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  1. It's hard to believe it's already October. I did plenty of reading in September but haven't posted in three weeks. Book Completed ðŸ Every Heart a Doorway by McGuire - I enjoyed the world building of this but thought the mystery a little too simplistic, 3 stars ðŸ My Daylight Monsters by Dalton - An intriguing mystery in a psychiatric ward and prequel to the Mary Hades series, eerily entertaining, 4 stars ðŸ Shadows of the Past by Rivers - Second book in the Others of Edenton series with adult content, nice romance but the main plot ended rather abruptly, 4 stars ðŸ Skeleton Key by Horowitz - Another face paced installment in the Alex Rider series, 4 stars ðŸ Struck by Carlson - An intriguing play on Norse mythology as Phoebe Meadows is suddenly struck by lightning and has her whole world upended, 4 stars ðŸ Broken Homes by Aaronovitch - Fourth book in a great series, 5 stars ðŸ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Rawling - still rereading the series, 5 stars ðŸ The Leper of Saint Giles by Peters - It's been awhile since I read a Brother Cadfael mystery, delightful and entertaining way to check off the Middle Ages bingo square, 4 stars ðŸ The Titan's Curse by Riordan - another series I'm rereading, still 5 stars ðŸ Stolen Chaos by Nicholls - Free from Amazon, so I gave it a shot, 3 stars but not a series I'll continue ðŸ A Mansion, a Drag Queen, and a New Job (Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery) by Dragon - I picked this up solely for the your name in the title bingo square, not as funny as I expected based on the title, but a decent cozy mystery, 3 stars ðŸ A Cherry Sinister Murder by McGovern and Bruce - a cozy mystery from Amazon Prime library, 3 stars ðŸ The Chimera Charm by Goodfellow - I still enjoy the antics of the immortal cats in the Hattie Jenkins cozy mystery series, but the author left several unexplained threads in this one that made it feel incomplete to me, 4 stars (just for the cats), Long Term Reads 🃠ESV Bible - have read though Jonah and caught up to my schedule 🃠History of the Ancient World by Bauer - I just haven't had the focus for this one, but I'm still determined to finish it this year I have The Blue Rose to finish for September's gemstone challenge. My plan is to finish up Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Rivers of London series this month. I have too many series going simultaneously. I also have the sixth Flavia mystery queued up on audio.
  2. It's been a few weeks since I last checked in. We are finally settling into a fall routine, so hopefully I can keep up with the board more consistently for the rest of the year. Best wishes for those in the storm path and hugs for those dealing with metaphorical storms. Kareni- Thanks for the book links, I've downloaded a couple of them to add to my virtual pile for vacation next month. Books finished since mid-August 📚The Sea of Monsters by Riordan - continuing with my reread of the original Percy Jackson series, 5 stars 📚Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Rawling - still rereading Harry Potter as well, 5 stars 📚Dead Spots by Olson - interesting story of a null who cleans up magical messes for the supernatural community, 3 starss 📚Black Coffee by Christie - Another Hercules Poirot mystery. My library only had this one in play format. I liked the mystery but not the format. 4 stars 📚Moon Over Soho by Aaronovitch - second installment in the Peter Grant series, 4 starss 📚Point Blank by Horowitz - book two in the Alex Rider series, 4 stars 📚Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Rawling - 5 stars 📚Thrush Green by Read - for August birthstone challenge, a nice slow meander after all my action heavy books, 4 stars 📚Mercenary Magic by Summers - free ebook on Amazon, good urban paranormal plot, but not quite as much world and char building as I would like. 4 stars 📚Whispers Underground by Aaronovitch - third Peter Grant book and the best so far. My kids kept asking what was so funny, 5 stars Long Term Reads ðŸ¢ESV Bible - currently reading Ezekial and caught back up to my schedule ðŸ¢History of the Ancient World - no progress. Now that my Bible reading is back on track, I hope to get back into this one. Current/Upcoming Reads 📚Screaming Staircase by Stroud - audio book selection, about halfway through and just starting to catch my interest I'll probably read the next Percy Jackson book as well as News of the World for a bingo square this week
