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    Mom of four homeschool graduates! We used a mix of Classical and Charlotte Mason methods.
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    I own Harmony Fine Arts and created the Outdoor Hour Challenge.

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  1. Coming in late but I wanted to give some more info about Harmony Fine Arts: The ebook version has clickable links and art prints for each artist. It is also easier to print out the notebook pages and coloring pages with the ebook version. The print version has the same links but you will need to type them in from the notes into your browser. You can photocopy or scan the notebook pages to print for your family. The ebook version is much more convenient and saves you money in shipping.
  2. I just answered this question in an email to a customer last week...not sure if it was you or not but the question is very similar. Here is what I said...offer stands to anyone who is unhappy with the HFA Grade 2 Music Plans: You have hit upon the single hardest part of pulling plans together for Harmony Fine Arts. The need to find quality, reasonably priced resources haunts me. When I rewrote the plans for Grade 2 last year, I came across the Famous Composers CDs and decided to go ahead and use them in my plans even though the composers were not an exact fit. I tried to disclose to the best of my ability between giving the list of composers in the sample and the resources listed just who would be featured in Grade 2. My thinking is that although they don't fit exactly to the time period, the story of classical music is told in a way that makes sense to a second grader. Also, there are only so many composers that exactly match that time period and as I try not to duplicate composers if possible, it seemed to fill the need. If you think it will be confusing to your child to offer Dvorak or Shostakovich, you could stretch the other composers out to eight weeks and just about fill your school year. You could also supplement with my mini-unit that features Handel ( which I would send to you at no charge). If you are entirely unhappy with your purchase, I would be happy to refund your money. Let me know what will satisfy you as a customer. I aim to please. Thanks for your email, Barb McCoy
  3. If you take a look at a sample, you will be unconfused. Each level has three options for art and one for music. Yes, the idea is to pick which options work for you. Many families combine two options. My best advice is to go ahead and print out a sample and see how it looks. :)
  4. Each grade level of Harmony Fine Arts plans and uses different resources. You will need to look at the samples and at the resource lists to see how it works together. Grade 1 uses Child-Size Masterpieces in Option 3. I have included the Dover Coloring Pages in the ebooks so for most grades you don't have to purchase them separating. (I use the Pictorial Archives and include a coloring page for just about every artist.) There are a few grades levels that will require that you purchase a Dover Coloring book but they will be listed in the materials list. There are a few grade levels that use Dover art cards too so take a look for those as you look at the materials lists. Thanks for all your thoughtful questions. :)
  5. The plans are very neutral. If you print out a sample you can see how the plans are organized, the resources that are used, and the general tone. On my blog (scroll down the right sidebar for the appropriate level) you can find actual sample weeks with details that show how the plans look in action. Of course, in grades 2 and 6 which cover Renaissance art you are going to find religious paintings, sculptures, and architecture featured but from a purely art appreciation stand. I do not tie art into the Bible or Bible stories at all. As far as nudity, I explain in the introductory pages of the plans that there may be nudity in some of the resources used. I do my best to warn parents if there is something that may be objectionable and it is up to you to filter the materials for you family. I always recommend previewing the YouTube videos I link to for art and music appreciation. I by far sell more ebook versions than print. Most families like the ease of having the links in the plans clickable and the ability to easily view the week's art online with a click. Of course with the print versions you will need to type the website address in which isn't a big deal but just one more step. Also the ebooks include one art print to view or print in the plans and I do not include those in the print versions (cost is prohibitive for color). If you purchase from RR you can only purchase the print version. If you compare ebook with RR prices...you aren't saving much. You can email me anytime directly if you have questions and I am more than happy to help you choose a level that works for your family. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com
  6. If you are looking to have some direction in your nature study, the OHC is definitely one way that has been successful in a lot of families. We have built a worldwide community of nature loving families who share our experiences every month in the OHC Carnival. You might be interested in reading the carnival to see how the nature study suggestions are implemented in real life families. Here is the link to the current carnival: OHC April 1 Carnival. You may also want to subscribe to my blog and receive my free printable nature study newsletter. It is full of easy to implement ideas, nature notebook pages, journal ideas, and articles from other participants. This month the main articles are about building a backyard habitat but there are plenty of other encouraging ideas in there that will get you going. You can see the entry for the current newsletter HERE and if you scroll down and enter your email address in the right sidebar of my blog, you will get the link to print the newsletter in the very next email entry that will come to your inbox. Of course there are plenty of options to get started that you can read HERE. If you have any doubts about getting started, you can always work from the challenges on the blog without purchasing the ebook. See how it goes, if you have any questions...just email me. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com
  7. Here are my top five art picks: Build Your Own Art Curriculum
  8. If you want to email me with any questions about HFA...don't hesitate. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com :)
  9. I made some high school level poetry notebooking pages and I thought I might share here with the forum: Poetry Notebooking Pages There are also some lesson plans that I used with my son if you want to take a look: Poetry Lesson Plans and Ideas I write about poetry on my blog too: Harmony Art Mom - Poetry Tags Enjoy!
  10. You might like this page I put together: Build Your Own Homeschool Art Curriculum Maybe it will spark some ideas. You could try my blog too...link in my signature.
  11. I put together a whole page of my favorite art supplies. I also have some "how to" videos and ideas for organizing your supplies too. Art Supplies for Kids
  12. My son felt the same way about Ancients. We decided to skip it and add it at the end of his high school years and it was a HUGE success. He was much more mature when we actually went through the ancients in 12th grade.
  13. I just revamped my Harmony Fine Arts plans to update my book lists, add YouTube listings, and keep the resources to a minimum. They are also available as print plans or in ebook versions. I would love to have you take a look at my Grade one plans and see if they are a fit for your family: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 You can also see a sample week HERE. You can email me any time if you have questions. :)
  14. I write a free nature study newsletter each month. You need to subscribe to my blog to receive the link: Handbook of Nature Study You can sign up now and still receive November's newsletter with lots of suggestions, free notebook pages, links, and a giveaway. I also include articles submitted by other homeschooling families from around the world. I welcome new readers and participants to our nature study community.
  15. I am giving away a copy of this book on my blog...ends tonight. You can read a review there as well. Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners
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