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  1. Is there any way to make soft bread in the bread maker. I love to make homemade bread, but the kids complain about it when I use it for sandwiches. They want it to be like the bread from the store. Anyone had success making sandwich type bread in the bread maker? If so, would you mind sharing your recipe?
  2. This is what my ds13 is doing for 8th grade. I want him to be fully prepared for hs level work and I just feel like I am missing something, not sure what, but something. Any thoughts on what I'm using and what to add to make it a little meatier? He is very efficient with time, so this is only taking him 4 hours. TT Algebra 1 Apologia Physical MOH 1 K12 LA - lit, comp, vocab and grammar Rosetta Stone Spanish Typing Instructor Cursive (we missed this in our transition out of ps in 3rd) Tennis
  3. Having used K12 independently in the past and currently using it for LA (ds13) I hate to say that I think the program lends itself to the problem your son is having. I have a very compliant 13 yr old and we have this problem from time to time also.
  4. I wish I knew the answer to this one too! I went with TT for Algebra this year for ds13. He enjoys math now. His attitude toward math has totally changed. I certainly hope that the answer is yes, because it has been a blessing here.
  5. I have an 8th grader this year. For composition he will work on several different types of writing over the course of the year from essay to research report. I also have him write reports on the books that I assign. He takes notes for science and I ask him to take notes when we listen to the SOTW cds (this in not his main history, just want him to learn to take notes from listening). Hope that helps.
  6. I wish I knew how to quote because there have been so many things said that are exactly how I am feeling! It just really seems scary to move. But I don't want to end up staying here and regretting it. Like another poster I HATE to drive too. So, yes, it does impact my quality of life. And I suppose the kids too.
  7. Thank you all! I made a mistake with what I posted for science, we are doing the physical science - I said general. Okay, a couple more questions... do you feel your 8th graders are doing much writing other than in composition? I am having my ds take notes in science and write book reviews on the books I assign. Still, it doesn't seem like much. Also, how much do your 8th graders do own their own?
  8. This is and has been an issue for our family for a while. We live in a wonderful little small town. Great place to raise kids. Has a new library, little league, and parks. But that's where it ends for us. Many people actually move to this town for the school system. If my kids were in school I'm sure there would be plenty for them to do with all of the sports and after school clubs. The problem for us is that everything I would like to do with the kids is 45 or more minutes away. Homeschool groups, tennis (which we are making the drive for), any type of club sport, grocery, shopping, jobs (which is becoming an issue now that the two oldest are reaching that age) are all 45 min away. Another issue is that as the kids are getting older, one has his license, they want to make that drive on their own. It's highway driving most of the way. Soooo, we have been considering a move. Just not sure if this is a grass is greener on the other side issue, or if it would really make a positive impact on our family. Any thoughts?
  9. Yes, he takes tennis lessons and will be joining a league this year. We are 45 minutes from almost everything, so we have had to limit some of our outside activities or we would be spending most of our day in the car. Which is why I want to move hehe. As far as logic, any ideas on favorites? Thanks!
  10. This is the 1st year out of 4 years homeschooling that I have put together my own curriculum. My ds is getting done rather early, so I have been a bit concerned that I don't have enough scheduled for him. However, he does get right to work and stays on task until he is done. He doesn't like having things hanging over his head so when something needs to be done he works hard and gets it done. Same with school. I'm not sure if it's his get the job done attitude or that I don't have enough for him to do. Here is what we are doing... TT Algebra K12 Language Arts - this includes literature, grammar, vocab and comp Apologia General Science MOH 1 Typing Instructor Rosetta Stone Spanish Reading that I assign currently- The Giver If this seems light, please throw me some ideas on what to add in!
  11. How about Aeropastle? The pants come in three lengths, short, regular and longs. I only buy pants there because it is definitely a young persons store, but the short pants are a lifesaver for me!
  12. I have nodules and one of them is large and noticeable from the outside. Kids call it my golf ball. I have the same feeling of something stuck in my throat also. I noticed that it seems to come and go. After talking to my dr about it he said the nodule is partly cystic so it can be more fluid filled at times causing that choking feeling.
  13. After much agonizing, I think I have decided to go with MOH along with the STOW cd. I am trying to order MOH, but I don't know what I need to buy. I find myself in this dilemma often hehe. There are so many components to all of these curriculum's! Anyone know what is needed? It seems like I read somewhere at some point in all my researching that outside books were necessary. Also, what MOH materials are needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I am using it for 3rd and 8th grade kids if that helps.
  14. Okay, I am really struggling to figure out what curriculum to use with a 3rd and 8th grader. I don't know WHY I can't make a decision. I really just want someone else to do it for me. I am driving my husband bananas talking about all the different options. One day I want MOH then the next SOTW. One day I want Math U See the next Math Mammoth or CLE. One day I want WWE the next Writing Stands and on and on and on!!! How do you decide??????????? The other thing really tripping me up is language arts. There are so many components and I can't find one truly all inclusive LA curriculum. Which wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT that means I have another 4-5 choices to make!!! I have spent so much time on this! Okay, one practical question - would you go with MOH and combine 3rd and 8th or go with SOTW for 3rd and something else for the 8th grader? Also, any suggestions for LA?
  15. Yes, that makes total sense. We use it as an independent so we don't have those issues, but being tethered to the computer has finally taken it's toll on me. Also, I don't like that once a history lesson is over, it is gone forever. I would like to have a book that we can snuggle up on the couch and read and enjoy. 7th grade math has been horrible as well. All in all, I don't feel like we have a love of learning going on here. It's been more of a box checking curriculum even for us as independents. All that being said, I do love some things about K12 and am honestly a little afraid to let it go.
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