  3. It's been about a month since I last checked in. The garden produce is almost done. My sister and her kids have come and gone. My oldest is set up to start at the community college on the 21st, and I'm ready to restart school with the remaining three. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with the thread again. Here's what I've been reading. Books Finished 📚Blood Cross by Hunter - Second Jane Yellowrock book 5 stars 📚Curious Minds by Evanovich - An eccentric billionaire and his back representative try to start a massive gold heist. This was for my financial bingo square. 5 stars 📚Killing Floor - First in Child's Jack Reacher series. A little gory with stop and go plot pacing, but entertaining enough to continue the series. 4 stars 📚Infinity's Embrace by Carven - Dark Warriors series 6, Ashrael, a mind bound assassin finds freedom with the help of Noa, a telepathically enhanced human. 5 stars 📚Mercy Blade by Hunter - Jane Yellowrock provides security for the vampire's meeting with the feline shapeshifters while trying to deal with a werewolf pack intent on killing the vampires. 4 stars 📚Brilliant Starlight - final installment in Garden's Dark Warriors series, The empire is fallen and General Akkadian is providing support to maintain stability while the new government is created. Then Abby's nanobots go haywire and start feeding off of her. Only by returning to the lab where he was created can Tarak save her. 4 stars 📚Die Trying by Child - Jack Reacher finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is kidnapped by extremists targeting an FBI agent. Much better than book 1 - 5 stars 📚Of Ice and Snow by Argyle - The fourth son of a clan chief teams up with a raider to save his people from hers. 4 stars 📚Tripwire by Child - When a PI searching for him ends up dead, Jack Reacher heads to New York to discover who is looking for him. He ends up at the home of his now dead former CO and promises his daughter protection while he finishes her father's final project - 4 stars 📚The Lightning Thief by Riordan - I'be been reading so many new books that I decided to re-read the original Percy Jackson series in ebook format while I catch up on library books 5 stars 📚Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn - Cozy mystery that gives me a Y for my A to Z author challenge. Single psychic mom tries to help a murdered ghost find justice. 3 stars 📚The Hunt for Red October by Clancy - My July birthstone challenge book, 4 stars 📚Speaking From Among the Bones by Bradley - another Flavia mystery on audiobook, 4 stars Long Term Reads ðŸ¢ESV Bible - A little behind, currently reading Isaiah 🢠The History of the Ancient World - no progress in July, hoping to restart this week On Deck for This Week 📚Anansi Boys by Gaiman - next fiction book 📚Sea of Monsters by Riordan - ebook reread
  4. I had a busy start to the summer helping with VBS at church, getting state testing done with the kids, and dealing with produce from the garden so it's been a few weeks since I've checked in. Books Finished 📚Grim by Eidem - despite the issues with consistent verb tense, an enjoyable romance with some adult content. A scarred, unwanted Tornian warrior suddenly finds himself with a human female and two girls to take care of. 4 stars 📚Blade Bound by Neill - The conclusion to the Chicagoland Vampires series with a wedding, a dragon, and a baby. 4 stars. 📚The Violet Countercharm by Goodfellow - Another entertaining cozy mystery of a reluctant witch and her eight immortal cats. Quite funny. 4 stars 📚Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Rawling - Reread of the series continues. 5 stars 📚The Witch Of Bohemia by Goodfellow - book 3, 4 stars again. (I borrowed the first five books from Amazon as a set under the title The Infinity Investigates through the kindle lending library.) 📚Hammered by Hearne - Atticus must keep his promise to help kill Thor. Not quite as good as the first two, but still entertaining. 4 stars. 📚The Black Diamond Curse by Goodfellow 4 stars 📚A Spell in Mag Mell by Goodfellow - book 5, 4 stars 📚Shifting Dreams by Hunter - Free first book in a mystery series with shifters from an author I've previously enjoyed. Not quite as good as her elemental books, but still entertaining enough for 5 stars 📚Wray by Eidem - Second Tornian book. Still trouble with verb tenses, but the plot and characters make up for it. 4 stars 📚Haunted Redemption by Royce - Divorced mom takes up ghost removal to pay the bills. Lots of layers in the plot, but not sure I enjoyed the main character enough to continue. 4 stars 📚Skinwalker by Hunter - First book in the Jane Yellowrock series. Good urban fantasy although it dragged a bit at times. 4 stars 📚Glory in Death by Robb - excellent 4 stars 📚Obsidian Son by Silvers - free through Kindle Prime library. Nate Temple, the billionaire wizard, suddenly finds himself beset by dragons all wanting a book that only the Minotaur can give him. He just has to stay alive long enough to actually sell it to his client. 3 stars. Long Term Reads ðŸ¢ESV Bible - currently in Proverbs ðŸ¢The History of the Ancient World - only 4 chapters over the last few weeks, but I made it to page 500 ðŸ¢War and Peace - way behind, but will try to catch up this week Currently Reading 📚Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Rawling 📚Blood Cross by Hunter aka Jane Yellowrock #2 📚Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Sullivan - halfway through but it's only so-so, not sure I'll finish
