertility meds to conceive my twins. We had planned on having two, so three was a bonus! After having them I decided to get the IUD, I've known too many people who get a surprise pregnancy after having extensive fertility treatment and thinking they were done. I am also on some medications that cause serious birth defects so my husband got a vasectomy as well, now we are double protected :lol:. As you can see we weren't taking any chances. I guess it just really depends if you want another child. If you really don't I would not leave it up to chance. If you are happy either way then you can be a little less careful. Good luck with whatever you choose! Marisa
  4. I really like my Natori brand bras from Nordstrom. I am a 32DD-DDD which can be difficult to find but they make them. After all the suggestions here for Panache I may check them out as well. On the Nordstrom site they even have 30DDD which may fit me even better. Thanks ladies for all the info :)! Marisa
  5. Congratulations!!! :party: Sending lots of sticky baby vibes! Marisa
  6. A mother's intuition is right again, congratulations!!! Were they able to tell you the sexes? When is your due date? It is a crazy ride but wonderful! There are lots of twin mommies here to help answer any questions :001_smile:. you have. As for breastfeeding it can be done. I bf mine for 13 months and only quite because I had lost so much weight I was unhealthy! We started out doing a lot of tandem nursing but as they got older I had to separate them because they would just play :boxing_smiley:. I'm so excited for you, congrats again! Marisa
  7. Hahaha, this totally cracked me up! For me it was more fun, hard, fun, hard, hard, hard, hard, hard....fun :lol:. Marisa
  8. We planned on having 2, but the twins bumped us up to 3 :001_smile:. Marisa
  9. Doesn't it seem like these things always happen on Friday after the doctor's office closes or on Saturday :glare:. I would say if none of you have fevers then it could probably wait until Monday. I had an earache a couple of weeks ago and went to the dr (I take immune suppressant meds so I have to be careful about infections). They didn't seem too worried about it unless I ended up with a fever. I hope you all feel better soon! Marisa
  10. Hi, I live in Alaska and we are pretty serious about our winter gear :lol:. I love anything by SmartWool and it looks like they have some girl tights. Their products are made with a washable wool that is very warm. They are kind of expensive but wear very well, keep their color and will last for a while! Marisa
  11. Hi Blueridge, As someone with chronic health problems I have had a lot of friends abandon me through the years :(. It is hard to explain to healthy people just how hard everything can be on some days. It can be a huge effort to call someone back, or email them, especially when getting out of bed can be difficult. I would not take her lack of returning calls personally she is probably completely overwhelmed with life right now. Some of the things that would be helpful for me and possibly for her would be: -drop off a meal for her without any expectations of her chatting or inviting you in. -Call or email her just telling her you are thinking of her, and if she isn't doing well to not worry about calling you back but if she is you would love to chat. -Offer to take her kids out to movie or some other activity that she would like to do with them but maybe doesn't have the energy to. Depending on her kids' ages offer to watch them if she or her dh has a doctor's appointment. -Ask if you could go grocery shopping with her. I know shopping can be exhausting and having someone to help push the cart or carry groceries out to the car is helpful. -See if she has any errands to run that you could do. Maybe drop off laundry at the dry cleaner or pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. -If she isn't up to leaving the house ask if you could do a pajama coffee. Wear your pajamas over there and don't do your make up or hair. I hate it when I am looking crummy and my friends stop by all made up and cute. -Offer to vacuum her house or clean a bathroom. -Bring over a movie and have a girls night at home. Remember that this is a time when she really needs her friends. Depending on how "bad" things are she probably needs help with the basics - cooking, shopping, child-care, cleaning, etc. Any thing you could do in these areas would be helpful and most importantly having someone who will be there no matter what! Marisa
  12. Maybe Carpel Tunnel or a Tendonitis??? Are you on the computer a lot? Hope you figure it out, it sounds painful! Marisa
  13. Hi Night Elf, Have you had a sleep study done? The results from that could help your Dr find a medication to fit your needs. I had one done and not surprisingly I was diagnosed with severe onset insomnia, I could have told them that :glare:. Most nights it took me 6 hours to fall asleep, and sometimes I wouldn't fall asleep at all. My Dr and I tried everything under the sun to help me fall asleep. We found one med that kind of helped called Remeron. Unfortunately it can cause weight gain, and I was no exception. After using it for a year and a half I finally couldn't stand the weight gain anymore. We decided to try Seroquel which was for me the last resort. It has some scary side effects but was the first med where I actually yawned and felt sleepy. I've been on it for years and it still works! It is an anti-psychotic at higher dosages but I take 25-50mg and it works like a charm. Good luck and keep searching! It can be a long process but once you find something that works it is worth it :). Marisa
