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  1. For fifth grade: R&S English 5 R&S Spelling 6 Lit. picked from Early Modern Time period Novel studies from Co-op Perhaps WWE4 or IEW???? We are trying to keep our studies simple for the upcoming year, so I am not sure if we will just use R&S for writing too. I hope to use WWS for Grade 6.
  2. Only nursing babies! Here's the info I received: ETCH (Etobicoke Homeschool Group) is holding their first new & used curriculum fair. Where: Toronto International Celebration Church Address: 190 Railside Rd (just east of DVP and Lawrence) Date of Event: June 2, 2012 Event Start / End Time: 8am-1pm Admission: $1/person (nursing babies only) EXTRA INFORMATION: There is lots of parking, however there is an event at the church at 9am, so come early to get good parking. There is parking on the street, should you come later. Participating Vendors to Date: A+ Books, Accelerated Christian Education Canada, Blossoming Minds, Christian Light, Maple Tree Publications, Answers in Genesis and The Learning House
  3. :grouphug: I am so sorry. Please take it easy and have someone stay with you. Miscarrying naturally can be really tough physically and emotionally for many women. Some people say it's just like a heavy period, but my natural miscarriage was very difficult with lots of blood, terrible cramps (like labour pains), and was quite emotional. I hope your husband can be there and perhaps your kids could visit a friend for the day. :grouphug:
  4. We listened to it last summer, and we all LOVED it. It's got some mature themes (we had to explain divorce), and some parts are scary and a bit gruesome. However, for my three boys (ages 4, 7, and 9 at the time), it was a great book. The other Paulsen books are good too, but Hatchet was one of the top ones in my mind.
  5. We like Studying God's Word. It's thorough and my son enjoys the questions and activities.
  6. Soaring with Spelling was okay. We found mistakes in the Grade Five book. But the most disappointing aspect was the activities... too many word searches, alphabetizing, fill in the blank .... without any real work with the spelling patterns. My son is a natural speller, and we chose a level ahead. Yet, the words were still too easy. We are going to try Rod and Staff next year.
  7. Thanks for posting this! I got the Oceans book too. I think it's going to work well for a 5 week co-op for kindergarten kids I am helping with. It sure was hard to choose though; the Critical Thinking book looked great as did the astronomy unit study.
  8. We love SOTW... my kids beg for it every day! We also love SM; it works for my mathy son and my not-so-mathy son! And then there is AAS and WWE, which are some of my favourites. For Bible, we have had great success with Studying God's Word and Training Hearts, Teaching Minds. For French, my son is doing very well with L'art de Lire.
  9. I plan to start Building Critical Thinking Skills2 with my 9 yo son in August. I was wondering how people schedule it. Do you work through the book in order, or jump around? I plan to take two years to complete it. Thanks in advance!
  10. I agree with the PP. You can easily go into FLL4 ( we did it this year without doing FLL3, and had no trouble). WWE is much more challenging, especially if you are new to the program. WWE3 would most likely be best.
  11. It is scheduled for 16 weeks, doing writing four times a week. Some days are longer, but it usually takes 25 to 45 minutes. If a day is taking longer, you can just finish it up the next day. I would think that a struggling writer would take longer than 16 weeks to finish it.
  12. Congrats! I had four in 6 and a half years... yes it was hard, but you can definitely do it! :party:
  13. I like it too. We are just down to three or four subjects, and it's so nice to have time for more playing and time with friends. We still have 8 weeks to go, but they will be relaxing overall!
  14. I have four children, too. I waited until my youngest was 20 months before I started homeschooling. My third was and is a challenging child, with terrible sleep issues, sensory issues, and behavioral difficulties. It wasn't until he was three and a half, and I was finally getting some sleep and knew better how to help him, that I could home school. We are almost done our second year and I don't at all regret sending my two oldest to school. Because your children are in school now doesn't mean they can't be home schooled in a year or two. You may have to re-teach some things, but it will be fine.
  15. Math -- SM5 with IP Grammar -- R&S 5 Spelling -- R&S 6 Writing -- finish off IEW-SI-A, then WWE4 until I think he is ready for WWS Bible -- Studying God's Word F and AWANA History -- SOTW 3 Science -- Elemental Science Biology for Logic Stage French -- Rosetta Stone and L'art de Lire 5 (I think!) Latin -- LC Book 1 Logic -- Building Thinking Skills Level 2 Music -- Violin and hopefully orchestra! This is my plan right now. It's a lot of new things -- new spelling and grammar programs, and adding Latin and logic. I don't know if it's too much!
  16. My sons like: playing outside biking Playmobil audio cd's (this takes up hours some days) while playing lego violin crafts (we like perler beads right now!) You could also look into a paper route or cutting grass for neighbours. And how about models? My oldest is wanting to start making some simple ones. And if you live close to us, you could drop him off here! My three boys will keep him entertained, I am sure!
  17. We've only been at this home schooling thing for two years, but so far we love SOTW with AG and the audio CD's best. In second place, we would say Singapore Math.
  18. We need Level 5 and 6, and then the Grade 9 program. I talked with some of the distributors at the conference in Kitchener, Ontario, and they can't get in touch with her either. If I order online as a download, will it work? I am scared to try!
  19. You can do this! I have had four children, and it is scary at the end when you know what is going to happen. Near the end of my pregnancies, I would cry and tell my husband I didn't want to go through the labour and birth. He would look at my sympathetically and remind me that there wasn't any way out now. :glare: I would then talk to myself and tell myself that I have done this before and I was created to do this! And I am going to do this!!!! You can totally do this! Be confident and clear about your ideas for the birth, and remember always the beautiful baby that will be in your arms very shortly!
  20. I have all mine, and they are in straight and seem fine (I'm 36). They do require extra work brushing, but they are okay so far.
  21. My oldest is similar. Last year, we did a week of SWO, and it was too easy, even a year ahead. So, no spelling for a year. Then, this year, he did Soaring With Spelling a year ahead. Again, too easy, although he did finish up the program by Christmas. Next year, he will be doing R&S Grade 6 (a year ahead). I think the exercises look excellent, although the words are simple for him. I looked at R&S Grade 7 and 8, and they look challenging and worthwhile. If you have a natural speller, my thought is not to worry about a formal program until you think it would be beneficial.
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