  5. We've been taking turns being sick at my house, so while I have been reading, I haven't managed to spend much time online. Finished for the Past Two Weeks 📚 The Switching Hour by Peterman - I've enjoyed books from the author's vampire and werewolf series, so I thought I would give this a try. I really didn't like the main character, so this one fell flat for me. 2 stars 📚Strange The Dreamer by Taylor - I liked the premise of this young adult book, and it was well written, but the prologue made the ending too obvious, too early in so I had to force myself to finish. 3 stars 📚Darkside Blues by Carven - A nice novella in the Dark Warriors series 4 stars 📚Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Fluke - A nice start to a cozy mystery series with some very tempting cookie recipes spread throughout the book 4 stars 📚Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by Rawling - A fun reread for the twentieth anniversary. 5 stars 📚Hexed by Hearne - As delightful as the first audiobook, I'm really enjoying this series 5 stars 📚Equal Rites by Pratchett - This one was only so-so for me. I enjoyed the first two books more. 3 stars. 📚Midnight Riot by Aaronovitch - An interesting start to this combination police procedural and paranormal series. Thanks for recommending it Stacia. 4 stars 📚Filthy Witch and Dead Famous by Goodfellow - I borrowed a compilation of the first five cozy mysteries based solely on the eight black cats on the cover. It was fun to see their personalities and magical contributions to the tale. 4 stars (This also works for my gemstone read since the author's first name is Pearl.) Long term reads ðŸ¢ESV Bible - finished Job and began Psalms ðŸ¢The History of the Ancient World - finished chapter 56, which puts me at 48% Currently reading or on deck 📚Mort by Pratchett 📚Hammered by Hearne 📚Blade Bound by Neill I don't currently have an audiobook or nonfiction, but hope to find something this week.
  6. :iagree: as well. I thought your plan seemed quite doable.
  7. War and Peace in August sounds good. I've never actually read it. Otherwise lots of reading and not much online time over the past week. Books Finished 📚C Is for Corpse by Grafton - Another entertaining installment, I'm really enjoying this series. 4 stars 📚The Dark Prophecy by Riordan - Not as entertaining as its predecessor but enjoyable nonetheless, 4 stars 📚Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Alter - I didn't really think this one lives up to its title with only a small portion of the examples being tech related addictions, 2 stars 📚Two for the Dough by Evanovich - Both entertaining and annoying, Stephanie Plum would not last a week in the real world 3 stars 📚Norse Mythology by Gaiman - Much quicker read than I expected, but still a nice set of retellings. I think the audio book version would be more enjoyable based on the format. 4 stars 📚Green Rider by Britain - Best book of the week by far. I chose this for the gemstone challenge and found it delightful. Great characters, descriptions, and plot so I will certainly continue this series. 5 stars. 📚The Complete Guide to Fasting by Fung - This one nicely complements his first book on obesity and does a thorough job on explaining the types of fasts and how to do them. Great practical advice based on his patient's experiences. 4 stars Long Term Reads 📚ESV Bible- trudging through Job but still on track for the year 📚The History of the Ancient World - just two chapters this week as I've been trying to finish library books could not be renewed Currently Reading or On Deck 📚Strange The Dreamer by Taylor - I think her prologue at the beginning of the book was a mistake. It was easy to figure out where the book was going and has the feel of a slow motion train wreck. I'm close enough to the end to finish in the next day or two. 📚Hexed by Hearne - looking forward to starting this audiobook 📚Equal Rites by Pratchett - next library book Not sure which nonfiction book I'll start next.
  8. Finished This Week 📚 56. The Light Fantastic by Pratchett - A delightful continuation of Rincewind and Twoflower's adventures. 4 stars. 📚 57. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Braun - Clearly the author has a love of cats that shows through in this story. Koko is obviously the smartest character in the book and the best sleuth. 4 stars. 📚 58. The Man in the High Castle by Dick - I finished solely so I could check off the dystopian bingo square. The world has potential, but I was apathetic about the characters and the plot was stagnant. 1 star 📚 59. Hounded by Hearne - Best book of the month by far! Great characters, great plot, and loads of humor! 5 stars Long Term Reads 📚ESV Bible - finished Nehemiah and Esther and still on track 📚The History of the Ancient World - chapters 49-51 complete. I'm finding the chapters in Assyria a bit tedious. Different rulers, same tale repeating. I did enjoy the portions on Greece and early Rome Currently Reading or Pending 📚 Hexed by Hearne - audio book waiting at library 📚 Irresistible by Alter - current nonfiction, will finish this week 📚 Strange The Dreamer by Taylor - current read along with a group on Goodreads 📚 C is for Corpse by Grafton - Started yesterday because I was in the mood for a mystery 📚 The Dark Prophecy by Riordan - in my must read list for the week because it is due back Saturday
  9. Congratulations on your little one and welcome back! Hope both of you feel better soon. :grouphug: Great update! Sounds like she's doing well!😸