  14. My husband is active duty military so we have special military accounts that are fee free at two major banks. If this were to change we would move to USAA or a local credit union. Marisa
  15. Are you talking about Hypermobility Syndrome? I have that as well as Fibro but of course you can have it separately :). Definitely something to check out. Marisa
  16. Happy Birthday Possum :party:and Chicky :party:!!! I hope he feels better soon! Marisa
  17. Oh Ria I am so sorry for your loss :grouphug:!!! My friend lost her twins at 28 weeks from TTTS and it was devastating. I can't imagine having a loss let alone two :(. My heart breaks for all you mommies that have lost a baby or babies. Marisa
  18. I would also highly suggest bedrest. It is extremely difficult but so worth it if it can extend her pregnancy. Plus it may make her feel like she is "doing something" rather than just waiting for whatever happens. I spent almost 8 months on bedrest between my two pregnancies so I know what a sacrifice it is. Once she makes it to viability 23/24 weeks (depending on the hospital) they can intervene more. Sending lots of positive thoughts her way!!! Marisa PS Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  19. I really worried about even mentioning it because I know how scary it is to imagine our children suffering like we have :grouphug:. Every time one of my kids gets sick or has growing pains I think to myself "is this it, is this the start of it?". We now have some new auto-immune conditions in my family that are life threatening so I am even more concerned. It sounds like a good first step to visit the chiropractor. I love mine and really appreciate all he has done for me. I hope he is able to help or refer you to someone who can. Marisa
  20. Hi Jean, If I were you I would be concerned about her having Fibromyalgia :sad:. This is how mine presented and is around the same time frame. I was a ballet dancer and always chalked up the chronic tendonitis to that, but in hindsight it was my Fibro starting. Hopefully it isn't but it may be something to discuss with her doctor. I know it is one of my biggest fears that my kids will develop one of my many health problems. Hopefully it is just her wrist acting up and nothing more serious! Marisa
  21. I'm so sorry for your sister, she must be terrified :grouphug:. Like some of the other posters said if it is a leak it can re-seal. Amniotic fluid also regenerates so it can build back up. Some of the concerns with water breaking, besides the obvious low fluid, is the risk of infection and the possibility of it triggering labor. Please keep us posted and I will keep her and her baby in my thoughts!!! Marisa
  22. Mariann, I am so sorry for your daughter's losses and for yours as well :grouphug:. I am sure it has been a difficult time for you too losing your two grandsons and seeing your daughter suffer such traumatic losses.. I think the idea of a Christmas ornament is wonderful. It is something they can choose to display or wait until they are ready. I also think you should get yourself an ornament too. You suffered the losses as well and they will always be your grandsons. When I was on hospital bedrest with my son my girlfriend delivered her baby girl at 23 weeks. She lived for 8 days and was the most tiny perfect little baby. I was able to visit her in the NICU and take some pictures of her and her mom. I am the only person that ever talks about her daughter with her. It is a huge comfort for her and she is always so appreciative that I acknowledge her loss. Every anniversary of her death I email her and tell her I am thinking of her. Remember, celebrate and acknowledge those beautiful angels! Marisa
  23. I saw your post on the "I might be having twins!?" thread and wanted to say hi. I have an almost 5 year old son and 3 year old boy/girl twins! Sounds like we are in a similar boat :-) How far apart are your little ones? Mine are 22 months. It was a rough first few years but is slowly getting easier. ~Marisa

  24. Well, it definitely sounds like it could be twins :001_smile:. I found out very early I was having twins so I didn't really pay attention to how I was measuring. They actually only measured me once and it was just for fun! I hope they can get you in for your u/s soon, you must be dying to find out! Did you have a feeling you were having twins before this? For some reason I knew I was having twins before I even had a + HPT. I told my dh and he didn't believe me. Well you can bet he believed me at my u/s when the dr said "here's the baby.......and here's the other one" :eek:! Good luck and I hope you get the results you want! Marisa
  25. Ria, Have you seen the National Geographic "In the Womb - Multiples"? It discusses the rare occurrence of boy/girl identical twins. I watched it while I was pregnant with my b/g twins and was like :001_huh:! I wish I could remember exactly how it works but this is what I remember. In these rare instances, before the egg splits it has XXY chromosomes instead of XX or XY. So when it splits one identical twin gets XX and the other XY. Watch the DVD for a MUCH better explanation :lol:. So now when people ask if my b/g twins are identical, and then get a horrified look on their face when they realize what they said, I can soften the blow by telling them it is possible :001_smile:. Marisa
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