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  1. I am going on a cross country drive with 2 days of driving 12+ hours each day. I would love to have some audio recordings on topics such as Starting High School, Dual Credit, Transcripts, Scholarships, etc. I have procrastinated long enough on these topics. Next year my ds will be in 8th grade and I need to get informed ASAP on these subjects. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I've been hoping to see a sale this morning. Still crossing my fingers.
  3. I have a huge list of picture books to pick up at our library tomorrow for me to read aloud to both of my sons. My ds will also start reading "The Christmas Carol" book next week. Can I have some more suggestions for Christmas themed books for middle school age? He is a fast reader and loves to read. TIA
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure why I haven't thought of contacting HSBC. I'll do that. I have also been keeping track of when I try to contact them. Thanks.
  5. I am having a hard time getting in contact with customer service of Family Time Fitness. I signed up a year ago for a FTF subscription through HSBC. Late last spring they automatically charge me for another year service, which is fine. It was probably in the fine print somewhere that there would be an automatic renewal. I just want to contact them and cancel the next renewal in 2016. We don't need the service anymore and I don't want to be charged again. Anyway, has anyone been able to contact their customer service? I have called and emailed them about a dozen times. They don't pick up their phone, so I leave a voicemail. They don't call or email back. I fill out their online contact us form, also. I just have never dealt with such poor customer service before :confused1: :cursing: Thanks for any help.
  6. Last week I purchased a used copy of the student textbook for $20 on Amazon. A couple of days ago I found the teacher textbook for $1 on Amazon. I've been homeschooling for 7 years and have never used school textbooks before. I'm needing something this next year that my son can do independently. My dh has been wanting my ds to be able to read and take notes from a textbook. I actually like the textbook a lot. So we will see if this will work.
  7. Rose, Do you have a resource for the screenwriting?
  8. Hmm. I may just have to purchase WWS3 now (which is not that big of a deal since I plan on using WWS3 anyway in a year) and use the lessons that Susan gives for movie reviews. I wish there was something else for you though Chrysalis because I know you aren't using WWS right now. I did a google search and came up with nada.
  9. My ds11 enjoys reading movie reviews and then discussing what he has read. He expressed an interest in starting to write his own reviews about movies, but he would like some assistance getting started. He has a passion for writing although he usually needs a little kick start with a resource if he is venturing into new type of writing. I know there are a couple of weeks of writing a movie review in WWS3 but we are only just starting WWS2. Then there is the Movies as Literature by Kathryn Stout resource. Is there anything else that I'm not aware of? Thanks.
  10. In the chart SWB posted regarding using WWE or WWS, she lists writing persuasive papers across the curriculum in a few of the progressions. What are some resources that you would recommend? I know of The Lively Art of Writing and might get that. DS is about to finish up WWS 1 and I was thinking of taking a 6 month break before starting WWS 2. I think we'll learn about persuasive writing in between. Any recommendations? Thanks,
  11. Math: MM Pre-algebra, LOF Pre-algebra 0, 1, and 2 History: Finish SOTW 4 with lots of go along books from the library. He'll outline the chapter and then take the test on Fridays. We do a chapter per week but sometime slow down and take a few weeks on parts of history that interest us like Civil War and WW II. Writing: start WWS 2 (will take 2 years to complete) and The Creative Writer 2 (he does a lot of creative writing in his free time so he is currently doing the 1st level on his own) Grammar: continue Analytical Grammar and finish Killgallon Paragraphs for Middle School (going back and forth between them) Spelling: Natural Speller (This will be a new resource for us) Foreign Language: Getting Started with Spanish Science: Ellen McHenry resources and BFSU 3 Logic: ? Literature: ?
  12. I've tried searching online but with no luck. My dh would like for me to find out what the 6th graders textbooks are for science and history in our district. Do I call and ask? Thanks.
  13. We have always schooled year round. So my kids don't really know any different. In our house when 1 of us gets a cold, we all catch it. So sometimes we have to take 1 to 2 weeks off each time we are sick. We also take a few vacations that occur during the school year. So we continue our school through the 3rd week of May. We take the 4th week of May off. Then for June and July we do just math and a science topic. I also incorporate a little "fun" writing (like listing out his b-day list) so he can practice on his penmanship. He has really bad handwriting. Then we take the first 2 weeks of August completely off and start our next year the 3rd week of August. We get really bored around here if we go longer than 2 weeks off from school. We have had this schedule for the past 3 years and it works for us.
  14. I went to look again at the new LOF Language Arts books this morning and saw his new Financial Choices book. I'm assuming it's new because I haven't seen it before. http://www.stanleyschmidt.com/FredGauss/11cat%20FC.html It says it is for 10th grade and up. Maybe it will work for some of you that have dc that age. We will have to wait several more years.
  15. I'll add my list. Math: DS10 is completing MM5 soon and will start MM6. So when MM6 is completed, he will go on to MM pre-algebra?? I believe Maria is working on pre-alg level now. LOF Decimals and Percents. Murderous Maths books. We also have all 3 Kitchen Table math books that I need to remember to use. Language Arts: Continue WWS 1(going slowly with this), Daily Paragraph Editing, Figuratively Speaking, possibly LOF new LA books History: Finish SOTW Vol 3. then start Vol. 4 with activity guide (taking 3 years to complete vol. 3 & 4 because we take rabbit trails with some corresponding American history) Science: Finish BFSU Vol. 2, then start Vol. 3. Also, Ellen McHenry’s Elements, Cells and The Brain units Literature: Ready Readers, and SWB literature handout Logic: Orbiting with Logic, then Art of Argument
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