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  1. mirth: A tramp stamp is a (slightly pejorative, at least, it used to be pejorative) term for lower back tattoos. These are especially popular with young women; this is probably because young women often wear blue jeans and t-shirts and so this placement makes it a bit more visible, I guess. (If this answers your question.)
  2. elise1mds: Well, to me the Maori ones are very similar to the increasingly popular 'tribal' tattoo designs, the ones that so often fit around the arm or the ankle, etc. My guess is that while Western tattoo design takes 'indigenous' design into account, the Maori tattoo artists will probably be adapting a bit to Western styles, too, so that there's a mixture or blending of styles. (If this makes sense?)
  3. Though I'd already given lots of answers, if this is what Ms Cyndi is referring to. For about the third time, no longer involved in homeschooling activities, (but supportive of it) Maybe I should bow out of this thread, flattering though it is!
  4. Ms JIP: Like I said in the last post, this is quite some years ago when I used it.
  5. Ms J I P: 3blessingmom gave the link, above, in her post today, (at 9.51AM) (This was quite some years ago, actually, when I used it.)
  6. Ms simka2: I think you posted on another thread that I posted on, some days ago,right? I guess I'll go back and check to see if there are any more posts there.
  7. Again, I don't know what ppl are talking about. This site is great, but I only came across it recently and I don't have another screen name, no way. There must be someone else. I think I've also tried to answer ppl's q.s in earlier posts today; I guess I ought to be flattered that I'm the subject of a thread! Doesn't do much good for my modesty, lol.
  8. Ms J: No, not me. No idea who you are referring to. Maybe I should say, have nice day, instead of take care, if the 'take care' doesn't sound North American enough.
  9. Hi guys; haven't read through all this thread, which I just saw, but for a while I used stuff from the PNEU, I think it was called. Two kids in the house. Actually I think geographical knowledge is quite a gap in ppl's minds; I started a number of threads about geographical knowledge, which seem to have been quite popular. Someone said I might not have learned English in North America: that's right. I lived in more than one country, guys; let me know if my style of writing is somehow off the wall (I learn sth all the time!). BTW, some the PM stuff I'm reading about must relate to someone else;
  10. Hockey Mom: Sort of, mother-daughter bonding, right? Take care.
  11. Nakia: So you just had it done, then? Take care.
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