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  1. I know for a fact one was an army national guardsmen because he is from my state. It is big news here. His company just returned from deployment in late June.
  2. My biggest worries are being induced on the 30th, my 4th starting Kindergarten which gives me 4 students, figuring out a new program for us that reimburses for certain extracurricular activities, and getting my 2nd grader caught up on reading.
  3. Well we currently attend a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church but I have no idea what category that would be in. Previously we attended a Calvary Chapel church.
  4. The Standards Edition is being totally phased out in favor of the new CC edition. The U.S. Edition will still be available. I was told by SM that they have no plans to discontinue the U.S. Edition.
  5. I have never heard of such a thing. :lol: How is that even possible?
  6. My dh does not get any paid sick days, but he does have 15 days paid vacation. This will probably be changing soon as our state is going to be making paid sick leave mandatory.
  7. Look for a suit made out of polyester. Swim Outlet is a great place to shop for suits.
  8. Oh boy can I relate. We just sold our house last fall. Our entire spring and summer was spent working on and prepping the house. We have no intention of selling our new house anytime soon.😉 This summer we are excited to be able to actually have some fun.
  9. I use Singapore Primary Math US. My oldest is just finishing 6b so will move on to a different pre-algebra next year but the other 3 school aged will continue with SM next school year.
  10. I would recommend she start at grade level. :) I really like R&S Spelling and English. I do not have any experience with their other subjects.
  11. So far all four of my kids were posterior. With my first this caused 4 hours of pushing but the others turned much more quickly. What worked for me was pushing on hands and knees until they turned. My third only partially turned before she was born and her poor little cheeks got bruised. All of mine were born naturally. I'm guessing number 5 will be posterior as well. :/
  12. My ds read this one for 6th grade this year and he really enjoyed it. Not sure how it compares to the others mentioned. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0486410218/ref=mp_s_a_1_12?qid=1434420776&sr=8-12&pi=SL75_QL70&keywords=robin+hood+book
  13. My oldest dd and I get really dry hands and this is what works for us. http://www.okeeffescompany.com/. It is called Working Hands Moisturizing Hand Cream. I bought it at our grocery store. Other lotions we have tried stung and didn't work.
  14. Singapore Primary introduces the concept of division near the end of 1b. Level 2 has basic division and level 3 has long division.
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