  10. Thanks. I've been posting using my Kindle Fire. They are part of the emoji keyboard.
  11. I haven't had much time on the boards recently, but I did finish another five books this week putting me over the 52 mark for the year. Finished This Week 📚Electric Heart by Anna Carven - The seventh book in the science fiction series from the previous week. Another 4 star book. 📚The Housewife Assassin's Handbook by Brown - I found the premise behind her being hired as an assassin ridiculous, and her lack of regard for her children made her unlikable to me. 2 stars 📚 Odd and the Frost Giants by Gaiman - Short, entertaining tale of a young crippled Viking boy who helps three displaced Norse gods. 4 stars. 📚B Is for Burglar by Grafton - Second Kinsey Millhone book where the PI takes a missing person case. I figured out the ending ahead of time but still enjoyed watching the story unfold. 4 stars. 📚Bloody Jack by Meyer - I finished this audio book for the seaworthy bingo square. 2 stars. Long term reads 📚ESV Bible - currently reading Nehemiah 📚The History of the Ancient World - another three chapters mostly on Assyria, 40% done Upcoming/Current readsby 📚Irresistible by Alter - just started for my nonfiction selection 📚The Dark Prophecy by Riordan - on deck for library read 📚Hounded by Hearne - on deck for audio book 📚Green Rider by Britain - on deck for ebook, also gemstone read for May
  12. I did lots of reading last week (and very little housework). Finished Last Week 📚Dark Planet Warriors by Carven 📚Dark Planet Falling by Carven 📚Into the Light by Carven 📚Out of Darkness by Carven 📚Forged in Shadow by Carven - I have thoroughly enjoyed this series this week. They made a great escape from Eggers' book. 📚The Amulet of Samarkand by Stroud - I picked this back up at page 75 and finished it in an afternoon - 5 star fun Long Term Reads 📚ESV Bible - currently working through Second Chronicles 📚The History of the Ancient World - three more chapters: the Zhous in China, more India, and Greece emerges Currently Reading 📚The Circle by Eggers - I read all of part one and am hating the book. I'm considering adding it to my abandon pile. 📚Bloody Jack by Meyer - should finish my audiobook this week, I have The Razor's Edge for the read along and should be able to read two parts this week. I need to sit down and prioritize my tbr stack to see what needs to be returned soon. I have way too many books, so I'm going to try not to add holds this week.
  13. I went browsing the Amazon prime library and found Dark Planet Warriors by Anna Carven. I enjoyed it enough to use my $5 promo code to buy it and the next two books in the series, Dark Planet Falling and Into the Light. I read all three and rated them four stars (the links above to go my reviews).
  14. I finished up three books this week mostly by ignoring housework (besides I couldn't actually do the laundry until the dryer was repaired midweek). Finished This Week (Books 42-44) 📚Crystal Clear by Jane Heller - I grabbed this one on a whim of a library endcap for the April birthstone challenge. 3 stars. 📚The Power of Habit by Duhigg - This was my latest nonfiction read. He did a good job of explaining how habits worked, and many of his example were entertaining, but most of the information on changing a habit was in an appendix. 3 stars. 📚Homicide in Hardcover by Carlisle - A delightful cozy mystery that I should thank Theresa for helping me discover. 4 stars. Long Term Reads 📚ESV Bible - I finished First Chronicles and am now 25% of the way through.🢠📚The History of the Ancient World - I finished part three!!😸 Currently reading 📚Bloody Jack by Meyer - a YA audio book for my seaworthy bingo square. I'm almost halfway done and finding it to be a fun tale. The narrator's voice reminds me of Jackie the mom in the first two seasons of Doctor Who. 📚The Amulet of Samarkand by Stroud - My ds got into the book and finished it well ahead of me, so I checked out the rest of the series to keep him occupied. I still plan to finish as I am enjoying it. On deck for the week, 2k to 10k by Aaron for my next nonfiction and The Circle which I'm reading along with a Goodreads group and checking out to decide whether to take dd to the movie.
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